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Such a great movie! Still love the soundtrack

Posted By: after all these years. nm The hills are Alive...!! on 2007-09-07
In Reply to: You never saw "The Sound of Music"? - RSG


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LOL...yeah, I think it is. Great movie!
Eight Below - great family movie. nm
Repeat after me,,,,, I love that movie.
That was in a movie right? He looks great on award nights.
I like him because he seems to be focused on the part he plays and not on looking good and in some movies, especially the pirate movie, he looked not so good but was hilarious.  He doesn't seem Hollywood to me all propped up and doing the guest appearances to promote his movies. 
Yeah, Duel. Great movie. sm
One of Steven Spielberg's early ones before he became famous.
"It ain't fittin..." also from another great movie...

"O' Brother where Art Thou?"  There were so many great quotes in that movie it just ain't funny!

"The preacher says all my sins is warshed away, including that Piggly Wiggly I knocked over in Yazoo." --Delmar


That's great! Love it! nm
We love ours, the DVR is great too! (sm)
I think that DishNet is cheaper than DirectTV, at least when I did my research almost a year ago.
I love my supervisor. She's great!
That's a great idea. I'd love to see him too.

If you don't know how to post his picture I'm sure there's several people here who'd be more thanhappy to show you how to do it. 

Come on. We're all waiting with bated breath to see your hunk of a husband because we know he probably puts Tom Cruise to shame.

Sounds great. Hope you love it! (nm)
It's great and easy to use. You'll love it! nm
sorry...not a great experience. I do love the work,
We love our Dodge Durango! Sis-in-law has a GMC Envoy which is great but a little out of our
I do only Op Reports and love it. Great line count too. sm
Everyone is different, although I think you can learn them and you may even like doing them. Give it a shot and good luck!

Been specializing in op reports for 25 years now. You do need to keep up with the medical equipment terms. There is something new every day.
no i don't love being MT but it beats McDonalds. no i don't work for a great company.
no raises and constant shift in management. no i don't make more than enough money to just pay my bills but i have cut down on overhead of regular job outside of the home.

it's an okay job relatively speaking.
Love my Kirby G5 -- got it used for $500 - the thing is a tank and works great!- nm
Vitamin catalogs are great for this info, too. Love Swanson's! nm
Absolutely would. Love my job/career! Make great money. nm
I LOVE a woman with a great sense of humor! hahahaha!! nm
Oh Yeah, me too! I love the Queen! I hadn't thought of her, but she'd be great. nm
Love Johnny Depp too. He has a sense of humor and is a great actor.
Love his movies.
I use the Simply Sheer. Love it. Great coverage and feels like no makeup at all. nm

I love my Electrolux, I am hard on Vacuums and I found Electrolux to be great, it sucks up everythin
have ya'll seen this movie sm
called Napolean Dynamite? If you have teens, maybe you have heard of it.  If you wanna rent a movie this weekend that is totally mindless and just plain funny, rent this one! OMG, my 14 YOD has watched it four times since we've had it.  It's just funny!
So are you saying you actually saw the movie?
If you did, then you would know they would never have gotten married if society had accepted their lifestyle and they did not have to fear for their lives.
It was a TV movie, first
After getting work at Universal (legend is he sorta snuck in), Spielberg was given Duel as his first directing job. It was a TV movie (I remember seeing it way back then). It was later released to theatres in 1983, most likely due to Spielberg's success with ET and other films at the time.

It's remarkable how simple a film it was (i.e., low budget). Only about 3 actors, with Weaver in every scene. It reminds me of a Stephen King type suspense, although none of the movies made of King's work has done nearly as well.

Some interesting comments about the film can be found at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067023/?fr=c2l0ZT1kZnx0dD0xfGZiPXV8cG49MHxrdz0xfHE9ZHVlbHxmdD0xfG14PTIwfGxtPTUwMHxjbz0xfGh0bWw9MXxubT0x;fc=1;ft=206;fm=1

any movie must see and
I highly recommend The Machinist, it kept me interested as to whats going on until the very end, and I had to watch it again to catch the little hints.  I just rented and saw Red Eye, HORRIBLE...some parts were predictable and others were ridiculous.  Don't tell me other passengers don't notice when someone gets head-butted hard enough to draw blood.  Big disappointment.  Anyone else?
probably his best movie!
It showed the insurance companies for what they are; money-grubbing killers.

I think anyone here who thinks this is a good system should try to put herself (or himself) in place of those denied a claim for a procedure to save a life.

It is callous and disgusting. As I said before, health care should not be a for-profit business.
War of the worlds movie.
Has anyone seen the new War of the Worlds movie and did the big, mechanical monster remind you of a giant colonoscopy at times?  Just wondered if anyone else saw it and thought the same thing. ');>
This movie was so bad that we walked out of it!!
That's the scariest movie I ever saw! SM
I was 19 when I saw it - and I went home and slept in my parents' bed with them!
Sounds like a fun movie!
Wow! Wasn't that some movie!
good movie

I am so excited to see this movie.

I never saw his other 2 movies, but I am so glad he is making this, and I hope everyone will watch it. 

He mentioned on Oprah that health insurance companies are required by law to turn a profit (for the benefit of their stock holders), and in order to turn a big profit they feel they need to deny care to patients that need it.  The laws obviously need to be changed, and healthcare needs to be a right, not an outrageously expensive privilege!

What was that recent movie ...
Something where they were going to blow up a compound in Saudi, wasn't it?
did you see the movie Doc Hollywood?
it's about just that - it's sorta old, but so wonderful.
Outsourcing - the movie
Has anyone seen the recent movie Outsourcing?  My husband and I rented it last night and it was quite good, and very relevant to what's happening in the MT business, although the business in the movie was actually a call center.  It's a comedy about a call center manager whose whole department gets outsourced to India and he is sent over there to train his replacement and get the whole department up to standards.  It's very funny actually, with a little romantic story line thrown in, to boot.  It seemed pretty realistic in portraying what's happening in too much of American business today, and as MTs, we can all relate!
I am trying to find a movie still from The Pacifier of
BUT I CANT FIND ONE. I find movie stills from the movie, but for some reason NONE of that one. If anyone comes across one please send it my way..I really want to irritate my husband.
That a movie about gay cowboys is wonderful
And wins all the awards, but yet the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ" caused such an uproar. It shows where Hollywood's mind is and their agenda for the rest of the country.
Thanks, can't wait to see it. I'm always up for a good movie. nm
We still have a Drive In movie theater. sm

It's located in a small town called Skowhegan and it's open during the summer.

No more speakers in the window. The sound comes through your radio. Make sure your car battery is good. No need to hide in the back as they charge by the car, regardless of how many people are in it.


Izzy was in a Hallmark movie also
It was a sweet story, catch it if you can....She was also in something else that I can't think of right now... a movie.. I'll think of it sooner or later...
Keeping with the movie theme........

share with me the good movies you have seen in the past year (I like to get PayPerView and have picked some STRANGE stuff lately!!!)


my fave movie too....but not for Costner...nm

Loved that movie however unpopular.
I applaud Mel Gibson for making it.
Saw it yesterday, it was a very good movie.
There is also a good movie hopefully coming out soon. sm
it is more about maternity care in the US and how horrible it has evolved in the last decade or so. Lake and director Abby Epstein explore the intervention of modern medical practices in the birth process, which has led to alarming rates of drug-induced labor and cesarean sections performed in America. it actually has ricki lake in there too with her home births.

I knew there was a dell in there somewhere...LOL! Been a while since I seen the movie.
Go out and do something! A movie, a museum (if open), mall, etc. -sm
I am home just about every Saturday night though I am married, have no family in the area, and few people my husband trusts to babysit. We try to go out during the day all together and do stuff with the kids on Saturday as I usually spend Sunday working all day (yes I am working now, taking a 10 minute break though). When I was single I enjoyed going out by myself and doing things. On the rare occasion now that I go out alone and don't have a million errands to run, I enjoy myself. But you can't meet anyone if you don't go out and try, maybe one of those book stores with cafe's, or the library, etc. Of like my dad (which I wish he hadn't done but its water under the bridge) go to church one night. That is what he did and he met my, now, stepmother that way. I am not religious so I'd never do that. But my point is complaining about being home alone and dateless on Saturday night is not going to change unless get up off your butt and go out. Try it and who knows!