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Start Stop voice file player and conflicts with Spyware Doctor

Posted By: Diane on 2007-03-21
In Reply to:

I was having problems with StartStop and talked to one of their techs this morning.  One of the bugs it was having was fixed when I turned off Spyware Doctor so I need a new anti-spyware program. 


Iím thinking of trying Spyware Blaster.  I called to see if there were any conflicts with that one but had to leave a message.  In the meantime, does anyone use StartStop voice file player and also use Spyware Doctor without any buggy conflict problems between the two softwares? 

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I have Start Stop digital voice player--sm
and Spyware Doctor, as well. I have never had any conflicts between the two, and I really do not see why one would interfere with the other. although, I do not leave Spyware Doctor on all the time. I leave it off while I am working, as it did tend to slow things down a bit, but I never had any problems with it. I do run a nightly scan with Spyware Doctor though. I would be careful of other Spyware programs. I have had others that claim to remove spyware from your computer but actually do absolutely nothing. I believe the one I am thinking of is Spyware Eliminator, but I am not sure right off the top of my head. Good luck.
Start n' Stop digital voice player...which is what i use..nm
Bytescribe versus Start/Stop - which wav player is better? SM

I'm trying to decide which audio player software and pedal to purchase.  I'm also looking at GearPlayer.  I want something user friendly, universal to audio file types, and compatible with whatever service I end up with should I need to have my own software and equipment.

Thanks guys and gals!


Works great for me. Fave voice file player is an
Start Stop digital player has a time stamp feature..sm...

I'm not sure if it puts it in Word or what it does.  I've never needed it. 

I think a program that would pull header information from Word and add it to a log file might be needed by quite a few MTs.  I don't know if that's feasible since everyone's needs would be different.  A lot of MTs like to keep logs though, myself included.

If I think of anything else I'll be back.

Download Express Scribe (free player) and see if you can pull the voice file into it. nm
I meant Spyware doctor from Google.
Digital Voice voicewave player

Is anyone familar with the digital voice voicewave player?  Do you have any idea of the pricing for software and license?  I got a quote and was blown away.  Just wanted to check that it is correct. 

too late but for future. Need to know what voice player you are using. sm

It won't work on Emdat inscribe so you need another one in place.

Express scribe is a free download, another poster explained what screen you see and what to click.  Save to your desktop so you can fine it. You can use hot keys instead of a pedal. You need to go into the setting and click - work with current word processer so it opens up Word for you.  you can bring up the empress scribe up on desktop and move out of way so you can open your email with the voice file, at the same time, you can drag and drop over to your express scribe player.  Means, Center over file with mouse, hold it down and drag it over to the area and lift off. It drops it right in the player. If you get stuck email me darleneh1111@earthlink.net


Express Dictate Professional Dictation Software

In order to use Express Dictate, the person who types your work must install the Express Dictate Transcriber ("Express Scribe") which features include ...
www.nch.com.au/express/ - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from www.nch.com.au ]


My digital voice player converts files to be --sm
able to be played. it sounds like your voice player does not. Maybe either you or she needs to save the file as a wav file first, prior to playing. either that, or try downloading the express scribe player, which is free, and try to play it with that. If that plays, then it is your voice player which is not compatible with the files she is sending you. good luck.
True but my MTSO pays for voice player and
Can you get the file to your desktop to see if Media Player will play it, just so you know
STOP trying to be a doctor. She should
go and get checked for a blood clot.  I'm speaking from experience.  Get it checked out.
I had to buy this for a job but ended up loving it and even used it for a different job (a fairly large national) where they had their own wav player that was clunky and full of bugs and given to locking up. I was able to use the USB pedal I already had, so I didn't have to buy theirs, but they actually send you a CD and a booklet, so I believe you can install it as much as needed.

The feature I like is that you can program a pedal to insert a blank and a time code, which makes reviewing blanks ever so much easier.
start stop
try going to configure and uncheck variable speed it will play but you cant chnge speed

or try associate files with start stop under configure and check them all
For those of you out there who have had a problem with this program skipping while trying to type and have to restart, etc., I have found that if you will load the Start/Stop program before Word, Excel, etc, you should not encounter this problem.
Or send the file to your desktop and then import into your player from there. Easy
Yes. If this doctor doesn't stop
snorting back the loogies I am going to vomit.
Start Stop pedal best
As far as I am concerned, Start Stop is the Cadillac of pedals. Costs a little more, but worth every penny of it.
Start/stop and ExText
Is everyone using Dictaphone ExText also using start/stop? 
I use the start-stop program too, and--sm
True Speech files are supposed to be compatible with it. When I get the error message that you speak of, there is usually no file at all associated with the job number. I suspect that is more the problem, than it not being able to be opened at all. There is nothing there to open. That happens sometimes with my docs when they are using a call in system and either get disconnected or hang up. Wherever you got the file from, just tell them there is no file there for that job number.
I have had the same problem with Start-Stop..sm
I used it with my lap top and it would keep playing. At times having to step on the foot pedal several times to make it stop. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to break it at times as I would get frustrated and really give it a good stomp at times LOL. I ordered a USB footpedal from another company and it works great even when I switched to Windows Vista the pedal works fine. I think it was just the pedal from Start Stop. Hope this helps.
Start Stop pedal
You may be on a platform that will not work with Start Stop, such as Dictaphone. Best way to get an answer, however, is to call the company. I have had a Start Stop pedal for 6 years and have always found them to be very helpful and their tech people usually get back to you within a day. Their 800# is (866) 254-0714 or you can go to their web site and E-mail them. http://www.startstop.com/home.asp Good luck.

Start/Stop pedal and USB hub
I'm having problems getting my Start/Stop pedal for EMDAT to work when it is plugged into the USB hub.  It doesn't seem to recognize it correctly unless it is plugged directly into the computer.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
You can also tell from the name on the voice file. sm
The files are named sequentially, lowest to highest. That should also help you to detemine which ones are the "oldest".
D/l them onto zip file and take with you. Voice
you need to change your properties of those file types to open with ES and not media player. sm
go to your folders by start, explore. find where you saved those files to. once you find a file, right click on it and click on properties. under the general tab, look down 3 lines to where it says open with and i bet it says media player. click change, find the express scribe program. make sure you check that box under there that says always use this program to open this type of file. then you can either right click again, click open with, select express scribe and it will automatically load in ES or you can hit the load button on ES, find where the file is saved, select and it loads it. if this doesn't work, email me.
an .exe file is not a voice file
I'm no techie, but it sounds like they might've sent the wrong file by mistake. Or could it be a program you need for testing/working for them that they sent? What is the name of the file (if it is something you can say here)?
Stop-Start Foot pedal
I have a stop-start foot pedal and using Express scribe.  When I take my foot off the pedal I would like it to just rewind a little bit instead of constantly having to hit the rewind pedal.  Do anyone know the procedure/technique to get this to work???
Start/Stop Com Port settings
Have you played with the Com port setting under the Configure button? I have had to try mine in all 8 until I found the right one.
Start/Stop foot pedal
I want to know if anyone knows how to use the Start/Stop foot pedal with EMDAT (Inscribe).  I think I may have an older moderl.  Not sure.  Thanks.
Start/Stop foot pedal
I have the same problem, probably because I have an older model with no switch on the bottom.
can't play voice file
I was sent a voice file to transcribe (test) and I can play it but not at the same time that I am in MS Word.  What am I doing wrong?  TIA
upload voice file
A good way to upload a voice file is to send it by FTP to an in-house computer. This keeps it off email and the web.

I think every ESL doctor I type for in this city says "full stop".

The thing that threw me for a loop one day was a patient having a wasowagal attack.  I was so lost in transcription that I had totally forgotten that Indians often confuse V and W sounds so vasovagal attack became wasowagal attack. 

Where to purchase Emdat pedal beside Start/Stop???
Emdat Start/Stop pedal trouble, Help!
I can't get my start/stop pedal to work right with Emdat.  Anyone else have trouble getting their pedal to work right?  It plays a little and then keeps starting over and quits.  Help!
It wasn't on a voice file. It was on an old Lanier, but (sm)

my friend transferred it to a tape (she had the dictation) and I listened to it.  Gross.

free voice file software

I am in need of a software that plays .dvf files.  I currently use Gear Player, and although it plays a multitude of different files, I can't get it to play .dvf.  Does anyone know of a free one online I can try?  Thanks!! 

Do you have the voice file type checked for
Download the voice file to your computer.
Then open ES and load it in. If it's not a supported file format, you can get a program like Switch to convert it to a supported format.
Way to increase/decrease voice file.
If you are that slow, why don't you stop in some local doctor's offices, pt, chiropractic, etc
do their backlog?  That has always kept me extremely busy.
If you use a Start-Stop foot pedal, please SM - I have a problem/question

I use a Start-Stop foot pedal with a PS/2 connector for an Emdat account.  I connect a PS/2 ergonomic keyboard to it, plug into the PC, and everything works beautifully. 

The problem I have is this setup doesn't work using my laptop.  The Start-Stop tech person told me the PS/2 foot pedal used with a USB adapter isn't compatible with the laptop.  He said I need a USB-port Start-Stop foot pedal.  He also said I would need to use the laptop keyboard since an external USB-port keyboard also isn't compatible with the Start-Stop foot pedal when used with a laptop.  (I knew that my old PS/2 keyboard wouldn't work with the laptop and have already bought an MS 4000).

I really looked forward to getting my laptop set up so I could be more portable with my work, but after years of using an ergo keyboard there's just no way I would be productive using the laptop keyboard (not to mention the strain on my shoulders/wrists/hands).

So, here's my question.....Is there really no way to use a Start-Stop 3-pedal unit with USB connector on a laptop and at the same time use an external USB-port keyboard? 

Any help is truly, truly appreciated.

Emdat links to Start-Stop for pedal purchase
I highly doubt that an itune voice file --sm
would be compatible with your software footpedal. my footpedal software recognizes certain types of voice fils like WAV or DSS, etc. but I seriously doubt if itunes uses those types of files. you can try though, but don't count on it. Save the file to a location where your digital voice player will locate it and try to open it. if your digital voice player will open it, your footpedal should work. but again, don't count on it.
Right click the voice file and save it to your computer.

Go to file, settings, playback, auto backset on stop about half way down.....sm
I have mine on 1500. Hope that helps!
I have a doctor that constantly has a gurgling voice. It makes me...
want to clear my throat or at least yell and tell him to clear his throat. It is so annoying. I know if I had a gurgle I would at least clear my throat. It sounds so disgusting. Ew!
Contact Start/Stop at their website and describe your pedal and ask them. They were very helpful
Start Stop foot pedal pre-programmed for EMDAT problems

I just got my foot pedal but have no idea how to get it to work with EMDAT Inscribe; much to my dismay a manual was not included with the pedal.  Obviously, even though it was pre-programmed to work with EMDAT, I can't just plug it in and get to work.  UGH!

Can anyone help me here.  I'm a real computer dummy so I need to be walked through the steps as though I were a kid.  BTW, my hot keys are F7 Play, F6 rewind, and F4 RR.