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new Cox user need help sm

Posted By: speedqueen on 2006-09-06
In Reply to: I've used Cox (now Suddenlink)... sm - Becky

I will be having cox installed next week, I understand I can get a wireless router for one computer but they said I would have to purchase a wireless "card" for my others. I have an Acer and a Gateway, plus a Dell laptop aside from the one I am having Cox installed on. How can I get a wireless card for each of these computers and are they hard to install? They are "older" but still work fine for the kids, etc. Thanks for any help.

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Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
sorry - just used a new user name
didn't know it was taken by somebody else who everybody seems to think so little of. I am NOT whatever MTMommy you all are referring to. Sorry. Just looking for a little knowledge here about what I might be reasonably be able to charge when I am asked... would not want to shortchange myself.
USER too! NM
Ex-MJ user (sm)
Is there anyone who has had phone cards work for them?  The ones I have seen are at least 4 cents a minute.  But, has anyone found that phone cards is the answer to ULD?  I am new to this and scrambling to find something to replace MJ. 
as a user of VR with my job

I gotta admit that I love these bloopers. 


VR is only as good as the user,

and it won't pick up background noise if you have a noise-cancelling microphone (like I do).

Here's a report I dictated yesterday. I think it had one error (it typed breed instead of bleed), but that was because it was the end of the day and I was getting tired. Judge VR for yourself (and see my note after the report)-

The patient is a 57-year-old male with a history of hypertension, who was found on the floor by his son.  The son heard the patient fall and then heard banging on the floor.  At the time of initial evaluation, the patient was verbalizing although the patient could not understand what he was trying to say.  The patient had a left hemiparesis.  The paramedics were called but by the time they arrived the patient was unresponsive, however, he was reported to have a gag reflex and he was breathing spontaneously.  The patient was transported to our facility for further evaluation and management.

On arrival in the emergency department the patient was found to be entirely unresponsive, therefore, he underwent tracheal intubation for airway protection and to provide ventilatory support.  He was found to be hypertensive at the time of his evaluation in the emergency department.  The patient subsequently underwent a CT scan of his head.  This revealed a hemorrhage into the basal ganglia and ventricles.  There was mild ventriculomegaly and the basal cisterns were tight.  Additional evaluation in the emergency department demonstrated that the patient had left ventricular hypertrophy on electrocardiogram but without evidence of acute myocardial ischemia.  He was noted to have severe renal failure with a BUN of 95 and a creatinine of 9.8.  The patient's blood sugar was 229. The patient had placement of an EVD and was transferred to the intensive care unit for further management.

Since admission to the intensive care unit the patient has remained hypertensive.  His systolic blood pressure has been as high as 190.  His current blood pressure is 140/80.  The patient is receiving a propofol infusion.  He has not required any additional hypertensive therapy at the present time.  The propofol was used because the patient did become agitated, although he was not awake enough to adequately protect his airway.

Since admission the patient's intracranial pressure has varied between 8 and 16.  He has required CSF drainage of about 10 mL per hour.  His cerebral perfusion pressures have remained satisfactory.  He has been in sinus rhythm with a heart rate of 80.  He has not had any ectopy despite the acute intraventricular bleed.

The patient remains intubated and mechanically ventilated.  With slow ventilatory support, his gas exchange has been satisfactory.  We are providing assist-control ventilation to optimize his gas exchange, but we will attempt to keep his pCO2 between 30 and 35.  Lung fields are clear and there is no evidence that he had aspiration at the time of his bleed.

The patient was also noted to be hyperglycemic.  He is receiving an insulin infusion to optimize his glucose control, and the insulin infusion will be adjusted as needed.

Because of the patient's severe uremia he will require dialysis.  Currently, his potassium is not elevated and his intravascular level appears satisfactory.

The nephrologists have spoken to the patient's personal physician.  By history, the patient has had progressive renal failure although he has not require dialysis.  He is also known to have hypercholesterolemia and cardiomyopathy.  He has had deteriorating mental status over the past few weeks, which may reflect his progressive uremia.  He will require dialysis in addition to continued ventilatory support and management of his intracranial pressure.

P.S.  For the record, I dictated this report, if you will excuse the cliche, like a bat out of hell. All I know is I completed 36:23 of dictation in about 1 hour 15 min, and it had 626 lines.

Still think VR is such a bad product? 

Go to New User Registration
If you will notice, the two items that want you subscription number, etc., are NOT required fields. You do not actually need a print subscription to get the web site subscription.

Does that help you?
Just an FYI when buying it from another user
Be sure to notify Textware Solutions that you purchased it & who you purchased it from so we can update our records showing that you are now the licensed owner. This will ensure that you can receive technical support, discounted upgrades in the future, etc.
phen user
I've taken phentermine off and on for the last 15 years after quiting smoking and gaining 25 pounds. The only problem is,  once you stop taking it the weight comes back on. I have had no health problems from this medication, SO FAR.
Is there a way to search by user name? (sm)
Is there a way to search MTStars by user name?  For instance, if I want to search my past posts?  I tried using the search at the top but it didn't work. 
I have WP 10 and I like it. User friendly. sm

I've used MS Word too, but there really isn't that much difference and its easy to learn.


Shorthand user who needs help.
User software

user software

shorthand user here -
love it!
Very user friendly
Although I was a newbie at the time, after finishing a MT course, they first had me on Dictaphone and then trained us on Escription/Edit Script. It was much, much easier than Dictaphone and any MT with experience would find it very easy to use. There really is not that much training needed---just to learn the commands, which is included in the tutorial. It really is a great platform.
Not a c-phone user, however here's something



EMAIL THE BLUE "that might be beneficial (sm)" link to ENTER.  Keep in mind you are only entering the contest.  A winner will be drawn and a post will be made.

Full details about the Scavenger Hunt can be found by reading the Sticky Ad posted at the top of the Main board.


How user friendly is it really?
eScription user (sm)
Win XP, MS Word 2003 is required since 2000 is not supported by eS any longer.  At least 512 for memory.  You're going to love it.
It is very user friendly...
...I think you'll like it.  Good luck!
Yep, VERY user friendly...
You'll be up and running into no time. :-)
I don't think it is very user friendly - sm
I used it for a day I think and then quit, hated it. Too many steps up to actually working and it was just a pain in the butt to use. There are many platforms that are much better than EMDAT.
very user friendly, productive ...
i was disappointed my lines didn't increase more dramatically over old system -- but there was an increase. I like it well enough i hope i never have to use another system. Maybe the 'decrease' in lines others report is due to messing around on the internet instead of working, as 2 minutes here and there really can add up...
It would be one thing if we actually had to register with user IDs.
Other than that, I'll bet there are many NYMTs out there. It's not like the person was deliberately trying to impersonate you or steal your identity. Come up with something less common.
software that is user friendly (sm)
I'm not sure of the difference between software and a platform, but I just want to work for a company whose program is easy to work on, not a lot of glitches, freezes, server problems, etc. etc.  That defeats the whole purpose of what we were hired to do - TRANSCRIBE.  Also when there is a problem, it would be nice to have someone be able to help you quickly.
line counter user too
You know, I NEVER thought about the feature in Word (using Word's total char w/spaces/65 = total line count. It never occurred to me that that doesn't count hard page breaks, tabs, or returns! I feel really stupid. I've always just trusted that that is the way things are done (thinking that TX companies are actually treating the MTs fairly concerning pay). And the thing that makes me so mad is that, that is the way most transcription companies have you figure your lines! Because apparently that's the way their customers ask/tell them to bill them! Something is definitely wrong with this picture. We, as MTs need to stand up and just not take it anymore! I'm TIRED of just taking what they make us take. Granted, I'm sure there are actually some decent, honest Tx companies who actually pay for all characters/keys used, but I'd have to say, by and large, that is just not the case.

Having said all that, I have one client that I also bill using Instant Text Pro V line count software and I love it. But I have worked for other companies in the past who used strictly the Word method of counting characters w/spaces and dividing that by 65. How unfair is that? All this time! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Unhappy cable net user

I am on cable internet right now and it is always going out.  I was on Verizon DSL prior to cable and if I could switch back to DSL I would, but it is not offered where I live, only cable, so I am stuck.  There is not a huge difference in speed between DSL or cable.  I know you can pay a little more for the faster DSL package.  I don't know what your paying now, but I pay $50 a month for cable internet and I was told i could get a way faster speed on DSL for less than that per month.  Personally, I prefer DSL over cable just for the fact it only went out on me once in the 1-1/2 years I was on DSL.  I have been on cable 1-1/2 years and I was down just the other day for over 4 hours.   I lose cable connect every month. 

as a previous dial up user--sm
and I too had earthlink with accelerator...I found nothing that would make it go any faster. It is not just your computer, it is their servers, as well. If they don't have the server capacity, it does not matter how much processor speed your computer has, it just will not go any faster. I am sorry. I gave up on it and got cable. much happier.
Instant Text user here. nm
ESP user. Another question re: word
This is just CRAZY. Forget trying to make a template in your Normal... I think you lose a lot of your line count if you do that because it keeps your transcribed dictation (if you add it to a block of text you expanded) from being included in evaluation. Since we aren't suppose to use word or open it while ExText is running... How could we insert a template (with jump codes etc)??? I'm starting to get really angry after reading this. Any advice? I wasn't planning on inserting each and every heading under an ESP since they want everything a standard format. A template works much better for me, but if I'm not getting paid for anything I put on a template, what's the point????
C phone user question
anyone with a C phone know what code to press to set the recall for the footpedal back?   I have an old C phone with no display and it is driving me bonkers!!
MPWord user comments


As the author and publisher of MPWord / MPLite / MPTools I will state categorically that each and every user comment that we have posted on the various pages of the website are actual comments we've received.

(We do have more to post, including about the new MPLite, but posting those will have to wait till there is time.)


My company told me how user
friendly Meditech Magic was.  I have only worked on one system that was worse than MM and that was at YOG.  How anyone gets their lines in I'll never know. 
Is ExSpeech user friendly?
Can you make good lines on Dictaphone ExSpeech voice recognition?
I believe this something that is specific to your user profile, and ... SM
that is something your supervisor or manager would have to manually change within your profile.
while in a document, help and then user guide
it'll open a whole website of indexes and instructions... what are you having trouble with?
I-Player user instructions
The hospital I transcribe for uses I-player.  They give no user manual or anything but its really not hard.  I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a keyboard command to slow down and speed up dictation?  I am having to use the mouse which is a pain.  I did figure out that if you use your control and your arrows you can rewind and fast foward.  gotta be something to slow em down with a KB command.
As a long time user ... let me clear the air on this

Speech recognition (i.e. Dragon) is not for everyone.

If you are an expert at templates and programs such as ST and IT (IOW, you have the capability of memorizing thousands upon thousands of abbreviatons), and you're a reasonably fast typist, then I'd recommend against using speech recognition software unless you have to (i.e. CTS, broken wrist). When the need arises, the program can make the difference between making a decent salary and making practically nothing. Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing.

However, there are those of us who don't understand how to create templates with pop-up boxes, who don't have the capability of remembering thousands of abbreviations (AutoCorrect is about the limit for us), and who don't fly across the keyboard "with the greatest of ease." For us, speech recognition (SR) can boost our production to a level higher than what we would with a keyboard.

I feel that those who give the thumbs down to SR have not been sufficiently trained on the proper use of the product (i.e. how to speak correctly, the proper way to correct errors, using the global commands features), and/or the department utilizing the program has not used the features to allow the product to learn enough about the terminology and context of phrases (out of box, into computer, and off you go). NOT!!!   

I've been working with SR consistently since November 2001. Some days I use it all day and other times just for a specific specialty, It all depends upon my mood - whether I would rather vocalize more to produce more or prefer "The Sounds of Silence" and would rather keep my fingers limber and type, even if it means a lower production.

Either way ... I rarely have more than two errors per page, and sometimes even less than that. And for the record, I'm doing acute care reports with a wide variety of dictators and specialties.

So, if you want the "real story" behind SR, I think you need to speak with more people who have been successful with product and compare their stories against those who chastise the product ... and find out the specific differences. I'll guarantee you that it's not the product that is to blame.

DocShuttle/Bytescribe user experience
Does anyone have experience using DocShuttle by Bytescribe?  I am considering this for an application where an account has 5 doctors that want to dictate on digital portables & I have 5 transcriptionists working out of their home.  How is it to setup & use?  Does it work?  Is the company available when there are problems?  I would appreciate any insight on this company & software.
I'm a new autocorrect user...Does anyone know how to save -year-old
When I save yo to expand -year-old, it needs to back up a space and I can't figure out how to put in the back space command.  Does anyone out there know how to do this?
Are you wanting an FTP server or just user software?
Which platforms do you find to be the most user friendly . . . sm
and allow you to be more productive?  Your input is greatly appreciated!
Turn User Account Control to OFF. nm
Try turning off the User Account Control. nm
Invoice program - user friendly
I currently use Abacus for line counting. I need a separate program for line counting and hourly work that is very user friendly. Any advice?
Laptop user question... please advise...

Well, it's time to put the old one out to pasture and get a new one.  Computer, that is.  I really want a laptop so I may travel with husband to clinics and now follow games and a daughter (cheerleader) going to college.  But my primary use will be at home.  Do any of you laptop users have any trouble with the monitor going out from over use?  I was told it would be best to hook up to another monitor (already going to hook up another keyboard) for everyday use at home. 

Any feedback on this would be great!  Thanks

please reply only if you are a user, do not email if you sell them,ty (nm)
Answer by flash count user.
Just organize your letters in one folder and let flash count do the rest.
The newest version is VERY user friendly. The one right before
it stunk. Make sure you're getting to work on one that has the very newest version that came out this fall.
I'm a hardcore Instant Text user...
There's nothing like it! I started out using AutoCorrect until I had the money for IT and I would quit my job in a snap if they said I couldn't use my IT.
Question for the steno machine user

I keep remembering how much faster you said it is than typing and I am wondering how one would go about learning how to use one?  Is it something that can be self-taught with a book?  Would I likely be able to find a good used machine?  Also, will they work with any transcribing software?

I am a slow MT and need all the help I can get!    Thanks for any further information you can give me.


Transcription Gear user questions - sm

I just started using Transcription Gear/FTP and have some questions.

Do you keep TG open all the time? Do you keep Gear Export open all the time?

How do you send your work to the doctor? Right now I create my document in Word XP, save it, exit, and then go through several steps to paste the document to the medical records FTP site.  Seems like too many steps.

Any help with this and/or with TG in general would be most welcome.

Thank you.