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Post drug questions on the drug board

Posted By: Administrator nm on 2005-08-10
In Reply to: need drug. "SINSIPAR" 30 mg qd TIA - I know this is isnt the place, but...


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As drug word questions on the drug board. Word questions on the Word board.
Help on the drug board--osteoporosis drug?
Sorry..........thanks in advance, I appreciate it. 
Good drug book vs. internet drug sites
I need to buy a new drug book.  At a prior job, about a year ago, one of the supervisors told me she used the internet exclusively.  What's the consensus and if you prefer the internet, which site or sites do you like.  Thanks in advance.

Okay...sock it to me..when I was even newer than I am now, I wrote "drug alluding stent."  QA sent a correction saying "drug eluding stent."  NOW, I see on Google, "drug eluting stent."  SOoooo, which is it, or are they both correct?  Thanks ahead of time.

help on drug board please:)

Help on drug board please
Sorry Should be on Drug Board
help on drug board please!
Need help on drug board please. TIA
Can anyone help out on the drug board! Would really appreciate the help! nm

need help on drug board please -- TIA!
need help on drug board PLEASE.
Need help on drug board, please. nm

need help on drug board
Help on drug board if you have second :O)
Need help on drug board, please. TIA :)
Could someone please help on drug board ty


Need help w/ injection name on drug board if anyone can help! nm

answered you on drug board

Need help ASAP on drug board s/l olapectic

Dictator says what sounds like olapectic as a medication. 

Please help asap.

Need help with migraine medication--No one responded on drug board

S/L afsurg, atsurg, nafsurg, natsurg--migraine med

No response on drug forum.


Asked on the drug board...ever heard of a T-Teck Pack for pneumonia? Cant find any info on it. Help!

you have no time to switch from board to board? how can you have time to look for the drug?
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


Post word questions on the Word board NOT the Main board.
What are you asking? Is this a drug--yes, sm
see link http://www.firstcare.com/prefdrug/sdrugs.asp

drug help

Could someone help me with the spelling of Remidex?  I am not familiar with this medication.


Tabatha in Charleston

spironolactone. Duh

U.S./Canadian Brand Names
AldactoneŽ [US/Can]
Novo-Spiroton [Can]
Therapeutic Category
Diuretic, Potassium Sparing
Management of edema associated with excessive aldosterone excretion; hypertension; primary hyperaldosteronism; hypokalemia; treatment of hirsutism
Usual Dosage
Children: 1.5-3.5 mg/kg/day in divided doses every 6-24 hours
Diagnosis of primary aldosteronism: 125-375 mg/m2/day in divided doses
Vaso-occlusive disease: 7.5 mg/kg/day in divided doses twice daily (non-FDA approved dose)
Edema, hypertension, hypokalemia: 25-200 mg/day in 1-2 divided doses
Diagnosis of primary aldosteronism: 100-400 mg/day in 1-2 divided doses
Dosage Forms
Tablet: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg
Copyright 2004 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Can you help me with a drug? (sm)

sounds like "paraphosaphine".  I looked on every cancer site I knew, looked pyra, pira, fosa, phene, fene.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  Did I miss it?



It is drug-eluting, so there QA!!!

Yes, drug-eluting...

The company I work for gives daily info e-mails and actually got one on this a few months ago - is common to transcribe eluding or alluding if you haven't heard it before. 

As they say on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", drug-eluting............FINAL ANSWER!!!   
best drug help website
Would be interested which is your fave drug reference source on the web for spellings, dosages, etc. - preferably one that doesn't result in tons of spam for illegal drug purchases - is there such a place?
Drug Screens
You are right! I would not be offended if asked to take a drug test - nothing to hide. I do not want someone having privy to my personal info who is on drugs and acting irresponsible. Had my identity stolen once, it is a nightmare to get straightened out. Don't want my SS# and other private info going to other countries either.
need drug. "SINSIPAR" 30 mg qd TIA

s/l olapectic drug name
Hi need more information in order to help you.
Seems like the best kind of drug to take...
when doing MT would be uppers like truck drivers use. Stay up all night and type really fast!
drug list
Does anyone know of a site to download/print a drug list (quarterly drug index)?  The one I have is old and the IDI I have is from 1999.
drug list
Yeah, RXList is a good one. I also like www.drugdigest.com.
drug reference

I always use Drugs@FDA.  I have it in my favorites:  http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/

You can look up drug names by using as few as three letters.  I find it's quick and efficient, and it's free, and because it's the FDA it's the latest info on drugs.

Get a drug that you can sue the manufacturer for later. sm
Get cured now, get rich later. Check out the lawyers' ads on late night TV. "Did you take this drug? Are you still alive, just barely? Then call this toll free number now before you die so we can collect a settlement for you." Good luck.
They make a new drug...
Drug sites

What are some favorite drug sites?  Thanks in advance.

Drug sites
My favorite is rxlist.com
Rx drug card
I have one that's only $4.95 a month, and it's fabulous!! When I first applied for it online, I had 3 prescriptions waiting for me that were close to $60, but I paid less than $20 for them because the card was active within an hour after I ordered it!!
Drug Screen
Well, I thought that you listed drugs you too also, but they said it didn't matter. If anything at all came up they wouldn't let me have the job. I even showed them the bottle in my purse, and they said it just didn't matter, legal drugs or otherwise. Oh well, lesson learned I guess. Thanks for response.
I like this drug site... sm


There is a little pop-up but just close it.  It will also do part of the drug name, i.e., "cillin" or "exadine".  

drug expansions
How you set up your expansions for drugs?
I use the first three letters and the last letter. For example, for Plavix, I would set it up as plax. Also, for drugs that I type frequently, I sometimes shorten it more - Lasix is lx.
I want to add dosages also, but I'm undecided how I want to do it. I would love to hear how others do it. Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas and suggestions.

I have always used Stedman's QL electronic drug search reference material.  I loaded my 2007 and discovered that they have built in something called a Launch Ready Reference Bookshelf  that completely changes the way the drug reference works now.  One thing that is missing is the fuzzy search, which I have always loved and used tremendously.  I called Tech Support at Lippincott and at Stedman's and they both tell me that it is no longer part of the program and this new Bookshelf is going to be linked to all of their electronic products -- hence no fuzzy search.  So, my question is, what is everyone else using.  I have the Saunder's Pharmaceutical Word Book 2007 and I hate it as well, it takes too long to load and uses too much RAM to leave loaded. 

Hope someone else has found an answer.