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Thanks for the input. NM

Posted By: baffled on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: It could be any reason. You could be really good - ESL MT


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my input
There are many companies out there, and the majority of them are good companies. Most jobs are work at home, too. There are pros and cons to every single MT company. What works for one MT won't work for another. Research the Company board. Use the MTstars search function. Read the Job Seeker board to see who's hiring. If you apply and get a nibble back, ask questions specifically. However, I don't think we're all going to list every MT company we've all worked for.

Here are some hints. Don't pay for proprietary hardware or software from the company, buy it on eBay, don't work for free, don't work for less than what you think you are worth. Even when I started out as a total newbie grad from a terrible school, I still made $.065 per line.

The average MT can do 150 lines per hour, so 1,000 lines would be roughly 6.5 hours of work. I expect to put out about 1,200 lines today by noon, and I'm certainly not as fast or experienced as most on this board. There are people out there consistently doing 250-300 lines per hour, so 1,000 lines per day is certainly feasible.
Thanks for that input.
I thought there might be something wrong with me.  Maybe I'm too critical because I keep finding something "wrong" with all these kids.  They're just kids.  Yeah, little demon spawn is my favorite term for them.  These little beasts have no respect for other people, their possessions, or adults.  It certainly makes me appreciate my own kids so much more.  I don't tell them enough that they're good kids.
Thanks! I will look into both of these. Appreciate your input! nm
Thanks! I will look into both of these. Appreciate your input! nm
Thank all of you for your input!
I appreciate the info on both Cymed and Transolutions. Sounds as if Transolutions is the better of the two. If this does not work out, I think I will try doing IC work - just need more info on it. Guess I would have to check into insurance. Have Cobra now and it is sending me to the poor house. Thank you.
Thanks for the input
The person I dealt with was Jennifer, but I never met her, just back and forth over the phone and naturally she was very positive.
Thanks for the input - sm
We aren't in Western Washington, other side of the mountains and she is even further east from me, about an hour from here.

They will get help. It may just take a little while longer before they can find someone qualified for it.
Thanks for the input everyone (nm)
TY everyone for your input..

I think I will get busy on approaching some of the chiro's in the area then.  Small town here..not many facilities to choose from for just rad and someone else suggested trying chiro.  Any other suggestions would still be greatly appreciated as well as any websites or individuals willing to share some sample reports.  Feel free to email me with samples/more suggestions.

Thanks again!

Thank you both for the input.

thanks for your input!
Thanks for the input.
My primary account, though it keeps me busy and has for over 10 years, there is no extra work.  What I do and what another girl does on weekends is all.  I did take on another account at one time but it was either too much or not enought.  Too much for me to handle accurately and do domesticated stuff and dropped back to handle both but not enought money.  I think I will just have to buckle down and stress to family (kids are old enought to help out) that they will have to pitch in or do without!  Thanks again.  You do help me feel a lot better!
Thank you. I will try that. I appreciate your input here nm

thank you for your input
The local is sort of what I am leaning towards..
Any input? Looking in to them.
I appreciate it!  Thanks! 
Thanks for your input.....
I guess I will just take today as a day to do some "testing." Thank you so much for sharing. I feel so alone and worried about my future as an MT.
Thanks again, I appreciate your input...
more than you know! Yes, I am definitely a female, I'm sure my sensitivity shows here!! LOL

Would I be going against anything if I sent a letter of apology to those docs for what happened? It isn't like I would be going against noncompete as I would not be trying to get their business, just to apologize and set my mind at ease and get closure.
Thank you all so much for the input....
thanks for input
I appreciate the input. try and have a better night! :)
Thanks for the input! nm
Thanks for the input!

Thanks for all your input. sm
But Home Depot does use subcontractors.  I asked if they speak English and was told NO.  So, I'm looking at local carpet stores.  Found a lot of horror stories on the net.  Guess it depends on which Home Depot you use and which subcontractor you are lucky or unlucky enough to end up with on your project.
Thanks for your input

 Leaving the office and going home to work sounds like something I should seriously consider.  I moved from Oregon to Texas recently and was shocked to find the wages so low.  I went from $15.00 an hour to $9 an hour and nothing around here pays anymore. Believe me my goals are higher than $9 an hour. Thanks again and I'll be hanging around!

Thank you all for your input
The part time job I work at is small and very personable, so with this newer job I have, at a bigger company, I wasn't quite sure. It sounds like I should not send her an email. I just really hate to leave all of these blanks, but you should really hear this guy - he has a very thick accent, he is mumbling like crazy, and coughing in my ear. I feel like the whole report is one big block of swiss cheese.

Thank you all
Thank you for your input, as well
I'm certain there are many QA'ers that do not have a power trip. I am just so used to the small company I work for that I did not know what was proper. My particular QA rarely sends me feedback, which I value because I am still fairly new. In light of your post, I won't take it so personal anymore that there is no "personal touch" given. Thanks a lot
I will...And thanks for all your input...
Next round of competition is August 12.
Thanks for all the input! sm
I am an old-time MT. I was able to obtain an at-home position due to my acute care in-hospital experience. So, I was not able to give my SIL much advice regarding schooling. She has been traveling about 60 miles round trip to get to work each day and she is having a baby in February. She was asking me about my job and when I explained a little about what an MT does, she was really excited about it. She is an excellent typist, so I'm hoping this will be the answer for her in the end. Thanks again!
Thanks, appreciate your input. nm

thanks for all your input ....
Luckily, I have no kids or family obstacles - my time is my own. The distance from my present job and the new job is negligible; it's actually less than 5 mins closer the new job! Both are 15 mins away.
I realize I'll have LOTS of ESLs ... yikes .. but I do have them now, anyway. Hey - maybe I can whip these new docs into shape by dictating the RIGHT way - slow and courteously? lol .. yeah right.

Yes, I can definitely check out the job before I leave my present job. I have 2 days off during the week, and they need someone to start ASAP. So that can work out.

I will definitely keep everyone posted if I get the job. I love the feedback guys - thanks !
Thanks for the input...
...I think I will try a glare screen...that seems to make sense!
Thanks for your input!
Thanks for your input - I really appreciate it! KM (nm)
thanks for the input everyone..
I am a little worried about underlying causes, and am going to have it checked out. 
Thanks for your input!
Sorry I didn't see your message before!  That is really good input.  I'm not trying to write a book as a course per se, I'm really trying to help folks most likely as an IC (that's what I am, and you can still pick up some accounts -- though it's getting harder!)  Also the home/work balance, that sort of thing.  I'd like to help people start successful businesses but you may be right -- that that would work best if they go into medical billing.  Thanks.
Thank you all for your input. :) (nm)
Wow! Thanks for all the input! :)
I will indeed go with an extended warranty, whatever the brand. Thanks!
Thanks for all the input
I will be an employee, not IC.  I will ask them what counting program they use, etc., and see if I can get this on my computer as well.  The company is MD-IT.
Thanks for all of your input. sm
I've definitely transcribed this doc my last time. The sad thing is that he is very easy. It's all the uummming, scatch that, and "no go back" bs that makes it impossible to make any money at all. I've been an MT for 18 years with over 20,000 Expanders and CANNOT make over $10 an hour (not even taking taxes out)! I'm done!

Thanks for all the input!

I appreciate all of the input.  I am leaning more towards visiting the local authorities myself and filing harassment charges, as well as a harassment restraining order against this individual.  If all else fails, I may consider a lawsuit, but those are expensive and, in this case, will amount to nothing more than wasting money and time.


Thanks again!

I appreciate your input sm
To be real clear here: I am a bit less upset about the content of this page than I am about the fact so much company information was on that page. I think a lot of things are "lewd" and this is NOT what I consider pornographic. Anyone is allowed to post whatever content they feel they want to, if it is all personal.

Unless you are a rank newbie to the internet, or not terribly bright, you have seen what happens with the internet! There is a point at which it is just too much content. If you know about youtube.com, myspace.com, facebook.com to name 3 then you know that people are routinely embarrassed and harassed and that at this point in time you can't be too careful about what you put out there.

Look how many of us don't use our real names here for one reason or another. Would you go to the company board and type out your full name and who you work for? No, because it would come back to haunt you. Alls I am saying is that this gal opened herself up to be "haunted" by information she put out there and since it is my employer too that information can come to haunt me and everyone who works where we do. THAT is what I feel is inappropriate. The fact that it was in combination with things SOME PEOPLE might find objectionable just means it is open to causing even more problems.
Seriously need input what to do...

In the past few years I have had 3, what started out as, great jobs.  The problem that happens is I start out doing a certain work type (ERs just to be blunt) and quickly get up to speed and begin making very good money. 

At all 3, very different companies, after the first 6 months to 1 year in all 3 cases a lot of people were hired at once.  I then find my work type changes and my lines start getting harder and harder to make, I start getting more difficult dictators.  Obviously, the newer employees are getting the easier, more lucritive work is what I imagine. 

Does anyone have any advice on how to approach the problem...and it is a problem because my lines are not only dropping but my pay is dropping.  I am now even considering working both weekend days to see if I can get the same work I used to but that is a really going to be a hardship. 

I am not sure this would even work but I refuse to quit another job.  This one is the best ever and being around for 15+ years I am not unaware of what a good job is in this business. 

Three jobs, though, can you imagine, all happening the exact same way.  The last 2 jobs I tried to speak up and eventually got less and less work etc., so now I have no idea how to approach this.  Unfortunately, when there is no accountability I guess it is easy to make or break people just on a whim. 

I honestly think because I have been through this before with the work I am now getting my abundant paychecks will be getting smaller and smaller.  Forgetting about quality is not really an option, either,  as this company is completely, 100% about quality. 

Has anyone been through this and come out ahead, and if so how did you do it?  Is there hope?

Or do I just have to go backwards again and accept I lost out on a good thing, for the 3rd time.  I mean, is that it?  Did I top out and now everything is going to go down before 1 year. 

The last job I left I was not even bringing home $550 in 2 weeks from starting with about $800 after the first year. 

A little background, and just to come right out and say it these jobs all began with doing ERs (which I find are bread-and-butter) and eventually the job types switched to discharge summaries (lot of looking of names, places, etc. ), cardiac procedures with doctors who I cannot understand, you know, the work types you have to work like an fool just to make any money. 

I am terrified to complain because of getting the reverse to happen - which it what happpened at the last 2 jobs. 

My QA is 99-100 consistently, I have little contact with anyone and do not complain, I work my hours pretty much and have been told QA is very happy with me...I do not leave many blanks and do not mind researching.

Since I am a fighter and believe in my worth, it is difficult to just accept losing out on the good bucks.  Is there nothinig I can do, am I just reduced to taking anything dished out to me-that is just so wrong on so many levels. 

I am hoping any responses I get will be helpful and not the mindset that I just have to do whatever I get and just be thankful I have a job.  That is not for me. 

If anyone has any advice for this particular situation, would you please share your experience, offer some advice, or at the very least let me know if this does happen to other people even at good companies...is this a common practice?  Since I have so much invested in my what I use to think of as a career just quitting and joining another profession is not an option (not yet anyway). 

Thank you,

A fellow MT getting bluer by the day...

DISCLAIMER:  Any mistakes or typos are to be blamed on the hour of day and because I am a keyboardist not a typist (smile!), and am not using my spellcheck right now. 

seriously need input
I know what you are saying. I have been in a similar situation. It seems when a new person is hired they usually start them out with something easy so your bread and butter account may be snatched right out from under you. The only advice I can give you is talk to whoever it is that assigns your accounts and tell them you really like the ER account and prefer the work. If they have any you could do tell them you would really appreciate it. If not then nothing you can do. I did this and they try to give me as much as they can since I told them this. If 3 jobs have ended up this way it seems this must be a common practice for companies. Don't complain to them just express that you prefer ER if they can give it to you. I hope I have helped you. I do believe this is a common practice.
thanks for the input
...i really don't have many--Idon't travel, make phone calls, already deducted my equipment, don't advertise...so mine really are quite minimal--I do believe we deduct a % for home use, though
thanks for your input....
.....actually, I'm a little OLD, and starting a new career. I plan to go in person to some doctor's offices, thinking they will see me and assume I have experience. I'm not going to LIE and say I do have experience, when I don't, but I'm thinking maybe that will be an assumption based on my age. I didn't realize most people just use business cards. School suggested a flyer and sales letter. Thanks again!
Thank you all SO much for the input! sm
I actually have worked in-house, but it was so long ago (over 15 years) I actually forgot (or maybe mentally blocked out) most of it.

I definitely will not do it if the environment is not condusive to sanity. I'm almost positive it's an hourly wage, but don't know how much (the web site states wages for every other position but MT... go figure, but that could be a good sign?).

One good thing is I actually have done this account through my national, but was put on other accounts over a year ago, so I'm familiar with the format, etc. I'm pretty sure the national still has the account but apparently they have in-house MTs also, which I'm thinking may also be a good thing.

I applied Friday, so hopefully I'll be hearing something soon. The ad has been up since March.

The best scenario is if they allowed me to work 11-7 a.m. That's my schedule now and it would really be perfect, especially with the workplace distraction factor which should be minimal on that shift.

One of my main motivators is the fact that my daughter is probably transferring to a college 3 hours away and will be moving out. We are very close and the separation anxiety is something we are already anticipating. I told her that her best defense is distraction. I'm thinking the same would go for me and leaving the house may be good medicine.

I SO appreciate all your input and am going to make a list of questions, priorities, etc., should they offer me a position. Many things ya'll posted I never even thought about to any degree and all the input was very helpful. Thank you again!! I will update. :-)
Thanks for your input! :) (n/m)
Thanks for the input
This person thought that my 350-400 lph on ops, with templates, was paltry & inefficient. Now I'm on a new account with multiple screens for inputting demographics, with limited ability to create templates because it's all correspondence, so I have been doing somewhat less than that. I spent the rest of the day feeling horrible.

I'm just not a machine. I don't have the stamina to crank out hour after hour of transcription without even getting up from my computer for a pee break. I hear about these people making, what, $13,000 a month, someone said yesterday? A post like that makes me feel like a total slacker, but I'm really not. I feel like I work hard. Maybe I'm just burned out.

I use ShortHand & have around 17,000 entries. I started out with the 13,000 by Mary Morken & have added to it & changed things quite a bit. I'm sure it's possible to have every word in the dictionary in there, but some days I'd just rather transcribe with what I have & not put every new word in & get slowed down. It turns into a whole THING; is the new abbreviation easy? as short as possible? Is it going to get mixed up with something else, do I have to go through & add all the verb tenses & suture sizes? yadda yadda yadda. Other days I spend a lot of time inputting new words & trying them out. So I don't know.

Anyway. Thanks y'all.
Thanks for the input
ASR often comes through with 0-Vicryl which I definitely thought was wrong, but it made me question myself. I think the hyphen rules are about as clear as mud.

Thanks for all the input..sm
Helps me out a lot. I had a combo of words and phrases I have put in. It sure does help out.
Thanks for your input n/m

Thanks for input!
Thanks for the input Cathy!