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Think I have gotten it solved

Posted By: HELP WITH NEW COMPUTER .. UPDATE on 2009-05-24
In Reply to:

I went to Radio Shack and got the USB, it is a powered VGA splitter and hopefully that will take care of these issues. Gang, I appreciate all the information each sent me. This site is priceless!!

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Thanks, my problem is solved I think
Thanks to everyone, I took everyone suggestions and disabled AutoCorrect and also loaded ShortHand after everything else when my computer started up.  I haven't had the problem today I was having yesterday, so I guess your suggestions worked!  Thanks!
You just solved a mystery for me!
I have one female doctor who is constantly being disconnected in the middle of dictating reports. Once she was disconnected more than 10 times in one report. I could never figure out what the problem was until I read your post. Thank you for making my day and solving one of the great mysteries of my job!
Problem solved - sm

I actually found a previous reply on this board telling me to unplug both cords from back of printer, reboot computer, then plug both cords back and try to print.

I turned off the printer first, then followed the above. It worked.This board is awesome!


OMG! We just had the SAME problem and solved it by accident!!

We live by the ocean, and my husband had bought one of those "canned air horns" you can bring on a boat.  They're like $5 in boat stores or sporting good stores. The poor dog next door is tied out 24/7, and verbalizes his unhappiness, but enough is enough.  We tried everything, including talking nicely like adults with the owners, nada.  We finally called the police, who live nearby and hear it, too! That put the fear of God in the owners for 48 hours, and then yap, yap, yap. About a month ago, by accident my husband blasted the horn in the back yard, and...silence...dead silence...the dog hates it.  Now, I have dogs, too, and they didn't even notice this blast, so it didn't hurt their ears or anything like that! But this yapping beast seems totally astonished by the air horn. We've done it 2 or 3 times since, and now the dog NEVER barks.  He's fine, but apparently knows there is "something" louder than him out there!  We also called the police BEFORE we did it intentionally the next time, and they said it was fine, no laws against canned air horns, and we only blast it for a second.  The dog is at least 1/4 acre away, so not like we're on top of him. It only took a few blasts, but it worked! Give it a try!!

Well, the first day was the problem that couldn't be solved.
The "try this" took all day, starting at 8 A.M. By 7 P.M., techs finally said we need to send you new computer, we think your hard drive is damaged. I would think Fed Ex would pick up computer at 8 P.M. EST (Tampa)on Wed. My Fed Ex guy has a route that brings him by my street later afternoons typically and I got it today at 4:30 PST (California).
Disregard the above, I have solved my problem, NM
Oh my goodness!! You've solved it!!

Well I'll be darned.  Thank you, TT2007!!

Although I must admit, it's not the most user-friendly application....

What blows my tiny mind is that the tech guy at Dictaphone wasn't even able to tell me this!  Typical!!  LOL  Well, thanks again!


Tape crisis solved-so far
I manually wound the tape up, holding it taught with one hand while winding with the other. It only took an hour. So far, so good. Thanks for the responses. If it ends up getting mangled again, you will all hear me scream wherever you are:)
How I solved the late payment issue -

- with most clients I started subtracting a certain amount (or free of charge) for each report that I turned around late (far and few between) even for circumstances out of my control, while at the same time charging them late payment fees.  I also started accepting credit cards.

Outlook express problem solved - sm

Had a problem deleting a huge outgoing email. Posted here and many good suggestions came in. However, when I Googled I found www.ITtoolbox, a place to go for technical help.

I was able to finally delete that pesky outgoing email of mine with their help. You may want to keep this site in mind for help if ever you need to.

Thank you all.

Sorry, Hijack This, it is free and solved my problem when I was hijacked
What a crock. I've solved it by starting to put in commas
more Keystrokes for me, and hey - QA just LOVES their commas! The more the better, in their eyes.