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doxie lover

Posted By: kansasmt on 2006-01-16
In Reply to: dachsund lovers unite - Fran

I did have a miniature doxy for 10 years and she was the sweeting thing I have ever seen and my heart was in pieces when I lost her. Will have another one some day.

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My mini male dapple died about two years ago, was heart broken.  My daughter gave a mini male dapple for Christmas 2005. His name is Frank, and in less than a month he has taken over the house and my heart.

Fran..I have 1/2 a doxie :)
the other half is Pekinese the vet said,,,cutest combo but now that he's old, he looks more like a seal pup
my addy for doxie stories

please write to me at frgill2@hotmail.com if you want - like to keep in touch with all the humorous things/pictures, etc that are doxie related.



I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
That's just it, I don't care. I just felt sorry for poor doxie in this den of wolves.
Lab Lover
You are wonderful to be a foster mom thus far.  The other poster was correct about trying to see what can be done via lab rescue group on the web -- PLEASE tell them about your acute situation as well as her personality, and they may take her ASAP.  Another idea -- do any of your local television stations spotlight dogs that need homes?  These are terrific, and her particular breed and personality would make a great Christmas gift for one lucky family.  BTW, please keep us posted!  Good luck. 
One wonders if MQ lover

Zipper and a few others are not one in the same...sorta like those multiple personality disorders

Reason being is that they all sound alike, very immature and nasty

MQ lover-liar
If you have to say you don't lie, you are a liar.
Yes and lover her to death!
$50 a week. We have about 2500 sq ft and she cleans the whole house. I can't believe it took me as long as it did to hire someone.
I'm both a pet lover and an old car buff. nm
From a parrot lover.

Large parrots are very sensitive birds.  They do not do take kindly to new human companions, so it might be wise to really think about what you would be letting yourself in for.  You will have to give a large parrot a lot of attention and affection if you do not want it to mutilate its feathers.  You will have to keep its cage squeaky clean if you do not want to risk your parrot becoming ill.  You will have to provide a complex environment and a large cage for your parrot if you want it to be happy.  Large parrots do NOT enjoy just sitting on a perch all day. 

Large parrots are affectionate and lively companions.  They are also messy, noisy, animals who will often caress their owners but bite strangers.  They can sink into what passes for depression if they are not cared for or if they are given to a new owner. 

All in all, sharing life with a large parrot can be a blast


Bird lover to the max!
I am an obessed bird lover!
Started with one cockatiel 7 years ago, fell in love and gradually got three more. I have 2 Australian Bourkes and 3 parakeets. Advice I can give you is get or subscribe to BirdTalk or Birds USA. I know these magazines are not widely available, but if you can, they are a great resource. The thing you have to keep in mind is the time you will have to spend taking care of a larger bird. That is key. Birds, especially the larger ones, require a lot of interaction and attention. I do a lot of reading about birds because I find them fascinating. Avian behavior studies are really only 20 years old, and what is being discovered is fascinating. They are much more intelligent than was previously thought. They now know that birds actually do understand at some point, they understand context. This explains how emotional they can be. Getting a large bird is a commitmentfor life. Birds feel emotion, and a bird can actually die of a broken heart if left alone too long, become destructive, or develop feather picking. It is a commitment one has to think about before getting a large parrot. Also, you may just surf the web for information. There are lots of websites, none of which I can think of right now! Good luck to you!
passions lover too
I love Passions too! But wow some of the events are so ridiculous...You really have to suspend your disbelief for that one! And that Theresa just needs to be locked in a closet somewhere but she is the is the perfect meany "wife" for the awful Alistair Crane...
I was a PRD/WP5.1 lover, and you can switch...

You can switch your PRD entries to ShortHand and then use with Word. Shorthand runs you through the process, no problems.


Pet Lover said nothing about dogs sm
having bad days. I said that and it was a general remark. It had nothing to do with growling or biting. Perhaps you could go back to the posts and sort out who wrote what.
I'm a lover of WP 6.1 but changed
over to Word 2003 about a year and a half ago. I still have all my disks for WP 5.1 and 6.1 but hate to let them go! If you haven't found what you need, you might give this site a try. I was in communication with this lady a couple of years ago but she couldn't ship to California.


If you are an animal lover - then please don't take Prempro - sm
I worked in a gynecologist's office for 8 years. It was beyond dispicable when the Wyeth drug rep would come in. This was at the time when TV shows were always doing the "hidden camera" things - and of course, the pregnant horses, abuse, catheterizing, etc. This also came at a time when drug reps were no longer allowed to use company money to take docs on trips, expensive dinners, theater tickets, etc. Needless to say, our Wyeth rep made a bundle off of Premarin and Prempro and to make up for all the media hype, she was going to all the gyn docs and sending them on trips, spa packages for their wives, nice dinners, etc. And the docs kept prescribing it.
Dell lover here too for reg computer...sm

I have several friends who use Averatec laptops and swear by them.  I, too, am a DELL lover and I never use their tech department anyway, even when the tech dept was still in the USA.  I have 2 computer people who help me when and if I need computer help/fixing.  I think the Averatec runs around $600 but I'm not sure today.

Wow--so similar. Extext lover. sm

I use ExText too and I love it.  I don't use ESP though since I already had a lot in my Shorthand, but if your account is like mine it might just be so many doctors. I can't even count how many doctors, residents, etc., there are, and I have loads of phrases not just words.  I have a lot of the doctors' physical exams in my expander, etc.

Now, I used to have an account for another MTSO where I got the same 4 or 5 doctors every single day.  I worked about 5 hours a day and my paychecks were easily 2500 every 2 weeks as an IC, but I haven't had anything like that in years!!!  That wonderful account got sent overseas.  Go figure!!

Zipper/MQ Lover created another friend.
No "O-Lover" but don't care for conspiracy theories either.
I'll let you off the hook since you're also a Mustang lover.
I just like the '67s and '68s better because they're a little bigger and more rounded in the body style than the earlier years.  I dreamt of owning a Mustang for 20 years before I got one.
I am not a Dell lover. My Dell has been
a lemon.  I just replaced mine with a Toshiba Satellite and I have seen a few others here recommend this.  Dell's customer service is in India.   The only thing I dislike about my Toshiba is that because it also has a number keypad the shift key is in a different position than I'm used to and I end up deleting and retyping when I use the laptop keyboard.  I normally use an external keyboard, but I travel a lot and try to work on the road and just don't have space for an external keyboard.