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The platform is escription....and sorry about the typos in my previous post...

Posted By: LOVE TO TYPE on 2006-05-30
In Reply to: Depends on the platform. I did not like Dictaphone speech. - NM

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Sorry about the typos in my previous message!
I am so livid with the 'suits' I can't even type straight, lol - anyone else there feel that management should only include someone who actually did the dirty deed of being an MT before the they think that they can 'manage us'?! I love the companies where the owners are previous MTs - now there is a company that is run intelligently in my opinion and the company that you would want to trust and put your efforts in.
Escription platform - sm

Does anyone know what this platform is like. Is it MT friendly??



Sorry, but do you like eScription platform?

Question about eScription platform
There are a lot of posts on the job seeker's board looking for eScription MTs and editors. eScription claims they don't offer their platform to MT companies, so how are these companies using this system? Seems strange.
eScription is a great platform
Easy and picks up the doctors like you would not believe- even ESLs good on this platform. I am so glad don’t have the other ASR that is talked about all the time.
Is EditScript and Escription the same platform? sm
I am only familiar with Dictaphone EXText, EXSpeech, and now EXEditor, but have heard that escription is even better than these platforms. I want to get my fact straight (the difference, if any, between EditScript and Escription) before applying for companies using those platforms. TIA!
Are all Escription accounts EditScript? I could not use this platform. sm
I see so many people that use Escription and like it.  Are there other Escription platforms, or are they all EditScript?
What platform? eScription Edit Script?

Sorry for the typos in the above post
Sorry for the typos in the above post -- still need new eye glasses and I am still very livid.
sorry for the typos in the last post.
Sorry for the typos as I am really tired tonight.
Forgive the typos in post above. I'm tired. nm.
One of the ones in the previous post.
There in no guarantee with any of the options that you will have service everywhere you go.   If you travel mostly in major cities an air card might be an option.  The monthly fee is usually $60+ and I don't know if you have to sign a contract.   If you have to be connected to the internet all the time now to work (can't download work and then get off-line) then working in the car isn't going to be an option. 
Focus Infomatics hires transcriptionists with NO experience on the Escription platform? Anyone else
I didn't get any of what you said from the previous post
I think the poster was just saying that nationals do those things mentioned.  Nowhere was it said in her post that nationals are crooks.  Those are your words and you're trying to put them in her post because she she contradicted your theory. 
If your DD has previous skills she can post
resume on the on-line sites like monster.com.   There are few jobs that are legit.  If they require $$ upfront you can bet they are a scam. 
I was replying to a previous post about Bucky.
One poster said that Kellie made Southerners look stupid and one poster said Bucky might get the boot. I was responding to them in my post.
Does anyone else have trouble reading this post and previous one from this poster?
It is hard to read when correct punctuation, etc. is not used. I know everyone returns to work. I am just saying that it would be nice not to return to 40 hrs worth of typing & it be expected to be caught up on the day I return. Call me crazy, but I believe there are only 24 hrs/day. I may not be able to read this post well, but I can do math! It is also not fair for them to dump all my work on 1 other person. Jobs come & go, but children grow up & life is too short. I would like to thank those who posted support & compassion & hope when this poster needs help, you will overlook her insensitivity & give support anyway.
Never said people didn't have typos we are all human BUT the mistakes I stated were NOT typos

I probably QA where you work..hmmmmm

I work on Escription platform and the adapter didnt work for me. I tried it on my laptop though
and the foot pedal would just not play correctly with the adapter. I think others have tried it and done it but it just didnt work for me.
MTSO with platform versus no platform (big message)

If a MTSO advertises that the MT works in MS Word and sends dictation by FTP, does this usually mean there will be no demographic/doctor database and the demographics will not be autopopulated?


I got into a mess with a small company (got out real quickly too).  I was required to print out daily email copies of the doctors' office patient schedules (which were barely legible) and type in all information.  I spent more time hunting for the correct patient through pages and pages of these schedules.  Then I had about 25 pages worth of doctor's names that I would have to go through to find the attending, referring, etc.  A total waste of time as I didn’t get paid for that. 


I wish MTSO would give more information as to what platform they use (if any).  Proprietary software is such a generic, totally useless description.  Would they buy a new car that listed, "Car has gasoline operated motor?" 


And for Pete's sakes, why so secretive about the pay?  Give a ballpark figure.  Just say, pay is between 7-12 cpl depending on skill, testing, etc. Tell me if you pay for spaces, headers, etc.  It would save them time because I wouldn’t even apply for a 7 cpl job. 


Before I spend an hour or two testing, I need more information from a company to be sure it is compatible for my needs.  If the MTSO would spend a little time on their website detailing their platform, how they send/receive files, pay rates,  how line rate is determined (spaces/no spaces) employee/IC/SE status, minimal line count, whether work pools consist of 100s of doctors, or smaller pools with 25-50 doctors etc.   Having all this information on their website would save them time and the MTs time.   Phoenix Medcom has a really good layout describing pretty much everything an MT would want to know before testing with them.  I am just tired of testing with a company and then finding out the job wasn’t exactly suited to my needs. 

Platform versus non-platform (templates)?

I've been working for MTSOs for years now, using their templates which sometimes cause productivity problems (macro issues, etc). I'm wondering if productivity is increased when working on a structured platform, such as one that a national company provides for its transcriptionists?  I've never used a platform, but it would seem that all one needs to do is straight type onto the screen and the platform program takes care of margins, page breaks, etc?

Any thoughts (as well as companies who are hiring who use platforms) would be appreciated.  Thanks

SORRY about the typos!!!! nm

maybe you had better check your own postings for typos before you pick on someone elses..."so take YOU typos and whining to b a blog..." hmmm. easy to make a mistake, isn't it??? LOL.
I use spell check all the time, it is part of being a professional.  Except, of course, for the test, lol.  Obviously, the poster who mixed-up "their" and "there" needs to start using it or, at the least, proofread their posts.
take YOU typos?
hole wheat? gee, I wonder where that comes from??
Sorry for all the typos! nm

Sorry for the typos
Sorry for typos....
I have been very upset today..!!
Typos are everywhere

Yeah, the ditmo that typed the cover spelled it wrong, what is priceless, they fixed the cover of the book, but they left the webpage incorrect. 

Typos are everywhere.  You will love this one.  At the corner store where I live there is a plastic sign that has been there for years.  The sign reads, "Florida Lottory" and it has a pink flamingo on it.  It was made by the Florida Lottery Commission.

Right next to the incorrectly spelled, "Lottory,"  they have a poster plastered in the window that reads, "The Florida Lottery has provided over 10 Billion dollars towards education."

Now either that money was not put to good use . . . or someone is lying.    oh boy.

~ Mari

Sorry about the typos!
Obviously I still get upset thinking about her attitude. LOL!
Typos above. I know. Just put in 14 hrs. and
sorry for typos-need a nap-nm
p.s. pardon the typos nm
Sorry for typos. Shees! Just
Uh..."take *you* typos???LOL

Now what were you saying about "simple typos?"

sorry for typos. I usually get paid
extra for those at work  but this was JMO and I didn't QA myself 
I know there are typos. I'm not QA and I didn't

proof.   My post is a bit disjointed, but I think I got my point across.  I tried to represent both sides fairly. 

I'm tired - typos ... (sm)
I meant that the government is NOT on our side.

AAMT is not on our side, either - since they came on the scene, conditions for MTs have plummeted. A very few people there have gotten very rich off of MTs, especially newbies. And now AAMT seems to be getting involved with India. (Why am I not surprised?)
Oh, boy! Sorry for the typos...long day! nm
Please overlook typos. I am on my way
to bed and didn't proof anything. I appreciate that thanks.
Do you ever catch your typos?
there wages - ?
sorry for typos . . .I'm upset.
Sorry, yes I made typos. :(
excuse the typos (no message)
well, if her typos are any indication of how she transcribes...nm
thass OK, honey, we all do typos.

Ignore the typos, I saw them. This isn't work. nm
Sorry for typos... On a sugar high!
overnight and watches sorry for the typos
Not the typos it's misspelling "niece" that bugs.
Yikes--and now I can't spell anymore obviously--sorry for the typos!