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Questions about QA/editing

Posted By: Considering on 2005-08-23
In Reply to:

Hi all... I have a few questions and hope someone can help me out.  :) 

I have 5 years' experience in acute care transcription and have recently been considering moving into QA.  The first immediate problem I have is that I adore my company and would hate to leave them, but they seldom have QA openings.  When they do, they'll hire in-house first, though. 

Before I even start seriously looking around, I would like to know a few things, if possible.  I realize that editors can get paid either by line or by hour, and hourly is the preferred method.  That would be my preferred method also, but I am curious about what the standard hourly rates are. 

Of course I know it's like any job, and the specific salary you quote wouldn't be the exact amount I can count on with anyone.  But I would like to get an idea of what it may be. 

I would also like to hear some of your experiences and opinions after switching to editing from MT, if you could take the time.  :) 

Thank you very much!  :) 

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VR editing questions

I have never done any editing, just transcription.  I have been doing transcription for about 19 years.  Can someone tell me about VR editing.  Is it time consuming, can you make any money?  How is it different from QA on transcribed reports, or is it different?  I may have to do this shortly and want to know what I am in for.   

Thank you so much.


I found out a long time ago that there are two kinds of editing.. one is editing MTs work (like QA)
and the other is editing as in VR. I have done VR editing, but when I put down this as experience on a resume, I was asked by the HR person if this meant that I had "edited" other MTs work. I think there is a lot of confusion out there and I wish they would just keep that as QA instead of calling it editing. Just be clear in what you want to edit as most companies that expect you to "edit" other MTs in a QA position do require you have a lot of experience. If you just going for VR editing, which is what Transcend has available and there are a few companies out there doing VR, none of which I think really require much experience as it is easy to learn. Hope I made some sense and it can be pretty confusing on how companies use the term "editing" thus it effects their expectations as far as experience goes.
Editing is the higher skill. I earn more editing SM
because I'm able to produce more--if the company doesn't adjust the way production's figured down and down again to keep the account from going elsewhere (when that happened to me on EditScript with no explanation of why my income was dropping, I went elsewhere also).
Meditech questions and Cerner questions. Any input is appreciated. SM

I just recently went back to work in the office at a local hospital. We type in both Meditech and Cerner, depending on what you are typing, i.e. Medical Records reports versus Radiology.  We are currently typing blindly in Meditech, meaning we do not have access to our line counts and must depend on management to give us our totals.  In Cerner, we are able to run a line count report and print out a hard copy of our line counts at the end of the day.

We are finding that 800 lines in Cerner equals about 500 lines in Meditech.  We are not paid per line nor do we have an incentive plan, but we have a new HIM Director who would like to institute an incentive plan and the administrator over our department has laid down the law and decreed that all transcriptionists not making minimum in the department will be written up.  Problem is according to Meditech line totals that we have been given, that would be about half the department.

The transcription supervisor has taken our concerns to the new director who told the MT Supervisor to hold off on writing people and has taken home all the line counts from the last month and she is going over them with a fine tooth comb this weekend.

I am not a very trusting soul by nature, so I am doing a little research on my own.  I've been in this business for about 15 years.  I started out in a hospital and have worked for a few services at home and am now back in the hospital setting.  So I know a few things about line count and I consider myself to be pretty well informed on trends and technology in the industry.   I would like to walk into our next department meeting armed with as much knowledge as possible.  So I have come up with some questions that I would like some fellow MTs to answer, give opinions, and maybe even direct me to websites or individuals who could give me a better understanding of Meditech and Cerner.  Here are my questions:


  1. Is it possible for an MT to have access to her line count in Meditech or is strictly a management function?  Any MTs that work in Meditech on this board, do you currently have access to your line counts and if so, how do you check them?  Is it an option on the main menu after you log into Meditech?

  2. How is a line defined in Meditech?  (i.e. 65 cpl, with spaces, without spaces)

  3. How is a line defined in Cerner?

  4. What abbreviation Expanders work with both Meditech and Cerner?

  5. Examples of incentive plans (if anyone would like to share that with me that would be great, if not I completely understand).

  6. Measuring productivity by minutes of dictation versus typed lines.

    1. What would be the minimum minutes required for an 8-hour day?

    2. How would one structure an incentive program based on minutes?

I was thinking of presenting the idea that we keep track of productivity using minutes instead of lines since there is such a discrepancy in Meditech.  I also worry that if an incentive plan is put into place and we are still typing blind into Meditech, what's to keep management from shaving off a few lines here and there?

Feel free to email me or post here any responses.  Either is fine.  I really appreciate any input, comments, or just plain old supportive posts would be nice too! 

Question about Editing for those who do editing
What would you consider to be  the average amount of lines a day of editing based on a 65 space line in an 8 hour day.  If you can do an average of 1200 straight typing what would be the expectation for a day of editing?  What do you think is a fair rate of pay for that editing? Do you know of companies that offer a tiered incentive rate for editing rates to do most of them offer a flat rate for lph?   Do you find you make more money,  less money or about the same than straight typing?  Thanks to anyone who is willing to share this information.  Feel free to email if you would rather share by email. 
VR editing versus MT editing pay


How does VR editing prod. pay compare to hourly pay ($15) regular QA and constantly being threatened to start being payed production.  Are there any special tricks to know to make good money on a VR program?  Any companies that have VR and are better than other ones would be appreciated as well.  Any and all assistance much appreciated-have to make a change shortly, so looking for a great company that offers ins. benefits.  Thanks for your time.

Does anyone do editing for VR?

If so can you provide some insight as compared to transcription?



editing vr
I do and I love it. I was doing 1500-1800 lines per day, now am doing between 3-4000. Pay is less, but not that much and so much less stress and strain on these old hands and wrists. Would never go back to straight typing.
Editing pay
I just starting working as an IC with a company in Chicago, IL.  They are paying me 4 cents a line to do editing, and 9 cents a line for straight type.  The account I am on uses voice recognition software (not sure if it is Dragon), and the program has difficulty with some of the doctors' accents, so their dictation comes through regularly.  I like doing this very much, as it has helped me bone up on my grammar skills.  Usually what I type just "goes out there", back to them, and I never see any response on whether or not my grammar and punctuation were correct.  Being an Editor has helped me greatly.  Do others have this same feeling as I do?
I didn't take the offer. I am really having a lot of mixed feelings over this. Frankly I think that is where it is "all going" but I don't want to be the one to stamp and seal it. Just bothered me a LOT.
I just quit my secure job of 15 years because in the past year, they have taken transcription away from all 100 of us and are making us edit the voice recognition system. I was making $15.00 per hour. I hated sitting here, cleaning up the mess that the EditScript program made with the dictations. It's just my humble opinion, but I'd want you to be absolutely sure you want to edit before you accept the job.
Good luck, Kay. Not everybody hates it. You might actually like it. :) Maybe if I hadn't been a Transcriptionist for so long, it wouldn't have been such a change and shock to my system. I tried it for a year and just did not enjoy it. I felt like I was an assembly line worker, like all my years of knowledge, accuracy, and speed were thrown out the window. That's why I quit and took a job with an online transcription company, because I want to retain my speed and knowledge. But if you try the editing and like it, then you should definitely write on this forum and tell everybody, as I am just speaking for myself. You should be happy in whatever you do. :)

What is the average pay per line for editing (including VR editing)?


Anyone doing VR editing?
How hard/easy is it? Would you rather transcribe?
VR editing
Not too bad. I never felt I should type the entire report over. It does get a little tedious as it is very easy to miss the small words, ie. a, it, an. The one positive is that it makes me feel less threatened that ASR will take our jobs soon! It really does have a long way to go.
I like it, and I would like it better for all the money, not half. 
But it's about VR editing
I am interested in hearing from any MTs who use VR to transcribe dictation.
I tried it for 2 weeks. I did not come near breaking even. You have to listen to every word and you have to make a lot of changes. It is very time consuming for a lot less money. That is just my opinion.
VR editing

I do VR editing and you really have to be fast, it only pays .02/65 char.  The VR puts in so many things that it's a hassle to correct.  If you are considering doing this for a company, don't.  If you are doing this for yourself, then maybe you can work with it so it becomes more reliable.

I figured out right away that I do not want to do editing only.  I like it, but I would be broke pretty quick.  I need to survive and get through coding school next year, so I've decided to switch to hourly pay.  So far, I've had plenty of work, both editing and straight typing.  The reports I've been typing are all good dictators.  I like the mix of editing and typing. 
If you are doing regular editing, not VR, it should be even with the typing pay you receive or even more. It can take time to edit some reports, especially ESLs where there are a lot of blanks. I personally get paid by the hour and I make half of what I make typing on my other job and just work about 30 hours biweekly.
I'm not editing via VR
I don't do VR. I edit work that is transcribed by MTs. I know that it tracks work done by MTs but I don't think it does this for the work that editors do. If you find differently, let me know.
You obviously are not editing the
We used to do editing but no more
The EMR system, especially in a teaching hospital environment, where the resident or fellow does all the typing, has virtually eliminated any need for a transcriptionist. We edited for a while, but the templates have improved. It all depends on what EMR the docs are using.
Are you maybe editing yourself out of a job?
Okay..sorry, haven't done that, but haven't read or heard good things about it.  Someone else will have to help.
Oh, yes you can. VR editing 12 cpl - sm
regular transcription 18 cpl.

I am not the original poster, but I have to tell you the accounts are out there that pay this. I know, I have 2 of them.

Please note - I did not ask for this fee, they offered it and I hopped right on it.

I too was under the impression, by listening to this other MTSOs, that they can't get good pay.

I am telling you Don't believe it! There are good paying accounts out there, you just have to search for them.
QA/editing pay

There are companies that pay $15/hr for editing.  You would have to edit 500 lines per hour to make that much money if you were paid 3 cents per line.  What is not factored into the by the line editing pay is the time spent researching.  I have been a QA/editor for some time and I don't know all the words, but I have lots of web sites bookmarked and I have a full library of reference books and software to use to help me find the term.  To me, this is such an important part of the editing process.  I hope you will continue looking for a job where you will get paid by the hour.  I know they are out there.  I have worked for 2 companies that paid by the hour.

Good luck with your job search!!  

those of you who do QA and/or editing
first of all, does the QA person also edit? Also would it be reasonable to be able to do 500 lines per hour of editing? This is all American dictators, physical therapy, very easy transcription. Yet, still, one must listen to the dictation, no? So would that be feasible. Finally, can one make good money at 3 cpl editing?  Please, editors/QA persons only to reply...
VR Editing
VR jobs do still need to be edited.  Some doctors dictate very clear and just about every word is picked up correctly, but you still need to do some minor editing.  ESR doctors can also use the VR software as long as they are willing to go through the training.  I guess the software "Learns" the way they speak - phrasing, accents, etc.  They may need more editing but it can be done.
SR editing

I love being an MT, but it is a very physical job, one that I am not sure I can or want to be doing for 35 to 40 more years because of the wear and tear on the body. But I think I can handle it easily if I'm doing SR editing full time or straight transcription half of the time and editing part time.

My question is, is it possible to make a good income doing SR editing?

thanks! editing?
Thanks for the tips and suggestions. About editing...how difficult is it to transfer from MT to editor? Are there specific requirements as far as number of years transcribing certain types of reports?
I like editing.
It saves my wrists and I can often make MORE money with VR than straight typing. VR is not going to end the need for transcriptions. EMR will to some extent.
editing it
i edit dragon for docs and i dislike it very much. email me as well if u want more details.
Are you saying there should be no editing
Editing VR
After editing VR for awhile now, I have come to the conclusion that this technology is out way before its time.  Hospitals and clinics using this technology really have no clue of what a mess it creates.  I have been an MT for a long while and I have been diligent to follow the AAMT BOS, etc.  I do not see how that is possible when trying to edit VR and yet make any money .  I am "dinged" for allowing words to remain in a sentence and yet I am given no recognition for the BS I remove.  This position is extremely underpaid and MTs are paying the brunt of this so-called technology.  Any other thoughts on this?
less money editing
Definitely more money transcribing than Editing.
I can edit at over rate of 400 lines per hour. That's more than twice my typing rate.

I make more money editing than typing.
Editing sm

I have been an MT for over 20 year and have been considering starting an editing service. 

As you mentioned, MT's could expand into editing for publications, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Editing pay
I think to pay us LESS for editing is ripping us off! These reports still require manipulations on our part that we aren't getting paid for. I think editing is just a means for these companies to pocket the money we earn for them!
editing VR
Go to Transcend if you like that. I hate it myself.
I have been an editor/QA person for many years and rather enjoy the job. It is fast paced at times, but overall I have no complaints. The key to doing the job is to get good at it.

It is the wave of the future, hang onto it.
rather be editing than MT
I did QA/editing a few years ago then went back to full MT because I changed companies and couldn't just walk in as QA. But now I've just recently took on a QA/editor position PT and still doing MT fulltime. I do VR editing too and I love it. I would choose QA/Editor over MT any day of the week. I'm hoping to get fast enough with the new QA/Editor work to be able to drop the MT work.

I also did a search for "editors" on here with no luck, so it is nice to see some replies here.
I just took an editing job there, for QA and
I have not started but have heard great things about the QA team in US and the accounts. They have been very efficient on the hiring process, great benefits, great hourly rate for editing QA. I think it will be an interesting position, as opposed to straight typing. Looking forward to it. Good luck to you.
QA vs. VR editing

Given your choice, which position would you pick, assuming the cpl rate was the same?  Is QA a lot faster than VR editing?  If so, what is the approximate lph range for either?


editing is okay
The best thing about editing for me is that it catches words from ESL doctors that I might not get, and it helps to get through the longer dictations faster. But it doesn't always put down the right words even when they're clearly dictated. I also find myself with my hand on the mouse more and that hurts my hands more than straight typing.
Editing, of course, does require much more knowledge; however, it is waaaaaay faster than transcribing. That's why the cpl rate is less. Also, no risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. You should be making more money as an editor. If not, perhaps you still need to research too many words and are not yet experienced enough to edit?

Rosie (I used to publish medical textbooks; now I teach medical transcription)

500-600 lines per hour editing. This are 15 pages per hour, line count 40 per page.
She must have a great VR system or a physician who dictates very clearly.
VR editing
I agree that VR requires absolutely full QA - even having used it myself. If I were not correcting everything as I go someone would definitely need to come back and clean up after me.

The more VR is incorporated into the workflow of physicians, especially with EMR, the accuracy level of reports is going to be drastically diminished because most offices at this point are not hiring an editor/transcriptionist to clean up after the docs. The expectation is that the doc will make the corrections as they go along, which we know is NOT the case in most offices. Unfortunately, most EMR systems using VR does not allow for anyone to modify a report once it has been closed, so the garbage stays in the file once the dictator signs off on it. Very frustrating for an experienced Transcriptionist when we start losing accounts to VR/EMR systems.

We're working with both EMR and VR systems to try to integrate a system that will still utilize transcriptionists to provide the technology WITH the accuracy of a medical report. We'll see what the future brings, but as transcriptionists, I feel it is vital to hone our skills as editors. We have to stay one step ahead of the technology.