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So what is it??

Posted By: Sunshine05 on 2005-07-28
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I am considering getting into MT.  I have decided to train with the Andrews School if I end up going into this profession.  However, now that I have read this message board, I am having serious doubts.  I've read the various reasons why MT sometimes drives you guys crazy, and I can certainly respect that, because every single job in the world has SOME things that are undesirable.  But after reading this message board, "undesirable" doesn't seem to do justice to the way MANY of you are describing this profession.   I have a lot of positive images of how life will be after I graduate from Andrews (assuming I get accepted), but now I am starting to think that this career is akin to torture.  Is it tortuous to sit--presumably with a good posture--all day, every day, for hours upon hours, in the same spot, typing and typing and typing and typing?  Is it tolerable?  I hope so, because I've done a good bit of research on this profession and I am convinced that the Andrews School would be a quality education and that MT is a great field.  Can some of  you give me some direction here?  It's probably not even clear what I'm asking, but if anyone can make any sense of this, I would appreciate the help.  Thanks!

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