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Link to scoping infor, if interested

Posted By: Sara on 2005-12-04
In Reply to: I'm learning scoping, and its quite interesting, instead of CR -- nm - Sara


LINK/URL: Scoping Careers Blog

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Do you have a link? I'm interested.
I am enclosing a link for anyone interested


This message board is the BEST for the CORE program.  They have wonderful recipes, etc specificallyl for the CORE program.  See what you think.  You might be amazed to see what you can really eat and still lose weight.  Lots of success stories are posted there too.

Infor on SS
I currently work for SS and have for about 6 months.  They are not the best, but definitely not the worst.  Have had 2 late checks, but have always been paid for all of my lines.  They have had management changes, but other than having to keep up with who the new managers are in case you need them, it all seems to be running smoothly.  The pay is great if you an editor. Not sure how the pay is for MTs.
Header infor difficulties
I've been on this account that I have for over 1-1/2 years and the rules they keep a changing.  I'd been going back and forth regarding date of service versus date of discharge and finally this week got an explanation that actually makes a modicum of sense so hopefully now I'm doing it right according to new rules.  Doing headers/pt info is sometimes the hardest part because accounts are so picky and they're always changing.  Don't stress too hard about it.  Five reports a day doesn't give you much exposure to it either.  Practice makes perfect and all that.  Good luck!
I'm currently taking her course as a beta-tester. Its quite interesting. I look forward to a career with it.

I spoke with her prior to taking the course and was rather impressed. I do notice that you get more feedback through phone calls than emails. She's a very very nice lady.

Feel free to contact me (just put something in the subject line like "scoping" so I know its a legit email ).  I can tell you a little of what I know. 

Right now Judy has a few typos in the program, and I'm trying to catch her up on them (you know how it is, we input and input, and after a while it all looks alike ).  In fact, I need to try to call her tonight about a question I have, if I get home early enough.

This is fun, frankly.  And makes me eager for the VR side of MT. 

One thing about it, prepare to learn a whole new language (not just terminology).  For example, when you see TPHURS it means NURSE LOLOL.  I feel like I'm learning Russian at times!  but i'm seriously enjoying it.

MT and Scoping
Has anyone ever tried to combine these 2 careers (mt with court report editing, otherwise known as scoping) or had any experience with it? Would be interested to hear
what is scoping? *curious*.....nm

Transcription and Scoping
I once worked with a guy who did transcription and quite good with it. He decided he would try the court transcription, bought his equipment, started to school and he gave it up, said it was tremendously harder than he thought. That is my only experience with knowing anyone who tried the cross training.
Legal Scoping Careers?
Has anyone looked into or taken the training course from the lady, Judy Barrett who posts on the "other" board about the scoping career?  I am curious if any one has gone through the course and if anyone has found this lucrative?  Any information on an outcome would be appreciated.  Thanking you in advance.
Legal scoping career
Sara - please keep me posted. It does sound interesting to me I'm curious to speak to you on how long it actually takes to learn the steno language. Keep me posted. Thank you.
I'm learning scoping, and its quite interesting, instead of CR -- nm
Any MTs make the switch to scoping?
What is required?  Where do you look for work?  Can one work from home?  How does the pay compare to that of MTs?  Is there a good website you can refer me to?  TIA! 
I simply chose the wrong link. See inside for the correct link.
See link
what link? You failed to include link

I'm interested in a MT Course??? HELP!!!
Can anyone give me some advice on going thru a MT course?  I would very much like to do an online training but not sure if they are legit or not.  I have some information from Allied Health which is about 1500. Is that normal?  Does anyone know of any better courses?  Is it okay to take an online course?  I have so many questions but don't know who to ask.  Do you guys get paid decent money?  HELP!!!  HELP!!!  All answers will be appreciated!!!
I was interested but...sm
I was interested in finding out answers, not listening to flaming.  You were rude to the poster in your first post.  How is that helping anyone?  No one else had to have a rude comment.  So, no I am not interested in your post if it is smart instead of productive. 
B and E. Not interested! nm
Who is interested?
Insurance companies are interested. If you are running for political office, lots of folks would be interested.
Not interested
I am not interested in your suggestions. I posted a message to the Administrator, not to you or anyone else. You don't tell people what to skip. Since we are making suggestions here...I SUGGEST that you not respond to my messages that are intended for the administrator.
I'm interested in this myself.
I would only need it to receive faxes, not send. It says that with the free account you get a non-local number versus a local number with a paid account. This wouldn't matter if the person I am getting the bulk of my faxes from is not local anyways, would it?

Also, I am referring to the efax software. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

I'm interested

Hi, there - I'm actually in the Midwest, but have the capability to handle uploaded dictation, and am definitely interested in taking on a new account.  Do they require the MT to be located in their area?


I am interested :) Thanks! nm
I don't know, but am interested as well
I am interested in VR, also. Which co. is this?
Interested in more than QA sm
I don't know if it was clear in my original post, but I am interested in more than QA, for instance supervisor, manager, coordinator, etc. QA would be last on my list.

Interested in tips on moving up in company.
Not Interested
I don't believe a word she says and am not interested in communicating with her!
Would be interested to know

what are some of the negatives, if you wouldn't mind sharing...I was actually thinking about applying at a state hospital, and there seems to be a lot of good reasons to take the job.  So, I would appreciate your input on some of the things I might want to be aware of before making my decision.


I would be interested in this as
well, if you hear anything!  I use my F11 key as well and would like to try another key.
I am interested in this too!
I have just started hearing about the EMR system.  I have heard this will do away with clinic reports, ER reports for medical transcriptionists, but it will not replace acute care.
You getting me interested!

Ok for my headings I have hpiub which will expand to "HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS:  " all in bold letters.  Is this what you mean by a macro or do you mean to actually set up a macro in MS Word?


I'd be interested to know if you have the facts on this
Not flaming at all, just would like to know what goes on, what they're not telling us.  I've seen documentaries on how humanely they do it, by injection for cows and they give pain relievers to chickens.  Am I being naive here?
Thanks, i'd be interested to learn more

Butting in here... I am very interested in sm

this.  Is it hard to learn?  I know I probably sound ridiculous but I take it we just have our headsets on and dictate what the doctor dictates, right?  Can you edit as you go along, such as putting in addresses and such?  This is intriguing to me.  Does it end up saving you lots of time in the long run? 

Thanks for any information you can provide.  I would love to have one of these, I think.

To snowbunny and anyone else interested...
You asked what line rate I thought my experience and expertise was worth. Realistically I would think anywhere between 13 and 15 cpl. Of course, that would put me back to where I was nine years ago! Forget inflation, I would be happy to have my old radiology clinic back at that rate but, wait, they are now paying a large corporation 8 to 10 cpl. And, the corporation is paying someone in a third world nation a pittance of that. However, for the Transcriptionist in the third world nation the salary is great! Perhaps we should be happy that we are doing our best to bring these third world countries into the main stream. While that sounds sarcastic, it is not completely sarcastic. I do not begrudge the transcriptionist doing the work. I am just tired of Corporate America paying the executives exorbitant salaries with "golden parachutes" and leaving the worker hanging. Executives can ruin the business, trash the name of the company in the news and still be handed a bonus in the millions! Sure the upper management should be paid more for the responsibilities they bear, but 500%, 1000%, and more?! This is happening in every business - not just ours and I believe it is the main reason that we are losing business to other countries. American companies cannot pay American workers what they should be paid in order to live in our society as long as they pay huge salaries, bonuses, and buyouts to their failed executives. Perhaps executives should be paid only if they produce and the company is successful ... kind of like a ballplayer! Start losing money and you are out of work! But wait - that will only cause them to fire more American workers and piece meal out the work to people who can live on less. Where are we going wrong? Yes, we need corporations to make a profit, yes we need to pay upper management for their skill and expertise, but shouldn't we (the collective we) try to keep American workers working???
Im interested and whants to know more.
Well, im a Editor already for MQ and im not sure if i want to renew my contract with them. It actually interesting to teach kids english. Is there a online school or training program for this i so could learn while doing my current MT work?
Here is a question for anyone interested....

I was reading on another board...   The problem with the larger companies was switching from account to account to account.  However, learning the account specifics (or at least printing them so you can refer to them) should not be that hard.  I want to know what is so hard about jumping around? I work 7 accounts as an Editor and never have been able to figure this particular "gripe" out.  Docs are docs are docs.  No matter what hospital they are at.  Reports don't change that much.  How hard is to jump from to another? I just don't see why this is such a problem.  Your paycheck should not be an issue, because as an MT you should be able to transcribe any doc out there.  If you really have an issue with this, you might want to rethink what you do for a living.


But in saying the above, just for a note, I don't understand these MTs that can only do 800-1000 lines in 8 hours either.

I am an older MT (16 years) and have had to do all of it.  Never thought once about any of it except do my best at it, learn from it and then excel at it. 

The thing that really interested me is the sm
potential to set my own hours as a deposition court reporter. I also see jobs to do closed captioning for television working at home. Right now I just want to be sure - before I spend the money and time - that this is a field that won't be taken over by VR anytime soon.
A few more tips for those interested

I use the number 8 key for my ectomy words.

For examply.  Appendectomy is programmed as a8

Cholecystectomy c8

Hysterectomy h8

Tonsillectomy t8

You get the idea.  In the rare instance that this interferes with another word (i.e. T8 on a spine exam.  I type t8n which means (NOT) so it will expand to simply T8.

instead of using the semicolon, I do pretty much the same thing but with the slash / on the right side of the keyboard.  I use this pretty much when i can divide words such as t/a  therafter.  u/w  underwent   u/g undergone l/h lightheaded.

for family members I use the number 9. For example,

 b9 is brother s9 is sister sil9 is sister in law d9 is daughter gm9 grandmother gd9 grandaughter.

I use the letter z quite a bit to just to phonetically shorten words.  For example.

dz disease  anz aneurysm rz resolve rzd resolved rzg resolving bz because czd caused czg causing etc.  If i here a "z" sound in a word I take advantage of it.

My psych words take the prefix nut. nuts is psychosis nutc is psychotic  lol.  Cute, I know, but I never forget these.

For really common words that I type a zillion times:  AR anterior pr posterior ll lateral ml medial I try to make these as short as possible.

KEEP THE TIPS COMING.  This is great to share.

I would be interested in knowing this as well....

Question - I am interested in getting
Vonage. I have roomates & have to share a ground line. There is a teenager in the house who is always monopolizing the telephone. Would I be able to get Vonage set up just for myself on the computer, or would I have to get the person who has the land line to order it?
Would your niece be interested ...sm
in talking with one of the agencies that works with pregnant women that really goes in depth with her about the options? If you know anyone who had an abortion try to have her talk to them because I've not known any woman who had one that didn't wonder about the baby and what the child may have been like if they hadn't aborted it, and despite what the abortion doctors try to say - it is a surgical procedure and ends the life of a child and there are emotional implications from that. She should also talk with women who have given up a child for adoption as well. If she's serious about not wanting to keep the child then she should consider adoption and realize that there are resources out there to help her through the pregnancy, including the pregnancy bills, and alternatives that will give the child to a loving home instead of a dumpster.
Dr. Phil seems only interested in
for his weight loss supplements and snack bars.  I read the ingredients and they are full of trans fats, which are the ones that plug up your arteries.  Now he is in movies too.  Tired of him and his pop culture psychology.
Interested in MD transcription--help!


I am a high school social studies teacher whose salary is so low I can't live off it.  I am looking for a part-time job that I can do from home and am interested in MD transcription but I'd like to find out more about the job first.

I've looked around the internet and found much conflicting information.  I've seen pay ranges from as low as $8. per hour up to a high of $40. per hour and want to know what I can really expect.  Also, can I easily get a job working from my home?  I already have a graduate degree.  Do I still have to go through the official training for MD transcription or can I get a job and do on the job training?  If I have to train, how long does it take and how much does it cost?  Will paying for and going through the training virtually assure I'll get a job?  Also, what schools are the best/least expensive? I don't want to get ripped off.  Could I work at this job from home as little as 10 hours per week?

I guess what I really need is some direction to a web site, or book to help me work through this process to determine if I really want to do this.

Is there someone out there who can direct me?





Call them and see if they are only interested in FT - sm
or if they might look for 2 PT people. As for them being rigid, they are the employer, they have their way of how they want things done. One hour for lunch (and not more) is the norm for most FT jobs. Of course they are not going to let you take 75 minutes or 90 just because you have things you want to get done during your "lunch hour". PT jobs usually only allow 30 minutes for lunch....again no more than 30 minutes. Believe me, if you don't want to work 8-5 (or whatever) with your 1-hour lunch, there are plenty of others who will jump at it.
Yum, I'm interested ;-) no message
Yeah, the $60,000 is more what I am interested in.
Since I have no degree whatsoever, the master's would probably be a bit much. It wouldn't hurt looking into though, so I will definitely do that.

Well, good luck with school. I hope you get in and do well!
I am interested in hearing how this goes for you - sm
I too am waiting on a foot pedal for a new job that uses EMDAT. I should have mine on Monday though. I thought it would be just a plug in and it would work kind of deal. I just don't want it to interfere with my other foot pedal (serial port) and my MS Word, which it does mess up I think. I will know for sure the next time I use it (going to repeat the training) and then later try to use word by itself on my computer (rebooting fixed it, just hate rebooting as it takes about 10 minutes for the whole process since I have so much on my computer). You may have to change your hot keys, the EMDAT is F2, F3 and F4 keys for play, rwd and FF respectively.
I'm interested in this as well. My husband can
take a lot of vacation. I would love to work when we are driving different places, etcetera.
I found it for anyone interested (sm)
Place you a sticky note or short note pad to your monitor with the function key commands. Where you were referring to closing spaces, were you talking about joining lines? Go to the end of the sentence and space, then do Shift F6; this joins your sentence together. Do you mind telling me the account you are own? Send it to my email. I will be starting soon and was wondering about the account. Thanks.
Have you got anything in SoFla? I would be interested.