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Should we be concerned?

Posted By: Being replaced??? on 2009-03-24
In Reply to:

In our log of jobs, "PowerScript Transcription" is listed as having done one job.  Does this signal the end of my job?  Is this how it happens?  ::gulp::

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Try googling the city, county where he used to live.  In my county ALL court records are on the internet now.

I finally divorced my husband of 27 years, he started drinking heavy and became a monster, after the last 5 starting with emotional abuse, refusing intervention (even his family would not talk to him), it took one night and one night only when he got physical and I got my child and myself out and never look back. 

It's not easy to start over but once they strike, they can apologize from now to kingdom come, promise it will never happen again but it does.

Contact your local YWCA.  They usually have court advocates along with domestic violence hotlines.  Please talk to them and they can answer all your questions and give you the support you need.

Get out now before it get's worse.  Your in my prayers.

quite concerned
I just want to know WHAT IS UP lately with all of the LOW, LOW, LOW cpl rate being offered on the job seeker's board??????  I thought that the cost of living always went UP, not DOWN, but the pay being offered for medical transcription is RIDICULOUS.  I'm sorry, I just have to put in my 2 cents' worth.  We work our fingers to the bone, some days all day long, some weeks all week long, if we work at home we are never really away from work, it's too easy to pop into the office and work a little because it's always there, and 5, 6, or 7 cpl????!!!!????  Come ON people!  Offer more than that!  We are WORTH it!!!  We can't feed our families, pay insurance, house payments, car payments, kids' college tuition, etc., on these sorely low amounts.  I mean, there are newbies out there who will gladly those offers, and I'm certainly not knocking newbies, I was once one myself, but most all of the job offers I've looked at lately aren't offering to pay anymore tha 5, 6, or 7 cpl, and there are more than just newbies looking at this job seeker board!  Thanks for listening!! 
quite concerned
I was so irritated when I posted this message I didn't proofread it.  Yes, for those of you who will bash me for that, I do know I made the errors.
Concerned MT
can you post an update and let us know how many signatures you got and what has happened with the petition?  Thanks.
No one will ever be as concerned about your $
I too have been offered the apprenticeship program at Focus and after asking several questions was told that I would move to editing after I passed the program. I'm worried because of the things I've read about them withholding your paycheck if you have any errors in your reports -- do you know how often this occurs? And how often do they pay you? I am concerned because we will be paying for daycare up front and if I for any reason have an error that makes them keep my whole paycheck (and subsequently makes me unable to pay for daycare), I am going to kill somebody

...I have had 98.7+ accuracy in my previous job as an MT, so maybe I have nothing to worry about and should just take the offer?
As far as I'm concerned
I don't know either one of them so I really have no opinion one way or the other. Unless you are privy to everything that happened or you know them personally, I can't understand why people are so up in arms about any of this.
Is anyone else concerned about Howie?
He is almost certainly going to be evicted from the Big Brother House by that evil April, Maggie and Yvette. He was a RIOT (loved his obsession with "boobies")...
To Very Concerned Re: Transform sm
I work there, have for about a year.  I got that same paper and now I cannot find what I did with it.  Do you think it is something we should be really concerned over?  I cannot find it to see what it was about.  Thanks.
I think it is thoughtful of you and you should not be too concerned if (sm)
someone thought it "weird" as gifts are given from the heart and yours seems to be overflowing!!!  It is so nice to see someone actually more worried about giving this year than receiving!!  I work from home as well for a small MTSO and I will follow in your footsteps!!!
as far as books are concerned
They way i look at it don't take them basically you can find everything you would need by googling or if necessary post on here!
and until then, I'm not concerned with what AAMT/JC has to say. NM
I did the tax return myself and was more concerned (sm)
about who and how many people dealt with my return at the IRS department.
Movin' it up here...TO CONCERNED from yesterday (sm)

Thinking about you & hoping you are safe & feeling a little less sore.  Please e-mail me if you can or call (if you get voicemail, I will call you back if it is safe). 

Remember what I said yesterday...YOU ARE NOT ALONE


As far as the social situation is concerned, get

him in cub scouts, community sports, etc.  This is really not an educational issue IMO and not the responsibility of the school system. 

The school system in most cases will try to do as little as possible for your child, but if you have a diagnosis, you can write an IEP and they have a legal obligation to follow it, whether they like it or not.   They also have to provide testing, like it or not, but we always had ours done on our own as I didn't feel like I would get an honest evaluation from the school system. 

Absolutely NOT. If they are that concerned about their information, they
can send you a brand new computer at no charge or at a small rental fee per month. Otherwise for them to access your computer without your permission is considered hacking. It sounds as if the MTSO or tech person is paranoid or nosy and trying to bully you into something they have no legal right to do. My response would be to write NO on the form, do not sign it, and tell them what I just said here.
I'd be more concerned with the company whose tapes
and CD's you've gotten if you attempt to sell the use of them for learning purposes. I think there'd be some copyright issue there since you'd be making money with their product that is intended for personal use (maybe, I'm not really sure how that'd work). I think they'd have a bigger issue with you than the local colleges.
everyone has worth and value. if God wasn't concerned with your value
He would have let us die in sin.

He didn't.

I don't hate you or anyone who has faces this. I just know that whether we personally like what God has stated, we must abide by it and He can give deliverance, if we want salvation.

God bless.
Hugs to you. We really do care and are concerned. nm
I understand why you're concerned. Its not
so much that you need to mind your own business in that you don't want to end up losing the account because some other dimwit MT is not following the rules. I don't know what I'd do either, but don't blame yourself and think its none of your business. It 100% is your business. Again, I have worked as an IC and lost accounts because of other MTs who just won't follow directions....so I wouldn't want to see that happen to you either. Sorry for your situation.
As might Hillary Clinton, who is also concerned. (nm)
Yup. It's required reading, as far as I'm concerned.
I see WAY too many MTs just sort of doing their own thing (usually incorrectly). Several places I've worked at require using the BOS as your guideline. I know I would if I owned my own service or were the manager of an MT department. It gives us all one common language, one standard.
Nope. None of my doctors are concerned with someone else's

idea of what is correct or required.

Talk and ask questions. You may be concerned
Shouldn't the doctors be concerned?
Maybe put me on something other than indomethacin? I have spent so much time trying to research this, and either I am not looking up the right things, or there simply is not much information out there. I am very confused and kind of scared about ruining my kidneys while the doctors blow it off.
Frankly, I am not too concerned with offshore
MTs that give up their control to a company until their lives are adversely affected. 
I do believe the JC is only concerned with files being complete as in
up to date - not gramatically correct.

MQ is a trendsetter. We should all be concerned about this. They probably hope many will quit.
We've all had these and as far as I am concerned, we all should be paid extra!!! NM
Concerned - check link inside
This is a list of available public records for North Carolina. Oddly, the criminal search is a pay feature but you can probably get enough information from some of the other available searches. Good luck.

Chantix - Anyone use it to quit smoking? I am most concerned sm
about the nausea.  I have been hearing it is pretty bad for at least 1/3 of the people who have used it.  I have a generally touchy stomach as it is.  Please post your comments here or by email
I gather from your post, you're concerned

about the computer.  Ethically, you should not use it to do another job.  Legally, if your company specifically stated not to use it for personal use (i.e. surfing the net, working another job, paying bills, etc), you should not use it.  Some companies have Spyware on the computers they supply you with and can track your usage of it.  Although I doubt most companies would go after you for using it to do your banking, working another job on it may be an issue.  It would be best to check with your human resources dept to see what the policy is on personal use of the computer before downloading another company's platform.  You may also need to take into consideration whether your present company will need to dial into your computer for any reason and see the new platform on it. 

Although I wasn't working a second job on a company-provided computer, I did store my personal photos and had a couple of games on it for my kids.  When I had a problem and tech support dialed in to my computer, they saw it and told me I needed to remove those items.  They told me they wouldn't report me or anything, but that they are supposed to report such things and to please remove them.  I did immediately and haven't added a thing to that computer since.  When I started a second job (to eventually phase out the first), I bought a used computer for a while until I could afford a new one.  I'm too much of a worrywart or scaredycat and didn't need something else to stress over. 


How many waitresses do you see in their 60s and early 70s doing a job that would rival any nursing job as far as physical strai?.  You might want to look on the NURSING BOARD, where they have students 58-59 y/o just starting nursing school; I'm among them, even though I have prior nursing education and need to finish up a few months/years.

If you think a full-fledged RN program might be too much to carry at this point, have you considered an LPN course for 12 months FT or 18 months PT study?  LPNs make a fair salary, even as newbies ... beats this MT "indentured servitude".

cont (above)..concerned b/c no dir. deposit today and payday is Jul 10.
Why would they care? Management is paid salary and that's all they're concerned with.
We're an expendable commodity to those people. If we quit, we're easily replaced.
Ppl are so concerned about HIPAA. Most records, including SS#, go to 3rd world countries!
You bet I agree! Red splotches and swollen lips? It's sad we're more concerned... (sm)

About your husband than you are! If you want someone to agree with you no matter what you say, ask your momma! If you want opinions and ask for 'em, don't whine when you get 'em!

 MT in Novi

Just catching up ... Pls read if you're concerned about off-shore outsourcing...

I'm gratified that the people on this board are brainstorming with each other.  I've been "lurking" and reading what's been happening. I have a few comments and thoughts. 

Some of the participants here say to send to NBC News, FOX news, etc.  Others say to send to Oprah and yet others say their congressman or senator. 

I say we should each individually write a letter and copy same to each and every outlet we can think of!  All of the above, senators, newscasters, Oprah, whatever and whomever.  Until all of these sources are utterly swamped with letters regarding our plight (as well as the plight of radiologists, accountants, billers and coders, etc. all of whom are losing work to off shore outsourcing) we will be ignored.  Thousands upon thousands of letters need to be sent out either by snail mail or e-mail.  We cannot rely on anyone else to do it for us.  Each one of us has to take the responsibility to make it known that we don't like it and we will vote in the next election for only those politicians that take a stand against off-shore outsourcing.  Can we all take ten minutes to write a letter and another ten minutes each and every day to send out said letter?  We can send duplicates to the same place.  Lord knows that they don't pay attention until thousands of letters come in with the same message.  Ten minutes a day - each of us - just think how many letters to our congress and to the press could be sent out if we all took the time to do so! 

I, for one, will post here a list of places that I have sent a letter to in the hopes that it will inspire you to do the same. 

Well actually it is a good business practice as far as saving money for share holders is concerned.
Why would a company pay for individuals who need health insurance, benefits, minimum wage, etc when they can ship work out of the country for half as much as is necessary to pay US worker. Not that it's a good thing for us, just that this is the way it is.