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The list is on the AAMT site sm

Posted By: jams on 2007-05-14
In Reply to: If this is so great, why not post the link here. - Is it a big secret? You would think

I would not advise copying from their own web page and posting it here. Go there and look.

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FYI on the Do not use list per AAMT BOS and JCAHO

Hi everyone! I know this is not going to be easy but we all need to start abiding by the dangerous abbreviation list below and the JCAHO updated list attached. The biggest change will be the "q.d." Please start making these changes immediately. I would suggest putting some of them in your auto correct as it will probably be very helpful. You could put it in there as q.d. and change to daily so if you were to type q.d. by accident, it would change it automatically to daily.

We will give you a few months to get used to these changes and probably by February, we will take points off for QR if any of these errors are found.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please let the QA team know.


Dangerous abbreviations listed below are NOT to be used.

Potential Problem
Preferred Term

U (for unit)
Mistaken as zero, four, or cc.
Write “unit”

IU (for international unit)
Mistaken for IV (intravenous) or 10 (ten)
Write “international unit”



Mistaken for each other. The period after the Q can be mistaken for an “I” and the “O” can be mistaken for “I”.
Write “daily” and “every other day” and “four times a day.

Trailing zero (X.0 mg)

Lack of leading zero (.X mg)
Decimal point is missed
Never write a zero by itself after a decimal point (X mg), and always use a zero before a decimal point (0.X mg)



Confused for one another. Can mean morphine sulfate or magnesium sulfate.
Write “morphine sulfate” or “magnesium sulfate”

TIW (Three times weekly)
Confused for twice weekly
Write “three times weekly”


(for microgram)

Mistaken for mg (milligrams) resulting in one thousand-fold dosing overdose.

Write "mcg"

ZnSO4 Can be confused with IV electrolytes
Write “zinc sulfate”

Per os Can be mistaken for “left eye”
Use “PO”, “by mouth,” or “orally”


A "minimum list" of dangerous abbreviations, acronyms and symbols

Beginning January 1, 2004, the following items must be included on
each accredited organization's "Do not use" list:

Potential Problem
Preferred Term

U (for unit)
Mistaken as zero, four or cc.
Write "unit"

IU (for international unit)
Mistaken as IV (intravenous) or 10 (ten)
Write "international unit"

(Latin abbreviation for once daily and every other day)
Mistaken for each other. The period after the Q can be mistaken for an "I" and the "O" can be mistaken for "I"
Write "daily" and "every other day"

Trailing zero
(X.0 mg),
Lack of leading zero (.X mg)
Decimal point is missed
Never write a zero by itself after a decimal point (X mg), and always use a zero before a decimal point (0.X mg)

Confused for one another
Can mean morphine sulfate or magnesium sulfate
Write "morphine sulfate" or "magnesium sulfate"

In addition to the "minimum required list"

The following items should also be considered when expanding the "Do not use" list to include the additional three or more items referenced in the JCAHOFAQ@jcaho.org

Potential Problem
Preferred Term

(for microgram)
Mistaken for mg (milligrams) resulting in one thousand-fold dosing overdose
Write "mcg"

(for half-strength or Latin abbreviation for bedtime)
Mistaken for either half-strength or hour of sleep (at bedtime) q.H.S. mistaken for every hour. All can result in a dosing error.
Write out "half-strength" or "at bedtime"

(for three times a week)
Mistaken for three times a day or twice weekly resulting in an overdose
Write "3 times weekly" or "three times weekly"

S.C. or S.Q.
(for subcutaneous)
Mistaken as SL for sublingual, or "5 every"
Write "Sub-Q", "subQ", or "subcutaneously"

(for discharge)
Interpreted as discontinue whatever medications follow (typically discharge meds).
Write "discharge"

(for cubic centimeter)
Mistaken for U (units) when poorly written.
Write "ml" for milliliters

A.S., A.D., A.U.
(Latin abbreviation for left, right, or both ears)O.S., O.D., O.U.(Latin abbreviation for left, right, or both eyes)
Mistaken for each other
(e.g., AS for OS, AD for OD, AU for OU, etc.)
Write: "left ear," "right ear" or "both ears;" "left eye," "right eye," or "both eyes

JCAHO has created a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that explain the new requirements in greater detail.

I called and asked them. They get a list from the AAMT. nm
This is in regards to the post below about AAMT list on q.i.d.....plesae read
First of all, I haven't been with the AAMT for quite some time as a member.  A friend of mine and I thought that for the price of joining was a joke.  But I did not know they supported offshoring, is this really true??  One of the better books I have seen was The Do's and Don't's of Medical Transcription.  I will say this.....I have gotten TONS AND TONS AND TONS more information, help, support, education, networking, employment, etc than I would ever even dream of getting from the AAMT....and this board is FREE!!!!  Can everyone and anyone who has any insight on this please respond?  Would like any feedback I can get.  Thanks.
Did you get the list off this site?


I couldn't find the autocorrect list on this site.  Can you please email it to me.  Thanks 

Kim, you forgot to list the site.....
If you go to the eScription web site, I think they list some of their accts. right
I found some at the AAMT site. Thanks anyway! nm
Anything related to AAMT is not discussed on this site.
AAMT site is under contruction. Maybe the latest issue will
AAMT has wonderful resources on their site. QA Primer and scoring guidelines (and explanations)
Several companies still train on site. In fact, we are piloting an on-site training sm
program, where everyone would come in to the Keystrokes office to train for 1 or 2 weeks. We have a large training room and feel that this may be a way to cover all aspects of an account, be right there to answer questions as they come up and have one-on-one contact.

It will be optional at this point and may not be more effective as remote training, but some people have expressed that they miss the training that you get when you start at a hospital.

We are trying to bridge that gap between working in-house somewhere and working at home.

It may seem out-dated in many ways, but sometimes going back to basics is a good step to take!
medical abbreviation list and medical drug list

Anyone there who could help me out finding the latest abbreviations list.
I even want the latest drug list because my current program does not have many drugs.

So if anyone could suggest anything which is available online for informationd quick look purposes.

any help for medical abbreviation list and medical drug list would be very helpful.

I have noticed sometimes I will try to get into a web site and that site will freeze up and I dont

know if I have too many screens opened up and minimized or what. I tried to open a website sent by email and froze up the email screen. Not sure what I am doing.

Oh, someone benefits from AAMT - AAMT DOES!
I subscribe to another web site and within the boards on this site they have

Would anybody be interested if adminstrators would allow us to have this type of board or even put it on the main board.  Like on this other board they tell you to go to a certain web site for a coupon for 20% off Barnes and Noble or when Target has reduced prices on seasonal things.  Anybody got ideas or bargains they would like to share to save money?   We could call it the MT Stars penny-pinchers board.

not me. Sometimes I even wonder if I'm on the list...sm

his parents are elderly and are quite good at being graciously demanding. As soon as he walks in the door at 4:00 p.m., the phone is ringing wondering when he will be over to shovel the snow off of their walk - and they don't even leave the house. I definitely feel he puts his parents before me. Like the line "I knew it was over when...", when for our 25th anniversary, he gave me a $2.99 bouquet the night before and then planned to go to his mom's for dinner the night of. Not divorced, can't quite get to that but have the same fantasies of running away and boy, then would he be sorry  . Breaks my heart to hear people calling each other soulmates as I believe I will never have that.

It's pn my wish list too,
but the one I tried out in the store had so many hard spots in it, I don't think it would be very comfortable to sit in all day.
wish list
I wish to find a company that:
Goes by lines/production and lets me have a window (12 or 24 hrs)instead of keeping a timecard.
Does not use a platform!! Maybe just has an FTP site or something, download the voice, then upload the jobs when done.
Not constantly IM'ing me!
this list
Would love to see a copy of this as well. Thanks.
I won't list them all but -

my hubby absolutely cracks me up.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and makes me laugh everyday (even on those "bad" days).  He tells me daily that he loves me or asks me "Do you know how much I love you?"  He is the only man I have ever been in love with AND trusted. 


here's my list sm
Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Switch with ER and Without a trace
Criminal minds

I have no life.
if there's more than 1 med, I'd list...

Here's the list....sm
Dogs: Shaina, Tiger & Taffy
Cats: Pearl, Ribbon, Samson, Ember & Hollow
Rabbit: Bonnie
Goldfish: Barbie

YES, we have a lot of pets! I had 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bunny and the goldfish and when we got married last month my husband had the 4 cats and 2 dogs... so now we have a full house for sure!!!

No GAB on my list either
How do I get the GAB on my list? 
here is a list of what i did
Completely and totally uninstall ANY remant you have of the program.  Then try a reinstall.  If that does not work, I would suggest calling Stedmans...they may have a patch.  I didn't get a new dictionary until the 2007 version so there may be something in there that they can give you to solve the issue.
when I do that, I have to do it for each list, is there a way...
to make it stay that way all of the time?
the list so far

OK- so far I have pixked up from the responses the following. I have not been able to process them fully to determine if a full course is needed as of yet.

1- need to learn format-           Would this be similar to writing up charts? Or do MTs have their own format in which they follow? We learned many different ways (or formats) to write up charts in school- and had the freedom to choose which worked best for us individually in our practice. A specific MT format would be something to learn in a class if they have one of their own. I've  written my own charts for many years, so if it is similar to that- then I should pick it up quick.

2- need to develop or experiment with hand -eye- listening skill for pedal/typing/translating -           I have very good hand eye coordination from being a dentist and performing procedures. And type fairly fast. I suppose I could figure out how to try out the devices before determining if it was something I wanted to do.

3- need to listen to some actual tapes-             good idea. I am sure they are unlike the tapes of lectures that I transcribed in Dental School. I have watched my ENT mumble into his recorder in amazement many a time.

4- might be dissapointed in the difference in pay-                definately something I already had considered. I am not looking for the same compensation. I don't expect it. I still have an office to go back to when I am ready - and do locum tennans here and there.  I have no idea what an MT makes. What do they make?

 Thanks- Susan

Here is a list...

This list was posted on the New MT/Student board by "DJ."  You may want to search that board also for more information.


You will have to do your own research otherwise, but here are some that have been mentioned before:

Accustat Carolinas
Advanced Transcription, Inc.
Advanced Transcription Network
Aero Transcription Service, Inc.
All Type Inc.
A Stat Transcriptions
Cambridge Transcriptions
Cbay Systems
C & M Transcription
CMT Corporation
CNC Transcription
Cobb Medical Transcription, Inc.
C&C Transcription
DataKey MT
Employment Opportunities with PTS
ETransPlus Careers
Focus Infomatics
Freedom Type
Huntington Group Services
InterMountain Transcription Soultions
Kathy Yip & Associates
Lake Valley Transcription
MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Medical Linguistics
Medical Transcription Corporation
Medical Transcription Professionals
Medifax, Inc
Med-Tech Resource Medquist
Medscribe Inc.
MTA - Virginia
Midelfort Clinic
Melody MT Service
NEO Transcription
New England Medical Transcription
Northeast Transcription Incorporated
Outsourcing Solutions Inc.
P.J. Transcription
Peacehealth Clinic
Preferred Physician's Transcription, Inc.
Range Medical Transcription
Rapid Transcript Incorporated
RI Unlimited Transcription Solutions
RX Text
Scribes Canada Inc.
Scribes Voice and Data Services
Scribes Online
Silent Type, Inc
Transolutions Inc.
USA Medical Transcription Inc.

per os is on the Do Not Use List,
See link below.

Try this site:


It lists companies by state with web sites and contacts.  This is how I found the job I have now.  Good luck and best wishes.

Ok, here's my list......
1. Coffee
2. AC - Have to be cool (it's 93 in southern CA today)
3. Quiet
4. Burt's Bee's lip balm.
5. Hand lotion
6. My desk/chair/keyboard all adjusted just right.
7. Snacks like grapes or yogurt-covered raisins.

I think that covers it!!
a list
DEXA scans (bone densitometry)
nuclear medicine scans

and a slew of special procedures (invasive) such as:
tube/port placement
epidural injections
to name a few.
Thanks, but I have that list.
I have to follow the BOS 3rd edition for my company so I can't ignore it (unfortunately). I seem to have a lot of trouble finding what I need quickly in that book. I guess my brain is not organized in the same manner. Every time I read it I find something new.
As far as I know, there is not any list --sm
that can be imported into AutoText. You have to enter manually.
We can only use the list they provide

Hard to find when you're not sure what the name is even starting with. Even with a data base of 1,000 physicians, it's constant searching. I use the search option and try to search for just one tiny part of the name I can understands, but it takes forever!

I found the list. If anyone else is looking sm.

Go to CNN.com homepage, click on the story about family looking for missing loved ones. On the top of that story page there is a link called "Safe List."  That lists the names of everyone that has reported in as being safe.

Unfortunately, Andre Pouliot from Biloxi, Mississippi is not on that list. That is who we are looking for.

Thank you again.  We'll keep looking.

OTI should be on the good list too.
If you like flexible hours, decent accounts, no harassment from the office but plenty of good tech support, and IC status so you work your own schedule. If that's what you're looking for, OTI is a great place to work.
drug list
Does anyone know of a site to download/print a drug list (quarterly drug index)?  The one I have is old and the IDI I have is from 1999.
You just put yourself on the list with Walmart (sm)
You really just listed yourself in a class of people that don't deserve much credit either.  You are upset with Target because they don't support the military...however shortly thereafter you made it clear of your feelings about gays and lesbians.  Have you ever stopped to think about how many of those young men and women over there in harms way every moment of their life are gay?  Or do you only "recognize" the heterosexual soldiers?  Gotta love a hypocrite that bashes someone else for categorizing people...yet fail to see how they manage to lodge their own foot in their mouth in the process. 
Wal Mart on my poo list
I went to Wal Mart as I always do. I wanted the laptop for $386. I work two jobs and really wanted to be able to remove myself from my desk to do personal stuff wherever or do my coding job away while watching tv. They only had 25 of them. I was like 35 in line. I cannot believe that is all they got in. Then I went to get the PS2 Burnout 3 game (I needed two copies) and the Scooby Doo double pack for Gameboy. They did not get extra ones in even though they advertised them for $8. They had what was in the case only, which was one of each. Oh boy how stupid. Then I got a few things like jammie bottoms and a remote control hummer for my son and the lines were awful. They were handing out these VCR/DVD combos that were not the right ones so people were MAD.
drug list
Yeah, RXList is a good one. I also like www.drugdigest.com.
See the lonnnnggggg list:

$875.00 for mortage - $289.00 for health insurance - $508 for car payment - $68 for monthly car insurance - $220 for Electric/Gas - $155 for telephone - $39 for cell phone - $900 plus for CC payments - I guess that's enough, eh?  We spend about $500 for groceries and another $300 for cigs/booze/wine - about $300.00 for going out to eat (we're home bodies).  I sock away $337.00/month in my IRA and then skim 10 percent off the top of our earnings and throw in savings/CD - we spend a little extra on renting movies/books, etc. 

I can't believe it costs SO MUCH to live these days!!

Anyone know where I can get a list of new drugs
List of abbreviations
Yes, they are quite certain how wonderful that "dangerous abbreviations" list is, but don't kid yourself. There are quite a few physicians out there/facilities who don't care for the list and want abbreviations (and dictate them too) the former way; --- q.i.d., q.o.d., t.i.w., q. week, q. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc. Shall I go on? I know because I've transcribed from physicians dictating just this way. The docs want it THEIR WAY. Get over yourself.
call list

We began getting sales calls again, so my husband went back and resubmitted the information. We haven't gotten any since. It might be something you have to do annually. I don't know. It can't hurt to try though.

Are you on the Do Not Call LIst? sm
not saying this is the case, but a lot of times these calls are initiated by a computer.  the computer calls, you answer, but there's no operator on the computer end to finish the call.  I signed up for the do not call list when it first came up.  The silence was wonderful.  Then I moved - very irritating indeed!  I'm back on it and back to silence!
What do you mean IT makes a list for you?
How do you get it to do this?
Schindler's List - now that was a .....nm

There is a whole list of these types
of things I got through my MT training classes. To make the ' over the e in debride, you would do Alt + 233 on your number pad. Let me know if it works. good luck.
Make a list
Make a list of what you love about him and what you hate and see which list is bigger.  You haven't mentioned a single reason for staying with this person.  Sometimes it's hard to make a break, but think ahead to days without stress and arguing.
No -- I have a list of over 1000 new ones
--that's just the new ones, not counting the 2nd and 3rd year residents. Too many new names.