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Pay for subcontractor

Posted By: opinionated MT on 2007-07-05
In Reply to: What kind of legal recourses do I have? - Furious....

Well, first let me say sorry you blew TAT, or it was blown for you - however, if a company holds your check because a TAT was blown, even a last check what would you do? Pay her the 100.00.

As for calling your client, why would you give her this information. When i sub out They get the voice file only and a patient list that has been blacked out on the information. And always sign a confidentiality agreement. If she did call - which I doubt, do not try to confirm with them - they may not like the idea you sub'd out, and why bring it up if they do not. Apparently you are still getting their work so they must like something about it.

Lastly - be careful next time. But also keep in mind - if you were not paid you would have a fit - she just took it one step further and has a hissy fit.

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Yes pay her out of your business account.  You should provide her with a 1099, can buy them or have the IRS send you some.  Also some Quick Books or Turbo Tax help you prepare them.   You deduct it as a expense on your schedule C.  Since it is an expense deduct you won't have to pay taxes on it.  Make sure that she/he realizes that you will be reporting it to the IRS as an expense.   Under 600 you don't have to fill out a 1099 but I do.   Make sure you have their SSN, etc. to fill it out.    Good luck.   I just keep everything separate business and personal - makes it easier even though my Quick Books tells me exactly what I have made, etec.  

Any more questions let me know.  Patti

not to sound dumb, but is this my responsibility? Thanks! 
uggh!  I have wondered about this myself in the past.  this would be the hard part.  I guess I would have to talk it over.  thank you though for your help.
I think what you are doing is wonderful! More people like you should be so kind as to take a newbie under her wing. If I ever an fortunate enough to have my own FTP server and accounts I want to do the same just because I know from experience how hard it is to be a newbie. Hope it works out for you both.

Get rid of her - nicely.  Just tell her that you MUST meet your deadlines in order to keep your accounts.  Your livelihood depends on this.  Tell her since she is having some difficulties right now, you cannot send her more work.  If you want, tell her to contact you in the future when things settle down for her.

You cannot give her any more chances.  What will you tell your clients?  "Sorry the work didn't get back, but this MT I really like had a personal crisis and couldn't type last night."  

Hire someone less enthusiastic who will do the work on time.  I'm not enthusiastic about this job anymore, but I do it because I'm enthusiastic about living indoors and eating every day. 


I have a subcontractor......
I have had an account for a couple years and just recently hired on a subcontractor. This account pays me 14 cpl and I pay the subcontractor 7 cpl. This is an easy account and all the sub has to do is type what I send them and I do the rest. Granted, I took a 50% cut on the work by hiring a sub, but now I know that even if I'm not working I have 7 cpl coming in. I don't understand why anyone should feel guilty if they are paying their subs a decent amount for what the work requires. Just last pay period she did 1000.00 worth of work (based on my 14 cpl) and I collected 500.00 of that (based on her pay of 7 cpl). As an IC, I just see it as a benefit to me, not sure why anyone would feel guilty.
I am a subcontractor.
I make 12 cpl with one company full-time acute care and 11 cpl part-time in pediatric subspecialties (neurology and oncology mainly) with another company. The FT does offer a daily production bonus.
Subcontractor Pay
Does $2.00/report for MRI, CTs and ultrasound reports sound reasonable for an MT with 20+ years experience?  I know some reports can be long, some short.  Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks
Subcontractor pay
I do some subcontracting for an IC. My checks are usually different from the amount on my invoice by a little. Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. Shouldn't my check be the total on my invoice?
It depends....are you an IC or a subcontractor?
10 cpl is not unreasonable as a subcontractor
I have had several subcontracting positions that pay 10 cpl and now working as subcontractor for 11 cpl. You do not have to accept the first thing they offer. Naturally, they are going to offer you a lower rate. If they offer say 9 cpl, then ask for 10 cpl. If they offer 10 cpl then ask for 11 cpl. It has worked for me. Now as an employee with good benefits, I will accept 9 cpl with an incentive plan.
Subcontractor..help with various issues
I need some advice on how to handle having a subcontractor.  I have a subcontractor now helping with one of my accounts.  My process is that I have a separate checking account and separate savings account for business.  All of my checks from work as an IC go into this business checking account. I then transfer to the business savings account a certain percentage for taxes.  We'll then transfer most of the remainder to our household checking accounts. That way, I can look at the business checking account and see my deposits and know exactly what my income is.  Anyway, now that I have a subcontrator, I don't know exactly how to handle everything. Do I just keep track of what I pay her and then claim it as an expense at the end of the year? Will I have to give her a 1099? I guess I should only hold back for taxes on the percentage of the money I keep now. I'm just confused on the whole process. I could use any advice...or a point in the right direction for where to find information on this.  Thanks!
Most hire a subcontractor
I think it it is wise to establish a relationship prior to needing them so they are already familiar with the account(s) and can do it with very little instruction.
Lisa - subcontractor
There have been people here who would like just a little extra.  If you get the account and once you are settled, why don't you put your need on the board.  You might find some bites.  Some people like to do a little extra.  Of course if it is something digital you could even go away from your state.  Just a thought.  I happen to enjoy helping others when on vacation.  It has worked for me in the past as well when I needed a vacation .
Paying a subcontractor
I am going to take in a subcontractor in an on-the-job training program. I want to know your input on paying them and paying yourself for the training. I an setting up an on-the-job training program. As an independent contractor, I receive 8 cents/line. I am going to have the subcontractor work with me in my office at my other work station, and I will teach her everything and QA all of her work closely until she is up to speed. I was thinking of paying her 6 cents/line and me 2 cents/line. What is your input on a suitable division of payments?
Diff between IC & subcontractor
What is the diff between these two?  And do most of you have set hours that work as a subcontractor or do you pretty much have flexible hours?  Thanks!
I agree, but if I have a subcontractor come
into my home to remodel or something, I certainly can tell them not to come at midnight or early in the morning because that does not work for me. He does not have to abide by that and can turn the job down, but I can certainly suggest it.
Taxes as IC or subcontractor?
Does anyone know about filing taxes as a subcontractor or IC? Do taxes work the same for both? Is it the self employed tax form? Any info is helpful thanks.
When I use a subcontractor, I pay them as soon as their invoice is turned in to me.

I consider it a good business practice to pay the sub as soon as their invoice is submitted. After all, don't you expect the client your contract with to do the same for you. You really should have paid this $100 invoice long before now. You have no recourse and should consider this a lesson learned.

Personally, I don't think you have any business subbing out work if you're no more prepared to pay and, apparently, are careless with the information that your sub receives from you. You could also be considered breeching confidentiality if you're not having the sub sign some sort of understanding regarding the confidential nature of the work you're sending out.

So you are subcontractor, not contracting with doctor direct.
If that's the case, then you need to ask the MTSO you work for if they can provide schedules for the doctors. They may not have them, either, but they could ask the docs for them. So it was their staff and not the doctor's staff that couldn't verify his schedule? That would be different advice then. Sorry - thought you were contracting directly with the doctor as your client. Sounds like you were hired through an MT service instead.

Maybe they get the work from the doctor that way, but the MTSO should try to organize and work it out with the doctor to see that it's uploaded promptly. Not all offices will cooperate in that respect so it's on the MTSO to remedy that, unfortunately. Some just send when they please without regard to the MTs' schedules, and sometimes you can talk until you're blue in the face but they still do it "their" way, on their terms. The MTSO could hold their ground and request the doc to send on a more regular basis, but it's pretty much out of your hands, I'm afraid.

As an IC, you can say "this is when I'll be available to work," and let the MTSO schedule accordingly. Or you can always find other IC work to supplement so you can at least work while you are waiting, or just find another gig altogether if it gets really bad.
2 accts are direct hospital, 1 is a clinic and the 4th is a subcontractor position. nm