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Sorry, but your OP made no mention of the fact that you did not discuss your situation with this guy

Posted By: Good for you for doing the right thing, others are on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: Geesh, yourself! Who says I did? - it's spreading....


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Can you call and discuss the situation? They may be understanding and helpful. nm
Discuss this with OM and explain PA made
Mention offshore - It's a fact.
Why would an industry fact offend someone? I would be more offended if someone sugar-coated the truth and said there was no offshore and wages were going up, and I found out differently after shelling out money and time training for this job.
Fact: You didn't mention the lawsuits again.

New MT Class Action lawsuit (Myers v. MQ, 10/05/05) ... of course still pending:

MT Class Action lawsuit (Hoffman v. MQ, filed 11/29/04) ... still pending:

Shareholder lawsuit (Steiner v. MQ, filed 11/08/04) ... still pending:

The So. Broward Hospital District lawsuit (filed 09/09/04) ... still pending:  http://www.corporate-ir.net/ireye/ir_site.zhtml?ticker=MEDQ&script=412&layout=-6&item_id=623344



Shareholder derivative lawsuit (Kanter v. Barella, MQ named 'nominal defendant,' filed 11/12/04) ... dismissed:
http://www.corporate-ir.net/ireye/ir_site.zhtml?ticker=MEDQ&script=411&layout=-6&item_id=763934 ........  (interestingly, no original press release on this one ... maybe because filed against Philips and MQ only named 'nominal defendant,' so why bother?)

But that's CMT. Nobody has made mention of a pay increase for RMT. nm
So when was MT Week? No mention of it made in my office! But then again... (sm)
we're just considered to be machinery that they'd like to get rid of and replace with VR. :(
No joke. I made 12 cpl as an employee at a large teaching hospital. I should mention the ended up
work to an outside service and that is why I'm not with them today, but good paying, employee status jobs are out there, though they are few and far between.  You just have to be patient and be good at what you do. 
No, actually they don't. You guys run on emotion, not fact. And when fact is presented,
Why don't you discuss this...
With her doctor and tell him that you know you are not a doctor but you read that menstrual blood among other things can effect the test results. Tell him she was on her period at the time so is it possible to test this again after she has stopped her period? Get his opinion on this.
If it ever comes up, discuss it then
with your supervisor, but until then, I would not worry about bringing it up. If it ever happens, just ask her should you do it or return it to the pool and let her make the call.

I did type a doctor's visit for a close friend's dad one time. My friend nor his father ever knew that I did it, and it's been so long I couldn't tell you what was in it if I wanted to. I do believe if it was family or very close friends, though, I'd let the boss know and do whatever she/he decided.
I'd tell me to discuss it with his boss

You gotta be r-e-a-l careful when you're talk state laws. The boss might consider him "problematic." I mean, how much money are we talking about in terms of travel from the boss to the client? If he's getting, say, $10/hour and it's a 15-minute drive ... For $2.50, I would just let it slide.

I'm an IC and work exclusively for one company, which makes me a statutory employee by IRS law. However, I'm making a high line rate, so I'm more than willing to leave things as they are and pay 100% of my social security tax.

This is one of those "silence is golden" situations.

Please discuss what you have firsthand
I have 14 years experience working for a prison system that included a work release center. Penal systems have to abide by certain guidelines set by the federal government when placing work release inmates in jobs. Inmates are forbidden from handling any type of mail. They are also forbidden from any job that involves access to credit card information or peoples social security numbers and other info.

If you have first hand knowledge of an entity or facility that has inmates working in a capacity where they have access to this information, please list the name and I will report it to the proper entity.

Please do not make statement about it being 'common knowledge that inmates process catalog orders' if you don't know what you are talking about. Which catalog has inmates processing orders? Please tell us. Some of you people are so messy and quick to spread false gossip. As adults, you should try to be more responsible about what you say.
I would discuss it with the head of QA....nm
Advise you discuss this with your doctor. Soon.
The mature thing to do would be to discuss your

feelings with your trainer.  If not satisfied, go to the transcription supervisor, and then to the overall manager. 

First, sit back and take a deep breath.  Put it all aside for a few hours and watch TV, take a bubble bath, do whatever, but get it off your mind.  Then make up your mind that you can do it, but you first must take time to organize everything in your mind.  If you really believe it is still the company's fault, then it is time for a new job. 


Find a doctor who will discuss it. I SM
don't know about the patch. I do know there are various dosages of the pills, but all of this needs to be discussed with your doctor. Sounds like you need a new one.
A board to discuss how MT skills can
be transitioned into another line of work couldn't hurt. No matter how secure any job or profession appears to be, the situation can change at any time. That is the reality of the workplace with mergers, technology, etc.

One of the the worst career management errors is to become complacent. I can look back on seventeen years in this profession. It has changed, and not to our advantage. I can't predict the future, but it would be naive not to at least consider other options.
fortunately for the rest of us who dO want to discuss this,

The main board is used to discuss many different topics. sm
There are many posts on this board that if you were to be really technical about it, should be put on the company board, word board, productivity board, religion board, etc., but they're allowed to stay here and be discussed. If you don't like this topic, then feel free to skip it. But it really isn't a political discussion per se, so it shouldn't have to be taken somewhere else.
Please use Offshore board to discuss those topics. (NM)
I agree, she should discuss it with her attorney but personally,
I would wait until the final papers are signed before I bought another house.
I neve discuss politics or religion
Her points are valid, true, and very appropriate to discuss here.
The only thing I would add to that is that in addition to discussing this age-old medical "dirty secret" here, it should also be discussed with anyone and everyone, until the issue can be brought to the forefront in the medical industry. A lot of terrible medical mistakes are being averted because of skilled MTs catching them.
We are an important line of defense in the medicolegal risks every doctor & medical institution faces every day. Yet because very few people know this profession even exists, we're continually being kept in the medical industry's darkest closet, and many of them get their hides saved from financial ruin every day -- literally at our expense.
Not OP and don't care to discuss details BUT OSI hired for a specific

specialty that most MTs love and then overstaffed the account.  When MTs ran out of work on that speciality account, OSI offered to switch them to another speciality on a more difficult account. To go to work with OSI required much time testing, negotiating, training and specific equipment purchased so you have already made a time and financial investment only to discover that the specialty you were promised doesn't have enough work so to survive you either take the back-up account which is not as financially rewarding as the one you were promised or you lose the money and time you have put into going to work with OSI.  I also quit my other job so I could work full time for OSI based on promises made that were never intended to be kept. 

.(This is me after discovering what OSI was all about and not at all as promised)

so true - letter says call will be to discuss rewards BUT


Quit wasting my time with this MQ.

Either say what's on your feeble mind or quit calling.

Really tacky on her part - I never discuss salary with anyone but hubby!
She obviously has issues with feeling inferior somehow! What kind of person says, "I make XYZ amount of money" when no one even asks?
i made $15/hr before and didn't stay long because i made so much more on production. sm
that was with full benes too. i wouldn't do it for less than $20, but i think even with $20, i'd want benes. are you in-house?
Free webinar to discuss Bentley College MT survey
This afternoon, May 16, at 1 p.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Mountain/3 p.m. Central/4 p.m. Eastern, Vance Digital/Webstream Information On Demand is hosting a free webinar to discuss the preliminary findings of the Bentley Report. This will be a round-table type meeting and anyone who wishes to comment or ask questions will be welcome to do so. The webinar will be recorded and will be available for purchase. If there is sufficient demand, we'll offer more of these webinars in the near future.

To join the webinar, visit http://www.conference321.com/masteradmin/room.asp?id=rs34fe20e1c1ac and download the tcConference plugin. Log in with a username of your choice and use guest as the password. You'll need PC speakers to hear others speak, and a PC microphone if you wish to speak. A microphone is not required to participate, as the webinar room has text chat capabilities also.

This session will be limited to 100 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact me by email at jaysvance at yahoo dot com if you have any questions.

The report can be downloaded from http://www.webstream.us/downloads/Bentley_MT_Survey_Preliminary_Report.pdf
I don't know how it made such a small diff in your invoice... made a $100 diff in mine! (sm)

If it were only adding up to three bucks, I wouldn't sweat it. $100? Yeah, that's baseball registration for my son for this year. I am not giving tabs, returns, etc. away free when it adds up to that much difference!  Why should I charge less for a Return than I would for a"K"?



not just the fact of being PT, but sm
she claims to work two jobs! Who has that much time. I don't believe it's physically possible to work that much, but that's just IMHO, of course!
I don't do it all day either - in fact,
I worked around parts of Louisiana in hospitals as a Transcriptionist in the past! Now I come to NOLA to vacation. I'll be there for a few days in September and then again in October and then again maybe in November.
The DocQmanage program has a page where the managers can select or deselect anything they want to be counted, i.e. spaces, letters, numbers, headers, footers, (a whole page full of things). BUT: The main thing is this - they can put whatever number they want in there as a DIVISOR to divide the number of characters by; and the characters are almost always not counted correctly because they have selected to "not count" spaces, headers, footers, numbers, etc, etc. THEY ARE CROOKS.
Its a fact - CM
Hi CM - can you e-mail me? thanks.
They did not tell us this, as far as the F9. I just checked it and you are absolutely right. They told us where we could find our line count. What a bunch of BS. Do you happen to know if every company has their own "computations" to reduce line counts? How sad this is :<
Oh, I'm with you there. In fact, I

if anyone ever feels like just giving up on EVERYBODY in their live and walking away and starting a new life with a clean slate?  All my kids have already left home or are close to leaving home age.  One is doing horribly in school and won't put any effort into it.  One was a bitch on wheels this morning and is in trouble for underage drinking.  One is doing better than the other 2 but just informed me it's going to take 2 more years to get through college (she's a junior now) and we can't afford another year.  And DH wet the bed last night and I am just beside myself.  The only time he has ever done that is when he was drinking.  He swears he hasn't been drinking (he's an alcoholic).  Yah right.  I feel like I am the only one who halfway has it together.

And financially - let's not even go there.

I feel like taking the cat and driving off into the sunset and never coming back.

They are asking how you know this for a fact?
It was a big stink on another board some time ago about how people claim to know things FOR A FACT.
Yes, and let's not get into the fact that most sm
daycares all over the country are "state regulated" not state-run, but receive millions of dollars a year from moms and dads who get their childcare paid for by the state (our tax dollars) so that they could work out of the home.

When people gripe about us moms who stay at home with our children they should be glad that we are working AND taking care of our children and not depending on the state or grandma to do it!!!
was the fact that she was gone even
Was an explanation given as to where she was and if she'd be back? I don't watch that show, all those women grate on my nerves, but I am curious as to know if they even broached the subject of the missing Star! (She's so tacky...tried to get her whole wedding for free, puhleeze...)!!!
no that's not a fact
I've been using AT&T CallVantage for about a year without a single problem. In fact, when I signed up I told the rep what I did and he said it was not a problem.
That was not me. In fact, I actually
and that is why I posted to the person who did that, letting that poster know that the original poster did not post twice. However, your message and placement of same sure did indicate that you were *speaking* to me.
do you know this for a fact?
In fact, I may (sm)
email you when I get around to this, if you don't mind!
No, in fact

although I could originally connect to the VPN client, after a short while I could not.  So I was disconnecting and reconnecting the router when I needed to do any work and now - for the red herring - I can't even use the wireless now.  It doesn't recognize my modem. 

As a matter of fact just today - I had been too busy to fool with it - I tried to get in touch with a really good tech support networking guy I used to know who knows transcriptionists.  I am waiting for him to call me back.  Hopefully I can bring him in to solve this mess.  I will update you.  I will say that other poster was right about the Belkin being about a thousand times easier to hook up than the Linksys, you wouldn't think there would be that much of a difference but it was so much simpler. 

The fact is ...
no one even knows who we are, so it must be our own insecurities that allow us to be upset by those critical people.

I guess on top of that though, it is simply frustrating and hurtful that others want to lash out about such nonsense. The truth is, those people are probably upset about something in their own lives. It would be better for all of us (especially them) if they would look within a little bit more.

We'd all be better off if we spread a little more sunshine.
this is not FACT
actually this is opinion based about them being bad employers... they did a WHOLE story on it... wal mart is not as bad as some think from the gossipy rumors!
Did anyone ever think about the fact sm
that if a huge outcry is put up about medical records being transmitted electronically, that just might put an end to the capability of working from home?  Many of us work out of the comfort and convernience of our homes and, of course, since we also transmit those records electronically, how would that affect us?
not to mention
Wages are going down and difficult dictators on the rise, bad quality on the rise.  Does anyone know of any other profession where the starting pay is as exactly as it was 10 years ago, maybe less?  I started out at 7 cpl and they are STILL offering that as starting pay today!!  Doing this 10+ years and every report that comes up is worse than the last.  Fight hand fatigue and pain as well.  Its very depressing, this business.
Not to mention
Destruction of the barrier islands that could have reduced the damage, the poorly maintained levies and all the national gaurd troops die for lies in Iraq instead of providing services to the States.
I should also mention...
that I didn't think women called OTHER WOMEN that! WOW
Please, please, mention this..
when you set up your appointment next week. I feel your fear and I cried a bit for you as I was praying. Take care. Let us know what happens.
not to mention--sm
being wery wewiabow, too. jeez.