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You will starve to death with only crap to type, trust me. They did it to me.

Posted By: That's why I had to quit. on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: It could be any reason. You could be really good - ESL MT

A steady diet of difficult doctors and bad reports = no lines an hour.

No lines an hour = Broke city.

If you took a cent a line pay cut and only did ER work you'd make more money!

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I used to have to type DSs (discharge and death summaries.)
It was tough, especially the young mothers or children.
I was going to say to trust yourself and not re-read everything you type, but within the time
it took me to read your post and then go check my mail, I received my monthly QA report and had two errors where I didn't pay attention and put "female" instead of "male".  Talk about feeling like a complete airhead!  Just goes to show you that you're going to make dumb mistakes no matter how long you've been at this or how much you trust yourself.
I agree.
Why do the MTSOs not DARE to tell the crappy dictators that their dictations are crap? Some doctors do not maintain their equipment functioning properly, then the sound quality is aweful.
MTSOs are afraid to lose the client if they complain about this.
And the MTs have to suffer through this all.

You can *what if* yourself to death--sm
it sounds to me like your decision is already made.. gor for it! Giving up *free time* is never easy, but we need to earn a living too. Good luck to you!
EMR is NOT the death of MT
Even if the entire world went to EMR (which I doubt we'll ever see in our lifetime) it doesn't mean the death of the MT nor does it mean we will all have to go to VR. I transcribe for an office in NY that uses EMR, and once our reports are sent in, they go into a holding bin for the doctors to review and sign of on.Then the reports go directly into the patient's EMR. The only difference is no paper. We still get the same amount of work for the same amount of pay. There is absolutely no change to my routine. On the other hand I have an account out of AR that will probably never ever ever go to EMR unless the doctors are faced with losing their licenses or they retire (a good 20 years or more)
Yes, that me.....have way to much crap happening....
THANK YOU!! As QA I run into the same crap. Like they do not care...
The whole verbatum thing..they go a LITTLE far. There is still room to make it correct.
yes my spelling has gone to crap sorry
so much for proof reading.. I am sure to be bashed for that
What a load of crap!!!!....nm
crap money
New transcriptionists are not given the opportunities that are available to experienced transcriptionists. Even though it is crap money it is the only way we can get our foot in the door to gain the experience we need to even be considered for higher paying positions. I, personally suffer with low pain just to gain EXPERIENCE.
offshore crap
HOLY CRAP!!!! Here's what I'd do:
1. Get a hotel room.

Crap. Try actually reading what she said.
I agree with her. I was not a good, fast, MT but I am a killer at research and I can find stuff it seems like nobody else can. I share it with the MT's I proof and my QA peers in the company and everybody benefits.

It's not a question of being better than, worse than or whatever. People are reading stuff into posts that isn't there, IMO.
I am sorry, as long as I have done this and am in the business, I seriously doubt with 99% accuracy that someone can do 1200 lines or even 600 without some serious help from "giving" lines.  Do not let anyone fool you out there that is just starting out or even have been around awhile.  Unless you see proof on how it is done, see it with your own eyes, try it out yourself, do not believe the outrageous.  There is also a way I have seen MT's make lots of lines that one cannot see unless they are being QA'd, it is called "padding' and yes I am sure someone then can do 1200 lines an hour, but how much is actually dictation.  Padding is a good way to get fired from a company if caught.
Sick of QA crap
At this company I work at, I get so sick and tired of QA. I am sure that there are a lot of wonderful QA people out there and I commend you. But it seems like where I work at, the QA do not follow all the same rules and change what they want with your reports. I get feedback about once a month and I was just looking at my feedback and I am so irritated. They changed things on my report that if you look in the account specifics it is the total opposite. I am doing it right and they are changing it wrong but b/c they make a mark on my report it looks like I am the one at fault. Like we are supposed to place all numbers in arabic form and dates also, but QA went and changed on my report numbers 1-10 to written form and also spelled out the dates and it specifically states not to in specifics. Or like with fractions, it is supposed to be 18-1/2 (a dash in there) but QA changed to 18 1/2 (no dash). And they also change little nitpicky things, for ex. how they think headers should be, they change words around, add commas in stupid places. And what one QA person will mark as wrong, another QA will mark as right. Where do they get these people? I emailed the supervisor for clarification, but I have done this times before and nothing has changed. I really like this company other than the QA. The QA just act like they have all this power and they can change what they want to. It is total bull.
Try Crap Cleaner
Google for it and download (should be from Hippo). Run it - let it analyze and run cleaner. Then go to "tools" and "fix issues." After that reboot your computer and then try to get the gid file again. Hopefully this will clean out anything you've got blocking it.

Maybe their work is crap, too..

...but cheaper crap.  Maybe as long as hospitals and MTSOs figure they are going to get schlock work anyway, they would prefer it to be cheaper offshore work, and go through the many layers of QA and proofing?

Insurance companies are one thing, but I have to wonder what happens when a report with serious medical errors ends up in court as part of a megabucks malpractice suit.  I mean if the doc dictates something like "50 mg of potassium" which the MT does not question, or some other horrible boo-boo that QA or the doc never catches.   We are at the bottom of the pyramid, with QA and the doctor himself also responsible for catching mistakes before he signs. Anybody know of any histories of this? 

I think things started going downhill when impersonal MTSOs took over the transcription business, then started buying and trading us like cattle.  We truly don't know our coworkers or bosses.  We're all just faceless typing machines out here.  I don't know about any of you, but I did not get a raise the last five years I was with one MTSO, only 1 raise during the entire 10 years, and certainly no praise for a job well done - ever. 

Yeah, I know, we still all should do our best all the time.  But motivation is sometimes lacking when you feel depersonalized and as though at any moment your company will be sold, your job sent overseas, or you will be turned into a VR Editor against your will.  Maybe some MTs are all about just typing as fast as possible while it lasts. 

Did the MTSOs start this by going overseas for cheap, causing us to say 'what the heck' and become low quality?  Or did we start this by being low quality, causing the MTSOs to go overseas since they were going to get bad work anyway?  Opinions?

I think that crap is inflated!!!!
I don't see an MT making that much unless they are getting about 9-12 cents a line and then I believe it. I make 6 cpl and have been since I started 3 years ago. That same Yahoo thing tells me my husband who is a plumber should be making $60,000, but that dosen't happen.... not with this economy anyway!!!
That just irks me to death.
I worked for a national that had two QA people on my account.  The one QA person did it one way, and the other one did it another way.  One pushed for combining forms, the other one said NO.  I never knew who was working from one day to the next.  I finally sent an email to both QA people, the account manager and the owner of the company with quotes from each of their corrections contradicting each other.  I asked which way I should do it because I couldn't do it both ways.  It took forever to sort out.
Income Tax after Death

I have a friend whose mother passed away in March of this year.  She was an IC and thus earned income right up until the time of her death.  Is her daughter now responsible for filing an income tax return and/or paying taxes on this income?  I know an accountant for her would be handy in this situation, but I thought I might get some opinions here as well.  Thanks!!

RE: Taxes after death
My mom died last year and the accountant did work up her taxes and they were paid by me. The money, of course, came from her account.
death toll
That is 53 confirmed deaths so far....Lord knows what the count will be when the water subsides, so it may be close to comparison with the Tsunami, I pray not.
Yes and lover her to death!
$50 a week. We have about 2500 sq ft and she cleans the whole house. I can't believe it took me as long as it did to hire someone.
I'm tested to death, too
If you create a folder on your desktop called "Sound Files" - then when you are downloading an mp3 file or whatever - right click and do "save to target" - then browse your desktop until you see sound files folder and make sure that is in the box. Then, the files will download to that folder. Then, when you double click on Express Scribe, up on the top you will see "Load" - click on this and then browse for your sound files folder. Highlight those you want to download into express scribe and then down at the bottom, hit ok or load (can't remember which it is). They will then be loaded into express scribe, ready to go.
Death summary on someone who...
had died for the same disease as my dad, lymphoma. The summary went through the last month of her life and the hospital stay. At that time, my dad was not in the hospital, but was showing these same signs. So, I knew what was forthcoming for him. And, needless to say, it happened the same way with very few changes. Talk about a tear jerker and a tough one to type.
Death in family
As the "executrix" in my family it was my duty to be sure everyone was treated fairly. Some things were taken by family members without waiting and rather than get upset about it, I let it go. I just made sure the written wishes in the "will" were carried out. Some did take things that should have been given to others, but I knew better than to bring it up,since it would only make for family problems ad infinatum. You don't know if there was something about the jacket that made this person feel her father's presence, not thinking of where it really "belongs." I agree that it should go back to you but in my experience, they might say, "it was a gift" and never be on good terms with you again. Let it go, believe me, this is what this wonderful man would have wanted you to do. It's hard, it's difficult, but "letting go" will give you more freedom. Perhaps at a later point you could mention how much the jacket meant to your son and how you are glad it was not given to a stranger. Perhaps she'll come to her senses. She's in too much pain right now to think straight. Wait a week or two and don't cause a permanent rift. You'll be proud of yourself later. It's material. Bad feelings go on forever. Somehow "grace" is always the best under pressure. Sorry for your loss.
Death in family
Quickly - ask for it. Otherwise, it might be sold in a yard sale. I know that when my father-in-law died, my mother-in-law's mother and sister came in and cleaned out the house - within 3 weeks you would have never known that he had lived there. They took and sold everything that they wanted, left my mother-in-law with a few pictures and her own memories. Thankfully, her mother died this year - she and the sister were real vultures. Hope this helps, but whatever you do, fight or no fight - get it back - you will be glad that you did and so will your son.
scared to death...what to do

Okay, now that I have job offers, I have to figure out what to do.

Right now:  I am employed on site as an admin asst with great insurance, good pay, people I like, and job security.  The downside is missing my family--I only see them about four hours in the evenings and most of that is bathtime, cooking supper, you get the picture.  I also have quite a drive to work and parking is HORRIBLE.  I feel I work LONG weeks and then have little to show in the way of my emotional outlook and cash left over after buying gas, etc. 

What could be:  I have job offers to come back home and type full time.  I would be here to see my children and be close to their schools if something happened.  Also, my husband has built me a gorgeous office by closing in a porch, so there's a big three-paned picture window that overlooks my garden.  I can envision myself at home, but there's a tremendous amount of fear that's holding me back. I am AFRAID because I remember how long it took to get lines in every day.  I worry about the security of benefits, PTO, and just the job itself.  I don't want to be sitting in this office 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.  I hope I'm more capable than that, but sometimes it's not the MT, it's the conditions, and if I give up my other job... 

I guess I am just venting and worrying and wondering.  After a two-year break, can I come back home and be productive and accountable as an MT?  Can I count on the industry?    I really wanted to come home, but now I'm afraid.

TIA for any and all suggestions!

Does anyone else get sick and tired of doing the same work, same doctors, same everything day in and day out?  I am bored to death with this job!  I like the job just not the same stuff.  I think I need a change!!!! 
Death summary

Dr. dictates:

Reason for Death:  Incompatibility with life.

The VR is what bored me to death..sm
I would actually get to the point where I could feel my head nodding...80% of what I got was VR....I was beginning to feel retarded.  The only straight transcription that was sent to me were the worst dictators, cause the company knew I would do it, take my time, research, relisten, etc.  I've always felt more alive transcribing than editing.   Cat
Sick to death of this!

Now, I'm sure that this has been covered again and again, but I am so upset that I just have to say something!  I am so SICK and TIRED of every single job listing saying, "New graduates need not apply," etc.  It's like a slap in the face...you're not good enough, we just know it, don't even THINK about submitting you resume to us you subhuman.  I have worked at previous jobs in which I was as good after two months of experience as some who had been working there 3 or more years.  (I'm sure everyone has had this feeling.  I'm not trying to insinuate that I'm a genius or anything.)  Why can't anyone just give me a chance?  How do they know that I'm not good enough?!?!?  Meanwhile, I've invested a moderate amount of money and a huge amount of time into this for what???  Anyway, that's my rant.  Thanks for listening and sorry for the negativity.

death summaries
I've typed several that have left me sobbing, spilling tears on my keyboard quite literally, over the line: The patient passed away peacefully with his entire family at the bedside. After I would dry my tears and wipe off my keyboard, I would wonder why that statement was deemed medically pertinent?
So what do we do, not trust?
I too went cross country twice at 17 and 19.  Met lots of good people.  It is just an unfortunate thing that happened and you cannot blame the girl.  So what do we do, not trust men anymore?  This boy and his two friends know what happened.  My prayers and thoughts are with Natalees family.
Hi Trust Me...
If you send me your e-mail address we can talk off-line. We have been with MDI about the same time. Do you do radiology or acute care? I do acute care and this winter we had a lot of weekend bonuses on my account which was short staffed. If you post a question like below on this site, you will not get the answers you need. I am sure I can help you if you send me your e-mail.
Trust me, there is nothing
that anybody can post on this board or any board that would make me feel any less self worth.  If anything, reading some of this idiotic remarks gives me a feeling of increases self worth.  Furthermore, the name that carries over with each post can be changed at any time. 
Don't trust JLG, they are very dishonest and present themselves as above board. But they are not. Beware!!
You don't want to know....trust me
Trust me when I say
That there are some MTs out there who DO NOT care. They do not take pride in their work, do not do the research and no matter how many times you tell them specific websites to use and other tools to use, they WILL NOT use them.

Most MTs are not this way and I think most QA realize this, but you have to understand that there are a handful of them (I deal with about 5 out of my 60-70 MTs) that are just ridiculous.

Yes, I can put in perspective and realize that it is part of the job but it does get frustrating sometimes!

MTs complain day in and day out about their horrible dictators and I think that you have to give QA the outlet to sometimes complain about the careless/non-caring MTs that they have to deal with as well.

There, I'm done. :-)
You act like that's the only job out there. It's not, trust me.
It will get much better, trust me on this. sm
It's much easier to relearn a skill than to learn a new one. You're just out of practice with your typing speed, that's all. And from what I hear, VR involves a different (very) use of an MT's skills than straight typing. As for the ESLs, some are better than others, and some good ole boy Americans are worse than any ESL I ever ran across back in the days when I was working.

Give yourself a little time to adjust to all this. If you find after a certain period of time--say, a couple of months?--that you still loathe the work, why, you can start looking for another job. :) Or check and see if you can start doing VR at least part time with your present company. Best of luck!
No one would trust that everyone
else would stop working too, so no one will do it. It was one thing when factory workers in a specific plant would decide something of that nature, but we are all over the place and have no contact other than this. How do you think that would ever work!?
Simple, I'm fed up with all the crap and I'm not going to allow it to start up again.
Here's the deal...if you're unhappy at MQ because you're not getting what you want, find another job and quit.  If you think MQ is oh so wonderful, fabulous, but keep in mind that other people don't agree with you and can post their opinions.  If your main beef is to just come here and whine about it, get lost because it's tiresome.  Administrator
Download Crap Cleaner (sm)
Google for it. I will clean out all your cache, even the hidden stuff.
Where is this job? On this planet of MT? Holy crap!
as Frank Barone would say. 
I just send the crap to QA and let them deal with it!
I suppose they get paid more to clean up garbage.
Sorry, I don't eat greasy crap like that. Enjoy yours though
Though I must say the thought of it scares the crap out of me. sm

Both parents are mid-60s now and for the most part quite healthy, though mom has had Parkinson's for a few years, which is thankfully very slow in its progression thus far. My biggest fear is that she progresses to mental decompensation from it.

I think my brother would shoulder as much responsbility as he could along with me for our parents. I'm already thinking about my next house being larger than we need just in case we have to accommodate one or both of our parents later. Neither my bro nor I live particularly close to our parents, either.

It's a daunting thought from all angles.


Some QA is being instructed to not give a crap
and just plug up the holes and ignore the rest! TAT, ya know! Yeah........get 'er done!
i googled and a bunch of crap came up
Looks like you all ARE taking those crap jobs!