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Attention Administrator

Posted By: About unsubscribing on 2008-03-07
In Reply to:

When everything hit the boards a few days back, you (well, whoever is running the board these days) stated that if anyone had a problem and wanted to leave this board, send a message and write "unsubscribe" in the message line.

I did that and just did a test post to see if you unscribed my email address.

You haven't.

I think everyone here is watching your actions and I expect you to unscribe me. I am posting this in public as you failed to respond to a private email.

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I posted this to get the administrator's attention
Thank you.
pay attention
I think you got confused, I did not call you or anyone else a fool.


This would definitely get his attention!
Sorry I didn't try the frying pan thing FIRST!!! Will keep this in mind....for the next go 'round....
Like I said.......looking for attention....
You pay 100% attention to work while SM
you are working and get someone to care for the baby while you are working.  Same when it gets bigger.
Pay attention to the above post...sm
This lady knows what she is talking about....not that the others don't. When you allow the Lord to have reign over your life and let Him love you, things do turn around in ways we could never imagine in our own right. I wish I had realized this 8 years ago, but sadly I did not.

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
And if you pay attention to all of her postings
I should have paid attention,,,,

I got approached about possibly doing the transcription for a local doctor office - 4 doctors.  I have DSS player and they have used DSS system before, but how would I get the files from their computer to my computer.  Could they load them into a folder and then winzip them and sent to me? Is there an easier way?

I know this was discussed before. I had no idea then I might get this opportunity, so I didnt pay much attention to the post. 

Back in the 1980s there was a doctor in California who used to start each dictation with the command, "ATTENTION TYPIST."  He was a real peach.  He had no friends in the transcription department, I can assure you.  Later on, when I graduated from college and was an RN he had the gall to call up the nursing station and demand that one of us "girls" get over across the street to his office as one of the patients we had cared for in the hospital the previous week had gone over to his office for an "office visit" (that was because he was so pompous that he did not wish to see that poor patient in the hospital). The patient while in his office  "defecated" on his carpet and he felt that was our "job" to clean up after incontinent patients even if they were in HIS office.   I swear this is true.  We told him he should call a cleaning service.  He blew a gasket.   I guess it could have been worse if we had the Chimpanzee guy.  I think I would have knocked him in the head after I sued him for harassment.  I saw down further where someone hoped he was a now a patient.  Me too and I hope he is constipated and no one gives him a stool softener.  I hope when he rides in the ambulance from the acute care to the rest home that he overhears the ambulance attendants refer to their call as a "lizard run."  I hope someone puts cornflakes in his bed.  I can't stand pomposity!  I hope he is roommates with "Attention Typist" - they might actually understand each other.   
Attention Moderator
Kindly delete any of my posts that you feel the urge to edit.  I would rather you delete than skew the content and purpose of my communication caused by your editing.  Of course, it is not necessary for me to participate on these forums at all.
hang in there, pay attention
Just hang in there.  Pay special attention to every report, especially the errors you have done in the past, and follow your account specifics exactly (keep a copy next to you)  Practice makes perfect. 
Someone called it to my attention
that I should use the term offshoring instead of outsourcing. We use the word outsourcing at my hospital so this didn't even occur to me. So just wanted to address this:) thanks again!
People, please pay attention. This isn't just one person
that had a personalty conflict of whatever.  Everyday there is someone else with a valid issue. 
no problems. you must learn to pay attention as you go along. once is enough.
btw, if it is a very difficult person to do i will listen twice in the course of transcription and then flag it for QA.
sounds like he needs attention and is afraid

Good for you. That's really all we can do is call their attention to it.
Attention QA people - PLEASE READ :)
I'm fed up with the company I work for.  Can any of you who are HAPPY with your QA job tell me what company you work for?  I have been looking but it's hard to know which companies offer :1) Decent pay;  2) A relatively flexible schedule; and, very important 3) Appreciation!  I would like to find a smaller company as I work for a very LARGE national company (can you guess who? lol) - I'm sick of feeling ignored and invisible and would like to work for a smaller to medium sized company that actually values its employees.  Please, don't say you can't tell me who you work for - I really need some guidance here!  Thanks. 
Awwww. She just loves you and wants some attention. sm
I have one cat in particular who always hits the keys.  When I see her coming, I have to roll my keyboard drawer back under the desk or my transcription will look like this or get signed off prematurely.  zzzz zzzz zzzz zzz zzz zzzzz zzz zzzx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
I think she's a dork who desperately needs attention
Oh, geez. This is a troll! LOL Pay no attention!!
No - don't give it up - just keep going. Pay attention to their style and what they want.
You will do fine. Stop beating yourself up. Every company and every account may have a different style they follow. You should have account specifics - just review those and follow their guidelines.
The nastiness had some attention on other forums, and seems to (SM)
have toned down. Good Luck! Small steps add up to big things. And, "Well-behaved women rarely make history."
who pays attention to those initials anyway?

But I still know what you mean.  I sometimes type things that I don't agree with.  But his opinions, his take, I am just the MT. 

If you use EMDAT, you may not have to purchase one of the Start Stop pedals that they say you have to.  When you are ready to sign onto InScribe, there is an options box, click on that and hopefully you will see the system that you already have.  If not, I suggest you load express scribe and then you can use it.  Just thought somebody out there would find this info helpful.  Hope it helps someone.
I pay attention to the screen, listen again as needed, sm

then send it on it's way.  My latest QA score was 99.4. 

This is an intense job, and you have to really concentrate on the screen.  That's why the burn out factor is so huge.  I have tried listening and proofing every report again, and rarely found a mistake.  If I did this all the time, it would cut my pay in about half, and would not be worth the effort. 

I wonder how much attention HappyMomMT pays to her kids...
while she writing dissertations on this board?  Sheesh, I've never seen such verbose postings in all my life.  I for one don't have that kind of time, I have children to pay attention to.
You must have a small attention span because i only said a few words..definitely
Attention, Pittsburgh Steelers fans!

A big hug, a kiss, and lots of love and attention! nm
This is a very serious situation that requires medical attention
Believe me, it will be worth it. You need a slow steady six month wean off that powerful medication or your body could possibly seize up with an abrupt withdrawal - and that needs to be monitored by people who can help you.

I took Klonopin rx'ed for a year to help me sleep. When stress factor was removed, I tried to stop it and nearly went crazy literally. It sends you into a state that is highly agitated and your thought process is also going to be useless (you need to be with people whom you are safe with, people who know you). Tinnitus is one symptom that I experienced which was at a high decibel. Had I the ability to get away from work, I'd have gone into detox but instead, i cut pills up over six month period and weaned - even with the wean, you see, it is nearly unbearable. Oxycontin is being considered to be pulled off the shelf because of its highly addictive nature. When prescribed for over a two week period, providers should tell a patient what to expect when they want to stop the med; had I known, I would never have taken it. In the end, I appeared to be a drug-seeking individual when I was only in a state of anxiety due to the state my body and mind was in and could not tolerate it - leading me to beg for just one more prscription to get me off that monster of a drug.

Please, find another physician, possibly a psychiatrist as they are familiar with this, and get a regimen that will cause the least symptoms if you cannot go into a 30 day detox program.

Seek medical attention quickly.
It could be an allergic reaction. 
excuse me, didn't pay close enough attention.
that doesn't exist, lol.
I'm not preaching. And anyone who cares is still paying attention. SM
If you don't care, then you'll be without a job soon enough.  The rest of us will try elevate medical transcription while you work for pennies and compete with the Indians.
close attention as if report was book you
Thanks for the response. I just brought it to my supervisor's attention and...
He gave her a call and now she is helping me out.

I totally agree with you about doing extra work. If you are working on YOUR time, anything extra you do is a bonus. You are definitely within your rights to request what you want to work on.

Thanks for the response.:)
The letters will probably get more attention, if you put a little white powder in them...lol..nm
In other words, pay no attention to that big ole elephant sitting in the middle of MQ
lawsuit and SEC mess and just keep transcribing.  Now that's upbeat.  Don't believe your lying eyes and everyone else is wrong about MQ but you. 
When you are really smart like this, it's hard to find anything to hold your attention.

Many local hosp and agencies are starting to pay attention
The hospital I work at has started classes and counseling and support groups for adult children who are primary caregivers for elderly adults. If you can find some local social service agencies who have these kinds of programs, many of them can put your mom on some kind of state aid for her health care, help you with paperwork, and provide an occasional "atta girl" and some smiling, supportive faces. Sounds like your sibs aren't there for you. You mom could even qualify for some adult day care, which opens up SO much communication about resources and help. Please think about searching this out. I'm sure your husband and child need you terribly, and you should not bear this financial burden alone. Check with a social services department at a local hospital, and KEEP PUSHING IF YOU DON'T GET IMMEDIATE RESPONSE> Some of these places are so busy. But find and knock and push to find some answers to take the strain off you, and your mom. There are resources out there for you! You aren't alone, but it doesn't get better for you, till you FIND them.

You'll just have to ignore your siblings. They don't sound like they're worth much.
Attention: Romey - Question about Aeron chair (sm)

You had answered my previous post concerning the Aeron chair and I am really convinced that I want one.  But how comfortable is the seat after several hours?  I am sick of foam that packs down.  I bought a molded gel cushion that looks like a honeycomb, but even this gets "hard" after a while.  Would appreciate your comments. 

Star is a glutton for attention and told PEOPLE

That Tuesday that Star made her announcement....she had ALREADY gone to People Magazine PRIOR to the Tuesday show.......and spewed to them first - thereby sabotaging ABC's/Barbara Walter/Star Jones' already agreed upon announcement for that Thursday. 

Star did this with the intention of *if I'm going down, I'm taking all of them down with me* and as a result, the View has lost viewership and probably will never come back as the once-good show it used to be.  Star definitely did this with an ulterior motive and then tried to act like the VICTIM.  Many saw right through this!  How is someone going to STAB their *mentor* in the back like she just did?

Remember Joan Rivers?  She did something similar to her *mentor* Johnny Carson and he never forgot it.!!!

Hopefully, Star Jones will become blackballed from Hollywood, albeit next week she is hosting at 10 pm House Hunters on HGTV. 

I'm more annoyed to read that she is married to a Muslim *who hates Jews* - I did read that online in one of many articles.  And then to listen to Star push Xtianity on The View seemingly contradicts her line about *it's very important that both married people have the same beliefs and religion* - is that an open admission that Star is now a *Muslim who hates Jews*?  *curious* and not a religious discussion.  Merely a discussion on Star's credibility which, to me, is NIL at this point.

Pay attention: Facelift was not done but he dictated an operative report for it.
How do these people sleep at night? This should be brought to the attention of

all the major TV stations and aired on prime time. 

pay attention, Sherri, might want to clean house next adventure
That's my problem... The first time it happened I flagged it and brought it to the attention (l

of my supervisor, who brought it to the attention of the doc.  She said that he got huffy and argued that there WAS such a word as "equivocable" and that he wanted me to type it.  This is not a mispronounced way of saying "equivocal".  I found that out when I flagged it the first time.  The doc actually thinks that is a word, and nobody is able to tell him otherwise, not even a dictionary entry!  That was when my boss asked me to note it on my log every time he did it so that we were covering ourselves. 

Then the doc got annoyed that I was putting it on my log.  Because, after all, it was saying that the Great One was wrong! Horrors!  So then she asked me to take it off the log.  The problem with just typing in equivocal is that it is a verbatim account and this doc has it in his pea brain that "equivocable" is a word.  Secondly, there are times when he says his made-up word when the context would suggest "equivocal" and ALSO when the context would suggest "unequivocal".  I am not an MD, so I don't want to guess at which of these two very different meanings he intends based on the context, you know? 

I think I am going to take the advice of the MT who suggested keeping a copy of my files, which I do, and keeping a copy of the email where my boss asked me to stop flagging "equivocable" on the log. 

I agree. Sounds like a controlling attention-seeking parent so
Babies looking for attention.They have the technology of the Woodroow Wilson administration.
They'll get some kind of concession and go back and try to think of another way to get money out of us. Happens all the time.
My mother taught me to always "ignore the ignorant." The more attention you give her, the mor

to administrator