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Disagree...ESLs tend to dictate graveyard shifts....nm

Posted By: SC MT on 2008-09-09
In Reply to: If you want the good stuff, work GRAVEYARD, or - late night! No competition!

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Yep, they dictate in noisy nursing stations, dictate in the ER, dictate in the OR when they are
cleaning up banging around and we are supposed to hear them. So much for HIPPA.
They know we don't want those shifts unless the pay is
Which in turn gives the MTSO an 'excuse' to offshore more and more of their work.
split shifts, yes
That definitely would help, also wrist splints, but flexible support ones help as well.
Webmedx shifts

Is it set in stone that you have to work a weekend day with Webmedx?  Is there any way around that?


Split shifts
I used to work a split shift until recently. I just couldn't do it. I would get up at 6:00 a.m. work until 11:00 a.m. or noon with breaks in there to get my son ready for school, etc. I would do the daily household stuff that goes along with raising a family and then return to work by 8:00 p.m. and work until 11:00 p.m. I am not much of a night owl so I found it particularly hard to concentrate that late at night especially if it had been a particularly difficult day around here.

I have just recently switched to doing my work all at once and love it. I find myself much more productive and able to concentrate better as opposed to previously. My kids love it because it doesn't seem like mommy is always working to them any longer.

I say if you feel that you are more productive at night and able to stay awake then go for it. It may work for you.
What are the typical hours for 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts ... sm
or are they different with every company?  What is the difference in pay for 2nd and 3rd shifts?  TIA
How many of you work split-shifts?
For those of you who work split-shifts, do you like it better?  Do you find yourself being more productive?  I am thinking of doing this.  After 4 hours, I just cannot make myself sit anymore.  My butt goes to sleep, I get antsy...just wondering if anyone else felt the same way?
I work 4 ten-hour shifts...

Sat thru Tues. My DH is on a rotating 12-hour 3 on/4 off shift and we have at least 2 days off together. I love it; I start at 4 am but I am done at 230 and have all day to do what I want and rarely run out of work.

Graveyard cake

I totally disagree with this study, for multiple reasons.  I agree with some of the posts, stating that it would depend upon if you are getting enough sleep, whether you work the graveyard shift or not.  People working regular shift often get only a couple of hours of sleep, because they are out at bars all night, drinking, etc.

However, I work the graveyard shift, usually 11 pm to 6 am.  I am working, while my husband is sleeping.  Right after work, I go to bed, and sleep anywhere between 10 to 12 hours.  Then, when my husband comes home, we have the whole evening together!

Also, do they take into consideration that many graveyard shift workers work in factory situations where they are exposed to lots of other things, like toxic chemicals, etc.?  I read about it in the paper, too, and it mentioned that the increase in the cancer effect of the graveyard shift workers began in the 1930's, with the "industrial" boom --- what about those effects on cancer, not the time of day you do it.

I also feel that I can produce more in the same time frame doing MT at nite, with less stress of all the other noises of the day, and not having the phone ringing off the hook!


Graveyard Shift

It all depends on you.  I don't think there's a set rule book.  I have a major sleep "situation."  It isn't a problem because it's been this way all my life.  I never liked to sleep, and would still rather mow the lawn or just about anything besides sleep. Obviously the rest of the world thinks that's strange, but it's just how I got wired (pardon that pun!)...  Many people say they got "x" hours of sleep.  I look at it as whatever I got is what I got, if any.  But I know that's not the norm for most.

There have been times when I've fallen asleep typing, but very rarely.  There are also times when I stay up for 2 days straight, and still fight going to sleep.

Just give it some time and decide if you can do it.  It's good that we all have different time clocks embedded in our bodies!

Good luck!

Working graveyard
Most people don't know how I do it. I work from 9:00 p.m. to about 4:00 and then up at 7:30 (8:30 now that it's summer). On Friday nights I don't work and I'm in bed by 8:00 p.m. And on the weekends I sleep in. My family is used to it and I've been doing it for so long I actually prefer it. No phones, no kids, no husband. I have also been known to fall asleep in the chair, but it doesn't happen too often. You'll get used to it. I'm not actually sure I even prepared in any way.
More graveyard experiences

I've worked graveyard before and will be starting again tonight.  I've learned a few things from past experience that can help this time. 

One is bright lights at night and blackout curtains during daytime sleeping hours.  Another is turning off the ringer on the phone before going to bed, arranging with a neighbor who is generally home during the day to take true emergency calls from certain people and ring my doorbell if necessary. 

I try to keep in mind that a lot of other people aren't readily available during the day or able to do what they like during the day because of work, either in or out of the home.  I also remember how lucky I am to be able to work from home and not have to deal with a commute, among other things.

Give myself some unwinding time after my shift and then do the best I can to adhere to regular sleep hours that least interfere with regular activities outside of work.  There will be times, of course, when I'll need to be flexible on the sleep hours to take care of things that must occasionally be done during the usual sleep hours schedule.

Accept that there will be days when the rest of the world will not be tip-toeing around because I want to sleep.  Watch out for sleep-deprivation crankiness, try my best not to take it out on other folks, and apologize promptly if I do.  It does help to explain the situation yet not use it as a recurrent or frequent excuse.

Make use of caffeinated beverages at the beginning of my shift and limit them toward the latter portion.  Remember that power naps during breaks may work for other people but that the temptation to keep hitting the snooze alarm could be overwhelming for me.  It was one thing when I was an IC, but not cool as an employee.  Better for me is to something semi-active during breaks and make myself get up and stretch on a periodic, regular basis.

Keep in mind that it will take a little while to get used to the new schedule and see what sleep hours seem to work best for me through trial and error.  I'm lucky that I have a natural tendency toward nightowlism. 

Sorry for the length of this essay and best of luck to you!  Would that there were a yawning smiley face...



graveyard shift
I've found that my body just naturally adjusts over time if I work this shift consistently.
I worked graveyard before, and will now again.
This time though, I have a window of time, and can split shift, but I can tell you I am very scared about it. The last time I took graveyard, it was set hours, and I got through it, but switched back to days because I never slept, or took time for myself. But, there is not much work during the mornings, and I end up getting frustrated watching the children who are all under 10 years old, and scratching for work, and the whole situation. So, I am going to work 8 hours in 12 overnight. I am very scared but going to go for it for these reasons: 1. I am not lonely because everyone is at home but they are sleeping, so very few if any worries about anything other than working which is really less stress. 2. There will mostly always be work, so I won't have to worry about my paycheck or begging for work or worrying about the bill collectors. 3. DH is concerned too, but he knows how frustrating it is to scratch for work during the daytime when everyone else is on. He figures I work after I put the kids to bed, rest some, and then work in early morning hours. Then, I get another nap during the day when he gets home from work or during the school day when the kids are back in school. It is just this fear of mine about overnight I have to learn to get out of my head and remember, night means peaceful, quiet, work, a good paycheck, and naps during the day along with trips to the mall, or doing art or anything else during the day when the kids are back in school I can do just for me. I wish you luck. In the end do what is best for you. But if you run out of work during the day, or if you have other obligations while you are working in daytime, rethink which is really best for you. Good luck!
what exact hours constitute 2nd and 3rd shifts? nm

graveyard shift questions? HELP!! sm
for those of you who work the graveyard shift, when you initially started how did you get your sleep pattern to adjust?  i did this for 2 nights and loved it!!  i got sooo much work done without any interruptions and it was wonderful so i have decided that i would prefer to work at nighttime but i am having a hard time staying awake now through the night and by 1ish i am falling asleep.  how did you get ahead on your sleep well enough to get you past the initial getting used to it?  and do you keep that same schedule even on weekends or when you aren't working as far as sleep routine? 
Kitchen appliance graveyard

In the midst of moving last weekend, I discovered my long forgotten kitchen appliance graveyard.  All the cool gadgets that I thought I HAD to have at the time that have long since moved into that cabinet.  I had three juicers dating back to the 80's, an ice cream maker, a sandwich maker, a George Foreman grill, a food dehydrator, and a the most recent one I got for Christmas, a smoothie maker.  Oh the humanity!  I have decided to resurrect some of them for fun and because I feel so guilty.  How about you all ?  Anyone suffer from this gadget collecting problem? 

I work graveyard on weekends
I can't say there's any real way to prepare for graveyard shift other than going to bed earlier the night before, this way you are well rested for your shift.

I work day shift and evening shift Mon-Thurs, but come 3 pm on Friday, it's bedtime for me. I work graveyard shift on weekends, and I love it. I don't really have a problem adjusting my schedule, as I have massive sleep deficit accrued all week.
The problems that I do find are with:
Family not getting it through their heads that I wake/work early on weekends.
Deliveries (UPS, FedEx) normally take place during the hours I would be sleeping.
Phone usually rings during the hours I sleep.

Other than those outside factors, no problem for me adjusting back and forth between shifts.

My experiences while working graveyard were (sm)
both good and bad: Bad: During the spring/summer months, I wanted to be out catching the rays and walking the beach, but my body kept telling me, "It's time to sleep." Additionally, my diet was a little off; eating a Stouffer's dinner at 3:00 a.m. just seemed out of order. Also, I started watching those Judge shows in the afternoons, thus, not putting the lights out until about 5 p.m., leaving me only about 5 hours to sleep -- not enough for this bod. That experience taught me that I am definitely a morning person.
Not stay at home, but opposite shifts. My advice:

Make sure you always say thank you.  It's a MUST for a man.  My husband and I decided to work different shifts years ago so that the kids wouldn't have to go to daycare.  Now I'm at home, but he still works 3rd shift for the same company that he's been with for 7 years because he likes it.

I've always thanked him.  I'd get home from work and he'd have dinner cooking and I'd say, "I"m so lucky to have you!"  And even if I didn't care for the dinner choice, I'd shut up and eat it. :)

Even just little things now, like if he washes the dishes or vacuums because he knows I'm on a deadline, I'll always say, "Thank you for doing that, you're such a big help."

Trust me, boost the old ego and those pots and pans won't sit in the sink. Complain one time that he missed a spot and you'll be scrubbing the broiler pan.

questions for graveyard shift'ers
i'm seriously thinking of going from days to 3rd shift -- for money and to free-up daytime hours to manage other stuff better, without interfering with my job....but cannot figure when the best time would be to sleep -- do you sleep right after work, right before work, or when?  How long might it take to adjust?  I'm generally a morning person, early to bed, early to rise....I'd appreciate any advice at all. thanks.
Graveyard shift study results
I just had to put this here.  This study came out about 2 days ago, and I did not find that anyone posted it here so I am going to comment on it.  If this is redundant please excuse the double post.  The other day on the news at 6 they reported that studies show that there is a new risk for developing cancer which could lead to an early grave... working the graveyard shift (punny).  Anyway, they said that because it goes against our biological clock, we produce less of a certain brain chemical when we sleep at night and this chemical helps our body fend of carcinogens (I forgot the chemical).  Do you know the American Cancer Society is seriously considering putting third shift workers on the list as being high risk for cancer?  Can you imagine?  What is this, a way for the insurance companies to have an excuse to deny us night owls insurance or to make the rates higher? I think it is hilarious because I personally never do anything risky.  I work at home as an MT after all, I do not lead a risky life in the least. Now, because I work nights so I can be a mom during the day and do everything supermom should do I am going to have cancer... what next?
Is it difficult to adjust to the graveyard shift?

  What is the best way to prepar for this. 

If you want the good stuff, work GRAVEYARD, or
Forced to work scheduled shifts..no flexibilty..what gives??? So frustrated.

I started MT two years ago for a medical clinic of about 100 doctors.  I am now working at home.  I get paid hourly 10.50/hour.  My employer will NOT let us work flexible shifts.  I have to work a standard 8 hour shift with a one-hour lunch break that is unpaid. 

I got into this field because I wanted to work from home and have FLEXIBILITY.  I have a toddler under the age of 4 and when I interviewed and shared my reasons for wanting to work at home (my children) I was told I was a "great fit" and then I get in my home and am told there is ZERO flexibiity and I have to work 8 hours straight just like in-house people!  This is extremely stressful for me having a small child and I don't make enough money to afford daycare. 

I started working with Medquist part-time for extra money and AGAIN I was told I would have to work a set shift, with no flexibility. 

Where are the jobs that you guys have where I can work my own hours?  Sitting here typing 8 hours straight everyday with a demanding toddler is starting to wear on me, but I need this job badly. 

What gives? I thought the nature of working at home with MT is flexiblity and every job I've applied for in MT has given me NONE. 



I work four 8 hr shifts, home based for hospital.. hourly plus incentive.
I agree with splitting shifts to get more rest, etc. I just had a baby and my line count went down
for the first trimester, peaked for the second, then back down for the third.  My only advice is PLAN for that drop in the third trimester by working when you can in the second, then if the drop doesn't happen, great, you're ahead of the game.  I ended up on bedrest and in the hospital, so take care of yourself and I know it's hard, but hopefully the bills will not put too much pressure on you. 
Need input from all you "night owls" working graveyard shift!
I am considering working nights, since it seems that's where the pay is higher.  Do you go to bed in morning after your shift ends, or do you stay awake for a couple of hours, and go to bed, say 10  or 11 am.   How many hours during the day do you sleep; or do you just take a nap in the morning, and go to bed around 6 or 7 p.m.  and sleep until it's time for your shift to start?   Input on getting a balance, and staying awake during shift.  I worked that shift for a while in the past, but never could balance it out.  It seems I was always sleeping and had no time to do anything else, other than sleep and work.    Thanks
I tend to do that
with the fast talkers. I notice that I type faster. Too funny about turning blue though....gotta remember to breathe. :-)
I tend to agree.
I am concerned because someone I know transcribes for the doctor I use. But then again, I know the entire office staff, and I have heard the receptionist talking about patients when she was having lunch in a restaurant. Although I hate outsourcing, and I do worry about terrorists sabataging the systems and causing information to be lost, I don't really worry as much about confidentiality as much as I do with local MTs.
DH will be right over. I tend to toss them out, myself.
I tend to agree with you sm
I used to like her a lot too, but not anymore. Funny, she got rich in this country, courtesy of us.
I tend to agree with you

I agree.  When Angelina Jolie first started bringing to the forefront the terrible African situation, I think that changed the entire focus of this country.  Unfortunately, with that also came complacency.  At least, I give her kudos for bringing up subjects we, as human beings, didn't want to face.  But that was then and this is now.

So...I guess, as just a lowly humble human being, I will throw my hat in the ring and see where it falls.  For me alone, I will feel better just knowing I tried.

Have a great rest of your day!


Because surgeons tend to be
fast, succinct dictators. Because there are very few drugs to dictate, and the surgeon is familiar with all of them (as opposed to trying to dictate lists of meds as the patient wrote them in a history). Because surgeons tend to do the same sorts of procedures over and over, and the smart, efficient ones learn to dictate the same reports over and over so they won't leave anything out. That means an MT who gets him frequently can make normals to use over and over and save time. If an MT is fortunate and the software is very, very good, she can put jump codes in so she can jump from one particular spot to the next to fill in details that change. An example would be doing cataract surgery, where the main thing that changes is the IOL specific information. Because surgeons usually hate to dictate, so the reports are often as short and efficient as possible. Because it's not psych (or whatever the MT hates most, lol).
I tend to agree with you. sm
Many times, I was called in the wee hours of the morning to type a stat. This was years ago, and it could have been any time. I never questioned my employer's right to ask me to type a stat even when it was not my shift or even when I was not working that day or that weekend. If there was no one else available and the client was calling with a stat pre-op, then somebody had to type it.
Posture. How many of you tend to sit on one leg while working?

I cannot break this habit.  I do not think about it until my knee starts aching midday.  Do you practice good posture?

Unfortunately we as women tend to be raised to think that
our lives aren't complete unless we "have a man". Men, on the other hand, are raised to value their careers, educations and be as financially successful and independent as they can be. Therein lies the problem. We're supposed to dream of a big wedding, they're supposed to dream of being president of a huge corporation.

Moms, raise your daughters to be independent, educated and successful and if someone fits into their lives after they are, that's great; and if not, so what?
Yes, I tend to only respond to ads that list how

It seems like posts tend to disappear...
every once in a while. lol
No, I tend to hold grudges though I have become - nm
more tolerant in my old age (40, ha, ha). I told my husband only 2 things would ever make me divorce him, (1) he cheated, (2) he ever hit me/abuse. So far so good, though some verbal abuse has happened though much of it is due to circumstances at present but if it continues or grows worse I will seriously consider leaving and I suspect a nasty divorce would ensue (2 kids involved) and I'd be entitled to over $100K....money is what he loves most so it would get dirty I am sure. But hopefully it will never come to that.
My "on" days tend to be when I don't (sm)
have bills waiting to be paid, dishes needing washed, errands to be done or in-laws asking me to do things for them. Not that I stop and interrupt my shift to get up to do those things, but I think the underlying stress distracts me, no matter how hard I try to fight it.

I saw some postings on another board about listening to classical music helping them concentrate. I tried it and it doesn't work for me (I keep stopping to listen!) but that might be worth a shot.
I tend to agree with this. I was thinking this earlier--sm
when I read the OP, but everyone seemed to conclude that it was none of her business what the other employee did. However, in my opinion, if the MTSO found out about it from another source, and believe me, she would eventually, it could come back on the other MT as having known about it and said nothing. Everything in this world, these days, is a cover your butt situation. If you knew about it and said nothing, then you are just as much to blame as the one who was doing it....against the contract with the MTSO. Protect your own interests first, and do not worry about the one who is doing wrong. silence is condoning her wrong doing and that makes you (the other MT who knows about it) just as guilty. JMO. So, I guess I am on the side of the MTSO. Sorry.
I now work for an MTSO, but when I was inhouse we did tend
to send the difficult dictators out (our supervisor did this). That is just part of working for an outside service. We do not get to pick and choose we get what they choose to send.
I tend to proof my reports as I type,
during pauses in dictation I read the paragraphs above and also while spellchecking. Unless it is a difficult report, I do not relisten.
Some who do ops tend to speak faster than lightening sm
I also see it as an excuse for a CYA for them. You have to watch them dictate to appreciate this, there's no need to talk that fast. You almost have to use their boiler plate op as they are unintelligible. They can always say, "That's not what I said." I don't trust those guys. Some ops are great, interesting, some are totally boring and monotonous, all have good and bad points. Psych reports are interesting but if you do them long enough you start to go "batty" - or perhaps it's just me. I like a mix.
I tend to agree with the above poster. I know, for a fact, that some hospitals sm
have inadequate QA people. Heck, where I worked, it was nothing for a newbie transcriptionist of
maybe 4 months to QA another newbie of 1 day, hired right off the street with no training or eductation in transcription. Sad, but true. I had 1 QA person, there for over 40 years, and 2 QA people there for 6 months. How fair is that? I referenced the BOS many times. They didn't even know what it was.
I AM A PSYCHIATRIST. You are too much in others business and this reflects the inability to tend
to your own problems. I suggest you schedule an appointment to see why you butt your nose into other peoples issues and leave yours to fester and grow. Get off the computer and phone your health care provider. I am too Busy MD'ing to solve your problem over the internet. I am just here to see how I can make my dictation more pleasing to MTs and I can't take care of your psych problems here. Once again, too Busy MD'ing.
40-year-olds tend to make much better students
than 20-year-olds!

In four years you will be 42 years old either way. Do you want to be 42 with or without your Batchelor's degree? :oD

Tell 'em typing fool, because I tend to agree with you. nm

5 minutes tops; if not tend to waste too much time - sm
google what you think it may be, or key terms in the phrase and usually you can figure it out that way pretty quickly.