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Thank you! I'm so glad you posted

Posted By: Anon on 2006-10-08
In Reply to: I started a neighborhood watch a couple of years ago...sm - Georgia gal

this message because yesterday and all through the early hours this morning the noise was unbearable, and now I have to work an 8-10 hour shift on almost no sleep.  You are right about the people moving and new ones coming in; we never had this problem out of the 9 years I have owned my house up until early Spring this year when someone new moved in down the street.  I'm sure people know exactly who is causing the noise and other problems, but maybe they are afraid to say anything.  I have found from personal experience and from others that once you try to ask somebody nicely to keep it down, one of two things happens; they either say they are sorry and keep it down, or they turn it up louder, then if you call the police they know it was you.  I have just resorted to calling the police anonymously, although I know they can find out who I am, but the neighbor doesn't have to know it was me. 

I have made up fliers and am going out this afternoon to pass them out, and at least in the meantime ask them to please call the police whenever they hear that music.  It HAS to be bothering more than just me if I can FEEL it and my dog hides behind a chair.  Thanks so much for the tips. 

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I am so glad you posted that about men, I am 30 and
I am having the same problem.  That is probably why I work so much.  Our situation is terrible, but at least we now know that we aren't alone out there by our 30ish year old selves going through some sort of pre-midlife crisis.  I thought it was just me. 
So glad you posted this - thanks
I remember this....I'm so glad you posted. SM

I have two major problems that I have been struggling to turn over to the Lord that I am having problems letting go of.  Just seeing this post this morning has done me more good than you know.

And I'm glad you have the jacket back because it means so much to you.  He really does work good for those who love Him, doesn't He?

Thank you again for posting.

I'm so glad you posted. I thought it was me! sm
I can remember from years ago, but have so much difficulty remember things short-term. If I don't write it, I can't remember. Scary! At least I know I'm not alone! Thanks everyone!
well i am glad that they treat you that posted better
Odd it must have just been me cause I was with them two different times two years apart and both times the same crap! I am glad to see that they are treating some people nicer than myself! I really don't know what the deal is there, but I know I didn't get much positive feedback or help when I asked for help! Yes, the pay was not so hot either I agree with the other poster on that part. I have two years of transcription experience, but this gal did expect perfection from me on day one I can see maybe day 3 but not day one. As I said I am just speaking my experience and if anyone else has had similar to myself please don't hesitate to speak up! Thanks! Have a great weekend all!
Hey Jodi!! Glad you posted! I am praying
for you and proud of you. You are right on track about not moving to be closer to him. And if he tries to argue, always remember to use the reasoning that its the KIDS who are first - its not you versus him. So, the kids should not move closer to him, but rather the other way around!! He has to be sure everything he does is for THEM not him. Though he'll argue that they need to see their daddy - thus why they should move - its psycho warfare, and HE needs to accommodate them. Period! Someday you will look back on this period of your life and hopefully laugh, or at least smile and see what a great decision it was and how worth it for the kids AND you!
Thanks everyone for the kind responses. I'm glad I posted. I have gotten some good leads.
And some good advice. Feeling better already!!

Glad I could help and glad you got your setup going. nm
glad to help, glad it worked!
thank you - please do keep me posted. - sm
I was supposed to be there next week.
yes - keep us posted
I am sick to death of these companies. My credit card company called me Friday night at 9:45 P.M. to ask where my payment was, which I made last week and it was not late!!!! I was so mad and I knew the call was being monitored "for better customer service" that I screamed "listen you job stealing m**f**, do you have any idea what time it is, and if you knew your job, you would see that I am not late with my payment and it was RECEIVED last week." I was sooooo mad I couldn't believe I had lost it like that. I was screaming all kinds of profanities.

Ooooh that felt good getting that off my chest. Now if a big hurricane or tsunami would hit their towns I would be even happier. I have never been racist a day in my life, but I realize that I am racist against countries taking our jobs.
Where was that posted?
Can you direct me to that?
that was probably LL who posted.
I think that is the same guy that posted
before about the $25/audio hour and got actual bids for $10 and $20/audio hour. He/she sounds like a scammer
I got in right after I posted here, but before that
This was NOT posted by myself.
Hello PJ, nice to meet another, but how about we find a way to set ourselves apart. I am an MT and an Editor for multple accounts and frequent the boards here on MT Stars, come visit me on the Holiday/Recipe board if you like.
You might as well have posted
What is this? What can we do with this. Sorry, I'm not a technical person. How can we use this?
I posted below on this...
This lady I referred to before who wrote the doctor, he was actually more impressed with her at trying to learn a profession and showing that she cared than he was with the MTSO. He got mad at the MTSO for firing this lady and thought she should have been given a chance. He was actually really upset by this. I just think maybe a doctor should know how much their demands can affect a family...especially now that I am out of a job!! As far as the MTSO and everyone else seeing this and having a long memory, do you really think I would ever be able to work for that company again? She fired me over e-mail and told me not to contact her and then stayed logged off of her IM, so she is basically "hiding." Now that should stick in everyone's minds for a long time, I would think. It does really hurt to be an MT for so many years and have a mishap with a TAT a time or two, be told about it, apologize and then be given more work for a week while the MTSO trains someone else and THEN get fired!! I thought there was some kindness in the world, but I guess not when it comes to business. That is such a shame.
I saw that you posted....
a little lower that he was fine, but now he's having problems again.  I really do think it's some sort of allergic reaction, and he went and exposed himself yet again.  What is he eating or drinking???  Only the two of you can decide how serious this is, but if it IS serious, then get him some medical help--and to hell with the cost!
Well, I think this is probably a first for me to see posted
I have mixed feelings about what to say because I don't know what kind of felony it was (and I'm not asking), but I would think that would be a huge factor in getting any kind of job in the medical business. Usually it takes 20 years for things like that to roll off a reference check. I'm torn between telling you not to disclose it and roll the dice of it not being found or continue disclosing it and not being able to find a job. (I know that statement will generate some livid responses!) In general a felony is enough to keep you off most employer's payroll and I imagine it would be next to impossible for jobs related to the medical industry. Maybe try some local clinics where you can explain face to face your situation.
Saw them AFTER I posted!
Again, sheesh, sorry to be a bother - I thought this board was for support.  If you don't want to answer, you don't have to!  People talking about what they are fixing for dinner are not attacked!  I'm trying to save my house and feed my children.  I logged in after a long absence, ran a search, got 0 (again have no idea why), posted my message, and yes, THEN related messages popped up!  I only come here now and again and probably did something wrong but jeepers!   That's ("how can you say that?!") how I can say that.  Please think twice before basically accusing someone of lying! Thank you for a lovely end to a lousy day with only $26.00 earned due to no work at my job. 
I don't know why I posted that there!
Maybe this should be posted on the
Thanks again!!! It's also posted above!!...sm
Since I never win anything, this truly made my day - thank you MT Stars again and again for this huge recognition this year!!!!  Your support makes us happy!! 
I know this has been posted before, but...
I just got a job in which I will need macros in word. Since it is something I have not needed before now, I never really paid attention to the posts on it. Can anyone explain this to me? Thank you!
done, but please keep us posted (sm)
I really got hooked on American Idol when it was on. If they ever put clips up we could listen to, it would be fun to hear. Maybe you could keep us posted on the process. Did this just start recently? Much more fun that MT, isn't it! Sing one "for the girls"!
Just posted on this...
I make over $20.00 per hour on VR, even with the low pay because I can do more than straight. The VR is different with the platform- just like working for 1 company as opposed to another. Where 1 does not like, another loves this form of doing their work- what system are you on? Mine lots of time takes very little editing really.
I know - I just posted above sm

about some other discrepancies - like the templates from DQS I put in only register two or three Keystrokes but it doesn't count the characters at all.  The templates I have in IT shoot the count up, but then I haven't determined what happens when you remove part of it.  It must keep the original count of the template?  

Yes, that was exactly what was posted above you and below
Then everyone who posted here who said (sm)
they transcribed a report knowingly on a family member either likes to not follow rules, doesn't want to toss the dictation back into the cue for loss of lines, or is just plain ole NOOSEY BODIES.
Well after I posted this...
it brought up the list of related posts and they were all so similar to my situation! and good advice too. I feel better. I notice though, the only people who never respond are the pickers themselves.
That was me that posted about...
the online removal and no, you don't have to have their service. It's an entirely one-time thing. McCaffee is the one I used. Do a search on Google for McCaffee online virus removal. I haven't seen it on my bill yet, but it was between $60 and $90. Allow at least an hour's time to complete the removal.
There was a job ad just posted by
a Christian-based MTSO.  Of all the MTSOs, I'm sure they would understand your dilemma.  Give 'em try, but be upfront and honest about your belief system.
I posted previously on this...
Unfortunately, probably for every good QA person, there are  maybe twice as many who are sadistic against other women.  Also, sometimes, in my opinion, they try way too hard to impress their bosses, or whoever they are trying to impress, than to really to help and educate MTs.  If that were not the case, you would not have all the major inconsistency, where one day they want it 'this way' and the next QA on the next day wants it 'that way' haha.  Ever had that happen?  Then when you question, you are treated worse than any man would treat you...

If a company hires an MT who is so terribly bad and lacking in skills, that is quite sadistic to then turn around and whine and complain of how bad they all are.  Perhaps QA should be involved in the hiring process as well. 

Sounds like martyr syndrome a little bit, too, like 'we all just have it so bad from you horrible, awful MTs, we have to fix all your nasty work.'  

Right, it is all about the QA and the supervisors, right?  Not at all about the MT who is expected to produce twice as much, for 1/2 the pay, is listening to the dictator form scratch, not reading along like QA does, where, yeah, it is easy to catch a word or meaning when most of the hard work is already done from an MT who was probably struggling to even get that much intelligible information from someone chewing or sneezing, coughing, or when a child is screaming in the background. 

If anyone really wanted to 'fix' the problem, there would be a job created to help educate MTs having consistent problems (not just, gee, today we do not like the way you punctuated, so you are a terrible MT).  Hiring also should be better controlled. 

One wonders, are you that critical to the overseas MTs?  Hardly...their work is probably 50% worse than any of our worst MTs, yet look how they are thirving...and your bosses are even wooing them. 

Help MTs, stop crucifying them for errors that are not causing harm to patients, and remember we are struggling against time, as well.  Only, WE are the reason YOU have jobs. 
I see why you posted Anon
That's nice that you are prejudice.  I have three children who are mixed.  They are wonderful children.  I know this has nothing to do with your post about the little girl, but your admittance of being prejudice really offends me.
I only posted the one question
I did not LIE about anything.  The only question that I asked was regarding the test question that I have been jumped on about.  There is another poster who asked about questions on her practice tapes. 
Are you the one who posted on the Ask the Dr board?

I go to "The Stop Smoking Center" for online support.  I quit for eight years, but this past 13 months have been so crazy that I relapsed exactly one year ago.  I've been peeved at DH and stressed over a lot of stuff, so I lit up one night while out with a friend.  I quit again for three months using Zyban, but relapsed yet again after stopping that.  I do OK during the day with not smoking, but DH smokes outside at home so it's tough to stay quit being around him.  I just keep making excuses to not quit.  That means I'm just not ready yet.  People handle their emotions and stress fine without smoking.  I handled everything fine for eight years without smoking, and those eight years were pretty hairy, too..  For me, it's a question of replacing my bad emotional crutch with a good one.  (Exercise!)

Good for you for making the decision!  You can do it!  Google the support board I told you about, and I'll probably be around here if you want to buddy up or anything.

Oh, and I notice you have posted ONCE as JK???...

Here is a link that was posted on here just a bit ago.
If an alarm had not been going off, she would not have posted.
Women's sexual organs are tucked away whereas men's are not. I do not know one civilization in this world where then men do not cover up their organs. Tribes have he decency to protect children from that.

I posted the email about OSI and this is why
I worked for OSi when all of that stuff happened and 3 of us quit in a couple of weeks because it was just sickening. I stay in contact with a few people who still work there because they are nice people. Like I said it was the best decision. I drive for 2 hours every day on a busy freeway to finish school versus working from home for OSI. It is a big change but I will have a great career ahead of me in another 6 months with the state of Georgia. OSI is underhanded and secretive about offshoring and people are tired of being lied to about that and their company politics with the buttkissers. To heck with this business. OSI has put a bitter taste in my mouth. They do have some good people who are in the minority.
We posted these at the hospital I used
I guess they all saw the light a couple weeks later and slackened up the workhorse theory.
No, seriously don't. Posted in haste. and FYI
If you think I transcribe in haste, I have an Expander for both.

I apoligize if I misled the OP and for being human.
I know. I wrote this before you posted the other.
She also stated that she has not had any time away from the kids for 8 years. I hardly think that is needing so much time away from them. Just my opinion though. You might think you should take your kids everywhere you go, but it is healthy for a relationship to have alone time, even if your kids are perfect angels.

I personally am looking very forward to this buisness trip. This is about as close as me and my husband have ever been to a honey moon. I will miss my kids why I am gone, even though I will enjoy the time away. Everyone is entitled to a little "me time."
I posted on this a while back...sm

My neighbor asked me what kind of work I do (we had just moved into our new house) and when I told her, she said, "Oh, I could do that"...I wanted to invite her into myoffice and say, have at it honey!

One more GRRRRRR!!!!!!

It all started because someone else posted that
those of us with degrees who are doing MT have "wasted" our education. They don't believe we're making more money doing MT than our former career fields. It's true, though. I can make $20 or more an hour part-time doing MT versus the $15.36 per hour full-time in my old career field. I like the work. I like the schedule. I like my company. I like not dressing up and commuting every day. I like not sticking my kids in daycare. I like being at home and available to my family, but people cannot believe it's true.
I posted this thread. (sm)
My thread isn't putting anyone down. I asked a question. If Dano or anyone else doesn't like it or doesn't want to answer, DON'T.

I have my reasons for asking the question. If others get their feelings hurt because someone has a degree or education, too bad for them. I'm not walking on eggshells because of their fractured inferiority complex. I'm not attacking them. I haven't belittled them over their lack of education; if they don't want an education that is their business.

I'm "superior feeling" because I want to know who has achieved higher levels of education.

Go away.
I agree with you and just posted the sm
same thing probably around the same time you posted yours. Where I live, there is a place who buys out overstock, sell outs, etc. It is much cheaper than lumber liquidators even (although that is where I would go if this place were not around). He just has a big warehouse and we did our bedroom, huge family room and hallway with the same thing, 25 year warranty, best you can get and it was just a little over 600 bucks! It was going to cost us more than that just to do the bedroom if we bought it at Lowes or Home Depot.

This guy is amazing who has this place but you just have to look around. There is so much stuff and it is so big that you have to go for one thing at a time because it will overwhelm you. Luckily it is right by our house.
I posted that because my message...sm
had nothing to do with transcription...that's what I consider the *subject* here. But it's nice to have a place to post on just about anything and get good feedback! I don't feel so alone anymore...thanks y'all!
I think there was something recently posted about this
why that posted twice, I only clicked once....nm