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Unemployment Question

Posted By: Siren on 2007-06-06
In Reply to:

I have been an in-house Transcriptionist for the past 14 years at a mental health/behavioral health facility.  As a matter of fact, I have been the coordinator/supervisor (working supervisor - - LOL!!!!).  I had to under go major foot surgery due to being born with slight clubfeet, and have been off work now since 04/10/07.  I went under FMLA and it runs out on 07/02/07, but my doc is not going to release me back to work no sooner than 07/16/07.  I am still totally non-weightbearing under his orders  I had to use all of my PTO (5 weeks worth because I never call off work).. 

I totally understand where they are coming from with Medicaid requirements and all, but I am feeling this is totally unfair (but what is fair in this world anymore) as I have been a good and loyal employee all these years.  Enough venting -- LOL!

Here's the issue and question . . . . I have been understaffed for years, I wanted to hire another transcriptionist before I had my surgery to get her trained, etc (but that did not happen), I only have 4 transcriptionists including myself, and one is protected by FMLA and calls off ALL THE TIME, and we transcribe for 42 physicians/therapists.  Since I have been off on surgical leave for so long, my place of employment is thinking about outsourcing everything because of course we have not kept up, which means they are not going to extend my FMLA.  Can I collect unemployment if this occurs? 

This is one of the main reasons I have been on this board looking for at-home transcription because I may not have a job to go back to!  Oh, the politics of the corporate world! 






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Each state is different.  In Oregon you have to declare what wages you earn and  can only earn about half of what your unemployment benefit is and then they start taking dollar for dollar off.  So if you collect anything it will be very little.  Just be honest as they will catch up with you if you are not and in some counties it is a felony to not declare all your earnings or to collect unemployment when you are not eligible.   They match up SSN and sometimes it takes a while but they will catch you.  But your state should have a home page and you should be able to read all about it.  



As long as you were not terminated due to misconduct or stealing there shouldn't be a problem for the reason for termination   Also as long as you are not considered an emplolyee while doing the transcription.  Just because you were on probabtion is not a reason for not being able to claim unemployment.  You will collect your benefits on what you made prior to this job, your last 5 quarters of earnings last two quarters of 2005 and first three of 2006.  However, whatever you make as an IC will go against whatever your unemployment benefit is -- i.e. if they state that your benefit is $300 a week then you cannot earn more than $150 before they start taking dollar for dollar off.  Also you need to be actively looking for a job and available to take a job when it comes along and that might mean giving up your IC.   You may have to fight for your benefits, attend a hearing, etc.  But as long as you did not quit, did not steal or do anything else misconduct wise, you can file -- at least do it what do you have to lose.  I don't know what your earnings have been in the past five quarters and that will determine what your benefit will be.   Good luck.   Don't let them intimidate you but they could pull the transcription if they get upset.   Good luck.   You can probably go online and go to your state to see what and how you can file.  

You don't pay to unemployment, do you?  That is something that the employer pays and therefore they are going to fight it, but I would think if you lost your job, you should be able to get it.
After hurricane, I had to move to another state but I had to file unemployment in La. b/c I worked for a hospital there from my home. Normally, you have to have paperwork documenting your layoff. Go on line/Google unemployment rules for Pa. You can often file for it on-line. Best of luck. I've been there twice in my life.

I do not claim to be an expert, but it seems to me that you would, at the very least, be able to file for what they call partial unemployment benefits.  It certainly would not hurt any to check it out.  Also depends on your particular state laws, though I am not sure if the state involved would be the state where your company is located OR rather the state where you live.



I thought that someone could not get unemployment if you have been fired.  The logic was that people could jump from job to job every year and get "fired" so why would they work the whole time?  My husband said that he thinks if you get fired you get penialized.  I am not planning on getting fired, but it is a good thing to know.  So, do you get unemployment if you have been fired? 
IT ALL DEPENDS on what state you live in because it is governed from state to state.
I just came off unemployment and -
they do not care how you are paid unless you are paid by the hour. What I did was take the number of minimum lines per day they required and divided it by 8 and if it was 150 and I did 450 lines that day, I said I worked about 3 hours.

If you continue to try to make them understand lines -they are going to deny you.

You have to also be able to say that you were hired for full-time and they are not providing you full time work for a week. then each week, you report to them how much you actually made that week and they will calculate how much unemployment you are eligible for.
THIS economy is doing well, unemployment at 4.9%. Where do you get
Unemployment compensation?
Is is possible to apply for unemployment, at least a partial check, since we are supposed to "produce" so many lines a pay period and the work is never ever there.  We promise them so why should they not pay?  Anyone ever done this and is it possible? 
Unemployment figures are also down
because the people that have run out of unemployment compensation are not counted in the final tally. Yes, unemployment figures are very misleading.
Unemployment benefits

 I'm hoping someone can help with this question before I call my local employment office tomorrow.  I was terminated last week as a med records employee with a small practice, but they still want me to do the transcription work as an IC at home.  I agreed, because some income is better than none!  In my letter of termination, it stated that because of the terms of my employment and since I was still in the probationary period when let go, I could not apply for unemployment benefits. 

The more I think about this I can't understand it.  I've worked as a temp in the past, was laid off after approximately 2 months, and still applied for and received unemployment. Anyone have a similar situation?  Help!

Thanks very much!


Unemployment question
I was laid off last Friday.....but already have another job. Actually it's a better job, so all is great.

BUT I have a question. I applied for unemployment just in case I had a hard time finding something. I got a notice today that I did not make enough money the last two quarters. I was steadily employed there the last 6 YEARS. It showed wages for 1st and 2nd quarter of 2006, but showed $0 for the last two quarters.

Where does umployment get their numbers? Do they get them from the quarterly forms filled out by the employer? Or do they send a form to be filled out when someone applies? I used to handle claims eons ago....but I don't recall ever supplying that information when a claim was made....In fact my boss fought and won every claim(whole other story)

The company is having financial problems and I was just wondering if this company is NOT filing the required unemployment forms/payment...and if not, what about SS, withholding 401K etc....

If there will always be work, why are the unemployment and
food kitchen lines getting longer and longer?
Unemployment question

I heard, but I am not sure if this is true or not, but can you work a part-time job and collect unemployment?  I heard that if you apply for unemployment due to job termination, etc., and if you happen to find a part-time job, that you can collect partial unemployment, where unemployment will pay the difference between what you earn at the part-time job and what unemployment would pay you.  Does anyone know if this is true?  I have just applied for unemployment the first time in my life, and it is driving me crazy.  I feel like such a lazy @@#.  My department was just terminated on 08/31/07.  I do not think I can just sit at home and do nothing.  However, I am scared to death to take a position and then have it not pan out, losing unemployment because I took a position.  It would be nice if I could test the waters with a part-time position, collect unemployment until it runs out, and then hopefully move into a full-time position.  Any info?

Unemployment question
I believe that you would have to contact your state agency to find the answer to that because my state and your state would have different laws.
unemployment/SS link

I learn so much on this web site, here's a link to the Unemployment/Social Security website.  Fascinating!  And my thanks to whoever posted earlier this week about unemployment and SS.


Unemployment question

What a way to start a Monday- I just started working for a hospital in October-They are in PA, I live in WV.  They called to tell me I am layed off- My question:

1.Do I file for unemployment in WV or where I work at in PA.

2.I do a side Dr. on the side, in Ohio, how to I do this.  I am going to be losing him at the end of the month-he is moving out of the area, but I may be on call to pick up a Nurse Pract. dication. (not much maybe 100.00 a month) How will this all go down. Do I need to get rid of this account?



filing unemployment

Here is what I know of it.  I currently reside in FL.  My husband has been laid off off and on for the last year.  He called FL to file unemployment.  They walk you thru a whole interview to determine your work history.  It is called "opening a file." The majority of his work over the past 36 months was from when we lived in MI.  So right now, when he files unemployment it is filed in MI.  He was told when he called MI that he is covered there until April.  When you call YOUR state and talk to them, they will walk you thru the whole thing to determine where you actually file.  We were lucky that he was covered in MI because he had less than 9 months full time work in FL and was not eligible for unemployment here. 

I am sorry about being laid-off.  It is a struggle and it is something I deal with all too much with the hubby. 

partial unemployment

If you accepted a per line job as a medical transcriptionist, no offense, but you screwed yourself.  NEVER accept ANY job that you do not want. If the employer hired you on a per hour basis and then changed everything about it at their will and it was not the same job as you had before, check it out. BUT, I think the employer has to give 30 days notice before making any kind of changes like that, if they are allowed at all. Actually, when I got screwed over by one of my employers, who was a huge hospital organization, to this day I feel like they basically screwed me out of $14,000 savings, because I had to use it to get me through. Not only that, but after the employment office told them that they HAD to pay me unemployment benefits, I had lawyers calling my house and sending me mail out the "whazoo." Of course, I never pursued it, because although it was heartbreaking after being there many years, I actually was glad to rid myself of them. My headaches decreased, miracously I had not one more issue with my internet, and looking back, I wished I would have quit their "sorry asses" years ago. Actually, I wish I would have taken another job in another field that I think of every now and then, when I had the chance. GET OUT of transcription. Being in transcription turned me into a real bit_h and for the last couple of years working at that place and knowing what I know and that I was being "taken for a ride," it just twisted me all up and my personality was a mess. I am so much better without them and only wish that sometime in the near future I can actually get out of healthcare altogether. Good luck

how does unemployment work? do they pay
or the whole thing or what?  I'm afraid my company is going under...
Drawing unemployment ---

I was just reading the unemployment site for my state and came across some interesting information.

It said if you quit your job due to a "material change" then you could still draw unemployment?  What would constitute a material change? 

Would it be a forced shift and day change after 2 years?  Would it be the fact that you've gone from $1000 a week to $300 a week and you are sitting in front of a computer about 16 hours a day to do that, plus working 7 days a week?  Would it be having to work third shift instead of first? 

Any thoughts, any suggestions?  If I am only going to make $300 a week, I want to draw unemployment so I can go to college and not have to deal with this BS anymore! 

You may qualify for unemployment, but...
You can not draw unemployment and go back to college.  You have to be available and read to work, even if the employment commission finds you a job.  Going back to college would stop your payments immediately I'm afraid.
College and unemployment
My son is going to college because his boss of two years told him he couldn't use him this semester even though my son could prove he was available for the same amount of hours he had always been available for and he has been going to school the whole time he worked for him.
Has anyone gone on unemployment insurance?
It appears my account is leaving and since no one has spoken to me, it would appear I will be leaving too.
State unemployment?
I went back to school in 1996 to obtain a MT certificate at Everett Community College - at that time out of 30 or so MT students that I met, I was the ONLY one actually paying tuition. All of the other ones were with a state unemployment program for displaced operators from AT&T when they offshored way back when. Don't know, of course, if anything like that is still available, but I would check through the community college in your area. They would know what programs are available in the financial aid dept.
I'd rather be on unemployment than ever give one

Unemployment rate is 10%, now. In your
times it was sure easier to get several jobs at the same time going.
These people are desperate for work, they are not sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.
If you do not have helpful or constructive advice, then, please, do not advertise how 'good' you were in better times. Keep it to yourself and enjoy!
unemployment question
I've tried to research this several times but can't nail down a good answer.  (I know I need to go to my state office and chat with them because over the phone their reps don't seem to *get* how MTSOs actually operate/pay.)  Here's my question: If work stays so low on my accounts that I'm still not making minimum wage for several more weeks, could I file for unemployment?  The 2 hospitals in my town outsourced to MTSOs in the past year, unfortunately.  TIA.
cannot apply for unemployment. that is for employees. nm
Correct: If you are an IC, you are not entitled to unemployment
Have you talked directly with them about your concerns?

You should be eligible for unemployment compensation.
Indiana Unemployment Question
Someone just told me that Indiana unemployment has changed, in that you now have to wait six weeks for your first check.  Does anyone know if this is correct or not?
File for partial unemployment (nm)
not so - I have a friend who is drawing unemployment now -
She is going to a technical school and drawing unemployment. In fact, in my state, going to school will get you an extension on the amount of time you can drawn the benefits.
I am drawing unemployment at this moment
due to being laid off my primary job. I can earn up to one-third the amount of my weekly benefit without being penalized. I have to be available and actively looking for work every day of the week, and I must be willing to accept work on any shift. I was specifically told that enrolling in school would forfeit my eligibility for continued UI benefits unless I was accepted into a state-endorsed training program because I have to be available for work 24/7. Tomorrow I have to attend a 2-1/2-hour job-search-assistance class and will ask about this again, but I know things worked the same way in my previous state of residence.
Questions about fililng for unemployment -

I have a question.  Anybody that is drawing unemployment - did you have to be terminated or laid off, or did you just go apply because you were so low on work?  I read on the website about unemployment that if there was a "material change" that caused you to quit your job that you could still qualify for unemployment benefits.  I want to know if anybody has done that and successfully drew UE or did they deny you totally if you left your job.

My "material change" would be a significant reduction in pay (75% at least), a forced change in hours (from early morning and forced to go on late evenings/nights), and no work available most shifts. 

Questions about fililng for unemployment -

I have a question.  Anybody that is drawing unemployment - did you have to be terminated or laid off, or did you just go apply because you were so low on work?  I read on the website about unemployment that if there was a "material change" that caused you to quit your job that you could still qualify for unemployment benefits.  I want to know if anybody has done that and successfully drew UE or did they deny you totally if you left your job.

My "material change" would be a significant reduction in pay (75% at least), a forced change in hours (from early morning and forced to go on late evenings/nights), and no work available most shifts. 

you CAN collect part-time unemployment. i did it before but not with MT. sm
I was considered full time employee and my hours were cut to part time. i was told to file by others in the company and didn't realize i could. i did file and i did get the part-time unemployment but then got laid off from company too after i filed. so it was a catch-22 scenario. but then because i was laid off, i then qualified through a local program we had to recruit those unemployed back into the work force and that is how i got my MT degree for free. didn't even have to buy pen and paper. i even got childcare while going to school.
economy doing well? did you ever consider unemployment is lower because after people lose their job
or temporary jobs. well, obviously unem. would look low. what town do you live in? we have major closings of businesses almost on a monthly basis.

we have stores closing all over the place. even 3 burger kings. gas is over $3.00, from $2.00, and is intended to stay that way.

I know of hardly anyone personally who is working full-time with any good benefits to speak of.

of course unem. would look like it is going down. 2000 people lose their jobs, 500 people find lower-paying, service jobs, and then unem. is down?

just look around, if you think the economy is so great. we are suffering in our area. we now face heating fuel prices going up may 100%, which is just went up about 50% last year, for some excuse or another.

americans are being extorted, and it is by our own rich in this country, who are what, the top 3%?

ever wonder where ALL that tons of money goes that is saved by closing shops, getting rid of full-time employees and all the benefits.

DOES THE SAVINGS GET PASSED-ON TO US, THE LITTLE GUY? No, we are actually pay MORE for everythiing. do you grocery shop? ever notice prices going up almost monthly, if not some weekly? salad dressing, 99 cents a few years ago, now over $2, and going up to $3?

how is that good for the economy again?
Contact the unemployment offices of the state in which you work.
See Wikipedia "unemployment benefits" for an excellent discussion. To determine your eligibility, try contacting the unemployment offices of the state in which you work--start with the state to which your employer pays state income taxes on your wages. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck to you.
Can a statutory employee draw unemployment if terminated from job due to restructuring of company?