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That is good to hear - sm

Posted By: XXX on 2009-05-02
In Reply to: My job is great sm - Whew!

I have the same issue. Been using Smartype since it came out for Word (used it in DOS and loved it), but recently bought IT but have not even had time to put it on my computer yet, have it here on my desk for almost a month now, need to get it loaded on my computer and bite the bullet. I have heard to kind of wean yourself into it, and as I have a mountain of work this weekend I guess it will have to wait once again, until Monday, regardless if I have gotten all this work done or not. Thanks for the head's up, gives me some hope!

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Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
that is so so good to hear
praise God from who all blessings flow...
That's good to hear
This is the first thing my doctor wants me to try.
Good to hear it can be done
I am not skeptical, I am encouraged to know that that much money can be made in this field and am glad you were willing to share it. I'm a fairly new MT (just hit 3 years) and average about $20 an hour as an employee working full time, plus benefits. I feel like I'm doing fairly well, but would like to make more and sometimes get discouraged when I read posts on this board about people with umpteen years of experience making $12 an hour. I know that in many ways this is a tough field, but there are people who do quite well at it, despite all the negative talk.
So sorry to hear this - good luck to you
SOOO good to hear from you --sm
So many people on this board expressed concern for you well being, I was surprised. But I am VERY glad that you did so well and accomplished what you meant to accomplish. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best of luck. I am a bit concerned about the doctor situation though. No doctor should have such control over someone's physical care as to put pressure on someone who works with them. That is not ethical! I understand your concerns about your husband's position and I am not suggesting that you do anything drastic, but it sounds like someone is holding a weapon over your husband's head to make you continue you care with them. You have a right to choose your own doctor and not suffer any consequences. This is still the USA, not matter what her problems, and you still have the freedom of choice. Please continue on your present course of action and only do what you feel comfortable doing, but please keep in mind also that no doctor should FORCE you to take care from them. Please also continue to come here to talk about things. There are some very supportive people on this board, and use them when you need to. All best wishes to you!! You should be so very proud! and bless your husband for being so understanding too!
I hear CareerStep is good
I hear CareerStep is good, online, and they offer placement with companies guaranteed if you make 90 or better on your final.

I was blessed enough to get to train with a friend, work under her for 4 years, then went off on my own, but these days, school is an absolute must. Best of luck to both ladies.
Glad to hear you all had a good time. :)
That's good to hear. Maybe I should give it a chance and see if I like it.

Good luck to you! So sorry to hear about your pain.
Good to hear it. Hope you find it useful. NM
It is great to hear good news!

Good for you!! It is so nice to hear a positive post.

I do not suppose you would care to share your new company?

A good lesson is, if you hear something strange, ..sm
Verify, verify, verify. I have been guilty of not doing that many times. Not to worry. I probably could have said it in a kinder manner. Sorry!
I hear that every day from my account. Awesome feeling isn't it. Good for you
I hope you realize your hard work is appreciated after all!

Wonderful! So nice to hear good things like this!
I am so glad to hear you talk about VR in a good light
I have a jewel of a platform and you can make a decent salary. It is not garbage and like you said, the people here complaining are ones who do not have a good system. You have to be fast in scanning and hearing. If you are a slow typist to begin with, I have no idea how this would play into a person who does really good with VR. I do not fit that category and the people I have know that did VR did not either.
Good to hear an update. See message about "the projects" :)

I got the same deal with my ex.  He wouldn't leave me alone because he wanted his beloved 3 bedroom ranch house. 

I gave him the house (with my teeny share of equity) and moved into a teeny apartment with my 2 kids. HUGE bedroom bathroom and living room, teeny kitchen, great neighborhood.  We all bunked in the same bedroom as there was room for a double bed, single bed and a crib with enough room left over to dance and play with toys.  My kids were 5 and 2.   We loved that place and it's probably because we finally had some peace and some fun.

My ex did the same thing.  He accused me of  moving my kids to the "projects" because I wasn't good enough to give them a nice home like the one he had.  He still has that house and he lives in it alone and has for nearly 20 years.  The last girflriend lasted 6 years and finally gave up on him.

He gave up on his kids almost 10 years ago and they gave up on him the day we moved into the "projects." 

Best move I ever made.  Happily married now for 13 years with 2 more kids that are considered my older kids' brother and sister, though their donor dad always insisted on calling them "half".  "He's not your brother, he's your half-brother."


Be strong, hang in there and don't give in. 

P.S.  I wasn't looking for another man, I just got lucky I guess.  He does forget to take the trash out sometimes though. 

So glad to hear your good news!!!! Eat a candy bar anyway :-) no message
Brain dead today - or is it hear hear? I'm going to bed.
Hear, hear! I agree with Dakota - sm
The MTSO should be giving feedback to the hospital/doctors who slur, speak too rapidly, etc. They need to pull up their socks! And there's no reason why these doctors shouldn't be given an outline of what is expected from them when they dictate, such as cell phones, chewing food, candy, gum, etc.
That is a good offer. Pay is not that good at UIMC. Good luck! nm
i hear you
That sounds like my husband. If he gets "stuck" with the kids the my job interferes with the family life, but when there are too many bills to pay, I spend too much money. I can never win.
I am so sorry to hear about your dog. SM
I know how sad it is to lose a beloved pet.  I have lost many over my lifetime and they all stay in my memory.  My condolences to you. 
i hear it also....

i'm divorced and get told 'how will you ever meet someone if you don't leave the house'.

i also get neighbors asking me to watch for deliveries, let repairmen in, let their dogs out.....just because i'm home they think i'm in front of the tv eating bon bons....when actually i'm posting on this board!!

I hear you
Good for you! Couldn't be more proud!
I want to hear more about this. Seriously.
I hear ya - sm
Hard to be the disciplinarian without the support of the husband or grandparents.

Of course, then when they get older and get into more serious trouble as time goes by, it will be YOUR fault for not disciplining them too.

Same old story around here too.

Stand your ground mom. Tough as it is, I know. You gotta do it.
Did you hear or see this anywhere
else besides on this board?? I haven't heard that - that is very scary. Hope it is just rumor.
I hear what you are saying.

My husband is a school custodian for a K-12 school.  My daughter graduated a couple years ago, so I no longer have a kid in school.  There were teachers along and along that I did not agree with, but there are always channels to go through.  There will always be kids who are picked on.  Unfortunately, the parents of the bullies are going to take up for their little angels as well.  One of our first graders held a sharpened pencil to the throat of another student, and made threats to the teachers.  They tried to get the child removed from the classroom and the local board of education would not cooperate.  The teachers walk a fine line.  They are expected to protect all the children, but they are not allowed to do very much with little devils like this.  We had a coach that the parents tried to run off because he tried to teach some of the 16-17 year-old babies some discipline.  I am not talking about slamming them up against the wall.  I am just talking about things like making the guys on the team (heaven forbid) tuck their shirt tails in.  You would be amazed at the little things that can cause such a stink.  I had a teacher tell my daughter she did not agree with my parenting techniques, so it can go both ways. (My daugher was 17) Since my husband works there, I know these teachers.  The teacher is a basically good person, we just had a disagreement.  I was respectful when I talked to her in front of my daughter, and I expect my daughter to behave in a similar manner.  I have noticed that most of the bullies in school have parents that are also bullies.  We have resource officers at the school to help pretect the children.  Unfortunately, these officers have also been called on to protect the teachers from very real threats from students and parents.  While I agree that parents definitely need to know what is going on with their child in school, if some of the parents I know showed up at school every day it would be impossible for the teachers to actually teach classes.  These teachers have to teach the whole class, not just your child.  There is no way they are going to please all the parents and still do their job.  There is also no way on this earth I would be a teacher these days. 

Where did you hear this?
Do you have anymore information regarding this?  I tried to look up on the IRS website, but couldn't find anything.  I think that would be great for everyone to donate 1 vacation day, that would add up to a lot!!
Sorry to hear that you and your...sm

husband aren't getting along!

LOL...I hear that! sm
Used to work for YOG/MQ...glad I got out when I did.  Talk about stress...yikes!!!
We need to hear more
About the Teamsters in LA who said they would take us on. Back last week I believe the question was asked about unions and a reply came back that LA Teamsters were interested in us, but no more details were given. Maybe that should be Monday's job, track them down in LA and see what's up.
Where did you hear that it
doesn't start until January?
I hear ya...

...all the songs you mentioned..."Something", too.  Don't get me started either...LOL  

In my 10th grade English class we had to pick a poem to read in front of the class...I read the lyrics from "Lucy"...a few people were looking at me like I was crazy & I just thought "Oh well, you just don't get it." 

Yep, we sure could use his humor these days, that's for sure!! 

At least, if what I believe is true, he's in a much better place...I can just see him looking down & shaking his head.  Just imagine what kind of songs he'd be writing now!

Oh, where's a peace sign emoticon when you need one...LOL

I hear ya!
Yeah, except we don't get $50,000 after eating the slime and rotten fish.
I hear ya
Crap, crap and more crap being left. Don't these little cherrypickers know how to do HARD LONG REPORTS???
I hear ya!

Just two months ago, I started to IC for a large cardiology group.  The in-house wanted a day off during the week, so I was going to fill in for her at home.  Let me tell you, she was a nut and faxed me corrections for the weirdest stuff.  Needless to say, I quit that place after two days of filling in!  There is always work out there and I found a much better office where I am averaging around $200.00 per tape!

Best of luck to you!

I hear ya.........
I'm in the same position. Left a great IC position (small company) for employee status but I can't seem to find what I had before with the big guys. They all seem to lie and treat their MTs like slaves. Wish I could go back to the old position but I need to work as an employee for many reasons. Suks, huh?
I hear ya.
Next time invite them over for coffe and let them listen to a few ESL dictators!!!!  HA.  See how fast they run out the door........ LOL
I hear you!
My response to all is asking them to spell esophagogastroduodenoscopy. My aunt is the worst! She still calls me a stay at home MOM!!!
Don't need to hear this
Oh my God!  This is the frist year I've worked as an IC and had deductions for it. I also owe the IRS a lot of $$ for other reasons and I'll be paying it off for years and years..  It is scary to hear this.   I haven't done anything wrong but if they audit me I'll shoot myself.  But just think--Exxon paid NO TAXES this year..  I guess that is why the IRS needs to go after the big bucks from us MTs.   
I hear ya
I am in the same boat. I have been working two jobs and working extra on both due to finances and such. I too am the only one who can. My BF thinks it is terrible when he has to work an actual 8 hours (his job if he is done he works however many and gets paid for 8,sometimes 5 or 6 but with the holiday an actual 7 or 8). They think it is just awful if I ask for extra help. I am worn out. Today I just finished one job fixing to start the full time one and have a roast cooking, clothes washing, and candy chilling in the fridge. Teenage stepdaughter keeps coming in her asking what I am doing and talking chit chat. I have said a million times what I am doing. I am also eating lunch in here somewhere. Oh and I am having some endometriosis flare up and a cold. I am about to blow my top. I can feel your pain.
I hear you!
I had a dream last night in which I asked my family physician whether carrying 30 lb extra weight could be any worse than my 3/4 pack per day smoking habit. The dream ended without an answer. But, seriously, this occurred to me - starting cigs again until I realized I could start smoking and be a smoker AND 30 lb overweight! At least without SOB, I can attempt to increase metabolism with cardiovascular exercise. Considered Phentermine too but it would probably send me to the convenience store for a pack of smokes since they make you very fidgity.

I pulled out the pressure cooker for fast steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) and bought potatoes for baking. Tea and fruit juices for in between meals.

Not what I want to hear!
I may be needing a hysterectomy soon -- going for second opinion next week. Hoping I can get by with an ablation. I'm an MTSO -- definitely don't have time to be off my feet for that long - was hoping I could be proofing and editing at least by end of first week if I have to have a hyst.  Maybe not, huh??  Maybe it's easier to live with the bleeding!!!  NOT!  Best of luck to you all!!
I hear YOU!

Remember, you must FORCE yourself to be "up."  You must think positive and above all else, say prayers once a day at least and thank God for ALL your blessings.  Most of us have so many blessings to be grateful for.



Yep, I hear ya
I posted something similar a year or so ago, was making 10 cpl, seldom ran out of work, could name my own hours and production quota, plus I had another, 12-mo contract for 18 cpl -- and I still asked if this is all there is to my life? I know exactly where you're coming from.

Here's what I did:

When my 18 cpl contract expired, I quit my other service and swore myself into retirement out of sheer frustration at the constant demand for production. I worked "people jobs" for 6 months - deli, sales, anything away from a keyboard and computer. I responded to a med facility ad for purchasing and ended up in the med recs department, expecting to learn coding but wound up transcribing 6 hours a day instead, and filing for $20/hour. Ugh! I've since given notice and plan to take up where I left off at my own MT business and, this time, relax and do only what I enjoy. No more huge line counts or threats of "or else" for me. I'll find a service that's flexible, pick up the odd contract here and there that doesn't require me to be on the keys 12 hours a day, and get some gardening and kayaking done.

At my age with more than 25 years in this business, I'm finally realizing I don't have to compete with the newbies, nor do I have to put CMT after my name, although I did it once. I work for ME and from now on, it'll be as I enjoy it since I obviously am meant to be in this business.

I wish you gooooood luck. You may just need a break to gain new perspective. It's done wonders for me. :-)
I hear you! (sm)
Yes, as another poster said, you /can/ ignore them, but . . . maybe it's only me, but I always feel this niggling bit of discomfort.  Am I absolutely, positively sure it's not me?
I hear ya
Just be careful with the shoulder thing if you keep at MT. I ignored some shoulder pain for quite a while and ended up with a frozen shoulder about this time last year, couldn't put my arm behind my back, woke me up at night when I would turn wrong on it, etc. Very painful and annoying, had to do PT for 2 months but got almost full range back, not quite. Doc said it was probably a result of continued strain from something I was doing wrong with typing. I'm trying to save up to buy a new desk that is more ergonomic. Also, if you keep doing MT, I think it's important to do some strength exercises to keep from atrophying from the sedentary work. I can't believe how much my body has deteriorated in the years I've been doing this, and even more so since going more full time, let alone the wide butt! It was one of my New Year's resolutions to get back to a regular training program, but here I am still not doing it due to changes with my job and schedule, looking for other jobs, testing, let alone any family life, basically too exhausted right now, although I know if I could just get started, it would help so much!  Sorry for the long message, just wanted to tell you to listen to your body if something is hurting!  I don't really miss the office politics and drama, having to dress up to go to work, the commute, but sometimes I do miss having someone to visit with. Good luck to you!
I hear ya (sm)
My little boy wasn't gaining much weight so the doc wanted me to nurse q.2h.-- even through the night. And not 2 hours from when he was done, 2 hours from when he started. I'd no sooner than get to sleep and my daughter would wake up. WHAAAAAA!!! But, hey, I lived through it :-)
sorry to hear this
But, from someone who has been in this business for a long time, I can tell you that many MTSOs both large and small are not charging more for transcription services than we were 5 or even 10 years ago.  The price of transcription has diminished that's for sure.  Technology, outsourcing, etc.   The list of things to 'blame" is very long, as you know!