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Posted By: Sara on 2005-10-25
In Reply to: Legal Scoping Careers? - MTness

I'm currently taking her course as a beta-tester. Its quite interesting. I look forward to a career with it.

I spoke with her prior to taking the course and was rather impressed. I do notice that you get more feedback through phone calls than emails. She's a very very nice lady.

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Feel free to contact me (just put something in the subject line like "scoping" so I know its a legit email ).  I can tell you a little of what I know. 

Right now Judy has a few typos in the program, and I'm trying to catch her up on them (you know how it is, we input and input, and after a while it all looks alike ).  In fact, I need to try to call her tonight about a question I have, if I get home early enough.

This is fun, frankly.  And makes me eager for the VR side of MT. 

One thing about it, prepare to learn a whole new language (not just terminology).  For example, when you see TPHURS it means NURSE LOLOL.  I feel like I'm learning Russian at times!  but i'm seriously enjoying it.

MT and Scoping
Has anyone ever tried to combine these 2 careers (mt with court report editing, otherwise known as scoping) or had any experience with it? Would be interested to hear
what is scoping? *curious*.....nm

Transcription and Scoping
I once worked with a guy who did transcription and quite good with it. He decided he would try the court transcription, bought his equipment, started to school and he gave it up, said it was tremendously harder than he thought. That is my only experience with knowing anyone who tried the cross training.
Legal Scoping Careers?
Has anyone looked into or taken the training course from the lady, Judy Barrett who posts on the "other" board about the scoping career?  I am curious if any one has gone through the course and if anyone has found this lucrative?  Any information on an outcome would be appreciated.  Thanking you in advance.
Legal scoping career
Sara - please keep me posted. It does sound interesting to me I'm curious to speak to you on how long it actually takes to learn the steno language. Keep me posted. Thank you.
I'm learning scoping, and its quite interesting, instead of CR -- nm
Any MTs make the switch to scoping?
What is required?  Where do you look for work?  Can one work from home?  How does the pay compare to that of MTs?  Is there a good website you can refer me to?  TIA! 
Link to scoping infor, if interested