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Question for Board Administrator

Posted By: Naomi on 2006-07-13
In Reply to:


Can we list names of clinics/doctors here who have not paid their invoices as a warning to other MTSO who may unfortunately take on their account and run into the same problem?

Looking forward to your reply....

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TO ADMINISTRATOR: Homeschooler's Board?
Could we possibly get a homeschooler's board?  I see I am not the only one struggling with this issue and it would be great if those of us with similar situations could have a forum to go to for help and advice.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for considering it! 
administrator, I cannot post on classifieds board.
Can you please check board for availability?  Thank you.
Administrator has a link to the board inside
I guess it is available with the other boards on the left, but I too have followed MTStars instructions with no luck getting these back. I've just added the boards I can't "jump to" in my favorites list.
Administrator I posted my name for looking for an MT job on your job resume board and I dont see it
I heard it is great, try Amphion too. ADMINISTRATOR, please remove INDIAN's post on JOB BOARD

to administrator

I did leave, thus the name Ex-MQ'r.  I appreciate your remarks and I agree with some of them.  My problem was with the adminstrator's tone and overall unprofessional remarks to people who are hurting.  "Sick of this crap" does not create a lot of respect.  I am no longer employed by MQ.  I was tired of being mistreated and tired of feeling abused etc., but I can still sympathize with those who are not able to walk away from a company until they have another job to go to and the need to vent.  How is skipping over their remarks any more irritating than having to skip over remarks about a person's favorite country western singer, favorite food, or whatever.  I made a decision today just like I did when I left MQ--I wish everyone well but I won't be visiting this board anymore.  People are too mean spirited and eager to hush everyone up.  When the administrator becomes part of the pack, it's just too much.  Good luck to all.

Administrator, is there any way
that your web person could program this site so that when a message link comes up in "last message posted" that is posted on the MQ board that it could be marked MQ so we non-mq'rs can ignore it.

Even though there is now an MQ board, I still end up on the MQ board dozens of times a day because I'm clicking on new posts shown as 'last message posted'. I don't have any interest whatsoever in being on that board or seeing any MQ related posts.

I certainly hope that you'll be able to do this. The same goes for 'most recent messages', please find a way to mark them as MQ.

Thanks for your help.
Thank you administrator
To my seety Jay:

Everytime that I see that these posts about you have been pushed over to the next page because of new posts, I'M GONNA POST IT AGAIN UNTIL I'M PAID WHAT YOU OWE ME!!!
To administrator:
What has happened to the menu on the left side of the screen for the other forums? thanks!
I am an administrator at TOB --
And apparently you don't know what we talk about. We are MT's. It is a special place because the posters there are safe from negative attacks by nasty people who have no clue what they are talking about. Heavy medications?? WTH? Nobody I know on TOB is on HEAVY meds though some of us are on meds for different ailments.

As for becoming a member, it is by invitation only from other members and approval by the administrators. If you are interested, go to SPOT and leave me a message. I will reply!
Thank you, Administrator!
That sure was fast - and it is VERY appreciated.  Keep doing the great job you have been doing.  You are providing a great service to all of us out here in cyberspace.  Thank you for all you do!
YOU (Administrator) are able to
I know because I received an email from you regarding a message that I sent to a company this way.  Everyone is trying to ask you if YOU are able to see the messages.
I have never had an administrator from this
I just wanted to add that because I am not sure an actual administrator from this board would say "stay off this site".  It is just not the norm, at least, what little I have dealt with the administrators or moderators of this board.   
I need an administrator please

Could someone please e-mail me?  I do not seem to be able to sign into/log on the Chat room. I do not know what I am doing wrong.



Administrator, great job!!

Gotta love this site...TY

Administrator by proxy, are we??
Administrator, how do I email you. I need to ask you something.
I had the Administrator look at it yesterday. (SM)
Yes, it appears someone is posting boatloads of recipes.

The ForumMatrix is open to anyone.

Moderator/Administrator (sm)
I've been trying for weeks to get into chat.  No matter what name/password I use, it won't let me in.  I tried to reregister and it consistently tells me I'm not using at least six letters in my password even though the ones I've tried are 6 and 9, and then today it finally admitted I already had an account but when I clicked the lost password part it sent me to Error 404.  I'm about to give up.  Am I not holding my mouth right or something??? Hope you can help and get me into chat again. 
The Administrator can answer that. (SM)
You can e-mail her at admin@mtstars.com.

Thank you,

Is the Administrator on Vacation??
It used to be that any post mentioning MQ was deleted, because all MQ related issues are to be discussed on the MQ board, thus, a seperate MQ board.

In addition, one of the moderators says it's ok to post and post and post about pets, when there is a Pet board under the 'General' boards tab.
If you THINK the administrator was being rude..

methinks you ALL need to thicken up your skin.........

And no, I'm not the administrator!! 

Good luck with the contests!! 

oops should have been a ? there after administrator

Administrator please read...
I can answer questions on the Word board but can't post a question.  When I try to email you from the "error message," the emails aren't going through.  ???
My apologies to administrator. I did not
intend for my response to turn this thread into a religious debate. Will try to be more careful in the future.
to Administrator - see message
The post on word board that is titled "I need some help" :( should be on the main board. She posted on the word board by mistake. I think she would get more responses if you moved her post. Thanks.
E-mail the administrator maybe and ask. nm
Dear Administrator,
I'm wondering when all the posts where 'Shroom is calling everyone who disagrees with her a b**ch and bee-otch will be removed. She's really quite obnoxious. Thank you.
Thank you, Administrator and Moderator !!!

And hopefully he has now been blocked.  You guys owning and running MTStars are THE_ABSOLUTE_BEST !!!!



Please email administrator at:

admin@mtstars.net or sheristeadman@gmail.com 


THIS IS REAL!!!!  I am just a girl from WA, and this is real!  E-mail the administrator yourself!

Attention Administrator

When everything hit the boards a few days back, you (well, whoever is running the board these days) stated that if anyone had a problem and wanted to leave this board, send a message and write "unsubscribe" in the message line.

I did that and just did a test post to see if you unscribed my email address.

You haven't.

I think everyone here is watching your actions and I expect you to unscribe me. I am posting this in public as you failed to respond to a private email.

administrator...one other thing I miss

...is the most recent comment posted that used to be right on top...quick glance, you could tell if there were any new posts, or maybe new responses to a post. 

ADMINISTRATOR: Some Quotes from MQLover

Administrator, these quotes below are what we are referring to.  Her attitude and language are indefensible.  Please ban her from this board.


"1.  .is utterly ridiculous that you find a negative thing to say about everything you read you nasty, nasty lady. "

"2.  Maybe you better wonder about what is for dinner tonight, I am sure you are thinking about that."

"3. Yeah, you make a lot of sense! Stupid.  I find it funny that you think people who enjoy their jobs are immature and have multiple personality disorders. So wake up ugly and go find a shrink."


"4.  You really are stupid.  What I have to say is the only loser here is you, so lose about 50 pounds and come back later."


There are many more examples on record.  Thank you,


The professional MTs who really want to use this site.


Administrator- the billers/coders
link is not working. Has it been discontinued or will it be up later?
ADMINISTRATOR-Daisy Mae don gone to cussin'
I posted this to get the administrator's attention
Thank you.
The administrator will E-mail you about the grab from the bag. nm
Administrator regarding Santa's House
I left the information you needed as a reply to your post below previous post.
Administrator - posts out of place??
I don't see why a whole bunch of posts about Latin abbreviations that seem to belong with another topic are under this heading about somebody wanting to start a new MT school.
Administrator: Can you remove the link for me?
I put the link for the Spheris article below, without realizing how long it was! Can you remove it as it is distorting my page?! Thanks!!
I do believe the administrator reads most of these posts if not all.
So in fact I believe I was addressing the administrator letting her know my opinion as well. Don't get your panties in a wad over a harmless suggestion to skip something, I won't be continuing this nonsensical conversation any longer, enough said. See ya.
Please e-mail myself or the Administrator -- see message
Her e-mail is Admin@mtstars.com; mine is goldbird@mtstars.com.

Please include if you are on a MacIntosh and the web browser you use.

who starts these polls - the administrator

you missed them - they got deleted by the administrator nm
Thanks Administrator. Happy Valentine's Day to you

and the staff as well!

No, it just showed up. Administrator must be on break.


I think there should be a post by the administrator as to what those symbols mean
because we all wonder the same thing when we are new to this site.
I would contact the hospital administrator.
Obviously if they had diagnosed the fracture three days earlier she may not have fallen again because she surely would have been treated or put on bedrest until the surgery could be performed. Totally unacceptable.

I do work for a hospital and used to do radiology transcription and what happens is when the regular radiologist is gone the telecommunicated to another physician who should have given a preliminary. Once the regular radiologist is back he rereads and either agrees or disagrees. The ER doc does read them too but I do know of one instance where i used to work where an 18 man came in chest pain and they did a cxr and "found nothing" and sent him home. The radiologist read the film as a collapsed lung and the man was readmitted for five days and then eventually transferred to another hospital by the family's request.

I would definitely let them know how unhappy about the whole situation. If nothing they need to change their policy or procedures to keep it from happening again.