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Soft Script is a real piece of work

Posted By: m74 on 2005-07-19
In Reply to:

I don't know if any of you out there work for SS but I think it is a bunch of bull that they can make the decision that they will not pay if someone makes a mistake.  EXCUSE ME I thought we were all human but obviously they in management think their **** don't stink.  I am definitely looking because I do not believe my paycheck is right however their is no way of checking as they have it posted nowhere.  THEY SUCK!

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Soft Script is a real piece of work
I don't know if any of you out there work for SS but I think it is a bunch of bull that they can make the decision that they will not pay if someone makes a mistake.  EXCUSE ME I thought we were all human but obviously they in management think their **** don't stink.  I am definitely looking because I do not believe my paycheck is right however their is no way of checking as they have it posted nowhere.  THEY SUCK!
Because real estate is so soft right now, there are
a lot of home for sale and it's difficult to sell.  I would not recommend selling by owner or going through a by owner agent.  If the market was hot like it was before it wouldn't be a problem, but right now you need a bulldog real estate agent to represent you.  As well, you'll probably want to consider offering some incentive to any third party agents.  That's what I had to do.  There are so many brand new housing developments out there and the incentives that are being offered are crazy.  I had to be competitive because my house was not brand new, but had a ticket price that was about the same as a brand new house.  I did sell, but I took about $15,000.00 less than what I had hoped for.  The good news for me is that I don't have dual house payments anymore.  Good luck!
You are a piece of work.
Just not a worker.
LOL I did all of the above as well, but she is still a piece of work! sm
Actually, she was not rude to me much until one day I was talking to her on the phone about a concern with one of my accounts, and she had me on speaker phone and proceeded to YELL at me out of nowhere. It was very odd. They begged me not to quit, but I couldn't stand all of the weirdness. The platform seemed archaic to me, but they have changed that, right? The IT is an odd bird, isn't he? We got a kick out of him. No one wanted to have to ask him anything! :-)
I do not work for MQ, but another piece of -- company. SM
The platform has its own line counter. When I went to see how many lines I did the other day, I had a huge number of lines. I almost fell off the chair. I made sure the total was for that day alone and there were lines of 1500, after four hours of work.

I did this twice and came up with same total. Third time, however, I got the correct total, which was exactly half that amount. I found this strange. That's all. Strange.
I agree....some piece of work....sm

The children today (NOT Generation X as they were products of the 1980s)......have enough to be frightened over in this world that has changed dramatically....we, as parents, don't have to make them more scared and more scared.  Parenting is an art - there are lots of free classes in early childhood development or PET (parent effectiveness training) which I took when my child was 4.  It was also taught by a psychologist with a degree.  There are sooooo many good positive ways to raise children where one doesn't have to *resort* to *submission* and still get super positive results. 

There are also obedience schools for learning how to raise animals.....the poster should check into these things.....

Pedophiles always use *scared into submission* when they are about to steal a child and do nasty things.....TO THE POSTER WHO BELIEVES IN *SCARED INTO SUBMISSION* - you keep on doing this to your children, and maybe some perpetrator will also play on that reaction your children now have from being *scared into submission*....HEAVEN FORBID!  But when you make a child scared into submission, they then tend to be scared into submission by any ADULT.

Check yourself on this one......

You are a piece of work. To talk about God &
He sounds like a piece of work - sm
I'd tell the wife, sure go ahead find someone else who will put up with all this garbage. I would give them a new updated fee schedule, effective immediately, up your page rate, a flat fee per page, none of this half/third stuff, and start charging for your time for the loading and converting of files. If it takes an hour, charge $20. That is something his people there should be doing, not you. As for the corrections, again his people should be doing that, not you. As you said, everyone makes mistakes. Regarding the doctors names, keep a notebook or something with the correct spellings that you can refer to. I use a small address/phone book and put them in under A, B, C, etc. So when my doctors say referring doc, I just whip open my book and saves me a lot of time from looking it up on the internet. If I cannot find a doctor name/address I simply let the office know that they have to fill that in since I could not find it. ---But this guy sounds like a real skinflint, so I would up the rates as above, if they don't like it then I guess they can just go and find out the hard way that they had quite a deal with you.
What a piece of work you are! Unbelievable! nm
I will challenge the law. I am paid by piece work and that is excluded.
Soft tissue work with chiropractic care
Moving/manipulating the skeletal system without addressing muscle/tendons/ligaments is useless because the bones will misalign again if adhesions, etc. in muscles (from previous injuries, bad biomechanics, gravity's effects on our up-right postures,etc.) are not dealt with. I'm in my late 40's so I speak from experience. Muscles are often the culprits that pull bones out of proper alignment. Stretching muscles with adhesions is moot. Consider most of the time we are bending forward in our daily lives; psoas muscles get stronger but back muscles (S.I. ligaments) do not.
Soft-tissue work is essential. Chiropractic care alone doesn't complete the job, hence, need for repeated visits over months/years.
Hope this helps.
How soft is the touch, is it a muffled sound (microsoft used to make a very soft touch keyboard.
You can't buy it anymore and I hate the clacky ones. I think a really soft one sounds muffled when you hit the key. Thanks
You probably tried to do real work while learning IT? sm
You can't really do that in the very beginning because it makes the learning curve a lot longer. A lot of people don't give IT a chance because it's new to them and they don't like change--and because it's such a powerful program with lots more features than the other expanders. My advice would be to go over the Productivity Talk and read what the power users there have done to learn IT. They have tips on how to get the most out of your Expander that you would never dream of doing.
I am very real, thank you. I work quickly and efficiently. I know the terminology and when I come
across something I don't know I do my best to reference until I find it. If I absolutely cannot find it, I will send it to QA. The same goes with something I can't understand. I will listen several times and if I still can't understand it I send it on to QA for their help.
since I am not real great at crafts, I work on the rug kits you can buy...
they give you everything, the yarn pieces, etc., and you pull the yarn pieces through to make a picture, then you can hang it on a wall or use it on a table, or give as gifts.

those little yarn kits are nice too, where you can 'loom' potholders and things.

if you are an experienced crafter you might think this funny, but if she is a beginner, believe me, it is nice to have a kit, with all instructions, and you can see the finished product. you simply follow the directions.

the candle idea sounds great, I have wanted to try that, too. and I want to try making my own shampoo and soaps...
Cook it real slow at real low heat; simmer, don't boil.
Just looking for a piece of the pie.
try the ear piece...
I have never had that problem...but there are a number of different ear pieces that would probably work just as well. I am referring to the ear buds or the ear pieces that you put on/in your ear.  When I use to work at a local hospital we would have the ear pieces that you put in your ears like ear plugs...I of course hated those though but they are there....just food for thought. 
that piece a little further down
about belarc..reads like some kind of magazine article. It's not what she's saying, it's how she's saying it. It's kind of preachy. There are plenty of people on this board who know more than I do about all kinds of things, but they don't have the attitude.

& I don't think it's great advice to discount something on someone else's behalf without knowing everything about her situation. Who knows? It might work for OP.
Some of the type that fit into your ears are really soft and squishy and pretty comfortable. I use some of those with good success. They had a bigger end that would rest outside the ear, but I got rid of that by cutting them in half (horizontally). Only about 1/3 of an inch is left.

Even amongst that type of plugs, some are squishier than others. You might have to try a couple to find ones you like.

They can get kind of grubby looking, but I just wash them with soap and water and give them a day or so to dry. Usually at least a few pair come in a package.

P.S. You could resort to the ole broomstick on the ceiling message. : )
Piece of my Heart
When I'm stressed I get to let it all out with that song.  lol
I did look at your piece of research
and I am not seeing it. I don't think that all MTs will be out of work. There will be demand for editors, etc. I will stay in the field until I am told they don't need me anymore.
piece of cake?
Decided to try transcription after I tired of nursing (management). Thought it would be a snap. Suffice it to say that a good MT has a broader knowledge base than a registered nurse.
Piece of Cake....

I made the transition from doing multispecialty clinic and acute care transcription to Radiology about five years ago, and it was one of the easiest transitions I've ever made.  Just have a couple of good radiology reference books and I don't think you'll have any problem at all.  The cpl sounds very good, too.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I attempted to email you a couple of good reference materials, but the email came back as undeliverable. 

Good luck

Forgot to Add - QA also gets a piece of the pie now. nm
Soft Script
You know I have only been with Soft Script for about a month and I am really beginning to wonder why they will not explain line counts and how they come up with them one day their website shows 138 lines for me and my line counter program shows 245 what is up with this?  Anyone else out there feel the same?  Or you ask a question and the The BIG HEAD WOMAN rips your face off. 
Soft Script
When I first started 4 months ago with SS I thought it was great but now I am seeing the light shed on some of what people are talking about on this message board.  I wish I had been a little more patient and research this company before accepting their offer, I may have missed out on a good job opportunity as I turned down another offer and went with SoftScript but I guess I will never know.  If nothing else my experience with them has been a lessen well learned.  PLEASE, look at the numbers, compare the number of people on this board that oppose to those that agree with SoftScript and it will tell you the real truth, the numbers do not lie and as far as the line counts go let me add this....I work for two companies.  A small company  I have been employed with for the past 7 years and SoftScript  I have been employed with for the past 4 months.  On the same day with the small company for approximately 4 hours work I transcribed 61 reports with 1200 lines very easily with minimal effort, with SoftScript (now remember this is on the same day) for approximately 8 hours,  working as hard as I could I transcribed over 100 reports with under 900 lines.  This tells me something is definitely wrong with the line counting.  Needless to say I am turning in my notice to SoftScript and seeking new employment.
Soft belly (sm)
What I'm saying is the doc feels around for position sometimes and that's probably why he said soft. Contractions make it hard, oh, and also huge babies, like mine. Ouch!!
Soft abdomen
On abd. exam, they're checking the actual abdomen, not the uterus and whether it's contracting or not.

As in a non-gravid exam, the abdomen can be soft, rigid, with guarding, rebound, etc. They're looking for the abdominal signs, not the uterine signs.

So - your abdomen can be soft, and you could be in the middle of a whopper contraction!
Soft Script
Could you folks talk about Soft Script, good or not so good, as best you can.  Thanks in advance.
soft talkers
Not meaning to be sexist, but the soft talkers are usually women, sometimes almost whispering like they are trying to be extra confidential or something.  I can max out my volume but still strain to hear them.
Well that's a nice piece of news then!!! THANK YOU
Did you give him a piece of your mind yet?
Seriously - and check into the whole legality of it all too!
I had one too!! a 1979 piece of junk.

And if that wasn't bad enough it was chocolate brown.

My blinker knob fell off and I had to shove a pair of tweezers in there to work the blinkers.  I couldn't wear heels or they'd get wedged in the holes in the floor board and one tire had a big bubble in it.

I can't believe I even dared drive that thing.

Was a piece of junk..but my favorite.

It was a 1980 Chevette (or as we called it..the Shove It) lol.  When I got it, it was already falling apart, but I didn't care, I was 17 and had wheels.  It had NO power steering, NO power brakes, NO air, NO power at all.  The seat was falling through the bottom, so when you drove, your body was tilted to the left.  The horn didn't BEEP, it MOOed (not kidding).  The speakers were blown so my brother wired a speaker through the front and sat it in the console...lol.  Like I said it was piece of junk but was a lot of fun to drive around and I could fill it up with about $8.00.  A few years later when I was working I bought a Geo Storm and I loved that car.  It was actually a very nice car..but nothing tops the "Shove It."


Transcriber is a piece of equipment.

I think you, like me, thought this would be a piece of cake
I had worked in hospital settings, doctor offices, etc. and when I started training (on the job for a year) I kept my nose in dictionaries, English and medical. Just because you have any background in something medically related does not mean you can be a transcriptionist. I trained for a year and before I was able to have production, had to have less than 3 errors (either English or medical) on each page and yet type 75 minutes of dictation a day- sorry but so long ago do not know now how much that was but quite a bit. I think you have probably gotten in over your head with no training per se and having said that yes I most certainly think you should do at least 1200 per day- you need speed as well as training to make a go of this. People who say no background should consider themselves very lucky to have made it.
I, like you, thought it would be a piece of cake
And I trained hard for a year even though other hospital work, clinics, etc. I have been at it for years now, also.
Radiology is a piece of cake
and you can get great line rates. One person's experience is not anothers...
IMHO outsoursing is only one piece of this pie. (nm)
IMHO outsourcing is only one piece of this pie. (nm)
Stay away from Soft Script...sm
I won't go into details, but if you do a search on this forum, you will find plenty of reasons and they are all true.
Hand-Eze and/or Soft Flex...probably

Soft Script and Accustat

I am busting my hump trying to learn SS (I am a newbie with some experience but under a year) and I also am an IC for Accustat, now I have to really work for hours on end to try to get a line count for SS and on my Accustat its a nice account where I can have a line count with normal speed and hardly any ESL's

So basically here is my problem should I keep working for SS ( i have had no problems with pay, of course I don't make much of a line count) or should I just do my Accustat account and quit SS

Did I forget to mention I also have a day job....lol (My hope is to just MT and make some money someday) 

SS takes out taxes and IC does not so I going to just go with SS but reading all of these posts makes me think just do my IC job for awhile and stop working three jobs busting my but




Get a soft neck collar and try
Roll up a towel and put it under your neck when you sleep for support. If you don't get a collar you can also use a rolled towel and pin it while you're working.
Neck pain is horrible. Good luck
The Best, Soft, Air-touch Keyboard Around
Soft Flex forsure
I wear my SoftFlex gloves daily. I agree that after 15 minutes without them you can definitely tell a difference. I also have the Smart Glove- (had to dig them out of a drawer to make sure what the name was). To me they are just plain awkward. The bean-bag feeling is weird and feels like more of a strain on my wrists to type with, like my wrists are too elevated or something. Wore them once. My vote would be SoftFlex!
Soft-Flex gloves
Where does one find these wonderful gloves? I have tried everything and not much helps, certainly not splints. TIA
It's not muffled soft, but clicky-ish; however...
it still has a somewhat light touch, and my wrists aren't in pain anymore, which was a big thing with me.
Forgot one other important piece of information - sm
Tater's mother and grandmother both have a very long history of mental illness and the grandmother has been institutionalized several times.  The mother has lied and continues to lie about fabricated life-threatening illnesses and other fantastic situations that no one person could EVER deal with in their lives.
In the newborn phase, piece of cake (sm)
It's when they get mobile is when the going gets tough. I had to have my sister babysit while I had some serious deadlines to hit. I couldn't do it with a mobile toddler running around. Sometimes I tried to split my shift and working some through the night, but that didn't last long because I needed sleep and very well couldn't sleep with a baby in the house, during the daytime, that is.