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Good to hear it. Hope you find it useful. NM

Posted By: Vann Joe on 2007-12-07
In Reply to: Thanks! That macro worked like a charm using the copy/paste method. - nm


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So sorry to hear about that! Hope you get a job soon.
And that it is a good one! Too much stress. Hope your husband gets a job quick soon too! Hang in there.
Thanks everyone for your tips. Hope to hear more.
Marry me?! :) Seriously...hear, hear. Good post. - nm
I'm looking also and hope to find something
outside the home in a doctor's office or medical center administrative work/sectarial.  Good luck.
Where did you hear this. I can't find it anywhere. Thank you! nm
I actually liked it better the other way, but I hope others find it useful. Thanks for listening to
I always try to find that show, I hope they have
As well.  I think if you give fame and fortune to any person, there is nothing left to do but be crazy because you have everything you want, the stress of life is pretty much gone, so you make stress by going nuts.  Fun to watch.
I hope you find a happy new home! nm
You don't have to scour. Just read and hope you find one. sm
I think it's nice of the board and its sponsors to do this. I just hope they don't stop because of the few who complain about the delivery of it.
Thank you! I just hope to find another doctor that WILL CARE! Maybe the next one will be
much better.  I just had some BAD luck.
I hear it's very difficult to find the file..for obvious reasons I guess! LOL
Maybe try to find a good web site to refer to! Good luck NM
that is so so good to hear
praise God from who all blessings flow...
That's good to hear
This is the first thing my doctor wants me to try.
Good to hear it can be done
I am not skeptical, I am encouraged to know that that much money can be made in this field and am glad you were willing to share it. I'm a fairly new MT (just hit 3 years) and average about $20 an hour as an employee working full time, plus benefits. I feel like I'm doing fairly well, but would like to make more and sometimes get discouraged when I read posts on this board about people with umpteen years of experience making $12 an hour. I know that in many ways this is a tough field, but there are people who do quite well at it, despite all the negative talk.
That is good to hear - sm
I have the same issue. Been using Smartype since it came out for Word (used it in DOS and loved it), but recently bought IT but have not even had time to put it on my computer yet, have it here on my desk for almost a month now, need to get it loaded on my computer and bite the bullet. I have heard to kind of wean yourself into it, and as I have a mountain of work this weekend I guess it will have to wait once again, until Monday, regardless if I have gotten all this work done or not. Thanks for the head's up, gives me some hope!
Good point, ours have never gotten that bad as yet, hope they never do! - nm
Good to know. Thanks. I hope he has someone at home sm
who can do that for him. He'll just have to keep growing! Thank goodness no one has thought 20" is too small!
How was everyone's Christmas? Good, I hope.
We wound up missing the big Christmas Day family feast because one of our kids woke up from a nap with a 102.4 degree temperature.  It hit 104.9 in the middle of the night last night.  Of course, the clinic is closed today so I'll have to take him to the ER if things don't get better soon.  Poor little sprite.
Good, I hope it works... nm

So sorry to hear this - good luck to you
SOOO good to hear from you --sm
So many people on this board expressed concern for you well being, I was surprised. But I am VERY glad that you did so well and accomplished what you meant to accomplish. I applaud your efforts and wish you the best of luck. I am a bit concerned about the doctor situation though. No doctor should have such control over someone's physical care as to put pressure on someone who works with them. That is not ethical! I understand your concerns about your husband's position and I am not suggesting that you do anything drastic, but it sounds like someone is holding a weapon over your husband's head to make you continue you care with them. You have a right to choose your own doctor and not suffer any consequences. This is still the USA, not matter what her problems, and you still have the freedom of choice. Please continue on your present course of action and only do what you feel comfortable doing, but please keep in mind also that no doctor should FORCE you to take care from them. Please also continue to come here to talk about things. There are some very supportive people on this board, and use them when you need to. All best wishes to you!! You should be so very proud! and bless your husband for being so understanding too!
I hear CareerStep is good
I hear CareerStep is good, online, and they offer placement with companies guaranteed if you make 90 or better on your final.

I was blessed enough to get to train with a friend, work under her for 4 years, then went off on my own, but these days, school is an absolute must. Best of luck to both ladies.
Good grief. I hope you are kidding, please. nm
Hope you get good news from the biopsy, sm
My husband just had a similar situation, only his was a growth on the side of his nose. Doctors thought it was a cyst or a mite that got stuck in there. After sending it off to 3 labs, it was diagnosed as Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. They may have gotten the whole thing during the surgery, but husband still has to undergo 20 days of radiation therapy to the site. His prognosis is excellent. He was very scared during the waiting period and once he received the diagnosis, however he has adjusted to getting the radiation and has settled down.

You can be his support. When my husband had all kinds of negative things running through his mind, I kept encouraging him that it may not be as serious as he is imagining. I also have a brother that had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and he talked to my husband about his treatment, which helped my husband a lot, as well.

Good luck, I'll keep your family in my prayers.
Wooohooo!! Good for you!! Hope you stay there!
Nope, didn't write the letter!

Now if we can just keep the termites like yourself away, we'll do just fine thank ya!
Good luck..hope you have a better experience..
than I did with them
Good luck. I hope it works for you!
I always used to wonder why  so many people on ebay started listing from smoke-free home. Then I bought an antique book,and boy did I understand! Now you will definitely  be asking the smoke free home question right away for anything on Ebay, right? Yuck. Again, I used to smoke for decades and had no idea how awful it smells.Smokers don't really smell it themselves! Have fun, too!!
Hope you're good with accents! sm

All customer service is outside of the US and I had a really tough time communicating with them.  Also if you choose to discontinue early there's a whopping $90 fee that's buried in the fine print.

I used Vonage with broadband satellite for 2 months and it disconnected frequently on me....my satellite has been stable for years with multiple platforms so I suspect Vonage is just not suited for satellite.  Just a heads up!

Good grief, hope it doesn't have too many changes sm
If so, we should get our money back on the 2nd, geez! Enough is enough.Some of the 2nd is wrong anyway, leave us alone!
I hope I can be that good and exp. one day that a company trusts me enough to say hey you don't n
Good for you but I hope you get off your high horse
i agree with your post -- however, you just don't seem to get it -- CIRCUMSTANCES happen -- my s/o and I had something happen last month to where he had to renew a license for his work -- had it renewed and on PAPER, however, his company said they wanted the "hard plastic copy" he has to carry a gun to work and the state and federal government took their sweet time -- he got laid off, applied for unemployment, got a couple of checks for a WHOPPING $275 a week!!! -- Finally, last week got a call from his employer "even though you legally can't carry a gun right now, we have a position" -- this week the PROPER paperwork came in, he got rehired, but LOST ALL his senority. I hope you are wonderful and yes, we DO live within our means, we use ATM cards etc and I balance my checkbook but who the heck are YOU to judge!!!!
Glad to hear you all had a good time. :)
That's good to hear. Maybe I should give it a chance and see if I like it.

Good luck to you! So sorry to hear about your pain.
It is great to hear good news!

Good for you!! It is so nice to hear a positive post.

I do not suppose you would care to share your new company?

A good lesson is, if you hear something strange, ..sm
Verify, verify, verify. I have been guilty of not doing that many times. Not to worry. I probably could have said it in a kinder manner. Sorry!
Anytime! Hope it gets worked out. Good luck! nm

good on ya. Hope all goes well and you do not have to figure out what India is telling you.
I have a Dell, but everytime I have to talk to India, they always make the problem worse, and I have had to pay 50 bucks for them not to be able to fix it.  
Good luck, I hope you get a nice raise! nm
I copied and pasted, hope you do not mind but this is really good (NM)
I hear that every day from my account. Awesome feeling isn't it. Good for you
I hope you realize your hard work is appreciated after all!

Wonderful! So nice to hear good things like this!
I am so glad to hear you talk about VR in a good light
I have a jewel of a platform and you can make a decent salary. It is not garbage and like you said, the people here complaining are ones who do not have a good system. You have to be fast in scanning and hearing. If you are a slow typist to begin with, I have no idea how this would play into a person who does really good with VR. I do not fit that category and the people I have know that did VR did not either.
I'll be here! Good luck tonight!! Hope you have work
Good luck to ya! Hope 2008 is the year of the transcriptionist !
Good to hear an update. See message about "the projects" :)

I got the same deal with my ex.  He wouldn't leave me alone because he wanted his beloved 3 bedroom ranch house. 

I gave him the house (with my teeny share of equity) and moved into a teeny apartment with my 2 kids. HUGE bedroom bathroom and living room, teeny kitchen, great neighborhood.  We all bunked in the same bedroom as there was room for a double bed, single bed and a crib with enough room left over to dance and play with toys.  My kids were 5 and 2.   We loved that place and it's probably because we finally had some peace and some fun.

My ex did the same thing.  He accused me of  moving my kids to the "projects" because I wasn't good enough to give them a nice home like the one he had.  He still has that house and he lives in it alone and has for nearly 20 years.  The last girflriend lasted 6 years and finally gave up on him.

He gave up on his kids almost 10 years ago and they gave up on him the day we moved into the "projects." 

Best move I ever made.  Happily married now for 13 years with 2 more kids that are considered my older kids' brother and sister, though their donor dad always insisted on calling them "half".  "He's not your brother, he's your half-brother."


Be strong, hang in there and don't give in. 

P.S.  I wasn't looking for another man, I just got lucky I guess.  He does forget to take the trash out sometimes though. 

So glad to hear your good news!!!! Eat a candy bar anyway :-) no message
How do you find such a good one?!? (sm)

I have only a 1600 sq. ft. house, one floor, 3 bedrooms, one is my office and soon one will be just a guest room (my brother lives with us currently), and two full baths. We have 3 Shih Tuz dogs but no children. I probably wouldn't have anyone clean in my office as I would need to be working while the house cleaning person was here.  

I remember my mom going through many housekeepers as they did just "surface cleaning" and did not get down and really clean like you described. I would love to find someone who does exactly as you described but only perhaps once a month as I can do some things the other weeks. My main problem is DUST! Where do I look to find someone that is as good as you found?!? :)

I just can't keep up with everything anymore and it is just adding more stress to my life and plus I have significant back issues so  it just makes things so hard to do. Would love suggestions on where to begin looking for someone as incredible as you have found!


Good luck to you folks. I hope I can perk up soon. I thought I was the only one with this disease
You are not going to find a good company
didn't pay. Well, SS will work you to death and with the ESL's you will have to work 24/7 just to make enough to buy 10 gallons of gas. Does this tell you anything?