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Rescued a pair from a shelter in Oct....sm

Posted By: Marie on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: dachsund lovers unite - Fran

Black and tan. They are 1-1/2 and have been together since they were pups. She (Georgia) had his (Duke's) puppies not too long before we got them. I think the poor things were abused though. They are mini's. He's very timid, she's a little territorial. They are coming along nicely and enjoy their new home. However, they were never housetrained very well. Anyone have any ideas on how to get them housetrained.  Not sure how much longer DH will let me keep them if I can't get that part under control.  We all just love them to pieces, but the not being housetrained is getting old. Any suggestions?

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I rescued a Beagle last week from

my local animal shelter.  I took him to the Vet the next day to have him checked over because he had a few things going on with him:

1.  He was covered in ticks.  I had pulled several off him when I got him home and the Vet pulled several more off in her office.  The ticks really aren't an issue now as Frontline was applied at the Vet's office, and any ticks that remained have died and dropped off.  I have not found any more on him, although I was very shocked that the animal shelter allowed him to get in that condition.  The Vet was appalled.

2.  He had a terrible cough.  Very deep and raspy.  The Vet said she thought it was a respiratory infection but could not rule out kennel cough as he had been at the shelter for over a month.  She prescribed an antibiotic and we are 1 week into taking it.  The cough seems to be getting better, thank goodness.  It just sounds horrible.  I also have to give him a Benadryl twice a day.

3.  He had an infection in both ears.  Beagles like other dogs such as Bassett Hounds, with the long floppy ears, have to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis.  His obviously had not been cleaned in some time.  So I have to put ear drops in his ears twice a day.  He hates it, but his ears are getting better.

The shelter did not have any information to give me about him.  They told me he was picked up as a stray and they kept him for as long as they did in case someone came to claim him.  After a month, they put his picture on their website, thus putting him up for adoption.  I had been wanting to get a Beagle for quite some time, and when I saw him on the web, I decided to go get him.  If I hadn't gotten him when I did, and no one else came along, he would have been put down after one week.

I would have taken him anyway even if I had known prior of his medical problems.  I fell in love with him immediately.  He is very loving and is housebroken already.  I have yet to hear him bark though.  I'm not sure if this is because he can't, won't, or if it makes him cough so he doesn't do it yet.  It's also not common (around here anyway) to find a full-blooded dog of any kind at the pound.  There are other animal rescue organizations that specialize in that.

I have seen him go through increadible changes in the last week.  His coat is shinier and his eyes look brighter.  I can tell by his behavior that he is feeling better.  My concern is that every time he drinks water he coughs and hacks afterward.  He will cough until he gags and then he is fine.  He doesn't vomit though.  It's almost as if he is breathing water through his nose while he is drinking.

I was just curious to see if anyone else had encountered this before with their dog?  I love him (Buster) to pieces already and feel that I did a good thing by saving him from certain death.  I just want him to get better.


We adopted 3 kittens from the shelter and they

sneezed like crazy, turned out it was a common infection in shelters, but our vet said to give 500 mg of lysine - we crushed it and mixed it with a tiny bit of canned food to make sure they got it.  It really worked.  We stopped it a couple of days and the sneezing came back, restarted it and it stopped.  They eventually developed the immunities to fight it. 


Please take her to a "No-Kill" Shelter!
Otherwise, the animals are usually put down after only a week and 1 week really isn't long enough to get the dog adopted. So Please only bring the dog to a "no-kill" shelter! 
Our shelter is horrible. A year ago we fostered

a litter of 3 kittens who were sick.  We had to keep taking them back to the shelter because otherwise we would have to pay the vet fees.  One of the kittens I zipped up in a fleece jacket and had it with me 24/7 for 2 days because I just knew she was going to die.   We ended up taking them to our vet and getting some good care.  We took them back to the shelter to be adopted when they were well and our hearts were broken.  Two years ago we had our 16-YO cat put to sleep due to FIP, not before we spent $5,000.00 on her because our vet at the time wouldn't tell us there was no hope.   We didn't feel we could afford more vet bills but we had a hole in our heart and thought fostering was the answer.  We ended up going back and adopting all 3 and were glad the litter wasn't bigger than it was - LOL.   We routinely take cat food and litter to the shelter, but we no longer foster and it breaks my heart to see the condition that these animals are living in.   Unfortunately it really isn't the shelter's fought, it is the pet owners who refuse to spay/neuter their pets that create the problem. 

I will not take this dog to the shelter, would have done that already if I didn't truly care about her.   We've coped for 5 days, we can cope for a couple of more until I can find her a loving home.  If there were any way we could keep her we would, but we just can't, for lots of reasons, and it isn't fair to her, or my children who have fallen in love with her. 


We adopted a beagle/hound mix from a shelter
He had kennel cough an eye infection & ear infections in both ears. I was appalled b/c this shelter rescued him from a kill-shelter in VA. The shelter we got him from call themselves "Puppy Angels" and they go on & on about how much they love the animals & all they do for them. They told me he was healthy & had been examined by the shelter owner's sister who was a vet & also the other VA shelter's vet. I don't believe that for a second- how could have been seen by 2 vets & never treated? Anyway, he is fine now. We clean his ears periodically to prevent infections, the kennel cough is all cleared up & his eye is fine now, he is now completely healthy. We are so happy we rescued him, he's made such a wonderful addition to our family. He's incredibly loud & very hyper but he's also the sweetest dog I've ever met. He's our baby!
Such gloom and doom. Better head for the bomb shelter.
heh heh
I don't own a pair, at least not yet, but I

walked around the shoe department with a pair on and I'm not sure I liked them.  I have no arch at all in my feet and thus have wide feet.  I think I must have tried on Cayman's which are supposedly more narrow than the beach Crocs.  I had on socks when I tried them on and they were snug, and I don't think the provide enough support for my feet.  I hate wearing shoes and I'm outside barefoot even in 30 degree weather because I hate to put on shoes.  My DH is always fussing at me.  I thought I could keep a pair by the back door to slip on.  I also garden extensively so thought these would be great for that, just hose off when they get dirty. 

I haven't found them discounted on e-bay and in fact they sell for about $10 more on e-bay than I can get locally.  I think it is Payless shoes that has a knock-off version.  Theirs are tie-dyed and half the price.  I found another knock-off on-line, but can't remember the name now, that are supposedly even better than Crocs, but I think it is just the clog without the holes. 


Thanks for the tip. I just bought a pair! nm
transcriptiongear dot com - 10 pair for $11.00
they send 'em 10 pair to one package for $11.00........not that I need 10 pair but is how they sell them.......
I guess you're quite a pair (sm)

That's too bad you both have such troubles. Good to hear (no pun intended) that your husband can hear now!!  It probably seems like a small price to pay for him to be able to have his hearing but (but still soooo expensive, how can the company justify charging someone that much?) Can you benefit from laser eye surgery??

Get a pair of Sony earphones. sm

Like the ones kids plug into a portable disc player.  I'm not talking about the "cheapies" that most kids use for the disc player with the little foam rubber spongy thingys.  Get yourself a decent set that have "faux leather" with the big padding that cover both ears. You won't hear a thing outside of your earphones. Make sure the ear things cover both ears and have a lot of cushioning.  A good pair might cost you 20 or 30 bucks, but is well worth it. 

Good luck and godspeed MT comrade! :)


Just make sure the earphone attachment is the same size as your speakers.

Hmmm-I like that idea. I could pin a pair sm
of my husband's old underwear on him (the dog--LOL) backwards, make them a little snug but not tight.  Poor thing is going crazy not being able to play with hardly anything and I think if I can get him mind onto something else, he would forget about the surgical site for awhile. Not only that, but it would keep our Golden from licking it, too.  You know how dogs are, kinda gross.  Have to try that tomorrow.  Thanks! I'm still open for more ideas.  
How about a pair of her sexy underwear, SM
along with something that reminds him of home, something they can't get like chocolate. Just a silly idea.
I have a good pair from Aiwa. I use
them when I''m flying and when I'm on my treadmill. My home is quiet, but I've used them once or twice for transcription with no problems. Try Best Buy.
Cheap pair of Lanier
I have a cheap pair of Lanier that I have been using for over 10 years that work just great.  Keep thinking about buying a new set but I never replace something that continues to work.   Do replace the spongy ear pads once in a while.  Think that they cost me $20 somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago.  
Couldn't hurt to ask for a new pair
Couldn't hurt to ask right?  That's my motto.   Another motto of mine:  Tis better to run over a pair of $14.97 headsets than a R100.00 pair... JMTOU (just made that one up).  LOL
I have a pair of noise cancellations..

that I purchased at Wal-Mart for approx. 40.00 and they are okay.  I only wish they had a volume control.  But I plug it into my lanier and can adjust the volume.  I have gone through several types.  I have often wondered about the steth type but for some reason never invested. I also purchased a pair at big lots, wireless, that I really loved as they were also noise cancellation.  I loved that pair because they were wireless.  Then there was the pair from Radio Shack that I paid approx. 40.00, they were great.  Wow, the only ones that I don't like are the ones that go into your ear (ear buds) can stand them but find myself having to use them sometimes....

I got a couple pair from ebay....

RCA's.  They work great.  The batteries do die often so I finally broke down and got rechargeable batteries. I already had a batter charger, just no batteries.  I got 4 batteries.  The headphones take 2.  That way I always have a pair ready to go.  Also, my charger only takes 15 mins to charge so if I'm using the other set of batts somewhere else, I'm not losing much time off work to recharge.

The bad thing about them, though, is that if you have your foot off the pedal for a certain amount of time, all of a sudden, out of the blue.......shhhhhhhhhhhh....real loud and suddenly in your ear.  Startles the crap out of ya!  It's happened to me so many times and I about pee my pants every time!!! lol.  Even funnier if I'm writing when that happens.  I then have a line going across the page!  I try to either flip them off if I'm researching or push the pedal for a second every so often.   But I definitely like them a lot better than that stupid cord.  I tried everything with that thing from tying it up as short as I could to even putting it under the keyboard, etc.  I still managed to get tangled up! 

Sounds like any old pair of cut offs would be acceptable....

The description reminds me of my MUCH older brother's wedding circa 1973.... She was barefoot, he was in ripped jean cut off shorts, the preacher looked like something that crawled out from under a rock, and when he asked my brother if he had anything to say, he "grunted."  Gawd, it was awful.  I'm sure this wedding you're going to won't be that bad, but if the bride is barefoot and the groom is in khakis, then any decide informal summery outfit would probably be A-ok.

Thanks for the answers, everyone! I got a cheapie Maxell pair. I had
I just got a pair of $5 Koss headphones at Walmart
I have had a pair of noise-cancelling Bose for (sm)
around 3 years. I can tell a huge difference when I switch to the traditional stethoscope or Dictaphone brand headphones. The
sound quality is really enhanced by the Bose.

My office is in a loft above our living room. I bought mine because of family being downstairs with the TV on and kids playing, etc.
I have a pair of the earbuds (cheap ones) and they hurt my ears.
I couldn't wear them very long.
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I just bought a pair of Able Planet (Lynx) NC Headphones I'll give you a great deal on! SM
I did a ton of research and found that many preferred these headphones over the Bose. They were actually more expensive. I paid over $300.00 for these! The only reason I purchased these was because I could charge them on my Dell account. They really are awesome. I can't even hear myself type when I turn on the NC feature. They are comfortable, but after 18 years as an MT, I've just gotten used to the stethoscope style or earbuds.

If you'd like to contact me, I'll give you an offer you can't refuse!
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