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Same thing with nationals. You work all the time to keep the account caught up when others dont work

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-02
In Reply to: I've lost a local account today that I have had for five years...... - don't be fooled

and then when they decide to put a whole lot of extra people on your accounts and run you out they could care less about how much you worked.

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I work in Meditech for a radiology account and have no lag time. sm
There are a few things to try that might help. The first is to try to go through an NT connection if possible through their Citrix. Another is: Disable your virus protection, log in and re-enable the virus protection. I have found this solved my problem.

I am also answering your cut and paste question from your other post: It is HIPPA as the possibility of putting the wrong report on the wrong patient exists. However, I would go above or beyond your company's IS dept (they tend to be the most paranoid) and go to a production person such a Lead or Coordinator or even MTSO. If they are MTs, they tend to be more sympathetic and will often allow cut and paste when IS will not. If you are the only person experiencing this, IS is not going to be too diligent in helping. Worst case scenario? Ask for another account. Sometimes it is an account-specific, computer-specific problem, almost like putting the wrong size tape in a tape player.
Good. Why dont you send some our way. What office do you work for so I can call and get your work.
Dont you think some of the better work and ASR work goes to the newbies they are hiring lately. I
am sure it goes somewhere because I will be finished with all jobs and the next morning there is ASR work from 14 hours ago. Odd right. Where was it. Probably in another pool so we dont get it and others do. I am pooled for ASR so I would have gotten it but didnt.
Why dont you stop coming in and agitating everyone under all your different names. Dont you work.
steady work...gearing up to start new account....but there was no work on Tues as it was a holiday
Be patient with your eyes open....
I won't work for nationals. Been there, did that.
I got hired on part time at the local hospital, then gained one account on my own. I continue to work for the hospital PT, and now have five accounts and two subs who work for me.
Did you ever work for nationals? nm
obviously then you don't work for nationals..nm

I salute those that work for Nationals

After reading these boards and I really have to hand it to you guys that work for the Nationals.   I mean it as I thank the Lord everyday for my three small accounts and business because you guys really have to put up with the garbage and I don't think I could do it.  As mentioned below, I am one of those that do clinic notes, consults, minor surgery reports, and have good line counts but I do get lazy and my docs don't care if we are compliant with certain abbreviations, or how some medical organization has said how something should be typed, if it is gramatically correct, spelled correct then it is fine.  It is like driving a car for many years if we all had to take the driving test most of us would not pass because we have picked up some bad habits along the way.   I recognize that I have and sometimes capitalize generic drugs or something is not typed as  the AAMT says how it should be typed or that book that begins with "B".  How you guys can keep up on all the changes is beyond me and why they make them is beyond me also.   But again, my hat is off to all of you and I think you all deserve a pat on the back and I wish I could put some money in your pockets because I think you all deserve it.    If there are errors in here, give me some slack as my day started at 5 this morning as Tuesday is one of my busiest days and am covering for a friend who is on vacation.  So am hitting over 3200 lines today and am tiredddddddddddddd.  



There are many nationals that let you work split. sm
I'm an employee and I for one work 8 hours in a 24-hour period. No set time.
Nationals with 10- to 12-hour window to work 8 hrs?

I did a search in the archives, but the info I found was a little outdated. Thanks for any help you can provide.

I work for Warminster at MQ and I am sick to death of being jerked around with no work all the time.
I would like a job where I can depend on the work and it does not seem to be in this office of MQ.
Has anyone breast fed while trying to work at home, can you do this and still work full time?
It seems like the more literature I read on the subject, the longer it seems to take, especially in the beginning when you are breast feeding every two hours, or does it really just depend on the baby?
Will all the big nationals running us out of work and lower our wages what suggestion does anyone

have. This situation is getting extremely serious for people that need to make a living. What a shame.

Lets try this again. With all the big nationals running us out or work and lowering our wages what
do you suggest.
I don't work for one of the larger nationals, but a good-sized national and

in 5 years the hospital system has been down twice and my company wasn't able to pull work and the company's system was down once for a hurricane and once the power was out for part of a day.   I never went a full day without work.

I think maybe some of the nationals are poorly managed and they use "server down" as an excuse for no work.  For a company that depends on their servers for their livelihood I don't believe they actually have the much down time.  I don't think most companies pay for downtime. 


Meant to say SE's dont get OT. They can work as much as they please.
not that Americans dont want to work, we just

What we deserve, but paid what it actually costs to LIVE in America, to afford the insanely high medical care, insanely high gas, insanely high food, etc.  We can never work for less than what we get because we'd then have to move to a different country where we can afford their cost of living.  Its all backwards.  Thats why CEOs are all slime...they're sitting pretty up there and do not care what goes on because they're comfortable and well taken care of. 

Dont happen to work for
a place in New Hampshire, do you?
If you work for MTSO, you usually dont have
Which office do you work for if you dont mind.
what company do you work for if you dont mind saying?

I have not yet done it, but from what I hear its on the horizon.  To me it sounds wonderful, being able to free up your hands.  What do you find to be the biggest problem?  Are you losing money?  Does it cater to your own voice?  Do you have at least an option of typing the whole thing out or how do you do corrections? 

Maybe you should just hang in there, unless you're really losing money.  From what i've heard, it takes months to master, but once you do, you'll be making double or even triple what you're making now. 

I am also sitting here with no work again from Amherst. I dont believe this.
As far as I know there are only adapters from the DB9 to a USB and they dont work for EditScript
I tried it.. I desperately wanted to use my laptop and all it had was USB ports but my 9-pin foot pedal would not work when I got that adapter from a 9-pin to USB. As far as I knew, there are no DB9 USB foot pedal only the serial port 9 pin style that I know of.. Hopefully someone out there has figured it out for us.
Dont know if any company programs work on mac
but i sure love the mac/pc commercials....have you seen the newest with the *peripherals*?
They are and that is why we dont have work then. They bring in other offices and run your office out
of work because too many people are on the account then. Make sense. Nope.
can you ask for another account to work on? SM
that's what i did. it was too much fretting over whether there was work.

companies won't wake up and stop doing anything. you will have to do it for yourself unfortunately.
You might not work on the account, but YES
I can work all I want. I don't have to account
for my hours. 
My point is, work a NORMAL EIGHT HOUR SHIFT..dont worry
It takes away from the quality and the turnaround time... 
Trying to take a test in Express Scribe and cannot get my foot pedal to work. I dont want to
cause a problem in DQS with the foot pedal either.  Any suggestions.  I have the foot pedal that you use for DQS.  It is an Infinity foot pedal.
I work on an account that still has tapes and ...sm
it is a very profitable account. The line count is twice as good as several of the accounts I have that are digital. To each their own, but there are many doctors out there who do not want to go digital and you will find when they do you might just lose them to VR, as I lost a very good account to that because they figured out how to do it themselves. If the account pays on time, the doctors are easy to understand, and they pay you a good line rate then go for it, tapes or digital.
Well, I work for a national, but my account
is a big hospital, doing acute work. It was a heck of a way to learn starting off, but I know it will benefit me in the long run, just one of those days!

Closing in on my 2 years now, I thought about maybe applying at a hospital inhouse here that hires starting out at $20, but once you add all the expenses (not counting any deductions), you come out to about the same. It's just not worth it. It would probably be less stress considering I would work set hours instead of all the crazy ones I have been doing, but then you have to add in at least 2 hours of drive time to that each day. It evens all out I suppose.
The company I work for has one account
that does not want IV at all. They have programmed their VR software to expand out IV, much to the consternation of cardiologists when they dictate IV conduction time and the MT doesn't catch it.
Is it possible some of the account work is going overseas. MQ does offshore you know.
I agree, it depends on who you work for BUT also the account
and how long it has been on VR. If it has been on VR for a few years, piece of cake. If it is just starting out on VR - tedious work, low pay as it takes longer to edit than to just transcribe it.

I have been doing VR editing for 4 years now with an account that has been on it that long also...can make up to $50 an hour, and some times as low as $30 an hour when we add new dictators.

Hope this helps.
Or why not hire an IC to work on the account under you? You found it
and it is your reputation and bidding that sealed the account, why not ask IC's to BID on it. You might find somebody who loves derm work and wants the money. Even if you only make 1-2 cpl over your IC it adds up.
I work on an account that just came back from India sm
They had an outsourcing company that sent their stuff to India. They were so unhappy, they brought the account back to be done by AMERICAN MTS.

But the poster below me is right, the government IS doing something, they are making it easier and more financially rewarding to go overseas. One day and sooner than later, the American worker will be so poor and so economically depressed that America will no longer be able to import goods/services from overseas because we can't afford them. By that point, we'll be gardening in our window boxes and stockpiling foods that we will no longer be able to have or afford.

The tip of the slippery slope towards another Great Depression.
Sounds like an account I work on locally
can ya try to focus on ONE thing.  I know I would NEVER go to this doctor.  He's not sure if he did a colonoscopy or an endoscopy???  Scary.
Maybe I caught him at a bad time or maybe he is
going through some personal problems in his life that he is carrying over into the workplace.  In any event, I could not foresee a good working relationship with this individual in the future.
Anyone work for Sacred Heart or PeaceHealth as an account
Any advice on these I might need to know before I start?
work for hospital account - use lots of expanders - nm
I work part-time hours with full-time pay...
I made over 26,000 this year...
Wasnt that a rip. They must have called every person on every account to work. I cant possibly
figure that mentality. PLUS we get nothing extra for weekends, nothing extra for  holidays ZIP. They overload the accounts and so we have no work. Why would they pay weekends or holidays when they play this game. Somebody is pocketing something but it AINT THE MTs. I hope every MT in that office inundates Mt. Laurel with complaints until they replaced the people that did this and not to mention their STUPID STUPID PICKY MQ point plan. That is a horrendous joke. Somebody up there needs to be removed and quickly.
I work an account where ESLs are better than the American dictators ever hoped to be. sm
There is bad dictation all over - you need to learn to cope with what is out there. Don't be afraid of the ESLs - you can only do what you can do, and for even American dictators, there is just no hope for the report coming out flawless if it is a bad dictator. I have 25 years experience, and there is just the fact of the matter that if junk goes in, junk is going to come out, and experiences helps with figuring out the words, but some words are so badly mispronounced, there is no hope of figuring them out. Blanks are inevitable, but that is why we have QA - they are the next level after the MTs get the rough draft out there. It pays to have a second set or third set of ears, and it is part of the plan - it is not all on just you to get it right on the problem dictations.

I work an account that the doctor names scare you half the death, sm
all foreign names, but the voices are pure heaven - very clear and good enunciation, even the one that have a tangible accident. I feel lucky to have an ESL account like that.

I know a PA from South Carolina at a hospital I used to work at that would bring you to tears. ESL is not necessarily a bad thing.

I work 1 full-time, 2 part-time....nm
It seems it does not pay to work and to the right thing...

Sometimes I want to just sit back and kick and scream.  Work my ____ off and still can't keep up with the stacks of bills or calls calling about the bills.  When my son was born with an illness I could have taken the easy way out like so many do.  He has a life long illness that qualifies him for benefits but my DH and I make too much money.  LOL.  He's a teacher and I'm scraping by with transcribing.  Sometimes I think why should I bust my butt when I can sit back and collect "benefits" and be there for my child when so many people do this.  Taxes and the increase of cost of living expenses are about to do us in.

The national I work for usually offers jobs to the in-house people when they acquire an account. nm
So sad how I work so much harder now doing the same thing...