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Posted By: LG on 2007-01-18
In Reply to:

How do you tell someone who is looking at schools that they should only go with the top 3?  I learned the hardway and I am enrolled in M-Tec currently.  I am sure you can get jobs from other schools but I personally would like the opportunity for the job placement. 

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what schooling

Been at this since late 1970s.

Schooling for MT
Can you recommend the best online school for becoming an MT?
I don't think schooling has anything to do with it.
I had on-the-job training many years ago and I have no problem getting jobs. It's how much you know, not the schooling. If you have only been transcribing a few specialties or can do acute care but not OPs, cardiology, etc, it might limit you as to jobs.
Home Schooling!!!

I am currently home schooling my son via the interent. I am not sure who loves it more him or me. He is a link to the main school page if you like to look into it.


Home schooling

I home school my son via the interent and it is great!!! He still has friends. School is not the only way to make friends there is church, sports, etc. My son has been diagnosed Ped. Bipolar and is a very, very smart child and the school stystem was only holding him back.

Home schooling is not for every child, but it has been working out GREAT for my child

Home Schooling
I have one daughter in college studying to be a teacher. I have one daghter who home schools her 6 and 9 y/o. The 6 y/o is in the first grade. He reads on a 3rd grade level. The 9 y/o reads and does math on an 8th grade level. They both play soccer and basketball, dance classes, swimming, library days. It takes discipline on YOUR part to make a routine. Her county has a very large home schooling network. They take field trips. This may not seem like much to any of you, but my daughter was a "C" student, more interested in makeup and Vanderbilt jeans, clothes, boys, etc., etc. She was made to wear designer diapers. I was very skeptical when I found out the plan, but no longer. I am amazed at what the home schoolers are doing. My great-grandson is also 6 and does NOT even know his alphabet and is just now learning how to print his name. He does not know his address or phone #. Colleges are actively recruiting home schoolers because they make better students, fit into college life better, and get along better in the college atmosphere. Check out your local home school organization - they can get you started on planning for next year. You'll have plenty of help and good luck.
what difference in schooling for PA's?
vs. MD's?  What can they NOT do?
Home Schooling
I have 7 grandchildren, all my daughter's, and she's home schooled all of them.  The oldest will have her Masters soon.  The next 3 oldest are in college.  The next 2 are at home with mom, and the youngest is in private school.  He has Down syndrome.  I'm so proud of all of them. They're doing great, and it's primarily because of home schooling.
I agree on schooling
If you don't go with the top 3 you are likely to not find a job. That is something a lot of people find out too late, unfortunately.

I'm a Career Step graduate and had my job within 24 hours. I couldn't have done that without quality training.
You were not stunted in your schooling, were you?
Again, if you do not understand, maybe taking a brush up course would give you some assistance in what the poster meant, was trying to do. This is why so many people are upset about this and you, as well, do not have any scruples because you are out to get any and all that you can regardless of the next person. You have no thought for your peers. Shame on you, also.
About 670 first day, no schooling, no training, no

expander.  That was gross line though. 

You can't be a decent MT without the right schooling! I don't care what you say.

Home Schooling Via the internet

That is what I love about home schooling my son via the internet. We have an office here in town and they have 2 days a week where you can bring your child in if they need help or just to be able to work around and meet the other kids in the area. Here is the link to our local chapter and below that is the link to the main company.




Home schooling issue


So much for the benefits of home-schooling and keeping your kids away from those bad, bad kids who attend regular school!

OK, I respect you home schooling, but when my
daughter was in high school, a very good school, most of the teachers had advanced degrees from excellent universities. Her chemistry teacher had a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. How many parents have those kinds of credentials?

Oh, by the way, it was a public school.
Experience means more than schooling... sm
I took typing in high school, became a nurse, dabbled in MT for a doc, and have now been an MT off and on for 30 years, steadily for the last 10. No one ever asked me if I went to an MT school. I took the acute care, basic 4 tests and passed. It is what you know and where your have worked that matters. Maybe you need help with your resume to present yourself in the best possible light.
Check out my post above about schooling and what I think is happening. sm
Like I said, newbies cannot do VR effectively. They just don't have the experience. They need to do about 5,000 clinic and/or acute care MTs with extensive notes, books, the ability to do their own research via google, etc., in order to do VR.
I give them information for schooling and this website
and I never hear anything else from them again. I guess once they figure out how much work is involved, they change their mind. I agree that most people think it is a job where we sit here and do nothing. Most of us can make good money, but it is a lot harder than most people think.
No problem with the anger the OP showed towards home-schooling?
I didn't spew venom, only pointed out the obvious, kids are kids are kids. Anybody who thinks that people home-school their children to keep them away from "bad kids" is greatly mistaken. The minority may be for that reason. The majority have real reasons for their conviction to home-school.

Some people choose to home-school because their kids are the bad kids. Some people are forced into home-schooling bad kids by the public schools who can't handle them. It does happen, I've personally witnessed a friend being put through exactly that.

But, thanks for pointing out my venom (it was not intended as such) and thanks for the prayers.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I also believe their country pays for their schooling too. sm
I am not sure about their residencies, whether they do them in the US or their own country, but I have also heard it is very easy and very short period to become a doctor in another countries. It scares me more about them not knowing what to do if they have very little training compared to ours. I would flat out refuse to have a foreign doctor work on me!! To the lay Americans though, they cannot understand medical language period so I think they don't understand anyway whether it is English or another language.
YES, it's true, funding for schooling to replace outsourced jobs...sm
my husband is a machinist (was a machinist) in Illinois where manufacturing took a hard hit. They sent home a piece of paper with his pink slip about getting funding for schooling if the company was identified as having lost jobs due to overseas outsourcing. His company was too small to qualify but I went on the list and found many companies in the Chicago area that qualified. I even posted the info on the boards here about six months ago.