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Try the free demo of MTStars FlashType. Link inside.

Posted By: Administrator (sm) on 2006-08-15
In Reply to: Need Advice on Shortcut software - Jane

See link below:

LINK/URL: FlashType Word Expander

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Try out the MTStars FlashType demo. See link inside
see link
You can try the free FlashType demo. See link inside
see link
MTStars FlashType has a free demo and if you like it, it is
about half of the cost of other word Expanders out there.  See the link below.
Check out the free demo of MTStars FlashType. It's free for 7 days.
Then, if you like it, you can purchase it for $59.95.  See link below.
MTSTars FlashType - link is inside
see link
You can demo MTStars FlashType and if you want to buy it, it is only $59.95
Shorthand.  Click on the link below.
Try the MTStars FlashType demo & see if you like it. It is a low cost expander
that works much like PCShorthand.  See link below:
Check out the free demo of FlashType to see if it works and it's priced right.
link below
FlashType is cheaper and works equally as well as Shorthand and has a free demo.

click on link below...

forgot link for MTStars Flashcount. See inside.
I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
Now Released! MTStars FlashCount & Invoice Generator. Completely FREE to MTStars Visitors.

Freeware - No Registration or Purchase required.

Lines and Word counter software. Scans your documents for lines, words, spaces and generates real time invoices the way you want. Full customization to generate invoices to save or email to your clients.

Click on link below.


MTStars FlashType
see link
Isn't this MTStars FlashType under a different name?
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


MTStars FlashType works just like Shorthand and is $59.95.
see link below
Try MTStars FlashType. It works much like PCShorthand & is much cheaper.
See link below
MTStars FlashType works just like Shorthand and costs less.
It also works on Vista.  See link below.
MTStars FlashType is also just like Shorthand only cheaper in price.
all Windows operating systems and works with most any Windows based application.  You can download a free trial at the link below.
The MTStars FlashType software is the express property of Sh*ri St*adman and is not
The software build was contracted out to Zeshan Ahmed and purchased outright. Sh*ri St*adman has the proof of payment made as well as for the MTStars FlashCount and Spellchecker. Sh*ri sells the software on the ***.com website as it rightfully belongs to her.
MTStars FlashType works in any Windows environment including Vista.
see link below
I use ShortCut. You can download a free demo version at sylvansoft.com. nm
Try Switch program. Converts sound files. Can get free demo.
I simply chose the wrong link. See inside for the correct link.
See link
MTStars FlashCount is free.
see link below
MTStars FlashCount is also free
and much better than Abacus


How about 100% free? MTStars FlashCount.
see link below
MTStars FlashCount is absolutely free.
MTStars FlashCount is absolutely free.
see link
found an old MTStars discussion (see inside)....you can google for more


Email the link to admin@mtstars.com
MTStars free program is wonderful and puts out a professional invoice!!! nm
Anyone have a link for a free (sm)
greeting card site that does not have a lot of annoying popups? I just need a quick birthday card.
Thank you!
think link inside is what you are looking for--sm
See inside for link

See link inside
This page has a link to a downloadable Word document with 100s of ideas.  Good luck!!
link inside
see link inside
see link inside......sm
http://www.dvi.com/index.html  Stands for Digital Voice Inc.
See link inside.
see link inside

this is an old posting on MT daily, but some of the ?s may still be relevant for you. good luck!
Link inside
see below
link inside
link inside
This has the meaning of each number.

link inside--sorry!
Link Inside......
See link inside.
See link inside
See link inside......
Link inside
Hear is the Link you are looking for --