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Transcription and Scoping

Posted By: GaPeach on 2007-01-12
In Reply to: MT and Scoping - nannette kessler

I once worked with a guy who did transcription and quite good with it. He decided he would try the court transcription, bought his equipment, started to school and he gave it up, said it was tremendously harder than he thought. That is my only experience with knowing anyone who tried the cross training.

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I'm currently taking her course as a beta-tester. Its quite interesting. I look forward to a career with it.

I spoke with her prior to taking the course and was rather impressed. I do notice that you get more feedback through phone calls than emails. She's a very very nice lady.

Feel free to contact me (just put something in the subject line like "scoping" so I know its a legit email ).  I can tell you a little of what I know. 

Right now Judy has a few typos in the program, and I'm trying to catch her up on them (you know how it is, we input and input, and after a while it all looks alike ).  In fact, I need to try to call her tonight about a question I have, if I get home early enough.

This is fun, frankly.  And makes me eager for the VR side of MT. 

One thing about it, prepare to learn a whole new language (not just terminology).  For example, when you see TPHURS it means NURSE LOLOL.  I feel like I'm learning Russian at times!  but i'm seriously enjoying it.

MT and Scoping
Has anyone ever tried to combine these 2 careers (mt with court report editing, otherwise known as scoping) or had any experience with it? Would be interested to hear
what is scoping? *curious*.....nm

Legal Scoping Careers?
Has anyone looked into or taken the training course from the lady, Judy Barrett who posts on the "other" board about the scoping career?  I am curious if any one has gone through the course and if anyone has found this lucrative?  Any information on an outcome would be appreciated.  Thanking you in advance.
Legal scoping career
Sara - please keep me posted. It does sound interesting to me I'm curious to speak to you on how long it actually takes to learn the steno language. Keep me posted. Thank you.
I'm learning scoping, and its quite interesting, instead of CR -- nm
Any MTs make the switch to scoping?
What is required?  Where do you look for work?  Can one work from home?  How does the pay compare to that of MTs?  Is there a good website you can refer me to?  TIA! 
Link to scoping infor, if interested
Agree, verbatim transcription equals poor quality transcription.
Know AIM transcription system, never heard of Hull transcription. Are you sure
you are not thinking about DHull who is a recruiter for MDI-FL?  They use the AIM system. 
Transcription/QA pay
What is the average hourly pay for such a combo position? Southeast and Northern regions.  TIA
how do you know who does their transcription? nm

Has anyone ever used transcription

equipment or heard of company Infoware?  Hospital is looking at buying new equipment and just wanted to know any feedback on how easy to use.

Actually, transcription should go away
The electronic forms make a lot more sense. Who wades through those piles of records anyway? I'm not sure the whole narrative serves any purpose but perhaps in the courtroom. I'd like to think that dictating about the patient and his/her history helps clarify everything in the treating physician's mind, but I don't think anyone gives more than a cursory glance to the record later. And perhaps when looking for mechanism of injury, a brief narrative helps out... But I'm not sure we are really necessary. All that said, what are we going to do for a living now? Not all of us are 10 years or less from retirement.
OSI transcription?
Anybody have any experience with OSi transcription, good, bad or anything?  I am going to be testing with them.  What is their pay scale (I think most companies range from 7 cpl to 9 CPL).
PT transcription....
Has anyone typed for a PT Department, and how is the dictation. On a level of 1/10 what would you say. I'm currently doing neurosurgery, family medicine, orthopaedic, and pulmonary and thinking of possibly taking a position for a PT Company to do transcription in house. Any info would be greatly appreciated.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
C&C Transcription

Do anybody know anything about this company? I am really interested in applying, but I am a little confused about their test. Does anyone know how many tests to do to apply? Do you pick one category and do all the tests within or several tests within several categories? If someone has applied before I would really appreciate some info on how many I need to do. Thanks.

anyone know much about C&C transcription TIA


Anyone read the article in Advance Magazine stating that transcription will be virtually obsolete as we know it in 3-5 years with take over of the back and front ends of speech recognition. Was curious as to opinions.  Seems like this message has been repeated over and over.
Anyone know anything about T-C Transcription
in Florida?
Is transcription still a hot job?
I am wondering whether all this time and energy is worth it.  I am not trying to be a downer, don't get me wrong.  I am just reading over this board and wondering how we all can stand it anymore.  I've been a Transcriptionist since 1993.  Feeling like crap today.  Hard work, is it worth it to all of you??    or    or    not sure...
transcription course
Andrews School in Oklahoma City works closely with helping you get a job and they are excellent for transcription and coding.
US Transcription
I actually worked for this company for two years and w/out trying to bash, I would simply say to watch yourself.  They have a very high turnover, and make a lot of promises they do not keep.  They also play dirty with pay.  If you work for them for a while you will very likely find out they are hiring new people at more than you make!  Keep yourself informed and in close contact with their other transcriptionists if you decide to work for them!  They also have a very nasty QA person who can be short and rude.  She really wants things done "her way" whether it meets AAMT standards or not!
Why transcription?
Curious to know. What is the main appeal to you?
Why transcription?
I can work from home, set my own hours, be my own boss.  I don't have to worry about what I'm going to do if my son is sick and has to stay home from school.  I don't have to work in an office anymore and deal with the high school mentality and backstabbing that goes on.  I save money on gas, can work in my comfy clothes, and save money on food from not having to eat out every day.  I also enjoy getting to work in the healthcare field, and I love to type!
KMM Transcription

Is anyone familiar with KMM Transcription? I saw they had an ad for IC work, but I could not find anything in the archives on this company.  Just curious! 


usa transcription?

I'm looking for a company called USA Transcription or something like that.  Can anyone help with some possibilities?  I have spent an hour on the archives and could spend hours more....lol



Took a job outside of transcription-bye all gl

Other Transcription

Does anyone know if there is any other transcription out there such as legal transcription that can be done from home.  I am trying to help a friend find some work that she can do at home.  She has no medical experience, but is looking for something she can do to earn a little extra money a month, such as data entry, legal transcription.  There are so many ads out there and she is looking for a reputable company.  Anyone out there had any experience or know of any legit companies for data entry/legal transcription, etc. that can be done at home? Thanks for any input. 

EMR and transcription
I worked one day a week in a large group practice and also did all of their transcription as an IC. They went to an EMR system. It took away approx 90% of my transcription, only a few office notes a day per doctor were being dictated, the rest was being entered into the EMR by the medical assistants, physicians and other office staff. It is a very tedious system, filling in blanks or picking items from a list, etc. It was really much more timeconsming for the physicians and staff, especially at the beginning, but they put so many $$$$ into purchasing it there was no way they were going to go back to dictating. I was offered a position scanning medical records and info into the system but the pay was less than half what I was making doing transcription as an IC. They have had to hire at least three people just to scan documents, etc and this will be a longterm comittment because they want to get their complete records into the system. Right now they do keep two part time ladies in the office that transcribe what litle they do dictate, they also are expected to do receptionist clerical work if there is no dictation to transcribe, etc. The system they have basically is point and click, using the mouse alot of the time, inserting standard phrases from a list into a template on the system, possibly typing five or six additional lines into the record, etc. Because of they way the system is set up, there was no way to make any kind of speed using the mouse, so the only thing would be to be paid hourly and unfortunately in a physicians office there is just no way to make the kind of $$$ that I could make transcribing, so I moved on to a national. There may be possibilities to do more transciption, it just depends what type of system they have and how much time the doctors want to spend entering in their own data. This has been my experience, maybe others have a different point of view. Good luck with it.
pay for new transcription
The lowest I have seen paid for transcription is 0.05 cents per 65 charcter line.  The highest is over 0.10 cents.  If I were you, I would charge somewhere in the middle around 0.07 or 0.08 cents which is the normal pay for many companies.
Transcription RPL
I am an IC working of my home for a physical therapy office. The office is quite demanding and because of the gas prices I am going to increase my rate from .12 to .14.  Is there an average? I have to drive 15 minutes each way from my house to pick/up drop off everyday. When I went to school for this 12 years ago, the average rate then per line was .12.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am typing on microcassettes. 
OSI Transcription

Your sure sound sour grapes about them. 

Where do you work now if you don't mind my asking.  Are you happy?

other transcription

I am curious as to if there is other transcription, also, as I have done it for a mental health center.  If you find out, would you please email me.  And also, I am new at this, how do you post what you wrote?  Thanks

JLG Transcription, FL

Looking for information/references from MTs in regards to working for this company.  Any information would be most grateful

SPi transcription
Anyone out there who works for SPi and uses their software, which I love, feel that they do okay?  Thanks in advance.
Using I-Pen for transcription

With the holiday commercials in full swing, I keep seeing the I-Pen commercial.  I forget the name brand, and it may be called something else, but I am talking about the pen that works like a mouse and a pen where you write with the pen and then transfer it to your computer.  Has anyone thought about or even tried to use the I-Pen for transcription?  I'm wondering if it would give the wrists a break to be using a different input device than the keyboard.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  While I'm talking about productivity, has anyone become more productive using Dragon Speaking Naturally? 


will you use it for transcription?
What is IME transcription?
Can anyone tell me what IME transcription is? A company I might work for told me they have IME transcription, but I've never heard of that before.
ANP Transcription
Does anyone know anything about ANP Transcription company and if they are a good company or not?
TC Transcription
Can anyone give me any feedback on TC Transcription?
transcription help
ok, thank you so much for your input.  have a great night!
MDI Transcription

Does anyone know what's going on with the MDI transcription website?  Can't get in. 

FBI transcription
I have a neighbor who does transcription for the FBI unit in town. I think it is interviews and such, but she can't talk about it at all other than to tell you she does it. I think she picks up tapes. Not sure how she fell into that.
I work in a clinic PT and one of the RNs said she wanted to do this on this weekend for extra $$$. It amazes me that people who think they medical terminology or know how to type think they can transcribe.
Transcription Plus LLC
Do anyone else work for this company?  They are out of CT.  My last 3 checks have been NSF.  I am very upset and discouraged!!  Anyone else in this boat??
Try DIT Transcription
They are wonderful to work for. I just started and am glad I found them. Keep the one you have as part time if you like and check out DIT part time.
transcription pay
being a Transcriptionist for 10yrs I make about $40,000 a year, just wondering is that the normal????
Has anyone ever done vet transcription?...sm
I was wondering if anyone had ever tried this.  I do know there are some vets who use this because there was a company I cannot remember the name of who had vet accounts.  I love animals, and I thought this would be neat to do.  I don't know if our local vets actually dictate reports or not. They are small vet clinics who probably don't do this. 

I knew I wanted to work in the medical field but did not want any part of blood, gore, or needles.  I really wanted to be an ultrasound tech, but there were no programs at the hospitals near where I live, and I wasn't interested in moving away for it. Then I thought about the possibility of being a radiologist.  I decided to major in radiology, but after one semester, decided it wasn't for me.

I started doing a little more research on medical jobs and ran into transcription.  I had never heard of medical transcription before, but I knew was that there were no needles or gore, although I still get a little queasy from some dictations.  I am also a really huge loner, so this field sounded perfect for me.  I spoke with the advisor of medical transcription at the college, but she advised me to major in administrative medical assisting and go for the medical transcription certificate (only requiring two extra classes) to get a more well-rounded education.  I really wasn't interested but did it anyway.  I have now been working at a local hospital for a little over a year, and I absolutely love it.  Now all I wish is that my status be changed to full-time instead of per diem.  Those benefits would be really nice right now.