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Posted By: KyMT on 2008-09-08
In Reply to: To KyMT - EWM

I didn't know the person's name. I am fairly new to this company, but am aware that just one other MT and I share the morning shift. After I upload a job, I go onto a screen that shows all jobs available for the specific account I (and this other person) are both working on in the mornings. From this screen I can see (1) how many total jobs there are to be transcribed, (2) the length of the report, (3) the dictating physician, (4) the turn-around-time, or whether it's a stat, and(5)the job number. Also from this screen, I can actually choose to do any job I want. However, it is set up this way in case we need to grab the stats. Hopefully I answered your question. :-)

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