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Texas Hill Country

Posted By: wordwoman on 2006-10-06
In Reply to: I can tell you that if you move to - TM

I second the suggestion of moving to the Hill Country.  It is beautiful!  My brother lives in Canyon Lake, about 30 miles north of San Antonio.  You have to like driving though, because to get anywhere you have to drive a lot.   From the house my brother lived in when we visited a few years ago he had to drive 15 miles to the grocery store, and that was considered "just around the corner."  He couldn't buy ice cream because it would melt on the way home!

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Going down hill
I agree completely. I think we are on a sinking ship. You don't know what companies to trust and alot is going to voice recognition. I am thinking about going back to the hospital, but not as a transcriptionist. Done this for 20 years.
unless you look like Faith Hill you can't get away with (sm)
trendier clothes or the belly showing.  You'll just end up looking like somebody "trying" to look younger. 
Thanks, mole hill... you are right...
My job is fine and I am fine... and I need to stay this way... since the place bothers me, and as the poster below said if it bothers me, then leave... that is what I will do.
Personally since it is more important for me to love my job, make my paycheck and be happy then that is what I need to continue doing as a lot of us out there... If the networking gets me down then I need to quit that.
Thanks for your positive response. At least I leave here on a good note looking at your post. And BTW: I have never run out of work at my job which is a great company, and I know my bills will be paid. Though others are out and hate the company that is their experience and not mine. I am going to just go on with my life outside of here and be happy. Sorry I have to leave, but better one less member happy outside of here, and all leave you all to your networking. Thanks again mole hill appreciate it!
a little factual HX on Bill and Hill...sm

when in Arkansas, Bill was governor earning $32,000 yearly

when in Arkansas, Hill was an attorney earning $267,000 yearly.

So calling her DUMB only makes you look MORE DUMB. 

glad I could help!! Hill in 2008!!!! nm
Us too (VA), luckily live on top of a hill - sm
on a private road (now filled with water ruts). So most of our water drains off though our backyard is relatively flat and under about 2-3" of water now. Drained out a few inches out of our Intex pool, don't want it to flow over on its own! Shouldn't have to worry about a drought though!
give Hill credit for STANDING BY HER MAN...nm

the old haunting of hill house with julie harris...
that part when she is lying in bed at night and thinks her friend was holding her hand, and turns out her friend was in another bed across the room...
CONGRATS to Vanessa R. of Mine Hill, NJ on winning the computer shaped

I think she is thinking of the one in Austin, I believe.  Don't remember when it was, but I do remember someone shooting at the students on campus, was it University of Texas?

Don't come to Texas either - UGH

Texas A&M
West Texas A&M but currently on scholarship to study in Japan for a year.
Texas weather
We haven't hit 100 yet, but i'm sure it is in the near future. Thank God I'm not in arizona!
TEXAS school
Does anybody know of a good MT school in Dallax, TX
Texas School
Stay away from the "trade" schools and business colleges - nothing but a waste of your or the governments money - I know, I worked for one. Try to find a community or junior college with an accredited program. The noncredit courses are also mostly a waste of your time and money - unless you already have some experience and are just wanting to brush up. Hope this helps.
TransTech in Texas does them. nm
lived in Texas too
I posted to you about where to look. We also lived in Dallas and they are overpriced too.  You don't pay a state income tax in Florida, but there are a lot of hidden sales taxes and such.    The problem with living on the water is you can't get insurance and if you find it, it's extremely high.  We left Florida and went to Biloxi, Mississippi and it was about half the cost of Florida and we were 1 block from the beach. We had planned to go back but it will take a few years to be rebuilt. In the meantime, heading to TN as they do not have a state income tax, a vehicle tax, and the property taxes are much much less.
Was this company in Texas?
22-years-old, Texas.
Pecos, Texas
is where I was born...a hot dry dusty place.  Lived around Ft.Worth area growing up, then got married and raised a family around Cleburne, TX....I currently live in Arkansas, where it is beautiful and the people are more friendly.  I have 20 acres in the woods, so could not be in a better place for me.  I have my two dogs, three cats and together we are a pack, with me as the leader of course, ha ha.  Kids have grown and left home, are both in their 20's.  Gotta get back to work.  Living out here is the perfect place to work from home, but I cannot just work all day in a nightgown, have to get dressed except for shoes (like to use footpedal barefooted) to get in a mindset of "going to work".
Hope this is not a doc in Texas. sm
I had a podiatry doc that did this and it was not worth doing as he only wanted to pay 3.50 per page but the margins were 0.25 on each side, 9 size font, and 0.25 top and bottom margin. Awful, awful, awful!
Texas Tech
Nope--I'm in Texas
Live in Texas....
I'm on balanced billing since I like to know exactly what my bill will be every month. It is $238/month year round. We have a family of 4 and keep the house at 75 all the time with all the fans running as well. My DH would like to keep it cooler, but that is cool enough for me!

Stay away from the D/FW area and Houston - too much traffic and illegals.  Drugs, gangs, etc.  Try to find a small town or country setting.  It is HOT and the concrete of the cities just increases that heat.  Also the pollution in these areas is bad so if you have any type of lung or breathing problems - stay away.  However, if you do not mind sitting in traffic for an hour to get to a job 10 miles away - then you should move to a big city.  If you are planning to work from home, remember that internet is not available everywhere in Texas.  Personally, I wouldn't move to Texas - I would choose SC or FL - much better options.



Is it the Texas heat?

I think we may have worked for the same lady!  She never had the AC on in her office except for a unit in the room with the phone equipment to keep it cool, so my husband used to say that it must be the heat frying her brain cells.  If it isn't the same lady, it's a real clone.  I don't work for her anymore, either!



Actually, in Texas the employer must have
if they do have such policy, they must follow it.

I checked. :)

Texas Coast
just had the CBS affiliate on here in Miami and they are saying Ike is now a Cat 1, but expected to strengthen to a Cat 3 with landfall either in TX or Mexico by Saturday morning.
Texas drivers
I live in TX and have never heard of this. Have ins through AAA, just renewed last month in fact. No mention of this. Where did you get your quote?
I had the same problem with a Texas Co. Email me
I'm just wondering who the company is and if it is the same one I worked for. I eventually got paid but they used the old "check got lost in the mail" routine.
sleet and snow in texas!
what a nice change.  We went from 88 to 20 degrees, it's awesome!
fort worth, texas
Still here too!
She was from Texas. May be the same person. Initials BF?
Anyone see Texas Ranch House and think that
there is a similiarity in the medical transcription business?  The MTs are the cowboys, the ranch owners the MTSO and the daughters like the doctors?  The cowboys do all the work, the owners try to extract as much as they can from the cowboys while paying as little as they have to, and the daughters do virtually nothing but complain about the cowboys/MTs?  
Add me to your list. BF in Texas ripped me off too.

Never heard back from her until we got a RESUME from her looking for work.  The rip off was 3 months ago, the resume a week ago.  Called the number on there, left a message, emailed her.  Now the number is disconnected, the email is invalid.  I am so ticked off that I feel for this !!


MT jobs in Texas - Dallas or Austin

Hello All,

With my job (non MT), I have the chance to move to either Austin or Dallas. I'd be bringing my girlfriend with me but this means she'd have to leave her current MT job which works directly with a hospital. Does anyone have any pointers on who's hiring for MTs in either Austin or Dallas preferably working out of the home? She currently makes 75k a year since her employeer provides a lot of double overtime. Could this much be made in Austin or Dallas? She'd possibly look at working for an outsourcing company as well (hopefully with benefits). Any pointers on outsouring as well would be nice.


Many Thanks

Transtech medical in Texas. I found them when

I was running out of work every day.  They are wonderful and very nice.  Transcend is not that great. 

.10 gross line. I'm in Texas, Dr. is in Florida

They're a small company in Texas. Would that be the one? nm
Lufkin Texas or to be more specific Hudson. sm
Hudson has Lufkin addresses but 2 different school districts. The schools in Hudson are awesome! Lufkin schools - hmm not so much! It is a growing area with around 40+ thousand people. Great great area for raising children.
1 hurricane in 30 years or every year. I'd take Texas :)
Just kidding with u but I have been to Florida..... Talk about illegals! woweee. Not saying all over, just where I have been. See...... generalizations help no one. If you don't live there, you do not know so please consider your response. And, yes I was actually raised in Pasadena/Houston TX area and NO WAY would I want to live there again. :)
go ahead, texas MT, tell 'em the rest
of it - how "you don't mess with Texas". LOL
I just speak plain ole Texas vernacular....sm
And I don't wanna hear one mean word about it. When I was transcribing, I typed in classical, perfectly grammatical American English, but now I post (and talk) just like I please. :D :D
Texas drivers ~ insurance by the mile....

Have any of you heard of this?  It is auto insurance charged by the miles driven.  I got a quote online for myself and it is very reasonable for me but not for the 17-yo.


Fort Hood, Texas....army hospital *S*
AAMT member, yes. Love Texas de Brazil!!
I worked for a Texas company who had 90% ESLs and not just Texans sm

It was EFD and OMGoodness!  They were the toughest reports in the world!  They were primarily Hispanic and the 3 American's who were not ESLs were Texans and might as well have been ESLs.

If it is EFD I am here to tell you, really great people when I was there, but the account was tough for me THEN.  I suspect that these days I would be fine. 

Thank you for this info!! Texas has passed law to be effective sept. 1, 2006!!!! nm
CONGRATS to George E. of Texas on winning MPWord MTSO
CONGRATS to George E. of Texas on winning MPWord MTSO