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I agree, she should discuss it with her attorney but personally,

Posted By: typing4dollars on 2006-03-31
In Reply to: Hummmm... - JulieP

I would wait until the final papers are signed before I bought another house.

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Why don't you discuss this...
With her doctor and tell him that you know you are not a doctor but you read that menstrual blood among other things can effect the test results. Tell him she was on her period at the time so is it possible to test this again after she has stopped her period? Get his opinion on this.
If it ever comes up, discuss it then
with your supervisor, but until then, I would not worry about bringing it up. If it ever happens, just ask her should you do it or return it to the pool and let her make the call.

I did type a doctor's visit for a close friend's dad one time. My friend nor his father ever knew that I did it, and it's been so long I couldn't tell you what was in it if I wanted to. I do believe if it was family or very close friends, though, I'd let the boss know and do whatever she/he decided.
I'd tell me to discuss it with his boss

You gotta be r-e-a-l careful when you're talk state laws. The boss might consider him "problematic." I mean, how much money are we talking about in terms of travel from the boss to the client? If he's getting, say, $10/hour and it's a 15-minute drive ... For $2.50, I would just let it slide.

I'm an IC and work exclusively for one company, which makes me a statutory employee by IRS law. However, I'm making a high line rate, so I'm more than willing to leave things as they are and pay 100% of my social security tax.

This is one of those "silence is golden" situations.

Please discuss what you have firsthand
I have 14 years experience working for a prison system that included a work release center. Penal systems have to abide by certain guidelines set by the federal government when placing work release inmates in jobs. Inmates are forbidden from handling any type of mail. They are also forbidden from any job that involves access to credit card information or peoples social security numbers and other info.

If you have first hand knowledge of an entity or facility that has inmates working in a capacity where they have access to this information, please list the name and I will report it to the proper entity.

Please do not make statement about it being 'common knowledge that inmates process catalog orders' if you don't know what you are talking about. Which catalog has inmates processing orders? Please tell us. Some of you people are so messy and quick to spread false gossip. As adults, you should try to be more responsible about what you say.
I would discuss it with the head of QA....nm
Advise you discuss this with your doctor. Soon.
The mature thing to do would be to discuss your

feelings with your trainer.  If not satisfied, go to the transcription supervisor, and then to the overall manager. 

First, sit back and take a deep breath.  Put it all aside for a few hours and watch TV, take a bubble bath, do whatever, but get it off your mind.  Then make up your mind that you can do it, but you first must take time to organize everything in your mind.  If you really believe it is still the company's fault, then it is time for a new job. 


Find a doctor who will discuss it. I SM
don't know about the patch. I do know there are various dosages of the pills, but all of this needs to be discussed with your doctor. Sounds like you need a new one.
A board to discuss how MT skills can
be transitioned into another line of work couldn't hurt. No matter how secure any job or profession appears to be, the situation can change at any time. That is the reality of the workplace with mergers, technology, etc.

One of the the worst career management errors is to become complacent. I can look back on seventeen years in this profession. It has changed, and not to our advantage. I can't predict the future, but it would be naive not to at least consider other options.
fortunately for the rest of us who dO want to discuss this,

Discuss this with OM and explain PA made
The main board is used to discuss many different topics. sm
There are many posts on this board that if you were to be really technical about it, should be put on the company board, word board, productivity board, religion board, etc., but they're allowed to stay here and be discussed. If you don't like this topic, then feel free to skip it. But it really isn't a political discussion per se, so it shouldn't have to be taken somewhere else.
Please use Offshore board to discuss those topics. (NM)
I neve discuss politics or religion
Her points are valid, true, and very appropriate to discuss here.
The only thing I would add to that is that in addition to discussing this age-old medical "dirty secret" here, it should also be discussed with anyone and everyone, until the issue can be brought to the forefront in the medical industry. A lot of terrible medical mistakes are being averted because of skilled MTs catching them.
We are an important line of defense in the medicolegal risks every doctor & medical institution faces every day. Yet because very few people know this profession even exists, we're continually being kept in the medical industry's darkest closet, and many of them get their hides saved from financial ruin every day -- literally at our expense.
Not OP and don't care to discuss details BUT OSI hired for a specific

specialty that most MTs love and then overstaffed the account.  When MTs ran out of work on that speciality account, OSI offered to switch them to another speciality on a more difficult account. To go to work with OSI required much time testing, negotiating, training and specific equipment purchased so you have already made a time and financial investment only to discover that the specialty you were promised doesn't have enough work so to survive you either take the back-up account which is not as financially rewarding as the one you were promised or you lose the money and time you have put into going to work with OSI.  I also quit my other job so I could work full time for OSI based on promises made that were never intended to be kept. 

.(This is me after discovering what OSI was all about and not at all as promised)

so true - letter says call will be to discuss rewards BUT


Quit wasting my time with this MQ.

Either say what's on your feeble mind or quit calling.

Sorry, but your OP made no mention of the fact that you did not discuss your situation with this guy
Can you call and discuss the situation? They may be understanding and helpful. nm
Really tacky on her part - I never discuss salary with anyone but hubby!
She obviously has issues with feeling inferior somehow! What kind of person says, "I make XYZ amount of money" when no one even asks?
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Get an attorney now
Find an attorney that will take your case - then let them write the letter. Just talk to a couple who handle medical malpractice -these are severe medication errors.
attorney general
good idea.  I have contacted an attorney already (I am a corp by myself so I have access to an attorney) and he states that legally there is nothing right now that I can do. I can possibly sue them later down the road, but they have not done anything illegal. He suggested to try and "sugar" them into paying me.  I will contact the attorney general's office. The company and I are in the same state, so that helps tremendously.
Get an attorney and have them draw one up for you. sm
It costs about $200 and well worth it!
You can usually call an attorney and
But, you do have a receipt and the title. Let the person go ahead and make a fool of himself. You owe him nothing, don't let him bully you.

PS - Am very sorry for your loss.
power of attorney
by QA mgr says im supposed to capitalize but i dont agree (so i dont, hehe)
He was my divorce attorney
Call an attorney, but ....sm
In the state of NC a few years back, one person could not force the other to sell in this situation. I went through something similar with my siblings. I ended up buying their portions.

But, no, at that time and again in my state, you cannot be forced.
You get an attorney to type it up...sm

My dad's attorney typed it up for me and I had it notarized and then MAKE TONS OF COPIES because you have to prove you are able to make decisions for your Mom.  I had this power of attorney for 10 years, my dad dying last January. 

I suppose you could get some form.....even probably at Office Depot...I got a living will there, actually a package of them.  It's just more complete to have an attorney do this 2-page paper for you...and not terribly expensive either.

Best of luck to you and your Mom. 

Consult an attorney....
He'll tell you everything you need to know to operate a business, and it will be an hour's worth of money well spent......
You need a good attorney NOW!! My
friend's sister died at the age of 51 because a doctor prescribed birth control pills for the mood swings of menopause without first checking her triglycerides or doing any blood work. Her triglycerides were very elevated, and the addition of the medication caused her pancreas to shut down and she died. There is a big lawsuit on this one, too.
I would get an attorney to fire off a ...

letter.  I have had to do that several times in the past (not MT related), and it is amazing how quickly things are resolved.  It has only cost me $35 to explain the situation to the attorney and have a short letter sent.  I think it would be well worth it in your case...$35 vs. $1300.

Also, be sure to send the letter certified, return receipt requested.  Even though that is only to obtain proof of delivery, there seems to be something "official" about it...and that can't hurt. 

If you hire an attorney (sm)
you an also request reimbursement for your expenses, court costs and attorney fees. I would mention this in my letter to the MTSO also. If this MTSO does this to you I guarantee you are not the only person they are doing it to.

Good luck
I think you should consult an attorney

who specializes in modifications and have them do a forensic audit of your loan.  Are you in one of those toxic arms?   WFB might be forced to modify your loan if attorney discovers any discrepancies.   If you don't want to consult an attorney I would suggest calling the lender and asking to speak to someone in the loss mitigation department.  The regular Joes in customer service aren't qualified to help you.  Be prepared to reference paystub/bill information and spend awhile on the phone.  I wish you well.

Capitalize Power or Attorney or not?

Hmm. Every doc, nurse, attorney, accountant
I know is making WAY good money and none are working at McD's!!! LOL

Husband is a corporate attorney
He makes more than I do - obviously.

We must follow our attorney's advice. (NM)
Still, I say find a good attorney way outside your
Prosecuting attorney's office.

I would call a tax attorney/accountant in
My husband is an attorney and suggested the same thing to me once.

It definitely sounds more promising than MT but it does also sound like you'd be back to Square One with training/schooling.

It may be well worth it.

Best of luck whatever you decide!
Cool! My DS has a BS in criminal justice and my DH is an attorney!
contact the attorney general for their state
and never let them get away with that.

this business gets worse every day. it is really a shame, but soon it will be even worse! it gets worse seriously, every single day. Years ago this was decent and every single year I face more BS and hear more BS. We need a frigging revolution. FAce it...! India cannot make it w/o our editing skills. They stink at this typing. We need to unite but probably wouldn't get the cooperation.

How do you get a free attorney if you are solvent and working? SM
Even if you have stuff like a nice car, a nice home, charge cards that you pay for every month, you still may not have money for a lawyer. Never mind about irresponsibility living too close to the edge. A lot of us do that.
Go into coding more ## or the legal end of the medical for an attorney
Used TurboTax & Hubby said go to our tax attorney just to be sure u got everything back you could he
Try calling attorney general for your state....
File a complaint with the attorney general
Any way you can consult with an attorney? Ticket Clnic type? That is
Does anyone about durable power of attorney in the State of Florida?
I have my elderly mother in the hospital now and the question has come up about being a legal medical power of attorney. Do I need to go to an attorney for this or is there a place where I can download a free form and then have it signed by her and notarized. When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we basically had a family conference with the physicians involved and social services and the decision was made conjointly for hospice and comfort measures only. He had not left any advanced directives, living will, or medical power of attorney, so I wonder about all of this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.