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You have to get up and stretch, go for a walk

Posted By: stacy on 2008-03-19
In Reply to: How do you fight fatigue? - me

and take lots of breaks from just sitting, even if they are only 5 min. breaks. It helps both mentally and physically.

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Stretch .. stretch before you work, during breaks,
after you work. Get the circulation up and keep flexible and limber. It will help.

Yes, your position will make a LOT of difference.

I type at my desk for probably 70-75% of my work. Have to adjust my chair so my legs are neither pushing back to keep me in the chair nor dangling. I use the pull-out keyboard tray but put a huge Stedman's Medical Dictionary under my keyboard so it is up high enough that it is not pulling down on my shoulders to type. Keep my monitor up so I don't find myself with my chin on my chest trying to "look down" into it.

When I've taken my 1st break, I move into the living room and work on my laptop. I can sit either in my recliner or on the couch and have an adjustable laptop table with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is very comfortable sitting and helps the legs, back, bottom and feet. Change of scenery helps too. However, I do NOT even turn on the TV whatsoever or I'll watch it instead. No TV. No answering the phone (unless it is MQ or Spheris or son's school). At night I move back in here to my desk so that I can finish my lines and not be disturbed by the TV or XBox or PlayStation or company, etc.

You CAN increase your line count. Don't try to do it all at once.

Oh, and be careful what you eat before working and during breaks. Eat lightly, a split between protein and carbohydrates. For me, caffeine and sugar give me a sudden burst of energy but then drop me down as the blood sugar drops drastically so I try to eat fruit, tuna on wheat bread, raw veggies, etc. Keeps you from being in a mental fog and feeling all bloated up.

Good luck! Email me if you need some tips. I'll tell you all I can. It sometimes takes a bit of time for me to answer but I'll get to you.

I'm tired and going to bed. Good luck!

stretch your leg
I lay on the floor and have my son pull my leg. Believe it or not, it helps fast.
This might be a stretch,
Do you think this might have anything to do with "visible characters" (i.e., excluding spaces)?

Just a thought.
must say it that way so it can stretch across her tongue better sm
lycra being that ultra stretchy stuff swimsuits are made of.
can you sit on it for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch? NMSG
Maybe a stretch, but a very good question
to ask before one starts work. Might be a way to blow smoke, depending on whom you are talking to.
If I stand very straight and stretch I am 5 feet too.
I have a reacher for the higher cabinets, though tend to put things there that aren't used very often.  I also keep a low step stool for when DH or my kids aren't around.   I don't have problems with my office chair not being low enough, so I guess mine goes lower than others.   In typing class in jr. high I would cross my ankles and my teacher was always telling me to put my feet flat on the floor.  He always got a good laugh when I told them they didn't reach.  I had to sit on a thick phone book in driver's ed and had to have extension put on my gas/brake pedals in my first car.   My dream would be to be 5'2".  
I think they will all walk
Have been thinking they are probably guilty, but really, there is no proof.   I agree 100% about the chaperones.  You wait until you get to the airport and then discover everyone isn't there?? Sounds absurd to me.  How come we haven't seen any of the chaperones on TV?   Still feel for the parents, but I think they have done all they can.  They certainly have kept it in the attention of the media. 
I don't think they are trying to walk all over
anyone. I think it is out of frustration. Lots of changes have came about in a very short time. Some people are not good with change. They see this attitude as rubbing salt in the wounds. They are being jerked around and you are all happy and that makes no sense to them. There are people begging for work out there and then you get on saying you got 9 accounts. In their mind, they are thinking how is this fair and of course lashing out at MQ. You do tend to lash out at people who you think hurt you. I do not agree with everything that is going on with MQ, but I do work here and I am going to continue to work here. I have sympathy for the other MTs who are not so happy. I agree there are those who get on here to do nothing, but bash, but then again there are those just trying to understand what is going on and speaking out of frustration. I just think that people should not be attacked or whatever you want to call it just because they do not share your views. You must remember, we are all in totally different situations and most importantly - we are on the same team. Why not try to help them get happy and try to work out their problem, rather than bash along with them.
How many MTs and MEs would be willing to have a walk out
If nothing is done by Oct 1st with MQ
walk, walk, walk, walk, walk. :)

I do 3 miles a day at a good clip and I have lost 25 lbs. since I started doing MT at home a year ago. I'm back into a size 6 from a 14.

No bagels, donuts, cookies candy, etc., etc. in the breakroom like it was at the office.

Keep the crap out of your fridge and cupboards too.

Leftover Halloween candy put 5 lbs. on me in one week! 

Yes, that should walk you through it
I am not real familiar with Melbourne IT, but when I Google searched, it came back with registering domain names, so yes, follow that through. The next time you post, if you need more help, click on the button to add an email reply and I will email you to see if I can help walk you through it
The Walk
Cesar emphasizes taking regular walks with your dog at your side, not in front of you. Maybe it would help to do this with your dog, establishing yourself as the leader, and then take two and eventually all three for a walk at the same time. He says this gets them used to being a pack, with you as the pack leader.
It's also a law here too and a law you can't walk dog without muzzle...
Hello...that should be take a walk, not "talk"
Something must be wrong with my fingers :)
Walk in the shoes.
RUN - don't walk to the nearest ER. sm
I am an MT/ EMT/ nursing student, who has also had bouts of depression in the past, never hurting self but thinking how to permanently. I am great now, but with my family history I know what to look out for. PLEASE - Go to the nearest ER and talk to a professional about this. You cannot work through this alone or online with anyone. They will not judge you or belittle you - they are there to help and your hurting yourself is a cry for help. You don't have to tell your family or friends a reason for going, just say you don't feel well and need to go to the doctor. Don't wait, go now!
Walk your own talk, then.
Why don't YOU take in all that trash if they're all just innocent victims of "the system". It's always someone else's fault, isn't it? You liberals never hold the parasites responsible for any of their own actions or any of the CHOICES they make. It's always the government's fault, or capitalism's fault, or the fault of people with money (you know, the ones who worked hard and EARNED their lifestyle). We're all supposed to keep paying through the nose so a bunch of parasites can breed generation after generation of parasites and no one is allowed to point out the truth. Fine. YOU let them all live with you.
Let's just get out of the car and walk inside.
I wouldn't let them walk all over me like that. It was not right.
Yep, took them out for walk today sm
and they are as good as gold today. They even got cauliflower (their fav) for their treats today.
Walk. Two miles a day should do it.
Is a 15-min walk possible in your area sm
at that time of night?  That would get your blood moving!
Run, don't walk to METROSCRIPT
metroscript.com - best deal in town! We've used them for 5 years. Great service, easy dial in dictation or digital file upload. Cost is minimum $14.95 month. Phone cost is $0.15 minute, fee kicks in after your doctor racks up past the $14.95 flat fee. They are a terrific company and will help you get up and running. Best of luck.
when I was 12 I had my appendix out...I could not even walk...had a fever...

was vomiting bile.  The most painful memory was the doctor trying to lay me down on the table, and everytime he would try to straighten my legs out, I would sit up, when he would lay be down, my legs would go back up (haha), but I mean it was so painful the only position I wanted was a fetal one! 

If you have it, you would also have a fever, be vomiting bile.  Have you tried talking to the doctor, I mean, he told you it is not appendicitis, did he tell you what he thinks it is?  How 'bout going to an emergency care center (not an emergency room)?

Do you have a fever??  Gosh, hope you are going to be okay...

The grossest person to ever walk the
I have a Golden Retriever that needs her walk every day, sometimes
twice a day. I walk 2 miles daily and go to the gym at least 3x a week. No big butt here, although I have noticed things shift as we get a little older. I am 39 and my boobs shift to my armpits (LOL) Any exercises for them?

I agree...30 minutes walk/jog/run every day
on the treadmill if the weather is inclement. If not, 30 minutes with the dogs outside. Provides me with MUCH more energy to start the day with and a much better outlook. If you have other health conditions, you might want to check with your MD first, but otherwise, give it a try, starting slowly at first. You'll be amazed at the difference in the way you feel.
No - you have to walk 3-4 times a week
to keep your back healthy if you are going to sit in a chair 40+ hours a week. I try not to let my weight get too high either, because that really stresses the spine.

Walking is the best for the back. Pilates/yoga and light weights for upper body also very protective.
You need to get up and walk around about every half hour.
I had this for a long, long time. It wouldn't hurt to see a vascular doc about this. The reason I say this is because I was 50 years old and saw MD about that. My calves would get so hard it sometimes felt like they were going to burst. I had problems with walking for only short distances with horrible pain going down my legs. I thought it was just deconditioning. They ran tests and found I had claudication. They did angioplasty on both inguinals, left took but the right failed instantly. The left leg angioplasty lasted for about six months and I had to have aortiobifem bypass for both legs. Don't mean to scare you but better safe than sorry.
There is one - Ron Paul - and he does walk his talk. nm
let it go, doll....BREATHE... walk away, it's over. NM
I LOVE houses, too. When I go out for a walk,
I like to look at the different houses and pretend I could afford to buy one of them, and decide which one that would be. Also like to look at the yards and see what I would change or leave the same.

My love of 'house-hunting' was born pretty early. When I was 7 my family moved, and I remember the house-hunting process went on for quite a long time. I loved seeing all the different houses! One even had a basement, something you don't see that often on the West Coast.

Even after my parents found a house and we moved, my mom (who LOVED house-hunting) still liked to go and look at them. (She was a total 'lookie-loo!') On hot summer days when we kids were bored, or on rainy days when we couldn't play outside, she'd pack us in the car and contact a friend of hers who was a realtor, and we'd go off looking at some of the more unique homes for sale, including a stone castle 'way up in the mountains. (That was pretty spooky - we did it on a rainy, thunder-and-lightning day).

So, if I were in real-estate, one thing I would definitely be is totally enthusiastic about EVERY house I was selling! But I don't think I could deal with all the phone calls, appointments, no-shows, etc. ESPECIALLY the weekend work. So, I guess I'll just have to keep on looking.

Like you, I like MT and am good at it. I job-hopped relentlessly in my early 20's. Finally got tired of the hiring-and-quitting merry-go-round, and became a Kelly Girl. Pay wasn't the best, but I got lots of interesting jobs, including an architect's firm high up in the hills above Malibu, a race-car builder, a toilet factory, and even Walt Disney Studios. It was a good way to job-hunt, too, because frequently if an employer liked my work, they'd offer me a permanent job.

I finally 'fell into' MT when I was between jobs, as usual, and a relative who did MT at a hospital invited me to lunch one day. We ate in the hospital cafeteria, and afterward she showed me her office (some MTs had their own offices back in those days!), and let me listen to and try to transcribe a report. Of course, my first attempt must've been pretty hilarious to read, but I liked it. She told me to take a transcription course at night school, and the rest is history. I just wish MT could go back to the kind of work it was back in the 70's, when you were considered to be an actual EMPLOYEE, and not just a 'cog in the wheel'.
"One does not simply walk into Mordor." nm


Walk a dog, or just yourself, a few times a day, whenever you can. I have legs like rock even
I have a Lab that INSISTS on her morning walk. Good for her,
I do Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds...

The tapes are really easy, just walking in place, kicks, knee lifts, and jogging moves.  A 15-minute "walk" equals 1 mile.  So I type for an hour or so, then do a mile, type for another hour or so, then do a mile.  It actually makes me type faster.

People like you allow companies to walk all over us...GAWD
I begin my day, every day, with a nice 2 to 3 mile walk with
This gives me time to think, alone time, fresh air and of course exercise. I love to walk and it seems that since I began doing this I am less stressed out. Have you had your thyroid checked??? Just wondering if that could possibly cause hair loss. I wish you the best.
Me too - walk my dog every morning! Great way to start my day sm
That is my time - no e-mails, no work, nothing to think about but the cold air, walking and enjoying my walk with my dog. That is, of course, after my teenagers leave for school (LOL).

It really does start the day off great and gives you time to get out, get exercise, and a fresh look on life every morning.
Could be by specialty, but usually walk-in clinic, stand-alone
This sounds lame, but I take my dog on a walk (he has been going on many walks lately). SM
I also daydream about finding a job better suited to me, and the angrier I get the more action I take. In the process now.
Go take a quick walk around your house without your coat...! nm
Yes, email me and I'll be glad to walk you through it. nm
How about you just walk in the shoes you hold with disdain, and you get changes made
half an hour for 3 blocks?? Couldn't you walk?
uh, we moved the fridge farther away from my office so I have to walk more now.
Seriously, I have a mini trampoline, exercise bike and a weight lifting set in the house that I use to hang clothes on. DoH! I'm starting to use them more now since I quit smoking a month ago. Gotta get back into shape. My doctor said not to rush it.
that's my routine to a T, 'cept I walk the dog instead of doing catbox duty. :) nm
DH goes to funerals but he does not go up to the open casket and he does not walk in front of it
long walk, eat chocolate, gripe to husband :)
Would you walk three blocks in 110 degrees at 3 p.m. in Arizona - no trees, no breeze, no wet SM

except for sweat.  It's brutal. 

Now is 110 and supposed to get hotter.  Yesterday was 113 in the shade