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This might be a stretch,

Posted By: ...but (sm) on 2008-08-08
In Reply to: WHAT is "verifiable billing" ... (sm) - ??

Do you think this might have anything to do with "visible characters" (i.e., excluding spaces)?

Just a thought.

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Stretch .. stretch before you work, during breaks,
after you work. Get the circulation up and keep flexible and limber. It will help.

Yes, your position will make a LOT of difference.

I type at my desk for probably 70-75% of my work. Have to adjust my chair so my legs are neither pushing back to keep me in the chair nor dangling. I use the pull-out keyboard tray but put a huge Stedman's Medical Dictionary under my keyboard so it is up high enough that it is not pulling down on my shoulders to type. Keep my monitor up so I don't find myself with my chin on my chest trying to "look down" into it.

When I've taken my 1st break, I move into the living room and work on my laptop. I can sit either in my recliner or on the couch and have an adjustable laptop table with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is very comfortable sitting and helps the legs, back, bottom and feet. Change of scenery helps too. However, I do NOT even turn on the TV whatsoever or I'll watch it instead. No TV. No answering the phone (unless it is MQ or Spheris or son's school). At night I move back in here to my desk so that I can finish my lines and not be disturbed by the TV or XBox or PlayStation or company, etc.

You CAN increase your line count. Don't try to do it all at once.

Oh, and be careful what you eat before working and during breaks. Eat lightly, a split between protein and carbohydrates. For me, caffeine and sugar give me a sudden burst of energy but then drop me down as the blood sugar drops drastically so I try to eat fruit, tuna on wheat bread, raw veggies, etc. Keeps you from being in a mental fog and feeling all bloated up.

Good luck! Email me if you need some tips. I'll tell you all I can. It sometimes takes a bit of time for me to answer but I'll get to you.

I'm tired and going to bed. Good luck!

stretch your leg
I lay on the floor and have my son pull my leg. Believe it or not, it helps fast.
You have to get up and stretch, go for a walk
and take lots of breaks from just sitting, even if they are only 5 min. breaks. It helps both mentally and physically.
must say it that way so it can stretch across her tongue better sm
lycra being that ultra stretchy stuff swimsuits are made of.
can you sit on it for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch? NMSG
Maybe a stretch, but a very good question
to ask before one starts work. Might be a way to blow smoke, depending on whom you are talking to.
If I stand very straight and stretch I am 5 feet too.
I have a reacher for the higher cabinets, though tend to put things there that aren't used very often.  I also keep a low step stool for when DH or my kids aren't around.   I don't have problems with my office chair not being low enough, so I guess mine goes lower than others.   In typing class in jr. high I would cross my ankles and my teacher was always telling me to put my feet flat on the floor.  He always got a good laugh when I told them they didn't reach.  I had to sit on a thick phone book in driver's ed and had to have extension put on my gas/brake pedals in my first car.   My dream would be to be 5'2".