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Still Reverse Poll: What are the 2 things you hate about your DH?

Posted By: nm. on 2006-03-24
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Reverse poll: What are the 2 things your DH loves about YOU? see msg

After reading the poll a few threads down, last night I asked my hubby what were the two things he loved about ME the most.  Without hesitation he said:  "your encouragement" (towards him) "and your intelligence."  (This is coming from a learned man himself.  That was truly uplifting.) 



Me - I hate these things too. Both of them. sm
Don't do showers, wedding or baby, either.
Not really hate..but not enough time for the things that bug me (nm)

several things that cats really hate usually,
if you can catch them in the act -- water spray with a bottle, or clap hands loud and aggressively shout 'no' (then pretty soon, a simple loud NO will do), and/or use a rolled up newspaper to swat at them (you don't have to hit the cat, but hit somehing nearby -- its the noise that gets their attention). If none help, can put in a cat carrier whenever they misbehave. Good luck.
One of the worse things about working from home is never getting away from it. I hate
Look, if you knew me you wouldn't have said those things. I live in Alabama! We hate sm
them-thar' fags. Honestly, I am probably the MOST unprejudiced (if that's a word) person in my entire family! I'm constantly rolling my eyes at THEM because they use inappropriate names to refer to people and I don't like it.

I am a conservative who doesn't believe in same-sex marriages! I am totally against it.

What I am saying is this: This lady is NOT making this stuff up. It happens. We may not like it, but it happens. and here's the real kicker: We need to love these so called "degenerates." We really do. Like the Beatle's song goes: All you need is love...

Love can make them turn around. Really!
Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
You are me in reverse (sm)
I tend to ignore life forms, smile at no one, and conversation? What the heck is that???

Did what you did, but in reverse..
Mrs. Chippy,
I did the opposite of what you are doing. OPS were always my favorite and I did them for years. I quit the company I had been with for years and now am working on clinic notes for a different service, which I find I'm enjoying so far. I always thought I wouldn't like clinic notes. Of course, it's only been three days, so I might have a change of heart after I do 100 of them.

OPs are hard to learn, but once you get the terminology and phrasing down, it's good line count because they usually speak fast and don't sit there and drone on and on talking a word a minute.

Just type a first draft all the way through,leave blanks, then go back and fill them in as best as possible. Leave the rest to QA. Even after doing OPs for years, there was hardly a day I didn't have a blank.

I think I did OPs too long and that's why I finally needed a break. I was changed to ER's when I started slowing down on OPs but I just couldn't stand them. Maybe it was the dictators, but I just couldn't stay awake doing ER's, although it was really good line count. It was so frustrating to do a 3 or 4 page ER report on someone who had a cut on their finger or other tiny thing. Then add that to a dictator with a monotone voice, and I'm falling out of my chair in a narcoleptic fit.

Good luck with the OPs!


ooh lucky you - I get the reverse - 80% reg;

Because think of the reverse, when you worked in the office...
did you ever see the director of med rec ask doctors to dictate their old stuff, so there would be enough work for MTs? when we were low on work in the hospital,a deficiency list would be sent out, and then boom a bunch of dictation...

hospitals are doing anything and everything they can to cut costs, even as mentioned above, hiring ICs on the side. health care is purely a business now, and I would bet not a day goes by every hospital in America asks the question, how can we cut back on the cost of dictation?

if that were not true, you would not have the HUGE push for the technology and the HUGE push for outsourcing, overseas or not.

think about this, also. we are only working at home for these companies, because hospitals decided it would be cheaper than paying health benefits for full-time MTs, office space, etc etc.

I do not put anything past people who are 100% money-driven these days.

you do make a great point, though, about the billing and DRGs, etc., but I still think they are told to 'cool-it' whenever they can...
There is no such thing as REVERSE discrimination.
Discrimination is discrimination regardless of which race /person is practicing it...

Reverse tennis elbow? sm
After 10 years of transcribing, just the last couple of months I am having inflammation and tenderness on the inside of my left elbow.  Not on the right, just the left.  Ergonomics?  Might be.  I have tried putting a folded up towel on the arm of my chair, raising my elbow, and that helps a little.  Anyone else every had this?
Try doing a functional resume instead of a reverse chronological one.
Focus on your strengths instead of on your former employers. It's your job skills that are important, not how many MTSOs or nationals couldn't keep you busy enough.

* Ten years of multispecialty experience.
* Such and such software skills.
* These reports and those specialties.
* Motivated self-starter, blah blah blah.

Here's a nonMT example of a functional resume.

I would reverse the media player back
and see if that corrects the problem. If so, you might either decide you don't need the upgrade or contact Windows about a fix...

Make sure your plug is all the way in - sometimes it looks like it is but isn't seated.

Just do a restore to the day before you did the upgrade - or if you are uncomfortable with this uninstall the software and test your headphones...

just a thought.
I hate DocQSribe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQScrbe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQSribe.
Unfortunately, NO. Didn't help me. It made me depressed. Reverse effect. nm
Love cardiology, hate podiatry. Hate discharges, but
Working in Word, and suddenly my screen splits into two pages, and I can't reverse it. HELP!
Does anyone know what I've done and what I can do to get it back to just one window? It is Word 2003 on a XP platform, if that helps any. Thanks.

I hate those but I hate trauma notes on children even more sm
I used to work for a large hospital that saw a lot of children for various horrible things.

The very last one I did was a 12yo boy who had hung himself while his mother was at work. She thought he was in school. The doctor cried, I cried (as I usually did) and I just couldn't handle that anymore. That was the longest report I swear. Short in lines but the length was almost an hour. The doc didn't pause the machine, she cried, horrible gut wrenching sobs, and I did too, right along with her.
Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
Sorry meant discrimination and reverse-discrimination. My typing got ahead of my brain! nm
sorry for the typo but my heart was in the right place. :)
I don't hate AAMT at all, ks. I don't hate
their book. In fact, I love the BOS2. It is not a regular grammar book at all - there are hundreds of issues in it that are point specific to MTing and medical field. I have dozens of regular grammar books, too, for other purposes, and they are not similar at all. I purchased the BOS2 when out job interviewing for a few months. Every single employer wanted me to have my own company, and they all tested off of it. Several used it in their daily work, and I have found it priceless over all. I think its even on sale now, but $89 is not a lot for a professional tool that we should use if required, or if a newbie. MTs who don't like to buy books are not very wise in the big picture. Its like shooting yourself in the foot.
Ok, we know what we are unhappy about in this business.   LET'S TAKE A POLL.  In 4 lines or less, what would be your ideal Transcriptionist job?   No flames please. Just list the important factors that would make you want to go to bat for a company.  Include pay plan also.   Thanks. 

Consistent, steady amount of work on the same one or two accounts, you know, the ones you know so well you can do them in your sleep?

Pay that makes you feel like getting up and hitting the keys each day.

For at home MT's, at least some feedback from office ie: what's going on, who's new/old etc, instead of calling in, asking for someone only to find out they jumped ship....ooops, I've run over my line allotment

1. To be treated with RESPECT and shown appreciation.

2. To work 1 account with less than 500 ESL doctors in order to have some consistency and become familiar with your doctors and then maybe be able to achieve your line count.

3. To be paid for your actual lines typed and not what they think you should be paid for.

4. To be informed of what is going on in the company by your supervisor or other higher up and not have to come to this board for information.


Curious as to what many of my fellow old-timers in this field may be telling the newbies and/or wannabies coming into this profession.  Personally, I'm getting out. Too much disrespect and flat out ingratitude by the doctors and allied health care professionals alike.  I worked so hard to get where I'm at, and have precious little to show for it. 

Therefore, I discourage new people from entering this profession.  STRONGLY!  What do you say on the matter?  Answer:   (Your letter is enough on the reply.)

A.  I strongly discourage newbies entering the field.

B.  I somewhat discourage newbies entering the field.

C.  I have no opinion.  Too tired.

D.  I say go for it, but feel sorry them.

E.  I highly encourage them.  Things will be well for them, and different but good.

Opinions, anyone?


That has nothing to do with the poll.

It wasn't meant to be democrat against republican or liberal against conservative.  It was only a question to see what people would rather see their tax dollars spent on.  Both parties pay taxes.  I'm just curious as to what means more to people....taking care of those in poverty whether by their own choice or not  OR taking care of those who are already wealthy and paying for things that we could not afford to have for ourselves like million-dollar pensions.

POLL - sm
Can anyone else not type well if their nails are long?  I have to keep mine trimmed short....anyone else type better like this or does it not matter how long they are?   Just curious if it's just me.   
What would you go into if you left the MT field with this being your only skill, in your late to early 40s, and having a  high school diploma?
I really would like to know. I dont want to do this anymore.
I think you youngsters should go for your dreams, and do it now.  I have been  MTing for many years and my arms hurt so bad.  I am tired of being jerked around, making less and less money.  I'm an exM*er (you-know-who) - pretty much says it all.  I now do VR for half the money.  Been through court reporting school and even took flight lessons long ago (flying was just for fun - eh, don't care much for the justice system).  Now going into coding.  Can't wait to say goodbye to the MT business.    
I went to court reporting school many years ago.  My husband (at that time) paid for it.  He also put me through flight school.  Like I said, I do VR editing for half.  I have no money.  Just to be able to pay for coding school (I intend to go to Andrews), will be a struggle.  No fun, but this is my reality.  What to do?  Suck it up and move on! 
let's take a poll
I am ticked about something that I probably should just forget about and count my blessings.  I work at home usually until about 5 or 5:30 pm.  My husband comes home from work at 4 pm.  He does not even say hello or give me a peck on the cheek let alone a hello smack on the lips. He thinks I should get up out of my chair and quick working for a little bit if I want attention.  Anyone else in this same boat?

Why not compromise?  He speaks when he comes in.  You stop for 2 (TWO) minutes to respond and then get back to work.  Both happy!

Poll - Ever since I saw that - sm
commercial where the woman was cleaning her kitchen with chicken leg, I have switched to using a dishcloth instead of a sponge.  That was the most disgusting commercial ....  Anyway, what to you all use?  Cloth or sponge, or other?  Just curious, as it takes time to get use to using something other than a sponge.
Psychiatry is easy - ophthalmology, denistry and vet - hardest.
Easiest: ER and psychiatry.

Hardest: Cardiology and anything by a mumbler or an individual with a REALLY HEAVY accent.
It's whatever you make of it. I've known women who thought it was slavery, and ones who thought it was the pinnacle of their job life. It is what you make of it. Intensely personal experience. I've found that people who are true word geeks feel fulfilled by the learning experience. People who do it cuz they HAVE to, generally will hate it no matter what, because then it IS the equivalent of slavery.
POLL: What is your cat/dog's name?
I have 2 dogs, Bandy and Molly, and a cat, Katielynn.
All the posts about proofing as you go versus proofing when you finish got me to thinking.  One poster mentioned something about having the TV on while working.  I'm guilty of that myself sometimes.   I don't usually keep the TV on my entire shift but I like to have it on part of the time.  Usually toward the end of my shift I'll turn the TV to make it seem a little less lonely.  I work second shift and everyone has gone to bed before I finish work.  Sometimes I just like a little background noise.  Unfortunately, sometimes something interesting will come on and I stop to turn around and watch.....sometimes too long.  That usually only happens when something VERY IMPORTANT is one like American Idol.  Eating is another habit I do too often while working.  Or throwing in a load of laundry in the washer/dryer.  Oh, and cooking.  What else do you do while working?  I know my wheels are always spinning about what else I need to be doing.....what to have for dinner.....what needs to be done before I go to bed.....what I need to do tomorrow.....  Or cooking and talking on the phone, helping with homework, etc., etc.  Let's not forget being on MTStars while working.  LOL.  These days it is hard to do just one thing at at time, isn't it????

What are your favorite TV shows?  Do you have favorites that you will never miss?  There are regulars that I tape daily/weekly (unless it is a rerun):

  1. Young and the Restless

  2. Bold and the Beautiful

  3. Grey's Anatomy

  4. Desperate Housewives

  5. New Adventures of Old Christine

  6. American Idol

  7. ER

  8. Scrubs

I also have other favorites, but I don't go to the trouble of taping them.  Only so many hours in a week!  Some of my other favs are the dating shows, Oprah, Tonight Show, Paula Deen, and those entertainments shows like Extra, etc. 




I would have to say this week on this board the word "troll".  Seeing that word so many times a day is getting on my nerves more than the posts the "trolls" post.  At least what the "troll" is posting is something different to read.  Of course, then there are a few other overused words/phrases: 

  1. like
  2. you know what I'm saying?
  3. IMO
  4. cool
  5. actually
  6. basically
  7. brangelina
  8. jen and ben
  9. awesome
  10. most curse words
  11. to be honest......
  12. git-er-done (hate that one)
  13. how's that working for you?

Dog-Rojam 14-year-old black lab retired guide dog--named after his sponsor's grandchildren--Rose and James. Dog-Daisy--golden. Cat-Charlie. Cat-Skoshi-Japanese for "little"
POLL: What is your cat/dog's name?
My cat is Dorothy.
Need some positivity today!! Having a bad month and want to hear that others are having a good things happen! Thanks.
Job poll
Same here. I was comfortable working for a smaller company until they lost the account I was working on. I was there for 2 years and happy for the most part. Since then it has been down hill. I have held a part-time job for the last 6 months and have tried others only to quit after a week or in one case a day. I have been taking a lot of temp jobs. I would love to find one full-time great job again.
Concerning the poll
This may an odd question but who do you work for? The last time I did QA I was paid $15/hr. Took a few years off and now doing MT/Editing work. I need to find a QA job again. Any suggestions?
MT Poll...

How many years have you been an MT, and what's your longest run at the same company....


I've been an MT for 11 years....the past 8 with the same company. 

Another poll: Regarding our tax dollars.

In view of the increased cost of gasoline, housing, medical care, now heating and electric, when it comes to the tax dollars coming from YOUR income, would you prefer it go to:

A.)  Those on welfare due to bad choices, those on welfare because they refuse to work, those on welfare due to unwed pregnancy, or those receiving governmental aid due to just being elderly and unable to  work, or due to catastrophic illnesses or events such as Katrina.


B.) Those elected officials to use for their wives' tummy tucks, their children's daycare, their expensively catered business meetings with other elected officials (including water at $500 a case), their tax-funded trips with their families as "staff", and their million-dollar tax-funded pensions.