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Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF

Posted By: clhmt on 2007-12-18
In Reply to: Vista question - ER MT


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Turn User Account Control to OFF. nm
Turn off User Account Control in Vista
And Express Scribe will work, at least the latest version will.

Also--last time I was at the ExpressScribe forum they stated that the Welcome message won't play, so try another file before assuming it doesn't work.
Try turning off the User Account Control. nm
Try turning off User Account Control in Vista. (nm)
Yes, but had to disable User Account Control in Vista. nm
User Acct Control Setting

Hi there,

I have had a few problems with Vista like this.  I currently use Express Scribe with a USB foot pedal and its working fine for me.  I have had to tweak a few things though to make Vista work with most of my transcription software.  One thing I have noticed for most programs to work with Vista that I use for transcription, the user account control setting has to be turned off.  I keep it off all of the time now.  Here is a link on how to do that. 


Also, if that doesn't seem to work there is another Vista option I have used with a lot of success.  It is a software compatibility feature that enables software that worked fine with XP to be able to work fine on Vista.  Here is a link to that as well. 


I hope all of this helps!!! 

If you go to Start, Control Panel and
Sounds you can change things under the Sounds tab and play around with it. Don't know which listing you would have to uncheck as I don't know if that is a popup window or what, but it is a place to start.
Or go to start, control panel, display,
appearance, and you can choose whatever you want. I change my colors all the time.
Is your pedal listed when you go Start/Control Panel and look under game ports?
Control Panel-
Security Center
Check in Control Panel>
Default Programs and see about file associations, or what your mail program thinks is the default connection. There also might be a place in WinZip to designate a connection, but I don't know for sure because I don't use that program.

Hope you find it, let us know!
Think you can get there doing Control Panel/Display and
Check control panel?
Look under control panel/printers and faxes and make sure the printer didn't get changed, or maybe just click on it again.

Also, make sure all the cables on back of printer and computer are tight.
EXText: ESP control panel?

I am new to this whole "platform" business (used to type strictly from tapes or from dictaphone system tank in hospital) and noticed under Tools the ESP control panel (or something like that).  Is this an expander?  How does it work?

Thank you

Look in your control panel for "foot pedal" if you - sm
have XP and see how it is set up.
Try Folder Options in Control Panel.

Go to the View tab and then click Show hidden files and folders.  I hope this works.

You also might have to go to Control Panel/Game Controller, and add it in there. nm
Control Panel - Display - Appearance

If you have Windows XP, you will have to click on "Advanced" at the bottom right of the screen.

Then click in the space where it says "Window Text." Choose the color you want, click "Okay," then click "Apply."

That should do it!

settings, control panel, keyboard sm
hardware.  make sure your keyboard is plugged in and you should be able to select it. 
Did you switch ports? Go into Control Panel & see if it's
Try Control Panel/Game Controllers and add it
Same thing happened to me.....go to settings, control panel, (SM)
then go into something called Intel Extreme Graphics, and then rotation.   Set it back to normal.  This should work. 
Look under Control Panel/game controllers and see if it's listed there, too. nm
Is your footpedal recognized on your Control Panel? Let Tech Support help you. nm
Go into Control Panel and see if it's even listed under Game Controllers. Has to be recognized by
Control Panel, Printers & Other Hardware, View installed
printers or fax printer, making sure the printer you are using has a "check mark" next to it.  Right click on the printer that has a check next to it (if there are more than 1 listed), click on Properties.  Under General, click on Print Test Page.  If there is an error, it usually will list the problem and and offer you the option to use Repair.  Additionally, you may want to check your connections to be sure they are secure.
Is their platform user friendly, or does it depend on the account?
press Control and at the same time turn tthe wheel on your mouse..nm
Foot pedal control/knee control? (sm)

My sewing machine has a knee control built into the side of the cabinet and I find this very comfortable.  I would like to somehow do the same with foot pedal I use for transcription.  Can figure out how to mount it, but having trouble adjusting it so the 3 pedals are not an issue.  ANyone done this or have any input? 


Foot pedal control/knee control
Though I have not had experience with this type of modification, I have repaired numerous footpedals and have some information that may be helpful. Generally, the footpedal is comprised of the primary circuit board, the wiring to the computer, and the three switches for play, rewind, and fast forward. These switches are easily removed from the pedal with a screwdriver. With basic soldering, you can lengthen the wiring to each switch, or even replace them with different switches you can get at a local electronics store. With a little bit of creative engineering, you could mount some knee -controllable switches that could control the footpedal.
I have total control of my account, and as for set up - sm
they ask you when you want it set up for and they delivered the day I wanted it--I can set up my folders, say who has access to what, delete folders, etc. I do not plan on storing any files there on a long-term basis, I erase after I have transcribed the work. I keep a copy on my computer though just in case for a while. I do not send the work back that way as my client prefers email but if I get any other clients in the future I will send the finished work back that way if they want it that way.
She can start with the control freak from hell board
I feel so sorry for anyone who has to live with this woman on a daily basis.
I use Control N to end a job - Control T is for when viewing an old report
Don't know what you are talking about
yep, control, control, control... that's the main
sorry - just used a new user name
didn't know it was taken by somebody else who everybody seems to think so little of. I am NOT whatever MTMommy you all are referring to. Sorry. Just looking for a little knowledge here about what I might be reasonably be able to charge when I am asked... would not want to shortchange myself.
USER too! NM
new Cox user need help sm
I will be having cox installed next week, I understand I can get a wireless router for one computer but they said I would have to purchase a wireless "card" for my others. I have an Acer and a Gateway, plus a Dell laptop aside from the one I am having Cox installed on. How can I get a wireless card for each of these computers and are they hard to install? They are "older" but still work fine for the kids, etc. Thanks for any help.
Ex-MJ user (sm)
Is there anyone who has had phone cards work for them?  The ones I have seen are at least 4 cents a minute.  But, has anyone found that phone cards is the answer to ULD?  I am new to this and scrambling to find something to replace MJ. 
as a user of VR with my job

I gotta admit that I love these bloopers. 


VR is only as good as the user,

and it won't pick up background noise if you have a noise-cancelling microphone (like I do).

Here's a report I dictated yesterday. I think it had one error (it typed breed instead of bleed), but that was because it was the end of the day and I was getting tired. Judge VR for yourself (and see my note after the report)-

The patient is a 57-year-old male with a history of hypertension, who was found on the floor by his son.  The son heard the patient fall and then heard banging on the floor.  At the time of initial evaluation, the patient was verbalizing although the patient could not understand what he was trying to say.  The patient had a left hemiparesis.  The paramedics were called but by the time they arrived the patient was unresponsive, however, he was reported to have a gag reflex and he was breathing spontaneously.  The patient was transported to our facility for further evaluation and management.

On arrival in the emergency department the patient was found to be entirely unresponsive, therefore, he underwent tracheal intubation for airway protection and to provide ventilatory support.  He was found to be hypertensive at the time of his evaluation in the emergency department.  The patient subsequently underwent a CT scan of his head.  This revealed a hemorrhage into the basal ganglia and ventricles.  There was mild ventriculomegaly and the basal cisterns were tight.  Additional evaluation in the emergency department demonstrated that the patient had left ventricular hypertrophy on electrocardiogram but without evidence of acute myocardial ischemia.  He was noted to have severe renal failure with a BUN of 95 and a creatinine of 9.8.  The patient's blood sugar was 229. The patient had placement of an EVD and was transferred to the intensive care unit for further management.

Since admission to the intensive care unit the patient has remained hypertensive.  His systolic blood pressure has been as high as 190.  His current blood pressure is 140/80.  The patient is receiving a propofol infusion.  He has not required any additional hypertensive therapy at the present time.  The propofol was used because the patient did become agitated, although he was not awake enough to adequately protect his airway.

Since admission the patient's intracranial pressure has varied between 8 and 16.  He has required CSF drainage of about 10 mL per hour.  His cerebral perfusion pressures have remained satisfactory.  He has been in sinus rhythm with a heart rate of 80.  He has not had any ectopy despite the acute intraventricular bleed.

The patient remains intubated and mechanically ventilated.  With slow ventilatory support, his gas exchange has been satisfactory.  We are providing assist-control ventilation to optimize his gas exchange, but we will attempt to keep his pCO2 between 30 and 35.  Lung fields are clear and there is no evidence that he had aspiration at the time of his bleed.

The patient was also noted to be hyperglycemic.  He is receiving an insulin infusion to optimize his glucose control, and the insulin infusion will be adjusted as needed.

Because of the patient's severe uremia he will require dialysis.  Currently, his potassium is not elevated and his intravascular level appears satisfactory.

The nephrologists have spoken to the patient's personal physician.  By history, the patient has had progressive renal failure although he has not require dialysis.  He is also known to have hypercholesterolemia and cardiomyopathy.  He has had deteriorating mental status over the past few weeks, which may reflect his progressive uremia.  He will require dialysis in addition to continued ventilatory support and management of his intracranial pressure.

P.S.  For the record, I dictated this report, if you will excuse the cliche, like a bat out of hell. All I know is I completed 36:23 of dictation in about 1 hour 15 min, and it had 626 lines.

Still think VR is such a bad product? 

Go to New User Registration
If you will notice, the two items that want you subscription number, etc., are NOT required fields. You do not actually need a print subscription to get the web site subscription.

Does that help you?
Just an FYI when buying it from another user
Be sure to notify Textware Solutions that you purchased it & who you purchased it from so we can update our records showing that you are now the licensed owner. This will ensure that you can receive technical support, discounted upgrades in the future, etc.
phen user
I've taken phentermine off and on for the last 15 years after quiting smoking and gaining 25 pounds. The only problem is,  once you stop taking it the weight comes back on. I have had no health problems from this medication, SO FAR.
Is there a way to search by user name? (sm)
Is there a way to search MTStars by user name?  For instance, if I want to search my past posts?  I tried using the search at the top but it didn't work. 
I have WP 10 and I like it. User friendly. sm

I've used MS Word too, but there really isn't that much difference and its easy to learn.


Shorthand user who needs help.
User software

user software

shorthand user here -
love it!
Very user friendly
Although I was a newbie at the time, after finishing a MT course, they first had me on Dictaphone and then trained us on Escription/Edit Script. It was much, much easier than Dictaphone and any MT with experience would find it very easy to use. There really is not that much training needed---just to learn the commands, which is included in the tutorial. It really is a great platform.
Not a c-phone user, however here's something



EMAIL THE BLUE "that might be beneficial (sm)" link to ENTER.  Keep in mind you are only entering the contest.  A winner will be drawn and a post will be made.

Full details about the Scavenger Hunt can be found by reading the Sticky Ad posted at the top of the Main board.


How user friendly is it really?