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Slow work and people not going to the doctor

Posted By: Anonym on 2009-01-15
In Reply to:

I have been transcribing for about 20 years, but took a break from it for about 1-1/2 years.  Now I am working for a service.  Here is my first question to you guys:

1.  How long has it been slow like this?  There does not seem to be that many jobs, and the response is slow when applying.  I use to get calls almost the same day with just posting a resume (a few years ago.)

2.  Also, this economy is so horrible.  I was thinking, people are losing their jobs - losing their health insurance.  Do you think that is really cutting into our industry, because people just cannot afford to go the doctor unless it is an emergency? 

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If you are that slow, why don't you stop in some local doctor's offices, pt, chiropractic, etc
do their backlog?  That has always kept me extremely busy.
I love the way everyone things VR people are the slow ones
I type about 140 wpm and averaged on straight typing over 2000 lines per day. The hospital was outsourced and VR took over. I love VR and why do you assume that only slow typists like? I love it, our system is not crap and now I average above 500 or more lines per hour. Donít know where people get off talking about the slow ones. You are assuming.
I know a lot of people it helped (I worked in a doctor's office) SM
BUT you have to really want to quit before you start it. It doesn't make you want to quit - it just helps you w/ the depression and the withdrawal symptoms that come along w/ quitting. Good luck.
I have yet to actually even find a doctor that cares about people! All they are interested in is mon

Well, was thinking people were not going to doctor's appt or scheduling exams.
What type of doctor specializes in helping people gain weight?

I'm kind of baffled on what my mother should do, and I'm hoping that someone out there has typed a report on something like this. 

My mom weighs 78 pounds and cannot gain weight through diet.  She has seen several doctors, and they are not sure what she should do.  Is there a type of doctor that specializes in this? 

Her history is that she had a severe H. pylori infection.  When I was a kid it was so severe that her stomach ulcers hemorrhaged and she went into a coma for a while.  By the time H. pylori became an actual diagnosable condition, the infection had eaten away most of her stomach.  She went on antibiotics finally, but by that time she had to have the majority of her stomach, some of her intestines, and her gallbladder removed. 

She now eats quite a bit, but everything runs right through her.  She can't gain weight no matter how much she consumes.  She has tried all the protein drinks and even tried eating large quantities of trail mix with no results.  She can't gain weight no matter what she tries. 

She has seen several doctors and a dietician.  None have have offered any real solutions and all have questioned whether she is anorexic and just hiding it. 

Does anyone know of a clinic or hospital that specializes in this?  Are there any types of treatment for this? 

slow work
I work for a smaller company too, looks like I MIGHT have 4 hours of work today, better than nothing, so praise the Lord!
Yes work seems to be slow all over.
slow work
Unfortunately it is the nature of the business. From the point-of-view of the MTSO, they need to hire to provide adequate coverage for peak input times and then when there is a lull, there is not enough work to go around. After living through more cycles of this than I care to admit to, I finally learned to save every penny I earned from incentives, bonuses, OT, whatever, to get me through the lean times. In the past when I earned a fat check for OT I would RUN to the mall and treat myself. No more, and it has worked for me.  Hang in there!
Work is slow...
We're going through a slow time where I work right now too. I think it's just that time of year. I'm having to do a lot of different accounts to keep work, but at least I have work the majority of my day (there have been a few days where I was out out work for 30 mins to an hour at beginning of shift). One day it will seem like it's picking up and the next day it's down again. Normal for this time of year though.
why? Is it the pay, slow work or EMR? more.
How much longer are you planning on hanging in there? Is there work for newbies even at low pay?

I'm asking because many of us newbies want to do it even if it's only around for a couple more years.

Thanks for your insight!
My work is SO slow...sm
I do clinic work, and the work has been so slow this week and last week.  For instance, last night I only had 5 reports.  Short ones too.  Tonight I had 15 that totaled 21 minutes of dictation.  I asked if they needed help on another account while that one had hardly any work and they said no they didn't.  What this clinic tends to do is hold their work because my guess is they hate dictating and then all of a sudden they dump an ungodly amount of work on us.  I am irked majorly. 
Never had a slow day, still tons of work.
I work for 2 compaines and both are slow...sm
I haven't had a full paycheck in a month. But with all this time on my hands I sure do have a good tan from being lazy and sitting in the sun!
No work slow down or stoppage is not a plus if
The platform is slow and they run out of work.
That is what I am thinking...Work is so slow..sm
I can't recommend a company right now.
My people skills are just fine. I just want to hire people who want to work.
I've not been ugly, I've asked questions, legitimate ones.  Please tell me what is wrong with that.  This site is not just for MTs, it is for QA Editors, Supervisors, Service Owners, there's even sections for Billers, Coders, and Nurses.   
Anyone else having an unusually slow work week? (nm)
2 people to do that amount of work, is she nuts? More like 20+ people - nm
we run out of work every single day at spheris, it is scary. is slow on ya'lls end too?
we run out of work every single day with Radiology, i type for Spheris, it is so scary, makes you wonder if the account is going to close.  anyone having a slow slow production month?

When work gets slow and you're switched to unfamiliar dictators does anyone besides me find it ha
For those of you who work for more than one doctor
or account, what tricks have you learned to keep the info straight when switching from one to the other?  I find myself getting things mixed up between the 2 that I have and need to see if I can find something easier for keeping myself straight.  Thanks.
I work for a doctor doing his letters and
when I have questions concerning dr names, medications I can't quite understand, or anything, I fax in a copy of the letter in question and wait until they get back with me before I print out the final copy. Normally the office personnel can fill in the blanks for me without bothering the doctor at all.
She said she does that doctor's work at home as an IC -
Slow day for me. Typed two reports in two hours. Anyone else having unusually slow day?
I work in-house for doctor's office now and Love My Job!
Good Luck.  I accepted an in-house position at a doctor's office after being laid off from a very large hospital. It is wonderful to be able to go and ask the doctor questions and get feedback directly from them.  It really is the way to go now instead of working for the really big transcription companies.  I feel like I am appreciated.
That is okay. Yes I do work for a service. The doctor uploads directly to me and he is pretty reg
Thanks for your input.
I work an account that the doctor names scare you half the death, sm
all foreign names, but the voices are pure heaven - very clear and good enunciation, even the one that have a tangible accident. I feel lucky to have an ESL account like that.

I know a PA from South Carolina at a hospital I used to work at that would bring you to tears. ESL is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you want to work at a local hospital or doctor's office, go to community college. Otherwise
if you want to work from home, for a national company, you need to take the course from either Andrews School or M-TEC. It does you no good to save money by taking the Penn Foster course, because most companies will NOT hire grads from that school, it is a poor course and does NOT prepare you sufficiently for MT work.
FT people usually get work before it goes to PT
people and that is probably the situation here.  You could ask but you'll probably get a response similar to above, that FT get the work first.  
Do you MDI-MD people have enough work? sm
I saw an ad on one of the other boards, thought I had seen mention here not too long ago of not enough work for those who were there.  Just wanted to find out what the situation is now before I go any further in pursuing anything with them.  TIA!
People really do think we don't have to work don't they? LOL
I have a friend who is off this week and she called assuming I could just go do stuff with her...no wonder she always asks me for so many favors...apparently people think we get paid for doing nothing!  I bet they wonder why my house is such a mess if that's the case! LOL
I know people who went to work for Cymed.....
The ones who say they are happy are the ones that don't really need a good pay check (older ladies who basically work for the insurance and a little extra cash). The others say that they can definitely tell a big difference with them not paying for spaces. They all say the people are nice though and offer good bonuses for extra work on the weekend at times. I've also heard that there are a lot of ESL doctors. I tested and was offered 9.5 cents with them, but everyone else I've heard says they were offered 8 to 8.5 cpl????
Too bad for all the people that go there and have no work. I am not the least bit impressed with
Dixie. Maybe she had better refer people to offices of MQ where there is work before she tells everyone how great MQ is across the broad. Maybe we all have gone and gotten other jobs because we have no work at MQ. Maybe you if you arent Dixie can enlighten that lady about the other side of MQ she seems unwilling to talk about. How about that.
People don't tell because they like having enough work, I imagine - also, sm
Josie Blowsie over there may not make the same line rate I make. That's subbing, of course. I don't tell what I charge my local contracts because I don't want to be underbid.
DH has one through his work, but he's in charge of over 100 people. Can't see
Obviously these people don't have to wake up and go to work EVER
If you don't want to work for 8 or 9 cpl, don't. But people know what they will be making when
I'm with you! So I work the hours people don't want
to work. Much too stressful to fight for work. Life is too short for me to take the money I already earn to spend on a physician prescribing nerve pills.
people sometimes goof off at work, nothing wrong with that
 It doesnt take up THAT much time.
Most people don't have that many backups for no reason if they have enough work so I wonder about
your response.
You can work those machines harder than a lot of people do
Those people obviously do not work full time or want to
make a good living. I would work at McDonald's before I would let someone take my house. If someone is not making enough money in this field, it is them, not the industry. Tired of everyone tip-toeing around this issue. The money is there but you need to buckle down and do the work. Stop whining and start working.
Thank you, sounds like you work for good people....
I think no matter where you go it has its little ups and downs. Have a good day and thank you for responding.
How much do most people charge for doing IC work for doc offices, just

What program is good to use for line counting?

I was thinking 13/cents a line?  Is that undercharging?  I have to remember that I have to pay my overhead so even though 13 sounds high, I have to pay equipment,  equipment, equipment.


Add me to the people who favor at-home work. sm
There really are a few companies an MT can count on for reasonably good benefits.

As someone who has no children, no husband, boyfriend, or parents, if you have what I don't, CHERISH IT! The people you love are far more important than PTO! Enjoy the beautiful office your husband made for you. It obviously was done with love. You're a very fortunate woman.

Don't forget to count your blessings every day!
Mistakes found in other people's work

I work on a platform where we can pull up previously-transcribed reports for samples.  I have worked for this company for about 7 months now and have never had a QA done on my work.  I like to know if I am doing something wrong or if there is a better/easier way of doing things.  While going through some reports to get samples I have noticed things that are not that big a deal, but more along the line of somebody padding their lines, i.e., in the laboratory section writing out the number seventeen, in extremity examination writing out plus-two pedal pulses, cranial nerves two through twelve, things like this.  Also, things like sclerae IS instead of are.  Our accounts are not verbatim.

I guess my question is what would most of you do, leave it alone or say something about it?  I have left it alone for this long, but it just doesn't sit well with me.  I'm sure I do things that are wrong too and that is why I wouldn't mind getting reviewed every now and then to ensure consistency and quality.  Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions. 

Yes some crappy India people get this work
But I think it is also a great opportunity to keep this IN the USA.
People (& animals, too) will work harder to get
You need to talk to the people who pay the bills where you work. nm