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Posted By: ??? on 2007-05-10
In Reply to:

I've been typing for the same clinic for the past seven years.  Our policy is to make all sentenses as complete as possible to make for better reading.  

I'm going to test tomorrow for a part-time job with another company.  My question is, do I type it like the doctor says it or do i make complete sentenses?


Doc says "patient has CLL."

I usually would type "The patient has chronic lymphocytic leukemia."



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Please ask style questions on the Style board.
I really don't think the guidelines are for the benefit of the hospitals, they seem to benefit the MT company more. By changing the styles daily and having different stayles for different clients, it's nearly impossible to remember, and when we forget something, we lose money, so they win!! English was my second major and I have had QA people change things that are so incredibly wrong that it is totally unbelievable. I have run into 20-year-old QA people who talk like this "Well, that was, like, what we were, like, told to do." Give me a break.

I've been working at home as an employee for over a year - using a style that was provided by the employer - now I have received a message that the style is switching to AAMT styleguide which is different from what I have been doing.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Just wondering why anyone would change midstream.  This is an old account and I don't know if there were complaints or if the style is being dictated by the company or the physicians - who don't really use any kind of style - we just try to make it uniform. 

Try a different style
Those hard plastic earbuds hurt my ears, too. I got some JVC Marshmallows. They have this nice foam on the end that you compress, then place in your ear. It then expands to stay in place and block noise. Very comfy.
style ?
If dictator says April 16, 2008 and then later says 04/16/008, which is correct?  Do I change the long version for the shorter one or vice versa?  Thanks.
style ?

is a pollen allergy treated the same as a drug allergy, caps and bold?

BOS style
That was very kind of you to past that information. I am wondering if it has all the recent changes though.


As always thankk you to all you kind users!!!
Book of Style

The cardiologists I have worked with over the years preferred Roman Numerals for murmurs, however, all that changed when The Book of Style came out indicating to record murmurs with numbers not Roman Numerals.  I even had a few cardiologists state, put the murmur in Roman Numerals.

need help on style board, please, anyone....
I love your style
I don't read a lot of the MQ BS but your posts are worth the effort. :)
Put it on style board. NM

The AMA has their own book of style...
and they DO NOT endorse the BOS. 
Book of Style
Sometimes this stuff just gets crazy.  I do not yet have the 2nd Book of Style, but does it really matter that much?  Two months or 2 months -- it does not change the meaning of the report.  I agree with BOS I think it should be spelled out at the beginning of any sentence but really!  Lord knows we type for pennies as it is.  Now we are expected to purchase yet another book and/or CD and retrain our brains.  Some days it just does not seem worth it.  Could any MT with the 2nd Book of Style please tell me if the rule changed for when and when not to hyphen well-nourished, well-developed?  It is currently covered on page 79 of the first book.  I typed it as shown in the BOS 1st one, but got two reports back from QA saying I was wrong?  In my case my report read "The patient is well devolped and well nourished."  The QA person added hyphens?  It is my understaning you use a hyphen when the sentence reads"Well-nourished male/female."  There is only 1 QA person that seems to fault me for this time and time again.  It upsets me because I do not believe I am wrong on this one.  Am I?    I enjoy getting feedback to see how I am doing and learn the occasional blank which I cannot for the life of me figure out but really on this hyphen thing I am referring to the BOS.  It is all there in black and white (good old plain English) page 79.  I am debating if I should fight this or not at my company.  Seems like whenever I say anything -- been down this road before -- this person in QA just gets down right nasty.  I have no problem with QA people when I really did miss something or research something incorrectly.  Again QA can be a great learning tool, but it just seems to me there is always one who is enough to drive the poor MT to tears. 
SOAP is a style.
Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Prognosis. Some offices like to their office notes typed in this kind of format, others don't.
This is actually according to the AMA style guide
AHDI and JCAHO are just following the AMA.
Actually, there is another style guide for MTs (sm)
Medical Transcription Guide: Do's and Don'ts by Marcy O. Diehl ... it differs regarding some style advice so one wouldn't be 100% BOS compliant, but it's a good guide, nonetheless.
You need to modify the style.
Select the Header style, change it to what you want. Do the same for the Footer, then save the template. Close and reopen as a new document and all should be good as gold.
What is the correct style?

My BOS is at home and I'm at work.  If the doctor says 15.6 thousand and then says increased to 18 thousand which way is correct?

15.6 and 18,000?

15.6 thousand and 18,000?

or 15,600 and 18,000?



Shouldn't this be on the Style Board?
kidding - no offence meant to moderator
I like your style! :) Can you tell us where you work so we can apply? Thx. nm
No - don't give it up - just keep going. Pay attention to their style and what they want.
You will do fine. Stop beating yourself up. Every company and every account may have a different style they follow. You should have account specifics - just review those and follow their guidelines.
Looks like your QA is going by the AAMT Book of Style
AAMT Book of Style...

What changed in the newer version that is of great importance?  Can anyone tell me briefly?  Thanks!

Please tell me where you found this in the style guide. sm
I don't find anything like that in the BOS 2.  Thank you.
AAMT Book of Style CD
Bought both, seems easier to find things in the book, wish I didn't waste the money on the CD
It is the AAMT Book of Style
Supposedly it is the standard; however, usually client preference becomes the standard when you have your own accounts.  The client rules in this regard.  Some of the clients do not know what BOS even is to dictate that way. 
BOS is just a style guide... do what the customer wants! sm
If my client does not have a preference I go by BOS.  If they do state a preference I do what they want.  If I feel the *BOS* way is better for proper interpretation of the report, I will advise that, but otherwise what they say is golden. 
No one is going to make the dr change style of
The font is actually the style of type, not
the size. If the contract reads the way you have indicated, then I believe that it is just a mistake in wording. The font style and size used do not change a 65-character line, but they as well as the margins will affect how many gross lines are on a page.
I want to learn to cut and style hair!
out of it and I took medical secretary instead.  I don't make bad money, but it does get boring sometimes listening to the same complaints, assessments, meds, and tests....  Sometimes I think I'll scream!
most employers use the Book of Style sm
for standards and I would get one and read up on it to know the latest info...what did you fail on your testing? Speed? accuracy? You can certainly brush up on these things with practice tapes/dictation. Have you thought of typing independently for clinics in your area? Don't forget about psychiatric clinics, physical therapy clinics and other, less obvious places where documentation is necessary. Go personally to a doctor's office, speak only to the office manager there and tell them you are looking for work, perhaps at first only as a helper/coverage for their current Transcriptionist (I cover many doctor's offices for vacations). It will get your foot in the door at least. I have had two doctors ask me to be their full time transcriptionist after their own had left because I was their vacation coverage and they knew I could handle the job. Keep your head up! Perhaps working at a local hospital is the way to go. Good luck to you!
Depends on the doctor's style-sm

I can do one of my doctors almost as he speaks. However, the other one makes up for it, i.e. The other day he did a 72 minute digital dictation - He talks fast for one thing, but what really takes time is when he uses his "shells" as oftentimes he will say "just combine my xxx shell with my zzz shell" and while I am sitting here doing that, he goes on and dictates more. Also, I have his "missing list" on one screen, a log on another screen, my open document,  and I have to go back and forth continuously.  Finally, on second consults he has me cut and paste info from the initial consult, so after searching for the original, I then have that to do. HIS 72 minutes took me approximately 7 hours!!!!

What Book of Style is standard use now? sm

I haven't worked actively since June of 2007.  At that time I used the AAMT Book of Style 2nd Edition.  Is that what is being used now or is there another book I need to invest in? 


OMG How interesting! What style of jewelry do you make?!
I really find that fascinating!
Do you have the AAMT Book of Style Second edition?
According to the Medquist Style Guidelines that I received,
it states that the one space rule applies following a period, in numeric lists, and following a colon. I received these guidelines in March from MQ. This is what I would go by. I was told that if I spaced twice I would receive a penalty on my QA reviews. Obviously, you are the uninformed one, so see ya later wench.

Style question about bolding colons. sm
Do you bold colons along with the subtitle, i.e.,
PHYSICAL THERAPY: (all of it bolded or just the subtitle)?
State abbreviations. Is there some style guide in LT or MT

where they don't use the postal code standard of two caps; i.e. CA instead of CA for California?

I immediately delete any application that comes to me if it contains gross error. I'm just blown away when I see MTs and LTs with 5+ years of experience who use the "Ca" formatting. Before I blast away this latest applicant, I thought I'd stop to check if there's something out there that I'm unaware of. Out of the 12+ resumes I'm getting a day lately, at least two will contain this error so now I'm questioning myself.




Here's another link. Use the style set for left margin.
AAMT Book of Style question...
I am looking for the AAMT Book of Style.  I was trying to get a used on on Ebay, then came across a CD for much less.  Does anyone know if the CD has everything the book has?  Also, are there search features on the CD?  I am thinking a CD would be even faster if I had to reference something, if all the info is on there.  Thanks in advance!
Crepitance per AAMT Book of Style
According to AAMT book of style crepitance because of its frequent usage is an allowable term even though it is not in the dictionaries.
AAMT Style Guide!!! (Phooey)
Is there a "quick" style guide available on the net?  I don't have time to pick up an AAMT Book of Style before I test.  I've done this for 30+ years and have never been corrected by the physicians but this national company wants things done in the AAMT standard.  Every physician I've ever transcribed for asked me NOT to change a thing and AAMT style be dam--d.  But, nationals have their own way of doing things (testing!) and while I certainly know what I'm doing - I'm not sure that I'll do it the "AAMT way".  So, any help you can give me is appreciated!
Error in Book of Style 2nd edition!?

Hey!  I just paid over $60 for this dang BOS (my new employer requires I have one), so I'm studying it diligently, and on page 297 they're referring to Salter-Harris fractures as "Slater-Harris".  Thought I was going nuts, checked Stedman's and they say its Salter.  Am worried there are other errors in it, and I won't know it!  Do they publish their bloopers anywhere? 

I'm not a member of AAMT (and probably never will be, I'm not a joiner), but I'm pretty doggone disgusted I just shelled out that kind of money for published errors, especially after reading repeatedly in the book how regular MTs aren't worthy of putting letters after their name unless they've been certified by the all-knowing AAMT!  Guess I'd never pass their test since I'd say Salter-Harris instead of Slater!

Anyway, I feel ripped off, especially since all editors/employers act like the AAMT is holy like the pope!  Thanks for listening to me vent!

You need the Book of Style, 2nd Edition, to work out here. Some used
AAMT Book of Style-2nd Edition

I am a new MT, I was wondering if anyone was selling any "AAMT Book of Style-2nd Edition" or the CD Rom version? Also looking for a current Medical Spellchecker?


Please let me know




This is getting ridiculous. I REFUSE to buy yet another edition of the BS of Style.

Those broads at the AHDI or whatever it is called now have too much time on their hands!  They need to get real jobs.  Get back out there in the trenches, have someone QA the crap out their work, and see how they like every changing quicksand of MT.

Book of Style Workbook - helpful?

Thinking of ordering it - anyone use it with the BOS?

I may be mistaken but the mook of style 2 may have went to one space
My company that I switched to is single space..Talk about a habit to break after all these years.
LOL! You are one of a kind and I definitely prefer your writing style which is
I found it on our style board (DOE, JOHN JR is correct). Thanks! NM
(copied from another person's post) Common mistake that I see very often and of course it is up to your employer's preference but the way it SHOULD be is #2. M.D. is not part of his name, it is a title, so it should come after. This also goes for Jr., Sr., etc. Last name, first name, middle name/initial, then any title. Logically, when you are looking for a patient's chart, for example, you are looking for Doe, then John. Unless you know he is an M.D., you wouldn't know to look under for that. I hope this helps.
Help on Style Board please, re: capitalizing trademark drugs when used