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Stedman's Books 4 Sale on Equipment Board

Posted By: Pat on 2005-09-01
In Reply to:

For a list of books and prices, please check equipment board. Each book is 15.00 and many available. Thanks!

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Stedman's books 4 Sale on Equipment Board
Please check equipment board for Stedman's books for sale. Reasonably priced.
Stuff for sale on the Equipment Board nm


Stedman's Equipment book, but there is new

equipment coming out all the time.  I use the websites for the manufactures, Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Surgical, etc.  I Google things like Ethicon and Mitek.   Equipment is hard too because a lot of the times the whole word may be capitalized, or you think it should be 2 words and it is one word, with various parts capitalized.  

When you have to look something up write it in a notebook if you don't have a reference book.  When you have down time go to the various manufacturers websites and read about their products. 

I recommend getting Stedman's Equipment.
If you're looking for Stedman's books - sm
Check out the equiptment forum - I have a set of 21, practically brand new books for sale.
I'm selling my books in the Equipment forum because I am going to leave MT (SM)

as soon as I can.  I am doing something in the beauty field, and it cost me $29 to start up.  I got a $500 check in January, and I just started in December, so I am not to that point yet.  I loved MT, but I am sick of working my butt off for $14-$20 an hour. If anyone wants to know more, just email me.  But in the time of companies offshoring and offering 7 cents a line and voice recognition... That combined with my working so many hours... I don't feel as positive as I once did about MT, and my results with my other business are coming along enough that I will hopefully leave MT within six months. 

Email for more details....   

Stedman's abbreviations, equipment book, a

drug book like Quick Look or Drake.   I have almost all the Stedman's books.  If you are doing multiple specialities I'd get as many references as you can afford.    Stedman's frequently has discounts and/or free shipping and that is when I add to my library.   I don't always get the newest versions, particularly if I don't use the original reference that much.  I don't get a drug book every year, but about every other year.

There are lots of on-line sources, but not all are reliable and if you are like me sometimes you get on-line to look up a word and 30 minutes later you're still on-line.  


Stedman word books
depending on what specialties you do. For abbreviations, I use this web site:


just because it is easier than looking up abbreviations in a book.
Any of the Stedman's books are great. FYI,
BOS just came out with their 3rd edition, so make sure if you buy one that is the one you get, not the second one.
Stedman's M&S Equipment Word Book is my bible. nm
Stedman's has 25% off books for the month of Nov. Coupon
Coupon Code to use to get the 25% discount on books and books on CD thru www.stedmans.com ... D7L524ZZ . This offer is NOT good on the spellchecker or any of their other electronic media, only the books and books on CD.... NM Wanderer
Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words is invaluable. nm
I have a few Stedman's word books that I plan to sell, sm
if you're interested, as I updated with the newest editions. These older ones would still be of big help you. Email me if you're interested and I'll get a list together for you.

You'll find that hospital transcription is waaaaay more interesting than clinic!

If I don't hear from you, good luck! Working for a hospital is the way to go these days. Good for you!

Don't forget great stuff for sale on the Classifieds board!
I have a Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal for sale on the classifieds board

If you know anyone who is looking for one, please tell them about it. 

Help on equipment board please. nm
e-bay, equipment board here, probably any

transcription equipment company. 

Need help on equipment board..
See equipment board...
See equipment board about headphones. thanks
I need an answer ASAP, so admin, please don't delete this message again, or at least leave it for a few hours.
check the equipment board--several listed there--nm
Send me the link to the ad on Equipment board. (SM)
I will discuss this with the Administrator and see if at least we can prevent her from posting anymore equipment for sale.


WHY is this person allowed to post on the equipment board?
Use Technical board for equipment/software questions, please. (NM)
This belongs on Equipment board; thread locked.
This thread belongs on Equipment board; thread locked.
FYI I HAVE reference books, but in case you hadn't noticed, thing change a lot faster than BOOKS
I was simply asking for suggestions of other places on line that I might look for the latest info, especially considering that my work is on the internet, what the hell is wrong with trying to be more productive and efficient?!?! Good Grief!!
Sale - as in company sale, but
don't worry nothing seems to have happened yet.  They've only been talking about it for months now. 
I prefer books. I'm kinda old school. I like to be able to write new terms in my books. I do

have Stedman's Medical Dictationary on CD and I do use it quite a bit, but that's more because the actual print dictionary is so darn heavy to pick up and look a word up!

Stedman's Med Dictionary and Stedman's Med Spell checker are two different programs. Which on

do you have?  If it is the medical dictionary, as far as I know it is only a reference software and can't be used as a spell checker.

If you have the spell checker, go into Word.  Click on Tools, Options, and then Spelling & Grammar tab.  Then click on the Custom Dictionaries button about half way down the window.  This will open a new window that lists your available dictionaries and one should be checked.  Mine is checked next CUSTOM.DIC (DEFAULT).  There is an ADD button to the right.  If you click it, you will be able to browse for your custom dictionary. 

Hope that helps.

I have only used Stedman's. What are some differences in Dorland's and Stedman's?
New WAV Pedal for sale
I have a new GearPlayer PC Wave Player with USB foot control and all software for sale.  Got it from TranscriptionGear.Com.  Virtually brand new, still with box with all paperwork.  Used 1 hour to take a 5 exam test for a company I work for.  Was was 199.95, sell for 150.00.
Whatever is on sale at 50-75% off the day after Halloween....sm
Target usually has the most "good stuff" candy on sale i.e. the Hershey bars, M&Ms, Snickers, etc.  Usually the day after Halloween it's 50% off and 2 days after Halloween it's 75% off.  I stock up on enough candy to last until Christmas, then after Christmas get enough to last until Valentine's Day, then after Valentine's Day I grab whatever I can because there's no major "candy events" for a while to get it cheap! 
Sale of MT service
Can you please post contact info? Possibly very intereted here. Thanks
It was a $400 Proform I got on sale for $300.....
than $600 if you want something good and that you will want to use.
Partition of Sale

I wanted to get out of owing a house that I co-owned with a boyfriend after the relationship tanked.  He would not cooperate whatsoever.  Thus, I was being held hostage to a property I no longer wanted and I could not free up my credit to purchase a property on my own.  I got a free consult with an attorney.  I was told that I could file a Judgment for a Partition of Sale.  The court will then file a judgment to put the property up for sale when parties do not agree and divide the proceeds among the owners.  I could also have him pay legal fees too.  I informed him that it would be far cheaper for him to cooperate, and since he wanted to keep the house, he wouldn't be court-ordered to sell it.  After researching the matter himself, he followed through and refinanced the house on his own and settled with me without court and attorney fees.  I did a Google search and found that this applies in Arizona too.  http://www.azcentral.com/home/hb101/articles/0129combs29.html



More off, but Penneys is having bra sale, buy two,
Yard sale
The 4th would be okay if your area gets a lot of traffic. A lot of people "running around" on the holiday weekend. I have known people who did very well on holiday weekends.

Just to warn, clothes don't sell well. Toys, baby items, household items are good sellers. I like to price toward the lower end so that I get rid of it. Those who price high take the risk that the buyer won't bother to "haggle". But you should stand firm if you feel a price is fair, maybe give in if it is getting towards the end of the day.

Have a good one!!!
That's because we're always *on sale*. nm
Seems like everything in this country is for sale
nowadays. Property owned by people who aren't US citizens. Ancient west coast redwoods being cut up and sold to Japan for lumber. And of course good U.S. jobs. And the lesser jobs, the ones are taken by people who have sneaked over our borders. I wonder who is going to pay the country's taxes 20 years into the future.
I have one for sale still that is brand new...
I bought mine from Dictran in May but have never used it as I ended up taking another job that doesn't use this. I'm asking $85 if you are interested. You can also E-mail me.
There are workbooks for sale on
are these always $15, this is not a sale price?
Radio Shack rocks for the stuff I need. Especially when I can get memory chips for my digital camera dirt cheap. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL GOOD NIGHT.
Anyone has a 9-pin footpedal you'd like to sale?
This company I was offered a job with requires a 9-pin serial port footpedal.  Thanks in advance.
KVM switch for sale
I have a KVM switch I'd be willing to sell for $20.  I think i paid $50 for it.  I used it when I had 4 different jobs and needed to keep some of the software separate.  It worked perfectly fine and saved me from having to move back and forth from one computer to the other.
Means probably getting ready for a sale....sm
That's what happened at Edix when they brought in Bill Keena. The company was sold within a year.

Six Sigma is a management style and philosophy. Check Google.
I know someone with a "Jump To Conclusions" Mat for sale
Having my first yard sale. Any suggestions?

It will be some time in July.  Any particular weekend that would be best?  Probably not around the 4th because people will be out of town, right?

Have lots of clothes and other stuff.  Anything that I haven't used in the last 6 weeks or that was not a gift is going.  No more clutter for me!

I've never had a yard sale before.  Is there anything I should know?  Oh, and I hate to haggle.  Should I price to high and take the first offer or just price low and stand firm (who me?).  I'm not looking to make a fortune.  I just want to get rid of my junk and have a little to show for it. 

Thanks for any suggestions.

InstantText Version III Pro for sale
If interested please contact me at angela.dill@gmail.com.  Also several old Spellex floppy discs.  Thanks!
If you accept that, you ARE putting yourself *on sale*. (nm)
How to price an MT company for sale?

Does anyone know how to figure out the value of an MT company for a sale?  I have a friend who is an MTSO and is in a complicated situation and she needs to know the value of her company.  How do you calculate this?