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my addy for doxie stories

Posted By: Fran on 2006-01-19
In Reply to: dapples - dachlvr

please write to me at frgill2@hotmail.com if you want - like to keep in touch with all the humorous things/pictures, etc that are doxie related.



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So tell us about her. What type of dog? Funny stories? Sweet stories? Just like when a human pas
sharing of memories can help. I have two dogs, one is 9 and the other 10. I actually cry thinking that something might happen to them, so I cannot imagine how you feel but I do know that "talking" about it can be very healing.

My mini male dapple died about two years ago, was heart broken.  My daughter gave a mini male dapple for Christmas 2005. His name is Frank, and in less than a month he has taken over the house and my heart.

doxie lover
I did have a miniature doxy for 10 years and she was the sweeting thing I have ever seen and my heart was in pieces when I lost her. Will have another one some day.
Fran..I have 1/2 a doxie :)
the other half is Pekinese the vet said,,,cutest combo but now that he's old, he looks more like a seal pup
I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
That's just it, I don't care. I just felt sorry for poor doxie in this den of wolves.
email addy - sm
greenfl3@yahoo.com...and thanks.
leave your e-mail addy....nm


Sid from MDI-MD, I lost your email addy...sm

Hi Sid, I lost your email addy.  Would like to speak wtih you some more, update you - please email me....thanks.

Tried to e-mail and said addy was not valid.
Most likely you would need a USB pedal or an adapter to convert any other type of foot pedal.  There are numerous options available as far as internet - cell phone, dial-up, WiFi, satellite, air cards.  It depends on how you will be traveling and where you will be staying.  You need to have a primary plan and a backup. 
job post had the dot com left off the addy, but...
even sending emails to the correct dmmt.com domain is pointless because they're not replying to them
If you list you email addy in your reply,
I'll email you privately.
Plz write to addy in msg for editing position
Just backspace over it. I think they just want an e addy so someone is accountable for the post.
I have,however Ms. Jester comes in under a diff. email addy to
to post.  Everytime she comes on to post, I ban her.  What is unprofessional about posting the truth about a company owner who is not doing the right thing by paying unpaid wages? I'll go ahead and answer.  Nothing.
Doesn't work that way with me. I just did a test from my other email addy to the other one, decl
I bet others have better stories than me even!
Thanks for your stories! sm
They were very encouraging. I applied with my old company. I doubt they'll take me back, but it's worth a try!
Two different stories on this.
One daughter is a pharmacy tech at a big hospital in Mpls does very well, been there 10 or so years.  The other daughter did it at Walgreens for a over minimum wage but that was in Mpls, too, and you make more at everything up there.  Neither one ever spent money on a course.  But the fomer is certified, she learned it on the job.  The former also has a GED.  I applied at the 'greens and never heard a peep back, guess they want 16-year-olds they can pay minimum wage.  This is the south where you don't get a job of any kind unless you're somebody's cousin. 
Addy of 1 inside w/links noted on that page. Good luck! Try
These were great stories. Thanks!
These are some great stories....thank you...nm
My husband is a CPA, and I can tell you stories!
You need to a find a good accountant to set you up and show you the ropes. My husband usually takes new businesses and sets them up with Quicken and provides lots and lots of help as far as payroll taxes, deductions and of course, the business and personal tax returns that you file. This is NOT a do-it-yourself job! He has been brought in to sort through disasters and clean up DIY messes, and it's horrible. Lots and lots of money gets spent on those sorts of things.

All these stories! My goodness
I switch back and forth each and every day I am working. The place I work for is a teaching hospital, therefore we have interns and those are never on VR. What is hard between working both ways? Another story that really just does not make sense.
I love reading stories like this!
It makes me realize that I CAN do it! I'm a new MT, so I'm going to get a couple of years experience first. Then I'm going to go out and get my own accounts. Thank you. Keep posting positive things--it's so helpful!
I don't know, I found quite a few of these stories on searching.....
Here's another:

I suspect we will see stories like these more and more on both sides soon
Oh, the stories I could tell on the Post Office.
The short story is that since the rates were raised the service has declined. My PM, an acquaintence through my kids' school, doesn't even want to hear my voice on the other end of the line because he knows that something else is messed up.
You got some great responses! These stories

Humans do make mistakes. 

Don't feel bad.  It may not be the last your mistake either, brain burps can happen at any time.  No reflection on you or your skills -- it just happens.

Great stories people!!  I read all of them and I been laughing my buttocks off!!

Hey, Brandi! I remember your stories about those days...
lol! Too funny. Yah, you Transquickers certainly did live on the wild side. I'm sure some still do!
Our stories sound so similiar...listen to this

My daughter was in preschool last year, 3 mornings a week. I would hear the same thing about her all the time. At the end of the year, they wanted her to go to the "junior kindergarten" which the school offered.  Looking at the curriculum, it was basically full day preschool, 5 days a week (and since it was a private school, it ran about $310 a month!). Her teacher pulled me aside when I was picking her up one day, just about a year ago, and said that there was no way she was ready for kindergarten. She said she was too "in her own world." She wasn't ready to sit and listen, was immature, etc., etc. I, too, came home and cried. We thought about home school at that point, but I know that I am not disciplined enough for that, just didn't have the time to work and do it as well as seek out social situations for her at the same time. So we just said forget it...we put her in the public school kindergarten. I figured I'd just get calls and notes home from the teacher, until they finally pulled her out when they realized she wasn't ready. So, guess what? No notes, no calls. First teacher conference...she was doing very well. She would ask the teacher a lot of questions that she already knew the answer to, but she was sitting at her table, participating etc. Last teacher conference in March, the teacher said she was just doing amazing. She was an angel and a joy in the class. She does her work, she participates, she gets along with the other kids. On her testing, as far as letters sounds, counting, etc., she's far ahead of where she should be. Again, I went home and cried..because I was so proud and so happy...and yes, I felt that the humiliation of a year ago (that teacher pulled me aside with many other parents around) had been vindicated. Good luck to you. It is going to be okay..really.

News stories do have to obtain permission to
My DS has much experience in this field.

Have you considered writing short stories?
Thank you for sharing your vacation!
Real-Life MT Stories Wanted!
Real-Life MT Stories Wanted!  Diane Fusco, a veteran MT and freelance writer, is compiling stories for a book about what she wished she knew as a beginning MT.  Newbies, old-timers and everyone in between are encouraged to tell her the pros and cons of being an MT.  No real names will be used.  No payment but I will give you a copy of the book if I use your story.  Thanks for reading this! Email Diane at Karelia30[at]aol.com
I would never have... too many horror stories from friends/instructors that did! nm
After reading all the horror stories on this board - sm
about the flaky way so many MTSO's operate, I think only the newest of the newbies would interview for a position without also interviewing ABOUT the position. It's a 2-way street, you know. If an MT is asking you questions up front, rather than waiting to find out AFTER hiring on with you that the job's not a good fit, that would waste time and money for both of you. It sounds like she looks before she leaps, and that she has a good head on her shoulders. She's obviously interviewing for more than one position, and doesn't want to go any further until she's also checked with a few more job possibilities. Judging by what you wrote in your post, my guess is she's experienced, and doesn't want to get the runaround at a poorly-run or fly-by-night operation.
I've heard other horror stories by adoptees.
Their families telling them they're lucky they got adopted and that they should be more grateful and what not. I swear, people should have to get a license before they become parents. I'll be the first to tell you I was not the best parent in the world, but at least I made sure my daughters knew they were wanted and loved - even during those rare times when they weren't! LOL.
I do not have any compromising stories about him, but lemme tell you about a silent partner doctor
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