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Oriental and Indian

Posted By: V on 2006-06-30
In Reply to: which accent do you find the hardest to transcribe? - USAMT


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Actually, OP did say probably oriental

like Negro, is very outmoded now and I rarely hear it from the docs anymore.  I believe it used to refer to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people,  as well as Vietnam and other countries in S.E. Asia.  - while Asian is more all-encompassing and can describe people from India, Filipinos, etc.  Handicapped is another word that sounds old-fashioned now (except when referring to parking spaces, for some reason). It has been replaced by disabled.     Either of them is better than the very PC "physically challenged" or "differently abled" or even worse - "handicapable."  gag.....

oriental ESL said when I slowed him way down . . . "
People are not oriental. They are Asian. Things can be oriental, for example, oriental rugs.

It's just one of those useful things to know.
Oriental dictator
The Chinese doctor I transcribe for always says Oriental male or female. I would not presume to change it to any other designation. Today he designated one male as a Mandarin-speaking Vietnamese. As long as the reference is not vulgar, use what the physician dictates, in my opinion.
Rugs are Oriental, people are (sm)
Asian. And I agree, Asian dictators are a challenge. I do a little better with them after spending time in China. Indiana dictators, however, I still slog through!!
No one mentioned either oriental or Asian.
I love Oriental food, do you order out

It is NOT Oriental, no such nationality. It is of Asian descent.
Don't be afraid of it. It's really hard to mess up Oriental cooking.

Here are the links to the recipes that I printed off of Google.  (I love the Internet!  No more cookbooks, only Google for recipes.)  I cheated on the plum sauce by buying a jar because our plums aren't quite ripe yet.  Buy the egg roll skins instead of trying to make your own, too.


For the fried rice, you can use any type of rice.  I use brown basmati or jasmine rice mostly.  You can also throw in extra vegetables and leftover meats (pork, beef, chicken) to make a meal out of it instead of a side dish.  I like those Oriental pea pods, bok choy, water chestnuts, baby corn, and Chinese cabbage.


I'm going to combine and modify the eggroll recipes so I have shrimp/pork egg rolls.  I use canola oil instead of vegetable, peanut, or sesame oil.  I don't care for sesame seeds or bamboo sprouts, so I add extra water chestnuts.  Use frozen or fresh instead of canned crab or shrimp.  Use diced, boneless pork chops instead of ground pork or sausage.




I had a little tabby oriental and he died at 10 and I still miss him to this day and it is 12 years
now. My dog died also 10 years ago a Lhasa and it was like losing my children. I have never bought any animals since. Cant deal with it.
People are Asian. Rugs and food are oriental.
I use Oriental Trading Comp. too, but I am crunched for time since other mom backed out on me! Thank
What an ignorant reply, not all oriental countires are in Asia, also in North Africa, see below..
Since when is 'oriental' offensive or an embarrassment?

On what planet do you live?
And in the year 2001?
Pasta prima vera, quiche, turkey in all its forms, Oriental stir fry. nm
What does him being indian have to do with anything?
Indian MT
I don't believe you for 1 second. Indian work is NOT SUPERIOR to what is done here. A few of them are doctors, but most are not. They get the medical terminology, but their American English is horrific. Very few of the Indians who do MT trained over here or in Europe. They completed medical school here in India, which is a very abbreviated compared to US or Europe training.

The Indians are enticing American companies to invest and train MTs over there, working at next to nothing, so that when they have captured a significant percentage of the market, they will jack up their rates and the hospitals and clinics here will have to pay because they have driven out all the US MTs by not paying us living wages or giving us decent paid time off, benefits, etc.

People like you are cutting your own throats in the long run.

I am an excellent MT, QA 100% for 15 years, never miss work unless there is a death in the family. My income has gone down steadily over the past 3 years because of the greed of MTSOs. I am leaving this job shortly. I look forward to the day when you bleed to death from the Indian MTSO who will put you out of business.
Indian pay
I am not privy to a lot of info about this, but I can tell you my experience. When I lost my contracted work to a couple of small hospitals that went with India, the  administrator told me they went with India because they were doing away with lines. India took 6 of my last invoices and averaged the pay and gave the hospital 2/3rds off!! Mind you, I was only charging them 11.5 cents per line!! She then told me that the offshore company would pay their Indian transcriptionists $2.00 an hour.
I am an Indian MT working from home and I read your post. Indian MTs are not bad, they are best. The only thing you need to do is get to a real good one rather than just these newbies who just want to make some quick money and do not have enough experience. Get in touch with some experienced one and you will them superior when compared to other MTs. I myself have been working for 8 years now and i know what it takes to be an MT to prdduce a good accuracy consistently.
I am an Indian MT working from home and I read your post. Indian MTs are not bad, they are best. The only thing you need to do is get to a real good one rather than just these newbies who just want to make some quick money and do not have enough experience. Get in touch with some experienced one and you will find them superior when compared to other MTs. I myself have been working for 8 years now and i know what it takes to be an MT to produce a good accuracy consistently.
Indian MTs
From what I have heard, you are on the money and it is so ironic because as American MTs we are not allowed to make any mistakes at all. We have to have this impeccable quality of 98% and above to stay employed. We have to abide by these high standards painstakingly so patient care is not compromised by an inaccurate medical record. Is this a double standard (no pun intended)? Are they not lowering the bar when an MT is paid considerably less money and their profits are thus enhanced in the process?
This is a no brainer and we all know it is about the almighty dollar and not just about patient care.
Indian English is not the same as American or British English. Somebody please tell that to the Indians!
Are you Indian?................nm
You are Indian
You Are Indian
I'm hardly Indian...
...and hardly a troll...I'm pure born-and-bred Texan through and through.

As I said, take my advice or leave it. In the meantime, keep putting money into the pockets of all those money-grubbing MTSOs. I sure won't contribute to them...nor do I have to do so.

You SHOULD be able to tell by my writing style that I am certainly not Indian or foreign in any way, shape or form.
Indian workers
I was obvious they were Indian workers from Indian..Every one of them that I talked to had an Indian accent..I have nothing wrong with American workers with accents..but I called at least eight people to get my internet account straightened out and all had Indian accents..Come on now, I cannot believe eight people are of Indian descent all working at the billing department of my internet account..If you are American of first descent and working IN America, more power to you..if the account is sent overseas, I have a major problem with that..and if you dont have a problem with that, contact me in a few years when our jobs are overseas.
I never said I hire Indian MTs
...but I can't wait to see you bleed to death by your own hand, either.

Thanks for driving us away from American MTs though.

I fought against offshore heavily. What did you do?

Bitter, bitter, incompetent MTs.
Is that still Indian owned by Jay?
Indian and Pakistani, although (sm)
When I first started this account, there was one doctor who was so awful I was sure I'd never understand him. His dictations are usually very short, which you think would have helped. However, his speech is so bad, I could only make out a few words. After begging my sup for help and getting samples, I now love him! Now that I know what he is saying (even though he doesn't always make sense), I can breeze through them. And.....sometimes he even thanks us at the end of a shift. This is what he said today after the last report....."
Thanks for the help. Happy Holidays . Iíll be here back again Monday. Thanks for the help. God bless you". I wish he knew how much that is appreciated.

Indian Company
Having been a part of an office of six transcriptionists who lost their job to a local service who has "allegedly" sent work to India, I would rather have been let go due to voice recognition.  That would not have hurt so bad.  The work that was returned from the service had mistakes that I would think were typical of those from inexperienced typists!
CMT (Indian MTs have discount)
Sadly, I am slowly moving from lower middle class to poverty level since pay cuts as a full-time MT.

After numerous requests for some kind of help toward paying for the certification, I am told by AHDI (AAMT) discounts are not even being considered in the near future.

With the future so bleak for the future of MT, I am not sure why I should put out all that money. I am bringing home less than $300/week after taxes and health care...? How do I justify the $287 or so cost, when I have my utilities threatened to be shut off every other month for simply just not having the money...

For me, I do not have a partner who supports me. Am I the only one in this boat?
Only know its an Indian company.
The MT that defends Indian MTs
that steal our jobs is jumping up and down telling someone else not to type for free. Ironic.
Indian people

I don't want to generalize, but most of the Indian people I have worked with over the years have been really nice and helpful.  My internists are a husband and wife team from India.  He wears a turban and everything.  If they have contempt  for me and my western ways, I sure don't know it.

I think the reason our records may be unsafe going to India is not because the Indians are not to be trusted, but because our companies pay them slave wages.  Legally, I have never understood why minimum wage laws do not extend to overseas contractors, but they do not. 

Sadly, most transcriptionists here in the U.S. have seen their salaries decrease.  I'm an excellent transcriptionist/editor and very conscientious, but I'll admit.  I don't try quite as hard as I used to.  For example, I used to routinely make phone calls to double check dictation, but I no longer do that.  I can't afford it.

Consider that the average Transcriptionist in India makes a fraction of what we do and how demoralized it is when that transcriptionist is professionally trained, such as doctors who routinely work as transcriptionists in India.  There is the potential for huge bitterness and frustration.  They don't have the choices we do.  They're stuck.  I'm not excusing immoral and illegal behavior, but I can understand someone who is paid very little who has no choices acting desperately. 

To me that is why offshore workers should be paid more.  People who are paid so little work less well.  I think that most pay rates for U.S. transcriptionists are just barely enough to keep the workforce conscientious. 


East Indian . . and they are

Sometimes, when they let an Indian speak
on TV, you might have noticed that Indians pronounce 'that' as 'dat'.

I know NOTHING about Ebonics, have never heard it.

Is saying 'I aks' instead of 'I ask' also Ebonics?
Kinda? What's that? Indian?...nm
Why are you on THIS board..i thought there was one for Indian MTs?
at least they aren't Indian telemarketers. nm
Wonder what they charge the Indian MTs to take the test
Considering the high cost of taking the test, which probably works out to like a year's salary to an Indian family, I wonder if Indian MTs are charged less than Americans to take the exam, even proportionately?

It is hard to imagine how any American MT could justify membership in this organization. Not only are they not helping us, they are undermining us further.
Zydoc is an Indian company. nm
They are an Indian company and they doc you for your errors.
must have dealt with Indian MT companies before you LOL
don't sweat the small stuff - it's Friday!!
I, too, edit Indian files ; they are getting better! sm
While sometimes there is something funky, I have to say that they are getting better and better all the time. When they first started on the account, yeah, they were bad; however, it has only been about 4 to 5 months and have improved 10 fold.
Jay is Indian and located in Herndon...nm

Has anyone given any thought to Indian companies SM

taking over transcription completely?

I am in fear my large company will be Indian-owned before the year is over.

Any thoughts on this?

Indian owned companies... sm
Have you ever worked for one? I have. All the easy work goes to India. The junk comes to the US-based MTs. I worked there for 2 years until I could take no more. Should have walked out on training. If you want an Indian-based company so badly, go for it. I can tell you first hand, though, you will eventually regret it. No offense intended, but I have lived it and will NEVER work for an Indian-owned company again, even if I have to leave transcription and go back to the office, God forbid!
I have heard that Indian MTs complain
that the Indian MDs don't talk right (with the same regional accent they have), and they have trouble understanding them! It's a big country, I suppose.


So you are angry at Indian MTs and not the greedy
I would like to edit Indian work
what companies hire you to edit work from India? I have never been without work, but would be interested in doing some of this editing. If you know of companies, please post them. thanks
Indian MT said he applied to co. with fake
If Indian so honest, why using resume not his