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To: KyMT

Posted By: EWM on 2008-09-08
In Reply to: To EWM - KyMT

That's great!! Now I understand how you do it. I guess when you work in a large typing pool, doing hospital work, this isn't possible. I work for a service and my account is for a large hospital, with lots of others in the pool. I don't have the advantage of seeing what you see on your screen. Good luck to you. Glad you spoke up for yourself and were rewarded!!

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I would love to know what you know. Please tell me how you are you able to know the identity of the person grabbing reports and that there are good dictators being taken by this person? I work from home and have no idea who my coworkers are or what doctors are dictating. If somewhat was cherry-picking I would have no idea, so I wondered how you do it. Thanks for (hopefully) sharing how you do it.
KYMT thanks for that tip. To the lady asking SM
about the macro, when recording your macro, you use the Control F9 to make a field, but when recording the macro you have to use your right arrow button to get out of the gray highlighted field and then continue with on creating your macro. When you are executing your macro, you would use the F11 button to move from field to field. This is essentially what KYMT posted, but her tip is so much easier!

Just wondering if there is a way to somehow "program" the autotext entry so that it takes you to the first field in the report after using the enter or F3 button?