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Traveling with laptop

Posted By: sm on 2009-02-23
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Does anybody do transcription on their laptop, other than those working for that company that has its own board on here?

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traveling with a laptop
I put a pillow on my lap and the keyboard on top of that. It only took a few minutes to get used to and works great for me.
laptop while traveling
What about to send and receive your work via internet services.  I would think a wireless/high speed internet would be needed, first of all; but then will that work at all motels that advertise high speed internet services?  Any other tips regarding this will be appreciated.  I am in the thinking stages of this right now, so want to get the details worked out before spending a lot more money.  TIA
q for those traveling with laptop --
if you use a rolling case, have you had any problems with the laptop that could have resulted from being a bumpy ride? my brother said never to put a laptop in a rolling case, but if i travel by air, i'd practially have to to bring all my essentials along...(and not stoe it)
Using a laptop computer while traveling


In answer to your question, I have a USB aircard through Sprint, which I use here at home since I am in the "boonies" and only a mile and a half from a cell tower however, so my connection speed is great.  When I "travel of the weekend" it is usually up to my significant others, and he has DSL available there so I use either or,

Hope this helps.


Question for traveling laptop workers

When staying in a hotel with a desk and internet connection to work, where do you put your keyboard?  Anyone have any suggestion for a portable table to use that is the right level.  The desks are too high.


When traveling I get by with a laptop with Window98, 400 mHz process, Pentium 2 ,- sm
Not sure of my RAM but it is not anything excessing, 256 or 512. So depending on the job, this will work. I used it for a national too. Now work for 2 small MTSO's, 1 is DOS based, the other MSWord, have 97 on the laptop which easily opens/is compatible with Word2000. So that is not an issue at all. So you can probably get by with what you already have, might not be the fastest computer in the world, but it will get the work done. Maybe you should use it for work, keep the bare minimum of programs on it, and save up $$ and in 6 months get yourself something better/faster.
Must be wrong traveling MT. I dont use another monitor if I'm using my laptop. I use another keyb
When I dont use my laptop and I take my "portable computer" then I just bubble wrap it and my monitor and put it in my suitcase. I'm not sure how many people actually hook up anothe monitor to their laptop. That would confuse me too.. LOL
To all of you Escriptionist out there...Laptop question. Have any of you found a laptop that you can
thing. I tried one of those adapter that goes from the 9-pin to the USB but when I plugged in the USB my foot pedal did not work right. I know supposedly there is a help section on the escription website that says the adapter may work and how to make them compatible etc but it never worked for me. Has any of you find a solution or a laptop that this foot pedal with work with. I'd like to work while traveling and get a laptop but it never worked on my old one. Ideas??
Traveling MT

If I was a single person, I would most definitely take the position.  This would be an opportunity to save lots of money since most of your expenses are paid and you really would not need to maintain an apartment at your home town.

I work for K-Force now. I also hear Precyse travels but not sure, am looking for another company that does.
traveling MTs
My hubby retired recently, and we travel in our RV. I have a laptop, foot pedal, headphones, and an external keyboard. When in our truck, I just set up a TV tray in the back seat and use the keyboard on the laptop. For Internet access, I have an air card from Verizon. With few exceptions, this has worked quite well for the past 9 months of cross-country travel.
I have searched and have not found the answer to my question, so I apologize if this has been discussed before.  I live in Florida and as hurricane season approaches, I am trying to figure out what to do if I need to leave town.  I work for a company that requires an internet connection, unlimited long distance and a C-phone to dial in to the hospitals.  I know that hotels usually offer wireless internet connections, but what about the phone line/connection?  It would have to be something that offered unlimited long distance (as the hospitals are in different states) that could be used anywhere (not just my home).  Would something like Vonage work?  Or does Verizon have something?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
Traveling MT- I need you!
For those of you doing MT while traveling...
what about internet security? How do you make sure your work is secure? If you are using some other wifi connection when out and about, do you feel it's private? I am trying to figure out the basics. I'm clueless about this laptop thing but it sounds very versatile.
I went to San Antonio a couple of months ago for 2 weeks. I rented a laptop from Rent-A-Center, had the company install their software, and took it with me. I worked at the local library the first weekend because they had wireless, but then my father-in-law just went to the cable company and got me a modem for the 2 weeks I was there so I could work at his house. I would do it again though, even with going to the library. It was great to be able to go visit family and friends and not have to lose work either.
The traveling MT...
I have seen some posts about MTs who travel while they work.  I would like to try working in the car but my husband is afraid I will get motion sickness.  I am prone to motion sickness on curved roads and cannot read in the car.  Does anyone else have a problem with this or find that they don't have a problem with typing?  It seems like it would be different then reading a book or newspaper especially if I know we have a straight highway drive.
Traveling MT
If you have been a CMT for 20 years, how come you spell a lot as alot? ALOT is not a word!!!!
Traveling Hubby
I, too, have a traveling husband with so much responsibility in his job for the past 20+ years.  Often I have had to be put on the back burner with a small child so that he could progress to the successful executive he is today.  Things have never been about me, and I have had to accept this.  I must say it was much more difficult when my child was young.  When he is free, we have to remember to schedule nice things together and get those in his DayTimer before life marches on by us both. 
Traveling Transcriptionist
How can they expect you to be a traveling Transcriptionist and go cold turkey into a facility and maintain a line count of 1500 lines?
Traveling transcriptionist job
I would love a job like this. Where do you apply for it. Also, do you have to do ops to get the job?
Re: traveling transcription
It sounds pretty good and it's a way to see some of the US that you might not otherwise be able to, but I couldn't leave my kids. You also have no way of knowing how much work you'll be given, so make sure you are able to meet your goals and have an out if it gets to be overwhelming. Would you be traveling alone or with another MT, for example? There are several things to consider. I personally am a hometown girl, but if you like to travel, why not?
Are there any traveling transcriptionists out there and do you like it.nm
Here's how I work while traveling...sm
If we're staying at a hotel, I stay only at one where there is a secured high speed internet available. They'll be happy to tell you if the connections are secured or not if you ask. How you know is this... if it's secured you'll have to enter passwords to enter their system. If they're not secured, you'd just plug in your cord and go for it.

If we're staying with relatives then I stay only with those that have the high speed internet connectivity available through a secured connection.

If neither of the above are available then I use my PeoplePC dial up account to work from. While it's not as fast as DSL/cable it connects well enough to let me work.

I take my keyboard and mouse and plug them into the laptop so that I do not have to depend on the laptop keyboard... which drives me nuts to type much on! Of course the foot pedal goes along as well.

Happy traveling!
Traveling teacher
Where in MT, you can E-mail me
Laptops and traveling
I have two accounts that I work on. My account during the week we don't have strict times, just a time you have to have files done by, so that does allow for a little more ease. On the weekend I cover for a small 50 bed hospital, so sometimes I may have 20 files, sometimes I may have 2. The one on the weekend has a special footpedal that you can only use with their program, but it really isn't that awkward in the car. The one during the week I can use a foot pedal or use F2 to start/stop, F3 to rewind, F4 to FF. At first I was a little slow with this but now I don't find my speed any different with using F2 or with the foot pedal.

It takes some getting used to, but where i live it takes forever to get somewhere, and it's really nice to be able to get some work done. I actually got to make some extra money the other day. My mom drives for a trucking company and they needed someone to take her to get her truck. So she drove my truck to go get it (about an hour away) and I worked the whole time. Got paid a $100 bucks to ride in my truck and work! Of course that was like a one time deal.

The best for me though is getting to go to Florida and visit my dad who is 6 hours away. I can still take my work and work on the road with a pc card (about $60 a month) and not have to take time off. Just have to make sure you discipline yourself to work and not chat with hubby! :)

Like I said, it takes some getting used to, but it comes in handy!
Been traveling for 3+ years and have worked the
whole time.  Almost every truck stop has internet access, even WiFi, so you can get internet in the truck.  Lots of hot spots across the country, can get an air card, use cell phone, etc.  
Regarding traveling transcription post below,
was offered $19-$22 per hour for hourly positions and 9-13 cents per line for line positions, paid travel including air, hotel, and rental car, full benefits, and ability to come home every 2-3 weeks for 4 or 5 days.  Would you take it?  Assignments could be anywhere in US and anywhere from 1 month to 3 years or so.  Thanks in advance for your time.
Question about working while traveling..sm..

Since I have my own account and no one to cover for me, I bought a laptop so I can take my work with me and get out of the house, go on vacation, etc.  I'm used to typing at a desk with the keyboard on a keyboard tray and a little lower than the computer.  I have an external keyboard hooked up to the laptop on a spare desk for now.  I just can't picture myself typing at a table or something when on vacation but what other choices do I have? 

Anyone have any advice for staying efficient and keeping up typing speed but not being at a desk?

Going with a small group but I am traveling alone.
Yes, it does sound great! I've already downloaded the schedule of speakers -- going to be at the CSI-Decapitation exhibit, see Richard Simmons, lol. I'm also curious to see all the vendors and what they have to display and tell. LOL

Never had a problem traveling with equip. NM
those are ads for recruiting - not traveling transcription positions
Kforce put the ads out to attract travelers. I worked for Kforce for 2 years. It was up and down with the work. My health insurance would get cancelled 10 days after an assignment ended, unless Kforce had another assigment to go to immediately. There were times I did not have for up to 3 months. There is always good and bad with a job. Unfortunately, I needed something steady and with insurance, so this wasn't for me.
Okay..I'm a.k.a. WanderingMT. Either way, I'm a traveling, working woman LOL

Need Help. Traveling and cant get express scribe to work......

I flew to my parents house.  i didnt want to have to take my laptop on the plane as I already had a bunch of luggage and two little girls.  I work out of EMDAT and use express scribe.  Well I cant get sound and I keep getting a message that says there might not be a sound card installed or the sound card might be in use by another program. 

Is there anywhere online where I can download a sound card, preferrably for free?  I work for two companies and didnt take off work, and I am afraid they are going to be very upset if I cant get up and running soon.

Thanks so much :-)

My experience - first time traveling and working

Just got back from Lake Tahoe.  I told some of you I would report back and let you know how it went.  This was my first experience MTing on the road, and it went so smoothly.  I worked about 20 hours from the hotel.  They had nice comfy chairs and table big enough to hold all my stuff comfortably.  It was amazing being able to look out over the lake and the mountains while working.  My only complaint was this particular hotel did not offer a weekly rate for WI Fi.  They charged by the day, and it was kind of pricey at $12 a day.  I was worried about not having my books, but it was not an issue at all. 

Taking a vacation by myself was the most amazing experience.  I would highly recommend it to any of you who need to get away from the daily stresses of life.  I feel so refreshed!

Spending a couple weeks traveling in 4-corners area
We have about 3 weeks to wander around this area -- starting in Albuquerque and ending up in Phoenix.  Looking forward to seeing the National Parks, Monument Valley, etc., but would love to hear about out of the way or particularly neat stuff!!!
Oh one more thing..if your traveling and staying at hotels, plan ahead. I learned the hard way.

A hotel that states they have "internet access" does not necessarily have it in your room. A lot of them have what they call a "business" center where they have like a community computer to share with other guests or to have access on your laptop you need to sit in that room. I dont know about you but I dont feel like dragging out all of my equipment and sitting in a lobby somewhere to work. Double check that they have internet access available in your room.. and be forewarned that most chart for wireless internet access like maybe $10-12 for a 24-hour period. We just got back from Vegas, and to me, it was worth that fee for a whole 24 hours. I got the most work I could out of it.





I use a laptop too
We bought it a year before I started working - not knowing what the required ports would be for foot pedals, etc. I have a Compaq Presario. I also have Bellsouth high speed internet connection. It works for me fine even when I go out of town.
laptop is the only way to go s/m
I would never have a big computer again!  I have worked on DocQScribe and other internet platforms and never had any problems. Also have BellSouth DSL. My computer is a Dell Inspiron. If any disasters strike here that I can see coming will load the pets some clothes and the Dell and take off.  Good luck getting put back together!
Can you tell me which Dell you purchased - I am trying to decide which one would meet my needs - using DQS as well. Thanks
Anyone using a laptop?

Am in the market for a laptop and looking for suggestions.  Thanks.

Yes, but hook up an ergonomic keyboard and a mouse. The portability of it is great.
I use my laptop as a backup or to work when I am out of town. The only problem with it is the smaller screen. Performance is no different than my PC though. I do have a regular keyboard for it, and a mouse.
I have a Dell Inspiron 2500 but it has nowhere near the memory to download from an outside transcription company. Another problem is the footpedal, how on earth would you use this in your automobile. As well, the DSL, how on earth can you tell when you're traveling if you have access to same? This would be a lifesaver for me, as I have osteoporosis and can go like mad in my recliner without back pain which kills when I use my desktop. I sure would be one happy gal if I could work from a laptop. You do get used to the keyboard, I thought at first I would never, ever have any speed, but one does get used to it. Please e-mail me or write any suggestions here. How much minimal memory do you have on your laptop to comply with companys you work for?
Does anyone out there use a laptop for transcription?
on cold days, in front of the fire place.  in the summer, outside....can't live without my laptop!
I use my laptop in a regular desk setting and I use a regular keyboard with it, not the laptop keyboard.  I like to sit outside on the balcony in the spring, summer, fall, but I have never not used a desk; can't imagine using it in my lap.  I think that would be too uncomfortable, but hey that's just me.  I have a very comfortable chair.  I mainly have mine because I travel quite a bit and this way, I can take my work with me if I want.
My step-dad is an over-the-road truck driver and he uses a laptop with a PC card just as you are describing.  He loves it and has no problems whatsoever unless he is in an area where there is no service (just like with a cell phone).
My Laptop is

an HP Pavilion and I love it -  one thing to be sure of is that you get one with a good big screen or a port where you can connect our monitor, and be sure it has a port for your keyboard (USB if you have that kind of keyboard).  You'll never be able to do any good at MTing with the tiny keyboard that a laptop has.  I made a big mistake by buying one without a floppy drive, but it's not hard to get an exernal floppy drive (ask me how I know) and costs about $50.  As for the internal stuff ie RAM, hard drive, that's in pretty much the same ballpark as a desk top, get as much as you can possibly afford. 


Laptop use

I also would be curious as to how this would be done.  How do you get your voice files?  How do you use a foot pedal?  My husband drives semi and this sure would be nice for going with him on long runs. 



Anybody use a laptop for MT work?  Is is pretty reliable when you are using wireless?  I assume you have to have an electrical output for the foot pedal.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!