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Survivor Guatemala wimps...

Posted By: kyradmt on 2005-09-22
In Reply to:

Anyone notice last week on Survivor Guatemala how all the men became sick and puked, lyinig lifeless on the beach while the women seemed just fine, taking care of the MEN! As a man I wuz quite disgusted with my fellow dudes - quite a blow to the "male ego" I must say. Remember guys - we're the STRONGER sex!!! ACT like it!

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Lovin reality.
Survivor, anyone?
Has anyone been following Survivor Exile Island? What did you think of Shane getting voted off? I was so shocked - he was absolutely convinced he was going all the way to the final two. I hope Terry keeps winning immunity - he is such an awesome dude!
Survivor, anyone?
I was SOOOOO glad to see Shane go! He was so annoying to me!! I'm glad he got to see his son and share some of the experience with him though, I'm not that cold hearted. I don't want Aras to win because I can't stand him either!!! I'd like to see Cirie or Terry win, only because they played the game so well.


I was diagnosed in January 2006 and underwent a right lumpectomy and lymph node dissection, I had my chemo and radiation.  I'm just finishing up with my Herceptin, my last dose will be the end of May.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.  It's not easy but I was back to work in a couple of weeks.  At that time I lived in California and had to fight for disability.  Hopefully you don't live there, and go through what I did...  Also, check out with the Cancer Society regarding support groups in your area, they were a great help.  My prayers are with you.  If you want I can keep in touch and help out as much as I can. 

You are a survivor. My hat is off to you (along with a bow).
I agree with Winnie.  Keep it simple.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago tomorrow.  I didn't have my mastectomy until 7 years ago and I had it done prophylactically.  I had a drainage tube when I got home from the hospital and they gave me a surgical bra to wear.  I wore very loose fitting P.J.'s. 
Speaking of Survivor.
Anyone every applied before or know someone who has, my Niece is trying to get on and is going for an open audition this coming Friday, any advice?
survivor tie breaker

At tribal counsel, Aras had immunity from winning the immunity challenge and Terry wouldnt give up his immunity idol, so it was a tie - Danielle had 2 votes, Cirie had 2 votes. 

The tiebreaker will be to see who gets a fire started the fastest to burn through a rope and raise their flag  and that's how it ended - I think you may be right too, but I hope not

I am a PPD survivor and boycott Cruise nm
lol... Oh, and CBS for Survivor. We LOVE that show. NM
thanks for sharing a survivor story sm
I had my colorectal cancer surgery 9 weeks ago - stage III as well. Going through chemo right now followed by radiation/chemo followed by chemo alone. Nice to hear that someone else in the same boat made it through to the other shore. BTW, I am *only* 44, good shape, nonsmoker, exercise and eat healthy, yada yada. Burns me every time I read how colorectal cancer is preventable. I did everything right and still got it...guess I'm *special*.
I am a Survivor fan and did watch it last week. The guys

most definitely carried huge loads in order to take everything with them and ended up paying a huge price.  Hopefully they all start drinking more water ... I think they are a great group and I want to see everyone able to compete.

Tonight should be good!

oops - Johnny Fairplay was ON SURVIVOR...sm



They should give Cirise from Survivor a chance at it.
On Survivor, they eat rice or corn for days or weeks. They win a reward and eat pizza, greasy