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If I stand very straight and stretch I am 5 feet too.

Posted By: me on 2006-04-02
In Reply to: Got to laugh, I'm 5' tall......sm - your b/f sounds like a sweetheart...

I have a reacher for the higher cabinets, though tend to put things there that aren't used very often.  I also keep a low step stool for when DH or my kids aren't around.   I don't have problems with my office chair not being low enough, so I guess mine goes lower than others.   In typing class in jr. high I would cross my ankles and my teacher was always telling me to put my feet flat on the floor.  He always got a good laugh when I told them they didn't reach.  I had to sit on a thick phone book in driver's ed and had to have extension put on my gas/brake pedals in my first car.   My dream would be to be 5'2".  

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can you stand on your feet all day, be abused by better than thou customers, work for slave wages?

Stretch .. stretch before you work, during breaks,
after you work. Get the circulation up and keep flexible and limber. It will help.

Yes, your position will make a LOT of difference.

I type at my desk for probably 70-75% of my work. Have to adjust my chair so my legs are neither pushing back to keep me in the chair nor dangling. I use the pull-out keyboard tray but put a huge Stedman's Medical Dictionary under my keyboard so it is up high enough that it is not pulling down on my shoulders to type. Keep my monitor up so I don't find myself with my chin on my chest trying to "look down" into it.

When I've taken my 1st break, I move into the living room and work on my laptop. I can sit either in my recliner or on the couch and have an adjustable laptop table with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is very comfortable sitting and helps the legs, back, bottom and feet. Change of scenery helps too. However, I do NOT even turn on the TV whatsoever or I'll watch it instead. No TV. No answering the phone (unless it is MQ or Spheris or son's school). At night I move back in here to my desk so that I can finish my lines and not be disturbed by the TV or XBox or PlayStation or company, etc.

You CAN increase your line count. Don't try to do it all at once.

Oh, and be careful what you eat before working and during breaks. Eat lightly, a split between protein and carbohydrates. For me, caffeine and sugar give me a sudden burst of energy but then drop me down as the blood sugar drops drastically so I try to eat fruit, tuna on wheat bread, raw veggies, etc. Keeps you from being in a mental fog and feeling all bloated up.

Good luck! Email me if you need some tips. I'll tell you all I can. It sometimes takes a bit of time for me to answer but I'll get to you.

I'm tired and going to bed. Good luck!

stretch your leg
I lay on the floor and have my son pull my leg. Believe it or not, it helps fast.
This might be a stretch,
Do you think this might have anything to do with "visible characters" (i.e., excluding spaces)?

Just a thought.
You have to get up and stretch, go for a walk
and take lots of breaks from just sitting, even if they are only 5 min. breaks. It helps both mentally and physically.
must say it that way so it can stretch across her tongue better sm
lycra being that ultra stretchy stuff swimsuits are made of.
can you sit on it for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch? NMSG
Maybe a stretch, but a very good question
to ask before one starts work. Might be a way to blow smoke, depending on whom you are talking to.
Six-Feet Under
I was totally stunned - can't believe it.
Six feet under

I KNOW!!!  We were all sitting there with our mouths about hitting the floor.  We could not believe it.

Please, please, no more on Six Feet Under
It's killing me not to read these posts.  I "Tivo'd" it and haven't watched it tonight.  That's what I look forward to on Monday nights.  What will I ever do when it goes off???
what did you think of the Six Feet Under
It seemed a little rushed at the ending.  I was also expecting to cry or get emotional or get shocked like I usually do.  It was very mundane and the ending was rushed.  Looks like everyone died exactly the same way, except the gay boyfriend.
Six Feet Under...
Quit acting like an ostrich and pull your head out of the sand.  Pick up the paper some time and read it or tune into the news when you can fit it into your busy schedule because it's really important for you to know what's going on in our world today.  Of course, your other alternative is to keep doing what you're doing, with your head stuck firmly in the sand, thinking companies are paying bucco bucks/line rates in today's world economy.
Pes can also mean feet.
Or footlike part.
Six feet under drama
Nate sure left a mess, so far they've bad mouthed the Iraq war, fantasized brother and sister romance (shudders), where else will they go?   Who's going to be a goner in the finale, I feel its coming.  They've set it up where anyone can either off themselves or do something crazy and accidentally die. 
yes frostbite of his feet
Thank you... I started laughing about the word because it sounded like tiny penis cured with cream.. and just can't concentrate now so I'm taking a break...lol
cold feet
I bought a cheap electric heater and run it pointing towards my feet.
Only one here, but it is 9 feet tall...
and it takes my 6'8" husband to help decorate near the top. Merry Christmas to all.
Best Buy does it too- was 2 feet from the door, guy saw me pay, still had - sm
to show my receipt, which I had already put away in my wallet. Pain in the butt!
crow's feet...
I am beginning to notice crow's feet around my eyes ...help! Any advice on a good eye cream to help prevent these from getting any worse would be sooo appreciated!
swollen feet
I had swollen ankles/feet last year and found out it was my high blood pressure medication causing it, so was switched to another, but then developed a cough, so then switched to Benicar with no problems. Sometimes medications can cause the feet and ankle swelling. My doctor also suggested getting up every 1/2 hour and walking around as all this sitting just does a number on our bodies. Epsom salt soak will help also. Mine occurred during the hot summer months.
RE: swollen feet
Mine swell, too. The only thing I can think of is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and walk around a bit when you can. Also, during your lunch break, prop your feet up. If you soak them, use tepid water, rather than hot.
I warm my feet.
When my hands are cold, I warm my feet. Not sure why that works, but it does! I have an electric heating pad under my feet (type barefoot or in my socks) and it warms me up. I also have a blanket I crocheted and that helps too.
Hair and feet

My feet swell a lot after sitting all day, so I also make sure I get up for at least 5 minutes every hour and stretch.  I stretch my arms, shoulders, legs, etc. and walk around to get some circulation going.  This does help.

My eyes started going too, so when the headaches were everyday, even just glancing at the monitor, I knew it was time to make the visit to the eye doctor.  I found an excellent doctor close by my house that knew what he was doing, as I had been to another doctor that screwed me.  There is such a thing as "computer glasses" and the doc spent much time with me asking questions on what I do, how close to the monitor, etc.  The first day of using my new glasses, no headaches!  I had visited the other doctor and was told I had "computer glasses" but after showing them to the new doc, he said they were nothing but regular glasses with not even a prescription in them.

For your hair falling out, I have scalp psoriasis, so when my stress level increases, my hair falls out even more.  I have been under tremendous stress lately and actually have handfuls at once coming out.  I have been to the doc, had all the tests done to make sure it wasn't thyroid or anything strange.  I would suggest you see your doc and make sure of that too and go from there. 

Best of luck!

Typing with feet up sm
There were many times when I could have used this advice, would love to see some pics. How I have suffered over the years with tapes! Things are getting better and it's important to take care of our legs or we could get DVT. My PT suggested sitting on a balance ball which she said a whole insurance company does. I was petrified of the balance ball at first but it really is something you can get used to. (I never did use it for work.) I also have seen pics of people working on a treadmill, standing with the laptop on a raised platform. In my younger days I think I could have done this and remained much healthier. Where there is a will there is a way. How I wish some of these options would have been available to me during the years I suffered with winding tapes, sitting for hours and in pain. Just when things are getting better -- along comes outsourcing! Perhaps things will change for the better for the newcomers, I sure hope so. Please keep posting your new ideas, there is a better way. After all, we survived electric typewriters, carbon paper and White Out! Keep on keeping on! I love the idea of working in a recliner, how much better for our backs, just be sure to get up and walk around and exercise now and then to keep the circulation going.
I have a cat who dashes in front of my feet
I'm thinking of using one of my dogs squeaky toys to get his attention when he cuts me off again, that will show him!
that one surely has both feet in their mouth right now.
When someone points a finger its usually to make themself feel more powerful, sad and unhappy person.  Honey, all came here the same way, we came from dirt and are going back to dirt.  You keep being strong, raise those babies the best you can and be proud you don't have the mentality of the person making such a crud statement. 
The storm surge of 28 feet is said what will cause
There are many people who have remained in their homes as they are poor, disabled or quite elderly.

Hard to imagine how they would expect 485,000 people could evacuate in one day.

Yes, have been there, too. It is so historic and a great vacation place.

If the predictions come true, this city may require rebuilding.

I just cannot believe the magnitude of this event. I shudder at the thought of what tomorrow with bring.
You could do what I do and put a heating pad on low over your feet as you pedal.
My doggy likes to lie on my feet
while I am typing, the trouble is he messes up my foot pedal.
Oh yes, my new favorite show since Six Feet Under went off
My feet don't touch the ground so I
When I sit in my chair, my feet don't even touch the ground, because I need my chair height to be such that I am not looking up at the screen.

I have big platform sandals that I use. They are great. One on each foot. You can move your feet around, but they are nice and high from the ground, like a movable foot stool.

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!
I JUST WANT TO PRAISE HIM - your post made me misty, thank God for you!
Definitely SATC, Friends, and also Six Feet Under.
I still watch SATC reruns every night and I really want the DVD collection, but it costs about $200 for the whole thing. I'd have to say my favorite is Carrie. I didn't always agree with her choices, but I saw more of myself in her than any of the others.

Loved Six Feet Under and I really miss that show, though I am getting into HBO's new show, Big Love.

I actually still watch Seinfeld reruns a lot, too! I do like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in her new show, The New Adventures of Old Christine.
1000 square feet?
I can't imagine living in such a cramped space! Why, our master bedroom suite alone is 850 square feet!

Try switching feet? For the life of me
I can't seem to get the hang of using the footpedal with my left foot .... no coordination there at all!

To the poster with foot problems, you might check with podiastrist ... maybe you have plantar fasciitis or a bone spur?
My MTSO says its cause they are FEET doctors. lol
Laying down on the floor with my feet on the
Switch feet temporarily (sm)

It can be done.  Takes a little bit to get used to, though.  I did it several years ago for a heel spur.  Now I have pain in my foot pedal knee, so I went back to the other foot, and it was like no problem. Now I'm foot ambidextrous.

Ok, Six Feet Under fans, did you catch it last night?
I'm sad.
Yup - 80 lb golden retriever loves to lay right at my feet. sm
She also likes to lay right at my chair, so when I roll it, I am always on her tail or something. She drives me crazy too. She has to be everywhere I am. Love her to death tho! Don't want to be without her.

Yes. My legs would get so tight and my feet and ankles

swell horribly.  I have to loosen the shoestrings on my tennis shoes to get them on, but if I'm up moving around the swelling goes down and then I have to tighten the strings.   As someone else said cut back on salt - I use salt substitute but it still isn't good in large amounts, and move around a few minutes every couple of hours. 

This is not abnormal and does come from sitting so much and I've known lots of MTs with the same issue. 

Feet swelling after working all day? Remedies? nm
Yes, you can. Rant, stomp feet, jump up&down,
I run a small space heater at my feet sm
My CPU is under the desk and I tend to swing my left leg up to rest on that. The air from the heater, if I position it right, flows up between my knees and heats my hands. I can't work this time of year without it. Warm feet=warm all over.
dragging feet, and her excuse of contact by
"MTs need to learn to speak with their feet." Huh? nm
Thanks for posting that site! I think I could use this! My ankles/feet
are killing me. I wasn't aware that this existed at all. It would be great if anyone who has actually used this could post her opinion on it.

I also wonder if it would work with a split/tented keyboard? Could you put it vertically?

Thanks again, I'm gonna check it out!
sure it's not tinea pedis (fungus infection of the feet)?
Found the cure for cold feet while working. sm

Fleece socks!

They're great. I couldn't work in my slippers because the bunny heads kept hitting rewind or fast forward.

They can be a bit pricey and I was skeptical, but I found some at a local discount store for $5.00 a pair. My feet are toasty warm and comfy too.

I thought it was hysterical that she slept with her head by his feet! sm
In my house sleeping w/ your head anywhere near my husbands feet is a fear factor stunt all on its own!!!