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Posted By: all ears on 2006-10-08
In Reply to: Any neighborhood watch people? - Anon

in most areas there is a noise cut off usually about 10 pm - after that call the police station - not necesssarily 911, just the station. Normally they will come out and quite them down. Good luck

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Mine are skipping pingskip ingipsk gnippiks along with bzzzzzzzz shhhhhhhh rrrrrrrrum
I have Philips brand for around $60. Be aware that noise canceling may imply that they drown out exterior noise, but from what I've learned, it actually means that it clarifies the sound coming into the headphones of crackles, etc. I can still hear my household noises clearly. I was disappointed in that aspect. They are comfortably padded and large to fit over the ears, but they don't drown out my kids, phone, etc.
As for the noise
I was hoping that if we could pinpoint which cars it is coming from, we could call the police out however many times it takes to get them to give a warning, then fine, then jail, then so on.  This is disturbing the peace.  The police around this area don't like to have to come out more than once for the same problem.
must have noise
I would probably save a ton on electricity but I keep the TV on in the background. Have to have noise. It is also something to look at when aggravated by really bad dictators that like to long pause or hold conversations with others while dictating - and these are numerous to me.
I have to have noise
I have the TV on when I work. Of course I can also hear the TV in the other room and my daughter playing when she's not in preschool. At night when I'm all alone I have to have the TV on. I can't stand the quiet.
I used to complain but after years of practice, I learned to get over it, and take the attitude of who else would do these jerks? Made me a lot of money. Carry on!
ditto on the noise
your post made me laugh - i totally know, though, that it's not funny what you're going through because i've had the noise thing occur more times than I can count.
ditto on the noise
your post made me laugh - i totally know, though, that it's not funny what you're going through because i've had the noise thing occur more times than I can count.
White noise sm
I have a small TV and Bose radio/CD player in my office.  I worked 30 years in a clinic setting and am just used to working with the sound of people around me.  I have remotes to those two things, plus remote for ceiling fan/lite and DVD player on desk, lol.  I think it might be time to get a universal remote.
I sometimes miss the noise of the sm
keyboard. I really liked the sound of the IBM wheelwriter. My kids use to say it sounded like shooting a gun when I would be in my office typing.
I concentrate better with a little noise

I have found my mind starts to wander if it is completely silent while I work.  I also tend to hear the birds and incidental outside noises and get distracted.  If I have the tv on with my back to it, it seems to keep me focused on my work.  I don't quite get it but it works for me. 

noise machines
If I may jump in here, they are sometimes also clock radios with nature sounds, or you can buy just the "noises" alone.  Wal Mart sells them too and places line Linens N' Things.  I have one with a white noise button because I'm a light sleeper, and it works great.  Check the electronics dept. 
Neighbor Noise
Any chance of selling your place and getting a little place in the country? We live far out and have high speed internet and only critter noise to deal with. Your hours are tough ones. Don't you hate those friends who call when they know you need to be sleeping and say, "I hope I didn't awaken you."
Me too, I can't stand noise.
When you say "clicks" can you describe? I am currently using the Compaq keyboard that came with the computer and it's the best so far with regard to "feel" layout, but its far from quiet. I'm not looking for total silence necessarily, but very very quiet (laptop like) would be outstanding.

Anyone? Anyone? Ferris?
Not the OP, but man I can't stand that noise! Need very
Background noise!
Have to voice my very, very most reviled pet peeve about transcription, and it seems to be getting worse.  The nurses gabbing, cackling, gossiping, laughing in the background.  Makes me crazy.  Thankx  
are these the ones that cancel out outside noise?nm
Best headset is a USB. No noise but the

noise sensitive
Well, go figure, we are trained to pick up every little detail in dictation and to do that, our ears are extremely acutely tuned to every nuance. You just can't shut it off when the ear phones come off.
i have noise canceling
headphones by Bose. Rather than take a chance on getting refurbished or counterfeit, I bought directly from company. They give you a 3-month window to make up your mind if you want them. I kept mine. They are extremely comfortable, and I have no white noise problem. I kept track and my batteries last more than the 40 hours, in fact, in excess of 55 actual hours.
white noise machine
I had a neighbor who had a dog who barked all night and also another neighbor who played music all night.  I bought a white noise machine for about $20.00.  I had a choise of ocean waves, birds chirping, rain hitting the house, thunder, so many more sounds and it worked..It would drown out the outside noises.I had tried ear plugs, calling the cops (the minute they left the dog and neighbor would start again), confronting the neighbors..nothing worked but the white nose machine..You can get one at any department store..
Need noise reducing headphone help please!
I tried doing a search, but nothing came up.  I know this has been discussed here before.  Due to background noise in the house (TV and other things), I need to get a headset that blocks out this noise to I can hear my dictation.  I can't afford much, and was wondering what others are using.  The headset I use now is comfortable, but I can hear every little sound going on in the house and I'm losing my mind.  Thanks for the help!
Has anybody ever heard a ding noise sm
while typing in Docqscribe?  Sounds like a window closing.  I do not hear it all the time. 
OMG! I keep hearing that noise, too! I also thought I was
Any suggestions for noise at night?

My 1-1/2 year old's crib is in my room (and there's no getting around that), and I need something to drown sounds out.  If I move, she wakes up, and if she moves, I wake up.  During the summer, we use a fan, which works great, but definitely can't in the fall/winter.  I've tried light music, and that's not enough.  I've even got a small heater, which doesn't quite do the trick.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I was thinking about a fountain or something, but figured I'd be up in the bathroom every 5 minutes :)


Try a noise machine - we have one that lets you....sm
choose between the sounds of a waterfall, crickets chirping, and other sounds that I got my daughter for $10 at Target. Good luck!
What about noise-cancelling headphones? (sm)
... assuming you don't have to answer phones or anything. If anybody complains that you won't answer when you are spoken to, just explain that you can't work with all the noise, so you had to buy special headphones. If they need you they will have to tap you.
Noise-reducing headset
I know that a lot of people have recommended the Radio Shack/Koss headsets.  I was wondering if these same headsets also block out a lot of external noise (like one's husband hammering in the next room, etc.)?  Could really use a pair that changes mono to stereo but, more importantly, has the noise reduction.  Thanks for any and all help.
noise reducing headphones
I just got a pair of Maxell (back of the head/over the ears) that work great!  I actually got them from freegiftclub.com, if you can believe it, and only got charged S/H!!  I really like them!  Also have a pair of Bose but those are expensive ($200), even if they're top-of-the-head and well-padded.  Good luck!
Does anyone use noise-canceling headphones?
I've bought a couple of cheap pairs that claim to be noise canceling but aren't truly noise canceling. It's a nice day and I've got the windows open but of course the groundskeepers are here today! :(. I'm considering some that cost like $300 that are made by Bose or a couple of other brands I've seen. Has anyone used any that worked?
Doesn't help with background noise.
I have been using Turtle Beach for quite a while now. It does help clarify the actual dictators voice with normal settings; however, if you start messing with the background noise reduction settings all it will do is distort the dictators voice. Trust me. I have played around with the settings alot b/c one of my docs likes to rattle his x-rays around as he looks at them. Ouch! My ears!
I have a pair of noise cancellations..

that I purchased at Wal-Mart for approx. 40.00 and they are okay.  I only wish they had a volume control.  But I plug it into my lanier and can adjust the volume.  I have gone through several types.  I have often wondered about the steth type but for some reason never invested. I also purchased a pair at big lots, wireless, that I really loved as they were also noise cancellation.  I loved that pair because they were wireless.  Then there was the pair from Radio Shack that I paid approx. 40.00, they were great.  Wow, the only ones that I don't like are the ones that go into your ear (ear buds) can stand them but find myself having to use them sometimes....

question about noise cancellation
How do those work? Does it have to do with the way they fit? Are they just keeping out more outside noise or certain types of noise within the recording?

I am surprised you all can find such good headsets so cheap!
q re bose noise canceling


hi - i have a bose headset already, but am on the verge of trying the noise canceling type. my question:  can i use them passively as well? ie, switch off the nose canceling and still hear the dictation?  thanks for any response.

Noise-canceling headphones
I have some made by Sennheiser & really like them a lot. I can switch off the noise canceling feature. You can probably do this with Bose as well. The noise-canceling part (actually acts like a microphone for ambient nose) is battery operated. I use rechargeable batteries & it's always been great.
Bose Noise canceling
Yes, you can switch of the noise canceling. You can hear dictation whether it is on or off. I love mine, sounds like the doc is in the room with me.
I dont' have noise cancelling
I don't have wireless, either.  I had a pair of wireless that I got at Transcriptiongear.com and I had the same problem with the white noise that is mentioned above.  I have the Bose regular around-the-ear headphones and there's no problem with white noise.  They aren't specifically noise cancelling, but they do block out an enormous amount of noise around me.
I have the Phillips noise-cancelling ones.
I paid 30.00 for them at Walmart...they have worked well for me
Maxell noise cancelling on sale
at Walgreens this week for $20. I grabbed some this morning when I was there for a completely unrelated errand. I hear they don't last forever, but at $15 off of the regular price I figured I would try them. They squish my ears but are working out OK so far.

Thanks for the heads up on the cellulitis. The koss plug phones are made of earplug material and seem to me that they could harbor nastiness that could lead to an infection.
Noise-canceling headphones are pricey. I just had to buy
new headphones and I got some that have the big things that cover the whole ear, kind of like ear muffs.   They aren't noise canceling, though they do a pretty good job at shutting off all the noise.   They are Panasonic and I got them at Circuit City for about $40.00. 
What kind of noise-blocking headphones? sm
What brand and where did you get them? Sounds like that's what I need!
Does anyone use noise canceling head phones? (sm)

If so, do they really work and which ones do you use?  I'm starting to work remotely and it was hard at the hotel with the family in the same room as me.  I'm looking for a way to block them out =)


I use Aiwa noise canceling headphones
whenever I fly, and they make a big difference. I'm far less tired at the end of the flight from engine noise, and can enjoy my music during the flight. I also use them while I'm on my treadmill.
Do most of you work with some noise on or do you like total quiet?
I go between working with just silence to working with a light radio in the background. Love the radio but wonder as far as being productive is that a good or bad thing. I know music can stimulate your brain and all that to be productive, but in MT I wonder about it since it's such a concentration-requiring job.
I use melatonin, Benadryl and white noise (sm)
I have a very tough time with insomnia. I take 6 mg of melatonin and 25 mg of Benadryl an hour before I want to go to sleep and run a fan every night. Sometimes I get six straight hours of sleep and on those nights I consider myself lucky! If I get up at night to use the restroom I don't turn on the lights so that I can get back to sleep more easily. FYI I have been taking the melatonin and Benadryl for about a year, recently had lab work done and my LFTs were good.
I have settled with the Bose non-noise-cancelling....sm
over the ear head phones. I finally decided to bite the bullet after spending lots of money over the years for cheaper ones and never being satisfied. I actually ordered the noise-cancelling ones for almost $400. The battery in the ear piece gave me the creeps, a weird sensation in my head when lifting my foot on and off the pedal. The sound with music was fantastic but I didn't like them for transcription. Their customer service was very understanding and incredible, giving me free shipping to send them back and sending me the ones I finally settled with ($180)free shipping overnight. I called a around 4 or 5 p.m. and had the new ones by 10 a.m. the next morning. I love them. The sound is just great. I do definitely take better care of them than I did with my old ones. Volume control is not a problem if you have speakers to plug them into or just a simple add-on volume control work too.
I have had a pair of noise-cancelling Bose for (sm)
around 3 years. I can tell a huge difference when I switch to the traditional stethoscope or Dictaphone brand headphones. The
sound quality is really enhanced by the Bose.

My office is in a loft above our living room. I bought mine because of family being downstairs with the TV on and kids playing, etc.
I like the noise-cancelling headphones from Kensington...sm
Get them through Amazon - last price I saw was around $40. My reaction on first trying them was "where have YOU been all my life" - really gives you a quiet environment and good fidelity. I tried Bose also, costing much, much more, but they were no better so I got a refund.

The Kensington headphone has an active circuit that cancels ambient noise, so it takes a single tiny AAA battery and the only thing is that you have to remember to turn it off when not in use or you waste batteries (which I buy cheap in bulk anyway).

I just checked and they're $36. They're much lighter than they look in the picture, incidentally, and something I should also mention is that the earpiece has a very soft almost kid-glove feel to it.

I'd give you the link but it's reeeeeeellly long. Go to amazon.com and enter Kensington Noise Cancelling headphone in the search box.

Over 20 yrs as MT. Can't hear with any background noise, T.V. blares and have tinnitus. (nm)
Does pathology dictation always have LOUD background noise?

I went for an interview and I was given some trial dictations regarding gross specimens and the background noise was HORRIBLE.  There was more background noise than dictator's voice.  I asked about that and was told "Oh, that's the way it has always been. The lab is just noisy."  I inquired further and they admitted the doctor uses a speaker phone type arrangement and the noise of the ventilating fans, electrical equipment, etc. is what creates the overpowering background noise.  But the lab director insisted that there was no other way, as they doctor needs both hands free when cutting up the specimen.  Is that true? 


Try plugging into the jack in the back of the tower. Do you get noise w/