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It could be any reason. You could be really good

Posted By: ESL MT on 2005-09-20
In Reply to: What could be some reasons you suddenly start getting only the bad dictators - baffled

in which case they're dumping all the garbage on you that nobody else can do.  Or as some people on this board say, maybe they're trying to force you out.  (I highly doubt that!)  It's been my experience that if you show that you're eager to work and skilled, you'll get the stuff nobody else wants to do.

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I say she was screaming with good reason
If you don't want to work for her, then don't apply. It's a free country.
I can think of a good reason why...CYA and audit!!!!!!!!!! nm
Good reason to smack this doc...
She dictates diagnoses, giving three or four detailed diagnoses and then says, "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera"

OK, do I get to make up additional diagnoses for her? This is at the top of the report, so it's not like she's saying go back and copy admission diagnoses for discharge ones. (Not that THAT would be ok, either!) Am I supposed to read her mind? Or is this just a verbal tick that pops up whenever she's done dictating a list of diagnoses?

Of course it was - too many people still believe we went there for a good reason. nm
If you were that good, you would have no reason to complain about it. Maybe you should just ignore
it, but apparently YOU DO have a problem with editors. If you are that good, maybe you will become an editor and SEE exactly what we are talking about!!
Good for you. There is no reason any hard working MT should put up with that crap. nm
I do not get when "in a rush" became a good reason to not find your own answers..
better up my meds I guess.
No reason to feel good about it. Just showing that kids are going to get into trouble
So let them learn how to function in society rather than hide them from it.
A good neighbor is worth a million bucks, they say this for a reason
I purchased a house at a remarkably reduced price because of a neighbor who was a lunatic. First thing I will do the next time I buy is try to get familiar with the neighbors bordering my home. Thank GOD, he moved but for several years, I had to get a restraining order and even with that, he used foul language, sometimes directed at me, tapped into my utilities, had loud fights with four letter words. I could even hear them in the bedroom going at it (yes, i know)... What I say is don't make her angry or she could make your life REALLY miserable. There will be times when you will not be home...people like her resort to all sorts of behavior, I have a feeling.
Maybe that's a good thing - it's a reason for the Indian docs to GO HOME
I didn't know I need to post EVERY reason I got into MT...Good God! **rolling eyes***
I stand by my posts as well. YES I did say my children, but pardon me for not listing EVERY SINGLE REASON I got into MT. My children are always number one at the top of my priority list as they should be and that's why I mentioned them. And no, I'm having a good day, but I am astounded with the nastiness on these boards. I've never seen such unahppy people. Is this was MT does to a person?
God gave us the ability to judge for good reason. Then told us judge not, lest thou be judged. NM
the reason you (and I) don't get it is sm
probably cause it is a gross exaggeration of their production.  No one could produce that much, unless they kept their fingers glued to the keyboard. I'm sorry, it's just not possible.  Don't beat yourself up because of other people.  Be proud of who you are and what you do! 
For some reason if you have a different
opinion than the people reading your post, they tend to grow fangs and sharp fingernails and tear you up. I don't understand this as we all have the right to our opinion. We need to work on a solution to resolve this issue not attack one another. We don't know what kind of situation the other posters are in and they don't know what position we are in. Just because one person has a wonderful experience with MQ and DQS does not make the person posting a bad experience with MQ and DQS a liar. It simply means that you are in different situations.
The reason for that is straightforward:  the owner of the other website is very pro-offshore MT transcription and apparently is in cahouts with the MQ execs up to her eyeballs.   Nothing wrong with, nothing illegal, all very straight up, but all very you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours.  They LIKE each other, and the other website simply will not tolerate any negative MQ comments.  And here?  Well, the truth is allowed to be aired out.  Thank you MT Stars for having the cahoonas! 
The reason is for ME's 20% pay cut
They underbid on jobs, telling the client if they use the ASR system they will pay 2 cents less per line, telling them it is such a fast system they can do this. That is not the way it worked out. We are not producing more with it. Expansions were just as good, if not better is some cases and now they have to take the money out of our pockets. (It is on the archives here if you read back through as well.)
There was a reason behind this

As was mentioned, they are not actively seeking offshore.  However, in order to keep this very large account (and it is large), they had to use some offshore labor.  You know, I don't love it either.  However, all of the MTs on this account could have just been out of work.  So, now a little of it goes offshore, and the US MTs still have their account and their work. It's not great. It's not the ideal.  But, at least we are still working.

You know the reason--
Because some idiot did it and they got sued. When I worked at a hospital years ago, it was July in Phoenix and the temperature was well over 110. We had a guy bring his daughter into the ER with burns on her legs because she went down an outside metal slide at McDonald's and got burns on her legs. His excuse was-- Well, there was no sign on the slide saying it was hot. People are just plain stupid any more.
The reason you don't see many men
in this profession is because they are unwilling to take _____ and they are also unwilling to work so hard for so little pay. I would not recommend this job to anyone just starting out, because I believe it is a dying industry. We are already seeing that now with VR, etc.
One reason why (sm)
Actually, it depends on how the company connects to the internet. At my company we cannot hire any with satellite because we use an IP Sec VPN with our platform (ExText) and there are latency (slowness) issues. If you found a company that uses SSL VPN you would be okay. Here is an article that explains it in a little more technical terms. http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/34579/127542.html

One I like for some reason
"Don't let the screen door hit ya on the way out!"
Perhaps the reason they are
hospitalized is due to a childhood type illness that is better dealt with by a pediatrician.
Reason I'm asking is
I have a friend who uses EXText and says lines seem harder to get with EXText than with other programs.  I just interviewed with a company that uses it, and I'm wondering if anyone else has trouble getting lines with this program.
This is another reason why I'm
exploring other career options. Although I've had some bad office experiences I don't think that the constant isolation is good. I agree with the suggestions to get out of the house and away from the computer.
The reason for this...
Many insurance companies are now requiring owners to sign a statement saying they will not knowingly hire anyone who has been convicted of a felony. That's why I believe we are seeing more background checks. Just the nature of the business.
run! run far away! If there was ever a reason for VR, this is IT.
And the reason for that is
not that they believe he is the worst.  In fact, if you actually look at the site, you will see they are backing him because their whole goal is to "stick it" to AI, Simon, the producers, etc.  They are backing Taylor because he is good, he's different, and he's definitely not the manufactured pop star that AI wants.  They so don't know what to do with Taylor, just like they didn't know what to do with Clay.   I'm sure they would love to have Kat in there because it's easy to market another California diva with the same kind of voice that you hear on the radio every day.  Her attitude isn't exactly "idol" material, but then again, I'm sure it's commonplace out there so she'll fit right in.  I would have loved to see two polite southern gentleman in the finals.  So VFTW is backing Taylor to give a "take that" to AI, and I hope they are successful.  I joined the Soul Patrol way back...right after the auditions...and I would love nothing better than to see Taylor make it all the way and welcome any help we can get.
Here's one reason
I didn't know it meant "no message". I just saw it used a lot, so I used it, thinking it was for anyone who didn't want to make up a nickname.

Would the reason you think he
sounds dumb be because of his accent? He's southern. He can't help it. But he is certainly not dumb.
Oh, the other reason is
when she e-mailed me about losing that account, she asked if I had any experience in another specialty, which I had very little of and told her so, and I have not heard back from her.
They do this for a reason. sm
The reason they give you a test that has bad audio or is otherwise difficult is because they want to see how you will handle the situation. On the job, you WILL encounter reports which have bad audio or spots that you cannot understand. It is just a simple fact of life in this field. They need to know what you will do when confronted with this situation. Will you try to gloss over your blanks and guess, or will you flag appropriately? I have worked in QA, and you would be amazed at the number of "transcriptionists" out there who will fill in whatever nonsense sounds close rather than flagging a spot appropriately. It's actually very scary. These companies just want to see if you know how to correctly handle dictation which is unintelligible. They aren't trying to make a mockery of the profession.

well one reason could be
for example, a heart condition runs in my friend's family (the condition that sometimes causes athletes to suddenly drop dead for no apparent reason) and her doctor told her that all her children should be tested because it was a 50/50 chance they would have it too. So I would imagine if her kids were still in school it might benefit the school to know this, especially if the child was involved with sports. Perhaps knowing this the school might invest in a defibrillator.

I don't know if that is the reason they ask about family history but we don't really know why they ask for it so I would probably find out why they needed that information before I either gave it out or assumed they couldn't possibly need it.

I was a little surprised at this response- It didn't sound to me like Pattie was ignoring other people's opinions, just stating her own. I certainly don't think she was trying to offend anyone. Lighten up a little. :)
Any particular reason?
The reason
I 'viewed' is because I'm thinking of making the switch over to editor, and wanted more information.  Hopefully, more will respond.  It's anomymous after all.
For some reason I think of CSI but that would be
pathology or Medical Examiner transcription.
BTW: Does anyone ever notice that doc who does the autopsies on CSI LV mispronounces when he is dictating? It drives me nuts. Makes me want to apply for a consultant job on the set. LOL.
I wonder if this is another reason...

for getting out of the hospital setting. Out of curiosity ,  I just looked to see what kind of MT positions are at my local med center. They have a part-time position transcribing for Radiology 4 hours a night , MWF. They expect :

 1-2 years of progressively advanced radiology transcription experience in health care setting (hospital, clinic, etc.)  Professional experience to include ability for extensive research and staying up to date in radiology procedures and equipments.  Producation Expectation: 50-70 reports per day (after 1-2 MO orientation) 75-100 reports per day (after 3-5 months of orientation).  Preferred: CMT

That's 12-25 reports / hour! Now , I don't know how long radiology reports are (I haven't even started my MT course yet) but does that seem like a reasonable / doable production number for radiology reports?


The reason I am asking is because I
am an IC for a client, who does not telecommute.  I need a way to make up some of the driving time picking up tapes and returning completed dictation.  In researching, I came across the Express Scribe and wondered if there is anyone else out there who uses it to convert the microcasettes to text.  If there is anyone, who could give some insight or advice about this, I would greatly appreciate it!
The reason is...sm
I thought all transcriptionists used spellcheck. It is to assure that if you overlook a word then it will highlight it so you know that you misspelled it. It is easy to accidentally put 2 letters or something like that. With spellcheck I am assured nothing has been overlooked.
I have never transcribed without a spellcheck. Out of habit, I am so used to it I don't feel right not using it. It saves so much time also. With my software it will highlight and if it is a word you aren't sure the correct spelling of it give the suggestions and saves me the time of having to look it up. It is just something I have always used and don't feel right not having it.
All the more reason for us to have it right. NM

I think the reason...
you like it is because your demographics are already filled in. I worked on it for a short time where the account demographics were not filled in at all...definitely a nightmare.
The Reason.
I was accepted to work for her.  She is very nice.  The main problem is that when you start, you get sent a "ton" of paperwork about how to do the job.  I don't remember exactly how many pages you end up getting, but it seems as though it was over 100 pages of information to absorb/learn.  It is wayyyyyyyy overwhelming and extremely hard to ever remember all that "stuff."  Plus, "tons" of macros to learn also.  Her set up is extremely cumbersome.  I don't know how anyone could ever remember all of it.  I ended up resigining the next day or two after hire and ended up getting a "regular" opthalmology transcription job elsewhere, shortly thereafter.
Well, now they have a reason...

...to release BOS 4...to change back all the changes they made from BOS 2. lol

Then again, some of the changes mentioned here only further cut into our wages, especially those of us paid for visual black characters (VBC - no spaces). WTG AAMT/AHDI on further injuring the worker bee MTs you once claimed to advocate for.

Does anyone else have a feeling this BOS release is just the start of AAMT/AHDI pushing for standardized MT rates based on VBC?

Seriously though, does anyone really believe with all the outsourcing overseas and VR going on that the majority of those facilities really care about the finished product? If they did actually care, they wouldn't settle for crap quality just because it's done cheaper and faster.

One reason.
An old management technique is "divide and conquer." I speak from in-house experience on this. They want people to mind their own business, just as you say, because it is much easier for them to manipulate individuals than it is groups that stick together and look out for each other to prevent mistreatment.

I assume from your post that you are in management.
That's one reason why I got out of FT MT

This is the only industry I'm familiar with where incomes have gone down over the 20 years I have been an MT.  The work has gotten progressively harder with all the ESLs and poor quality voice recordings.  There are also new and creative ways to rip off the MT.  I finally decided to get out.  I work in an office as an administrative assistant.  The pay is steady and a lot better, the benefits are good, I can enjoy interacting with my fellow office mates and my poor little carpal tunneled wrists are manageable again.  I also get vacation pay, sick pay and holiday pay. 

I hate to lose my skills, but it seems no one wants to pay for a highly skilled MT anymore.  We just aren't desirable, but are a throw-away commodity to be used and abused.  In my opinion, its because this is predominantly a woman's occupation and too many of us are willing to just accept what is thrown to us and not negotiate.  A take-it or leave-it attitude is prevalent in this industry.  

Due to the economy, I'm looking into working PT again, but I recently saw an ad for an MTSO that wants to pay $10 an hour for an editor.  Perhaps I shall apply at McDonald's.  They are paying $12.

There's a reason for that. sm
I've only been retired for less than three years, but the changes in the profession, both in the technology/software and in the medical field itself--drugs, procedures, instruments, etc.--are overwhelming, and I don't even pretend to have kept up with them.

For that reason, I don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm up on the latest stuff, because I'm not. I've never worked with VR, for example, so I have only a vague idea what that implies--apparently it depends on many factors. It would certainly be a major adjustment for me and I would think anyone else.

As for being "touchy" about my age, ha! I'm over 60, but every woman has a God-given right to lie about three things: Her age, her weight, and her natural hair color! :D :D
There's a reason for that. sm
I've only been retired for less than three years, but the changes in the profession, both in the technology/software and in the medical field itself--drugs, procedures, instruments, etc.--are overwhelming, and I don't even pretend to have kept up with them.

For that reason, I don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm up on the latest stuff, because I'm not. I've never worked with VR, for example, so I have only a vague idea what that implies--apparently it depends on many factors. It would certainly be a major adjustment for me and I would think anyone else.

As for being "touchy" about my age, ha! I'm over 60, but every woman has a God-given right to lie about three things: Her age, her weight, and her natural hair color! :D :D
Go somewhere else for what reason?
It seems most are going towards VR now so going to another place means possibly more of the same. As far as typing just crappy dictators, did someone tell you it works that way or are you assuming? Do you know which system you will use and also are there a bunch of employees at your particular place?
For What Reason?
To survive, keep a roof over your head. Couple of really great reasons. Wake up and smell your new low paycheck!
That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
Seems like most of the problems are in the NE for some reason.

must have been J and not T; i quit for some reason, sm
getting hassle out of J as tech support and never following through. got *itched at for using email program and it was my computer. i told them off and said i could put whatever "crap" i wanted on MY computer. never experienced any problems before J came along. T was best support there was. get rid of that J and get him outta there!