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Asked on the drug board...ever heard of a T-Teck Pack for pneumonia? Cant find any info on it. Help!

Posted By: Thanks on 2005-09-22
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you might find more info through the company board here.
or did you try that? I'm not awake, tring to help, tho.

If you so a search on this board you'll find lots of info.

Basically, you've got it right. However, voice files can be large and email may reject large file attachments. Also, there's the security aspect that you didn't mention. Basically, the voice file and finished document need to be encrypted to be secure.

You said you don't have the time/didn't take the time to do the research. Lots of people have and have shared their findings time and again on this board. I, for one, am not willing to reinvent the wheel every time someone is looking for this information but doesn't want to take the time to do the legwork. No offense meant but please do take the time to educate yourself. If you really don't have the time or don't want to take that time, then be prepared to pay for that information in the form of a consultant.

Do an archive search on this board and you'll find lots of info. NM
Post drug questions on the drug board
No such luck. The tech wants me to update to the XP service pack 2, but I've heard that can be tr
Help on the drug board--osteoporosis drug?
Sorry..........thanks in advance, I appreciate it. 
Anyone able to find Quick Look drug reference 2006

If so, where did you purchase it?  Out of stock at the places I have checked.


C-Msg - More info on ShortHand below as you asked. nm
help on drug board please:)

Help on drug board please
Sorry Should be on Drug Board
help on drug board please!
Need help on drug board please. TIA
Can anyone help out on the drug board! Would really appreciate the help! nm

need help on drug board please -- TIA!
need help on drug board PLEASE.
Need help on drug board, please. nm

need help on drug board
Help on drug board if you have second :O)
Need help on drug board, please. TIA :)
Could someone please help on drug board ty


Somebody asked about this before, but I can't find the post.
I haven't had the white menu on the left hand side at all for the past two days here at MTstars.  Any ideas where it went? 
Need help w/ injection name on drug board if anyone can help! nm

answered you on drug board

Need help ASAP on drug board s/l olapectic

Dictator says what sounds like olapectic as a medication. 

Please help asap.

You probably mean Ketek
Indications: Susceptible bacterial infections including acute bacterial exacerbation, etc, pneumonia
Book MPR great drug book
Need help with migraine medication--No one responded on drug board

S/L afsurg, atsurg, nafsurg, natsurg--migraine med

No response on drug forum.


Check the company board. Someone asked

I asked on main board, don't know why I didn't
think to ask you all!  We are still all a team, right? I am going to return to transcribing, I was an MT for 20 years and QA for 10.  I figured out financially that I would have to transcribe 1500 lines per shift to make out OK.  Of course, if I got paid 12 and 13 cpl like the old days, the requirement would be less! But I'm figuring a 9 cpl start. I would have to do 1500 to keep afloat until I get moving up or transcribing faster.  Anyway, is 1500 lines of work easy to get on a steady basis around the average MTSO anymore?  I used to work 2 jobs for years long ago, and found it was easier that way. When one ran low, I jumped on other one, and always had work. That's my biggest fear, quitting my hourly job, going back to MTing, and then finding no work. I don't know if 1500 lines per shift is out of the ballpark to expect these days? I used to type a lot more than that, but I'm a bit more fidgety these days! What do you think? Sound possible as far as the MTSO's side? Or is my goal too high? I just don't want to end up homeless trying to break away from this company.
Never heard of it!!! Sounds promising though. Where did you get the info???
you have no time to switch from board to board? how can you have time to look for the drug?
where do you find this info?
now i am curious. i do agree with you that i don't trust some of the yucky teenagers in my fast food residents and they cause ME to lose my appetite but what about the others like Applebees?
You already asked on one board. Aren't you supposed to limit it to one?
check there.
As drug word questions on the drug board. Word questions on the Word board.
If someone would share where I can find more info I'd appreciate it.
My future DIL's dad had surgery to remove cancer from his bowel, now they find it is also in his blood.  Any info I can find on this would be appreciated.  I've already done a Google search, but need something more specific if anyone has any knowledge in this area.  Thanks.
you might find some help or info on this site sm
he needs help...but it's tough to make them see they have a problem...feel for you...

Check company board. I just asked a similar question, NM
Pneumonia is the elderly man's friend. SM
Sometimes it's an easy way out for somebody who's just gone and gone downhill.
As per the original question, she said there was NO pneumonia
Have heard it is hard to find position in coding
I checked that. I heard it was a "common sense" program, no think? Can't find it.
Haven't had it, never heard of it, but after I read your post I googled it, and lots of info avai
Just want to say thank goodness for this board. Have not heard

a thing from Denver though I work for them now and old office won't say much about the changes.

Reading about MTs leaving MQ has got me even more nervous than the changes themselves.

Feeling so stressed and finding it harder to concentrate on work. I'm trying to stay away from the boards but it's the only way I find out anything with this company.

do a google search-were many hits and should find good info--nm
Instant Text. Do a search here for IT and you'll find lots of info.
How did I find out...from this board!
I can relate to your frustration. Finally asked on the board and got the info.

Looking for info on Execuscribe on company board
Any information on this company? Interviewed yesterday but i'm just wondering what the feedback on them is from others...
I just find it ironic that everyone on the board seems to be
doing the crap and ESL dictation.  Nobody will 'fess up to doing the good stuff.  I do work for a small MTSO, but I get all the ESLs because nobody else can handle them.  I don't mind them, but I'd like to make some decent money for a change.  I haven't knowingly worked for a company that offshores or uses VR, but they're not going to tell us that anyway.
I tried to find this on the Word board...
but had no luck. Do you think maybe it is a solution that they use solely at the facility you are transcribing for? Is there maybe a Dr. Schimmel and he has made his own solution to use on his patients? They do that sometimes. Do you have any way to check with your account and find out if this is something that they use only there?
Interesting info on Offshore Concerns board
OSI offshores and that is why they can't keep quality MTs

In Reply to: Today, I landed a client that was using and Indian service. They said the service - Kansas MTSO sm

The MTs they do keep are basically no more accurate than the Indians. The QA department is a joke because they hire people fresh out of MT school. It is a sad company and is destined to fail if they don't start thinking more about quality than keeping the brownnosers happy. This could be true for other companies that offshore as well.

try a search on company board-lots of info there