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Working in Word, and suddenly my screen splits into two pages, and I can't reverse it. HELP!

Posted By: Frustrated on 2005-07-27
In Reply to:

Does anyone know what I've done and what I can do to get it back to just one window? It is Word 2003 on a XP platform, if that helps any. Thanks.

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EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText word client blank screen everytime I give ok in DIS screen
Thanks your suggestion was very valuable. At a specified time (which the technical side say, when the net speed is very good), it is working without a problem at all (whereas this was half working and half not working before even at this time), but other times, still the same problem exists.

Actually the blank screen comes every time I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen).
Had it and it worked okay but then suddenly stopped working
Found out every Transcriptionist using a C-phone had that problem. Magic Jack changed something one weekend about 1-1/2 to 2 months ago and it no longer works with a foot pedal.
Instant Text suddenly not working with Editscript
Anyone no why Instant Text V would suddenly stop working with Editscript version 8?  It has been doing fine for months since I upgraded to Word 2003 and EditScript 8.   Now, today, it decides to poop out.  Anyone?  Anyone?
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
One thing about wading thru pages and pages looking for negatives, is...
it really does show that the seller is overall very good. Know what I mean?  There will always, always, always be those customers who are impossible to please, especially on E-Bay.  I've gotten almost all my negatives from leaving calm, but justifiable negatives when the buyer had stiffed me and not gone thru with the sale. We are called to leave these negatives as sellers to warn the community, but instantly we will get flamed with a retaliatory negative that is a total lie.  So, now most sellers don't leave justified negatives anymore! That said, really, if you have to wade thru page after page to find even 1 negative, I would say you're safe bidding, as long as the feedback is current!
How is using a 10" screen laptop/netbook in MS Word or doing transcription? Is it satisfactory?

I was thinking about getting a 10.2" screen "netbook" or laptop for use with basically Word and the internet concurrently.  I wondered if it was feasible to use as a backup for doing transcription.  And, I'm not sure what the difference is between a netbook and a laptop.  Basically I'm wondering if a "netbook" could handle the applications necessary to do transcription, i.e., needing to have Word open, internet open, wavplayer open, and abbreviation open all at the same time.  Anyone have experience with this?  Thanks.

EXText word client blank screen everytime I login
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I login. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?

?? I see all as usual, pages ad pages. NM
Screen Resolution/Font/Screen Percentage
My eyes are tired all the time. I usually have my monitor set at 800 x 600 pixels and use Bookman at 10 font in Word at 111% in the normal layout. What might be a better viewing screen setting to use?
working in Word..need to know..sm
Is there a way to bold without using the mouse to click on bold every time? (function keys?) Thanks
If you are working in Word...


I am not sure if you are the one who posted this on the equipment board or not, but I will repeat my reply to a similar question on that board......I use the AutoCorrect feature in Microsoft Word.  You have to build your own entries, but once you have done that, it is great.  I have a doctor who says a lot of the same phrases over and over.  For instance, he says, "Thought processes are goal directed."  I type in "tp" and it types out that entire sentence.  If you use Word as your word processor, than this feature is free!  The other way I use it, is for expanding words, such as depression...depn... I use the first 3 letters of the word and the last letter.  This usually works pretty well.  One more... preoccupied..'pred.'  If you have any further questions, please let me know.  I spent over $100 on an expander, and I like AutoCorrect better.


If you are working in Word,
the menu across the top starts with File, then Edit, then View . . . this is all without clicking on anything.
If working in MS Word, go to (sm)
Tools and scroll down to Auto Correct.  If the first option given has a check mark next to it, uncheck it.  This should correct it.  If not, please get back to me for an alternate method. Good Luck. 
You are working for less than $0.01 per word!

Even at $0.01 per word, that's low for medical transcription!

To make a comparison with line rate, open a couple of your documents up, check the character count with spaces and the word count. Do the math for both, using a low number like $0.08/line. I think you'll see that you are not being paid well and hope you will either ask for that raise or find a better paying job. With 5 years experience, you should be making at least $0.08/line.

if you are working in Word you can....
click format on the toolbar, then click chane case which will give you options. First highlight all text you want changed.
If you are working in Word, sm
try to adjust your Grammar check, so it will pick up on those little mistakes you are making.

I have mine set, so I don't miss anything, including commas, sentence structure, etc.

If you are not working in Word, than just try to adjust your ear and slow down just a tad. If you proof while transcribing, you will probably catch the small things.

Good luck to you, keep your chin up, and smile!!
You are me in reverse (sm)
I tend to ignore life forms, smile at no one, and conversation? What the heck is that???

Did what you did, but in reverse..
Mrs. Chippy,
I did the opposite of what you are doing. OPS were always my favorite and I did them for years. I quit the company I had been with for years and now am working on clinic notes for a different service, which I find I'm enjoying so far. I always thought I wouldn't like clinic notes. Of course, it's only been three days, so I might have a change of heart after I do 100 of them.

OPs are hard to learn, but once you get the terminology and phrasing down, it's good line count because they usually speak fast and don't sit there and drone on and on talking a word a minute.

Just type a first draft all the way through,leave blanks, then go back and fill them in as best as possible. Leave the rest to QA. Even after doing OPs for years, there was hardly a day I didn't have a blank.

I think I did OPs too long and that's why I finally needed a break. I was changed to ER's when I started slowing down on OPs but I just couldn't stand them. Maybe it was the dictators, but I just couldn't stay awake doing ER's, although it was really good line count. It was so frustrating to do a 3 or 4 page ER report on someone who had a cut on their finger or other tiny thing. Then add that to a dictator with a monotone voice, and I'm falling out of my chair in a narcoleptic fit.

Good luck with the OPs!


Thank you! When I started working in WORD ...sm
2 years ago I asked the same question and got no answer. My glasses need to be changed every 6 months since using WORD (OK...I'm over 55). thanks for the great advice!
Will soon be working in Word for the first time sm

and I was going to use Shortcut, but do I need to?  Would the auto-correct feature of Word work just the same, or is there an advantage to using Shortcut?  I am an old PRD+ user, and am now using Bayscribe, which uses an Expander similar to PRD, so now am having to evaluate options.

Thanks for your input.

I think it's for Meditech it's working for me in Word.
Well, if you're working in Word
you can use that Word Count and do the math yourself, or there is Abacus.  I don't know of any free line counting programs.  I work in Word and just use the tools in word to count lines.  You highlight the document and count it that way through the tools menu.
ooh lucky you - I get the reverse - 80% reg;

oh, my, I suddenly feel very, very old
Was told working directly in MS Word...sm
when I asked what the platform was, that's what she said.

Now I see why I have to have unlimited long distance, and a second phone line!
I assume you're working in Word?
Did you record the Find & Replace macro? You'd get more help if you posted your macro code so we can see where the glitch might be.
It depends on your version of Word. Which one are you working in
and which version of Windows? Later versions no longer include the WP5.1 filter but you can use the old one if you still have old installation CDs. You can also download the filter from the link below.
Because think of the reverse, when you worked in the office...
did you ever see the director of med rec ask doctors to dictate their old stuff, so there would be enough work for MTs? when we were low on work in the hospital,a deficiency list would be sent out, and then boom a bunch of dictation...

hospitals are doing anything and everything they can to cut costs, even as mentioned above, hiring ICs on the side. health care is purely a business now, and I would bet not a day goes by every hospital in America asks the question, how can we cut back on the cost of dictation?

if that were not true, you would not have the HUGE push for the technology and the HUGE push for outsourcing, overseas or not.

think about this, also. we are only working at home for these companies, because hospitals decided it would be cheaper than paying health benefits for full-time MTs, office space, etc etc.

I do not put anything past people who are 100% money-driven these days.

you do make a great point, though, about the billing and DRGs, etc., but I still think they are told to 'cool-it' whenever they can...
Yes, I should be able to, but over the past week, suddenly I can't. NM
There is no such thing as REVERSE discrimination.
Discrimination is discrimination regardless of which race /person is practicing it...

Reverse tennis elbow? sm
After 10 years of transcribing, just the last couple of months I am having inflammation and tenderness on the inside of my left elbow.  Not on the right, just the left.  Ergonomics?  Might be.  I have tried putting a folded up towel on the arm of my chair, raising my elbow, and that helps a little.  Anyone else every had this?
I used Stedman's when working in Meditech, but I would type in Word and
copy to Meditech. 
The font is very tiny for me. It never used to be this way. It suddenly occurred and nothing I do
my apologies administrator, its suddenly back

What could be some reasons you suddenly start getting only the bad dictators
after being with a company over 1-1/2 years? They say they're making pool changes based on certain criteria.
Try doing a functional resume instead of a reverse chronological one.
Focus on your strengths instead of on your former employers. It's your job skills that are important, not how many MTSOs or nationals couldn't keep you busy enough.

* Ten years of multispecialty experience.
* Such and such software skills.
* These reports and those specialties.
* Motivated self-starter, blah blah blah.

Here's a nonMT example of a functional resume.

Reverse poll: What are the 2 things your DH loves about YOU? see msg

After reading the poll a few threads down, last night I asked my hubby what were the two things he loved about ME the most.  Without hesitation he said:  "your encouragement" (towards him) "and your intelligence."  (This is coming from a learned man himself.  That was truly uplifting.) 



Still Reverse Poll: What are the 2 things you hate about your DH?
A 20 y/o who suddenly just died of a heart attack? Seems odd.
I would reverse the media player back
and see if that corrects the problem. If so, you might either decide you don't need the upgrade or contact Windows about a fix...

Make sure your plug is all the way in - sometimes it looks like it is but isn't seated.

Just do a restore to the day before you did the upgrade - or if you are uncomfortable with this uninstall the software and test your headphones...

just a thought.
What is the version of word for windows that works best for you? Still working off 2000.
If you're working in Word, if your Standard & Formatting toolbars
If working in Word, autotext/correct can be used for free, but (smsg)
if you need a separate expander, then I recommend Shorthand.  I think their cost is reasonable, and it is user friendly.  I've used it for years, and it has worked in numerous different platforms, or if not directly compatible, I could convert my list either way fairly easily.  It, too, has a free demo period for 30 days.  Aside from Word's own autotext/correct function which is limited in its compatibility to a degree, you aren't going to find a good free one.
Yeah, suddenly there is a barrage of people asking questions
Do you think we're that stupid or what?
It doesn't sound HATEFUL to me, this person is just saying that suddenly

those who celebrate Christmas are forced to conform for a few minority religions? That's not right. A friend of mine who is Jewish regularly has her children out of school during Hannukah and the school doesn't penalize her children for it.  As far as Christmas plays are concerned, I don't think it's right to force children to be in a play that consists of a bunch of different beliefs if they are not of that particular belief system.  If that is how it is going to be, then they need to completely do away with Christmas/Holiday plays altogether.  There are many holiday songs out there that don't recognize ANY religion at all.  If religion is the issue, than children can easily sing Santa Clause is coming to town or, Jingle Bells, etc. without offending since those songs lean more toward the commercial aspect of the holiday season.  And then, those who want to participate in separate PRIVATE plays can do so.  There are options that can be chosen without hurting anyone's feelings about their religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, NO. Didn't help me. It made me depressed. Reverse effect. nm
Why would my control function keys suddenly change?
Suddenly I can't use CTRL X to cut. Instead my work program suddenly thinks I want to exit the program (ExText). It somehow changed so that I'd have to use Control S, I believe. I don't want to change my function keys depending on the whim of my program. What happened?
web pages
No that I wanted links posted - would be nice - but just curious if other shave a site or myspeace page for their own benefit.

I appreciate your info
need some reference web pages?

Hi all,

If you would like some web pages to add to your "favorites," feel free to visit my website at: